"Assad, er, Erdogan Must Go"

We wanted to alert RM readers to the stunning shift in Middle East politics that may take place as early as April 2016. Mr. Thierry Meyssan, founder of Voltaire Network, provided the following report to Webster G. Tarpley and was posted March 19th at Tarpley.net. The gist of the statement is that Obama and Putin have agreed that Turkish president and wanna-be-sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan should be removed from office and that this action could be taken as early as sometime next month.

The audio report by Meyssan can be heard at the 36-minute mark of this MP3 audio, but is summarized by Tarpley here below.


Especially important is the agreement reached by Presidents Obama and Putin about two or three weeks ago that the continued tenure of Turkish President Erdogan is intolerable, and that he should be removed from office before he can start a wider war. Russian and US weapons are currently flowing into Turkey [to the PKK Kurds] for the purpose of speeding the departure of the dictator. 

Contacts are also being made with the Turkish political parties, the top generals of the Turkish military, and others to help bring down the dictator. The Turkish nationalists are turning against Erdogan. The PKK will also mobilize. Erdogan’s presidency is illegitimate because his most recent election victory was carried out with massive vote fraud.

Fighting inside Turkey on the level of a civil war is expected to begin during April. The beginning of the end for Erdogan will transform the entire Middle East situation.

Yes, we have a feeling that the phrase "transform the entire Middle East situation" will prove to be an understatement. It will let the air out of the ISIS jihadist tires. It will allow a semblance of peace to begin returning to Syria and Libya. It will stem the tide of the Great European Migrant Crisis. It will allow a new Putin-friendly Turkish leader to resume business relations with Russia and Gazprom. It will portray Obama and Putin as partners not enemies and pave the way to lifting of anti-Russia sanctions. It will allow the China-Russia de-dollarization and global economic reset to finally "get on with it." All sorts of Silk Road-related projects may likewise "get on with it."

In short, the ousting of Erdogan would be a global game-changer.

Is the overthrow of Erdogan too far-fetched to believe possible? Not at all. Recent blogs posted at The Saker and by our own James The Russian Analyst have already hinted as much. Pepe Escobar and various talking heads on Peter Lavelle's CrossTalk show have been musing about this for months. Jim Willie began predicting this outcome for Erdogan as early as November 2015.

And the Pope and the Patriarch already gave us a clue when they signed a joint declaration at the Havana airport a few weeks ago. Together they decried the "extermination of Christians" by terrorists. Genocide was the trip wire needed by world leaders to begin laying out the evidence of Erdogan's complicity as an ISIS supporter and justify his removal.

Even Joseph P. Farrell connected the dots between the historic Cuba visit of the two religious leaders in his own blog March 18th when he said:

The deeper context here, of course, is the recent joint declaration of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, and Pope Francis of Rome .... In short, it wasn't ultimately Washington that issued the memo to Mr. Erdogan, it was Moscow, and Rome.

Farrell goes on to connect the next dot that we all must be thinking about: what does this mean for the Saudi royals?

And that may be the ultimate point of the "pivot on Turkey," for any messages sent to the Sultan in Ankara will be heard loud and clear in Riyadh, which is just insane and loony enough to use its newly found nuclear capability.

Therefore we will all watch to see how events play out. Regardless of whatever specific chess moves will be taken, we feel certain that Putin is already three steps ahead, as usual. We encourage readers to keep tabs on Peter Lavelle's CrossTalk episodes like this one from March 9, 2016. Near the end of this clip, a WashDC analyst, Geoffrey Aronson, says: "I see a number of signs of the erosion of the U.S. demand that 'Assad must go.'"

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