Mid-Week Guerrilla Update 03/15/2016

In case RogueMoney Guerrilla radio show listeners missed this 50 plus minute length segment...some of V's analysis preceding the previous (Russia Analyst) post on Russia's partial withdrawal of some forces from Syria; the Guerrilla's thoughts regarding race-baiting andGeorge Soros colored revolution tactics being brought back home from Ukraine and elsewhere to the United States via MoveOn.org and Black Lives Matter, plus V's fellow New Yorkers who know The Donald comment on the man and the Establishment's failure to "stump the Trump...

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James Russia Analyst

The Russia Analyst is a U.S. based writer, editor and entrepreneur who previously lived and worked in Moscow. In addition to his on the ground experience in the Russian Federation, 'James' has been a close observer and commentator on Russian business, politics and culture for over a decade.