Newsbud -- a New Media Model?

The team at Russia Insider and my friend The Saker are promoting a new media project from the Guerrilla's favorite reporter, Pepe "Empire of Chaos" Escobar of the Asia Times

Newsbud is led by editor in chief and former FBI translator/post-9/11 whistle blower Sibel Edmonds. Check out their video (and a previous appeal from RI) here:

That there's an urgent need for new media organizations to emerge from the ashes of the dying corporate 'mainstream media' should be evident to every thinking person by now -- regardless of where in the post-Western world they live. We wish Newsbud godspeed as they do what Rogue Money is in the process of doing -- assembling a team and raising capital for a critical multi-media platform shining the light of truth on the markets and the world in these dark times.