Eurasianist Ideologue Alexander Dugin Endorses The Donald (and Bernie Sanders) and Asks What's Wrong with Europe?

The Russia Analyst occasionally checks out the YouTube channel of 108Morris108, a British expat who lives in Southeast Asia. Recently this person hosted a series of videos recorded via Skype with Alexander Dugin, the fiery Eurasianist ideologue supposed mastermind behind Putin's foreign policy (that title being more deserved, as we've argued here at RogueMoney, by retired KGB Lt. Gen. Leonid Reshetnikov).

Individuals and countries can be sanctioned, but ideas have no borders...

After Dugin's dismissal from his teaching position at the Lomonosov Moscow State University over some radically anti-Ukrainian remarks, the godfather of 21st century Eurasianism has taken up residence at the Katehon think tank, an Orthodox Christian-based NGO in Moscow that supports Dugin's Eurasianist view of geopolitics as an inevitable clash of forces between land-based empires like Russia and China with the sea-based empire (thalassocracy) of Anglo-American globalism. We suspect, but cannot confirm, that Katehon is funded by Konstantin Malofeev, aka 'God's oligarch', creator of the Russian Orthodox TV channel Tsargrad and a major contributor to the Moscow Patriarchate. Malofeev has been sanctioned by the U.S. over his ideological support to the Novorossiya movement, but the businessman insists he has nothing to do with the fighting in Donbass and has only funded humanitarian aid.

While we don't agree with Dugin's Orwellian tendency to declare that Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia, we have to admit he makes several relevant points in his latest essays on the decay of classical liberalism into a creeping technocratic totalitarianism. Dugin also recently made a statement we agree with, that the American people are in many respects 'to the Left of Bernie Sanders and to the Right of Donald Trump'. That is, millions of Americans want to be 'taken care of' by a system even more socialistic than what Bernie is proposing, while millions of Americans think The Donald might be too soft in certain respects. 

Naturally, neocon shills, neo-liberals and globalist media outlets seized upon Dugin's endorsement of Trump earlier this month to imply or declare outright that there's a vast Kremlin propaganda effort underway to back The Donald. Bloomberg's Josh Rogin published a hit piece earlier this week suggesting that Trump's hotel developments in Russia have motivated his attempt to differentiate himself from the other candidates who all wish to wage Cold War 2 by saying 'wouldn't it be great if we could get along with Russia?'. The fact that Trump also has investments in countries like Turkey and the United Arab Emirates opposed to his proposed (and perhaps unconstitutional) temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S. was left out of Rogin's piece -- as were the millions lavished by pro-Kiev Ukrainian oligarchs and pro-'moderate Syrian rebel' jihadi Saudi princes on the Clinton Foundation.

At least one Vienna, Austria-based Bulgarian NATO propagandist blogger claims that there have been multiple anonymously created sites supporting Trump and presenting him and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in a sympathetic light created by Russia's dreaded St. Petersburg-based Internet troll army in recent weeks -- without offering any solid proof to back up this claim. What is interesting is that people of deep conviction and erudition like Soul of the East's Mark Hackard are starting to think the 2016 election cycle is, for perhaps the first time in a generation or two, offering America a real choice about its future.

In recent days some pro-globalist hipsters including one particularly nasty piece of work U.S. expat who writes from Moscow, Jim Kovpak, have dismissed this idea of a U.S.-Russia repproachmeent under a President Trump, pointing to a recent ad labeling Putin an 'opponent' of America.

Of course, there is plenty of daylight between the words 'opponent' and 'enemy' (as in NFL teams playing each other are opponents, but not enemies as at the end of the day they're all in the same league subject to the same free agency) that may have gone over the heads of Kovpak and many others. In any case, the Kremlin's objection to the first major anti-Hillary Clinton ad released by the Trump campaign that uses archive footage of Putin may be just another scene in what our friend 'W the Intelligence Insider' calls political 'kabuki theater'...but that's a blog post for another time. Regardless, we don't expect the next decade of global economic collapse and a major Euro-American turn toward the Right to be kind to the worldviews of people like Kovpak or the Trotskyites  like Michael D. Weiss:

Alexander Dugin comments on outgoing NATO Supreme Commander Phillip Breedlove...

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