Vigilance may Lead to a Renaissance of Individual Entrepreneurial Spirit

In this installment the Wolf Gray will attempt to remain positive, with minimal drifting to curse the PPPTB (Paper pushing powers that be).  The negatives will be presented, but only as potential catalysts to hopefully inspire positive outcomes.  Additionally, I am going to present something I discussed with the “Economic Great Ape” about 3 weeks ago.  Something I claimed I would refrain from writing about due to it’s negativity, but I now think this negative phase could very well transition into positive news on the horizon, thanks to a video recommended by a Wolf Pack associate (I have now watched it 3 times).   Sometimes the Wolf is slow to catch on without visual aids.  

In addition there will be a brief foray into a Wolf Gray business theory.  A theory that may be behind the political farce we are currently seeing.   A theory that brings to light some possible triggers, and or signs that would require those that are aware to be on “stand-by” or ever more vigilant.  Please note, it will only be business speculation, but one that shouldn’t be ignored.  More later……..

At the end will be a hard asset tip, that is not designed to get you tipsy, but may certainly help you survive.  Also additional “hard asset tips” in the continuation of a ’tell tale’ sign, that might be confirming the reports of decreasing supplies of GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins).

News Items that Require Vigilance:

Vigilance:the action or state of keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties.

Before delving into news items that might require vigilance, the Wolf wants to give a personal opinion with respect to the lack of importance regarding the esteemed opinions of “financial planners” & “economists”.  Be vigilant of their opinions, and or preaching, as the good ones are few & far between.  Most of the good ones have either aged out or left the western system.  The current crop are far too indoctrinated in the west’s “paper is good” ways.  

Additionally it is my view that today’s media, alternative or otherwise, place far too much importance on the opinions of today’s economists.  Heck, their opinions are in all the business news, alternative or otherwise, it is all they seem to rely on.  From my Mac’s definition library: 

“Economists”:  an expert in economics. Transferred forward…..“Economics”: the branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth. 

These guys or gals ain’t “all that and a bag of chips,” where business is concerned.  Their academic background doesn’t concern or even remotely indicate an ability to successfully run a business, end of story.  Their opinions on this matter may exceed the layman’s, but only by a skosh.

For the reader’s information, the Wolf’s writings, are with a weighting of say 20% towards the opinion of economists (business owner economists tackled in a second), and that is limited to those I trust, and the remainder goes to a combination of experts.  With the greatest weight for my writings, being placed on “honest” business owners.  Which is limited to business owners that recognize that tweaking the paper numbers doesn’t trump (“trump” going to talk about toward that word today as well), the simple goal of “bringing more in than you pay out”…!  

The best of this group understand the business's longevity is tied to, inspiring their workers, with honesty, and the importance of working hard to deliver a worthy product.   It ain’t rocket science, but it might as well be, since so few practice it.  By the way if an economist has a business background with an understanding of the importance behind, “bringing more in than you pay out”, (not academic blatherers) then their opinions move to the top of my list, with far more than a 20% weighting.  Moving on to the news……..

The next one is out of the pages of the continuing soap opera series, “Why & Why Now”…..

This interview from King World News, with Larry Lindsey, of all people is amazing.  Since Reagan, and up until now, this guy has served in some form of economic advisory capacity.  Including, but not limited to Federal Reserve Governor.  Recently, he has been more of an interviewee,  than anything else due to his past resume', but what is up with this little "Gold is Good" carrot?  And, btw his interviewee exposure has been quiet of late, so again "Why & Why Now?"  The Wolf smells more 'cya' or in his case better yet, "I told ya So" action.  Is it of a personal nature, or is it at the hands of greater powers telling him, get out in front of this growing trend?  Matters not, it is time to back up the truck for GSBC’s, if you haven’t already.

On the WGRV (Wolf Gray Remain Vigilant 1-10, 10 being highest) scale, the above garners a “9”.  Why not a 10?  it is because I can’t read the man’s mind to yield a top ranking score.  But as reported in a recent installment, these “paper whistle blowers” are coming out of the woodwork of late, so adding in another version of an msm or alternative media, high profile, economic hotshot to this mix requires a decent top ranking.

“Hallelujah, Hallelujah, the economy is healed….! “  Says who? Why the BLS of course!  Check this out…

On the WGRV meter this one doesn’t mean squat, for who knows what the hell it is measured against.  But, on the “paper desperation” scale, yet to be compiled, it would clearly lead the pack.  Week in & week out, or is that weak in or weak out?

Next is a pretty slick commodity comparison from Charles Hugh Smith.

In the above link, Mr. Smith presents another thought provoking article, in which he surmises if you are waiting for the dollar to fall in an attempt to raise oil prices, you might be in for a long wait.  The Wolf Gray common sense summation is, the petrodollar is on the run, running out of the productive hands, therefore by default the overall weak global economy can’t support high prices.  Prices which is nowhere in sight.  BTW this guy, along with John Hussman, is one of the few economists that primarily tie their opinions to paper, that I pay close attention to.

WGRV, says a full scale “10” is warranted, due to the significance of the wholesale & retail energy debacle.  Keep it simple, 5th grader style, BDI (Baltic Dry Index) down, then energy demands have to be down as well.  Thus Mr. Smith’s analysis is meeting at the same end point as WG’s theories, just with more detail along the way.

Next up is western economics at it’s finest.  Sarcasm is thick in this one.

Ya know what I got to say to the above link, “who gives a shit?”  No cut to Zerohedge for posting it btw, but I read the article as long as I could stand it, which was about 2 paragraphs.  And, why was my ability to absorb this 'bs' cut short?  What the hell are they producing in the EU or anywhere in the west to levitate a world record low in the 'balitic dry index', or any other real economic trade index?  Nothing, therefore this is paper shuffling magic means absolutely nothing.

5th Grader to little brother in 1st grade in sandbox, with dad as spectator, "I am going to move all your men over there, and all my men over here, oops now it looks like I win lil' bro!" Dad to 5th grader, "Jr. you didn't win you just moved the men around to make it look different, and then claimed a false victory.  You kind of cheated, son!”   5th grader, "Yeah, but lil-bro’ doesn't know that, he doesn't have a clue."  Dad (in this case similar to economic mother nature), "Well guess what Mr. manipulator, in the meantime, I got some extra chores for you to do, and then you can enjoy, ‘TIME OUT’ with your school homework!”

Analogy, we are about to be put into a giant, “TIME OUT!”

As RMer’s probably recognize, this stuff is incredible, it is just paper reshuffling, reshuffling of the same paper that was already reshuffled, 30 reshuffling's ago.  Oops my mistake, they created some new paper to buy the formerly reshuffled paper, that is backed by what?  NOTHING!  The most important point is that from a business perspective, the paper wrangling is not related to the creation of one single productive item.  Maybe I am wrong, after all I didn't read the whole damned article, maybe the EU has recently become an industrial mecca....!  Yeah right, just like the USSA

WGRV meter rating, “5”.  Why so low? Because these damn paper shufflings’ haven’t woke up over 1% of the sheeple, haven’t corrected diddly squat, and have been going on forever (as in decades).  So their ability to draw meaningful info. (vigilance info) from the useless paper movements, is nearly NOTHING!  That being said, since time is a vital component to the level of vigilance, this several decades old farce is meaningless.  Unless you can put a gauge on the fact the announcements are more frequent of late, and even less effective to boot.  For those reasons this raises the WGRV from 0 to 5.  To me it has become entertainment.

This next article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is worthy of a long detailed analysis, but in this case I will give a brief overview.  Great article, and the title says it all.

Here is a great excerpt….

The purpose of the Federal Reserve and US Treasury’s policy of zero interest rates is to support the prices of the over-leveraged and fraudulent financial instruments that unregulated financial systems always create. If inflation was properly measured, these zero rates would be negative rates, which means not only that retirees have no income from their retirement savings but also that saving is a losing proposition. Instead of earning interest on your savings, you pay interest that shrinks the real value of your saving.

As the Wolf Gray has said for sometime, it is nothing more than stealth bail-ins, with more to come.  Here is another excerpt……

Electronic money cannot be removed from bank deposits except by spending it. With electronic money as the only money, financial institutions can use negative interest rates in order to steal the savings of their depositors.

People would attempt to resort to gold, silver, and forms of private money, but other methods of payment and saving would be banned, and government would conduct sting operations in order to suppress evasions of electronic money with stiff penalties.

What this picture shows is that government, economists, and presstitutes are allied against citizens achieving any financial independence from personal saving. Policymakers have a crackpot economic policy and those with control over your life value their scheme more than they value your welfare.

Going back a couple of installments, this correlates nicely with the theory that the western PPPTB is trying to “corral” the fleeing masses.  Note the definition from my Mac:

Corralling: gather together and confine (a group of people or things): the organizers were corralling the crowd into marching formation. 

And, in this case it is sheeple arses that are fleeing from what the majority don’t even understand, but sense something is very very wrong.  Why the need to corral?  To get the masses into a more controllable “group think” environment, to better implement their Dodd Frank “wet dreams”.  Just my own slow country boy logic talking.   Another excerpt…

The financialization of the economy also kills the host and the owners of corporations as well. When corporate executives borrow from banks in order to boost share prices and their performance bonuses by buying back the publicly held stock of the corporations, future profits are converted into interest payments to banks. The future income streams of the corporations are financialized.

As mentioned recently on the pages of “”, and in the above paragraphs, it is just useless paper shuffling, that resolves nothing.  The Wolf Gray’s sense of smell says it is being pushed to a point of diminishing paper returns, after which a “VERY COVERT” roll out of more restrictive Dodd Frank rules might be in the offing, which leads me to the Wolf Gray’s political wrangling theories……Note pure speculation here with some business logic to back it………..

Wolf Gray Laboratory Sidebar:  Most of my assumptions, and conclusions are derived from watching the productive characteristics, that the more successful business owners, in this case my beloved Wolf Pack, have in common.  Then applying those same characteristics to my business experiences, and then using a final application from the current consults I have with these great business minds.  Add to that my dream team of “on-line” business advisors (in previous installment), and the Wolf Gray, then fills his office with cigar smoke, and brain storming.  Which that were always true, most of the time the brainstorming comes, when I lay awake from about 3-6 in the morning with ideas bouncing around.  

An idea disclosure seemed appropriate, at this juncture…… moving on……

A Case for Vigilance:

In September of 2014 I mentioned a story describing some legal advice that led to recusing myself from the handling of a relative’s paper financial investments.   Restricting my involvement to the buy/sell directions over the remaining “paper balances”.  The guy I met with (a referral from the estate attorney) was a very successful & knowledgeable individual in the ways of paper.  A high six figure to low 7 figure income sort of guy.  He was by the income measuring stick, fairly successful. 

As noted in the 2014 installment, the conversation started off nicely, with a common belief (one similar to mine) that the paper system was about to explode due to the fascist government’s misguided excesses.  But, “when push came to shove” he was still right back to products within the paper matrix.  Keep in mind, even paper investment in GSBC’s is likely to be proven no better than paper investments in paper.  It will wash out the same, in many cases nothing but empty promises.  In other words the only tools at this guys disposal were, by and large, confined to the paper world.  His economic tool shed was fairly limited.

He could talk all he wanted to, but he was stuck with the tools at his disposal, and this leads to the Wolf Gray political theory of the day, that ties in with being vigilant.  Remember several months ago, I felt we needed to be on the lookout for the dreaded “Reagan Wanna-be”.  Wolf Grayism…..”wanna-be’s” are eventually useless, dangerous if you place trust in them, as they are typically lost in their own self grandeur.

We have now had 3 decades of political hotshots saying one thing, and doing another, or doing nothing at all, wanna-be’s one & all. Ironically these “wanna-be’s” are deluded into believing we are also, “wanting to be like them”.  I can’t speak for you, but if I wake up acting like any of the political farces residing in the “District of Criminals”, then be sure to have Mrs. WG put me out to pasture.  

So why would this election season have any candidates that would be any different?  Right now the Wolf Gray isn’t excited about any of them, but I will give Trump credit for stirring up the populous sentiment of “we are tired of the same ole’ same ole’ in the District of Criminals".  

The two big question are; is Trump just another in a long line of wanna-be “lip service experts”, and if so, will the people hold his feet to the fire, or just threaten him with voting him out in 4 more years?  A useless threat, indeed!  Based on prior history none of the answers will be positive.  But more importantly, and just like the financial professional I referred to a couple paragraphs above, Trump’s tool shed will be empty.  

In this instance, the full tool shed in question, is the one that will only be effective if it is filled with a majority of the US populous, a populous who are now committed to not “Getting Fooled Again”!  I would post a musical message from “The Who” at this point, but it has been done twice before, don’t want to be too repetitive.  Picture this conversation, and this is what I believe the backdrop to actually be, and thus why I ain’t all fired up over Trump or anybody at this point…….

Bankster in Training, “Hey boss, are we not going to rig the elections for Hitlery this time around, and keep Mr. Trump out?”  A-1 Bankster,  “Not necessary at this point Junior, the USA tool shed for Trump is empty.  So unless the people wise up, and press his feet to the fire, and that is very unlikely, our agenda moves forward.  In fact a Trump presidency has more business advantages, since he already has the semi-awake people’s trust.  That trust will allow us to further implement Dodd Frank wealth confiscations schemes as the paper walls come tumbling down.  And, thanks to the Trump trust factor, it will be without the higher functioning sheeple protesting. Since the public doesn’t understand these wordy Dodd Frank laws, and is unsuspecting of the dangers they pose to them, we can use Mr. Trump to reassure them it is for their personal account balance safety, and the betterment of their country.  He will have their trust, it will be like taking candy from a baby.”  Bankster in Training, “Good one boss!  First off, he doesn’t have the tools to complete a successful “paper repeal”, and two he is only a piddly debt prone billionaire, and ultimately our employee….!”  

Don’t laugh folks, I suspect a derivative (pun intended) of this conversation has actually happened.  The big question I have, was Trump in attendance to the conversation, or not?

Though the “Trump surface" looks all shiny now, be vigilant for the dreaded “Reagan Wanna-Be” tendencies.   Wolf Gray says, if he is trying too hard to appear like Ronald Reagan, then suspect him of having puppet masters with full control of some very taught fascist strings.  And, regardless of all of this election hoopla, the economic train wreck is a given, and thus a 100% guarantee.  The Trump rhetoric on face value seems good, but it is only effective if the people hold his feet to the fire immediately, not 4 years later with an empty threat of throwing him out of office.  Not a likely scenario, based on prior history, with the lazy generations currently in charge, who don’t even understand they are supposed to be in charge.  

This whole political scene is worthy of a “10” on the WGVR meter.  With the people’s level of becoming informed as to the scams out there like Dodd Frank, being of note in the WGVR meter movements.

The economic beat down is still going to happen, after which the tool shed will most likely refill, much to the elite’s chagrin.  Refill hopefully with an entrepreneurial renaissance that is not far behind.  Speaking of Trump, and big business, it is time to visit the subject I relayed to the “Economic great Ape”.  One I told him I would probably be quiet on.  Not anymore.  It relates back to LBO’s, and more importantly, to the TBTF (too big to fail). 

LBO Revisit:

For reference material here is a link to a prior installment at RM……

It is time to mention one of the sneaky advantages to an LBO.  If properly timed during or around the announcement of a buyout, the existing management, and top level executives being “bought out”, can take advantage of a normal quick bump up in their stock prices, and sell at a substantially advantageous position.  

This creates an interesting parallel to the USSA.   The upper .001% have been padding their account balances, while us common folk suffer the pains of an ongoing LBO.  In this case an LBO of the constitution, and it’s capitalistic foundations.  Before using this as a lead to what I discussed with V, the Wolf has one central question.  In this LBO,what is the critical form of collateral from the bought out entity, to the purchaser the BRICS & Associates?  Positive collateral is a standard LBO component, so what is it in this case?  BTW I am not implying that the entire nation has been LBO’d, but it does appear much of it has been.

With regards to the collateral.  If I were China, the western oil & energy businesses look tainted, so they are unacceptable, and the poisoned, currently rejected crop farming business appears to be tainted, so what is appealing?  Sadly, the answer I keep coming up with from my own business perspective is, “Us”….the in country labor force.   We are the collateral that makes sense.

If that is correct, that would leave one to believe there is no real tangible collateral to be had here, here in a country who counts Zero Care taxes as a “+” on the GDP.  Which is where I suggested to “V” we are no different than the banks in 2008, just another unjustified TBTF entity.  Yes, the USA is a ’TBTF” entity in this case.

As readers of “” are well aware of, sovereign nations are no different than any other economic, or business entity.  After all they are in charge of huge trade balance sheets, and loosely in charge of their central banks.  Anyone who says the US has no ‘command & control’ effect on the Federal Reserve, because they are “not” Federal, is not aware of the treasury’s power via the ESF (exchange stabilization fund), which uses the Fed for a lap dog.  The fascist state is in full force, and therefore the FED is, though not by document, a fascist federal entity.

Stepping outside the box for a moment, let’s paint this on this box, USSA/LBO/’TBTF’…….Now, let’s step back in it, as we all, unlike the banks in 2008, are active participants, and will not avoid the beat down.  Outside the box thinking dictates we are all, many unwittingly, inside the box.  A box that is going to collapse.  But, The Wolf Gray & the Wolf Pack agree, that good news is close at hand.

With all the above in mind, and by definition, it appears that most of the over indebted nations on earth, are just like the formerly failed US & western banks of 2008 (and soon to be on record once again)...!  All now in a similar paper TBTF scenario!  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!  If we believed the banks should rightfully have been allowed to fail in 2008 (most reader’s here at RM like myself would think that), then what is the verdict for bankrupt sovereign western fascists nations?  The US is nothing more than a business operating well into the “red ink”, and should be allowed to fail.  Even though we are in this box, let’s get the beat down over with so the renaissance can get started already. 

We’re six feet from the edge & we’re thinking….

A Potential Entrepreneurial Renaissance:

Speaking of the coming renaissance a Wolf Pack associate, who has listened to Clif High for years, told me to listen to this video (one already mentioned by comments on the pages of RM) so we could discuss the critical points.  In fact, as mentioned earlier I listened to the 46+ minutes worth in this video, 3 different times, and one thing Clif emphasized hit me hard “a renaissance is coming”….!  Here is the video link with a few highlights noted….by yours truly

@ 12:00 Challenge is a good thing, since sitting on your arse is a bad thing.  I like that one.

@12:45 The economic underpinnings are eroding right this very minute.  “Ditto” from WG’s perspective.

@ 13:50 Bubbles are about to pop, with GSBC’s being of vital importance.  “Ditto” again from WG.

@ 17:00 He mentions we are stuck or tied to the dollar.   This is a point mentioned many times at RM.  Not a good thing for the home team either.

@ 17:50 The “Just in time” delivery system gets turned upside down.  Agreed again!

@ 20:40 A huge panic ensues to get… silver bars & coins!  WG said before panic or emotion is what drives prices dramatically.  Agreed again.

@ 21:50 GSBC’s will likely enter a “no offer” period.  I agree, again.

@ 24:00 Morons are in charge of the US systems.  What clear thinking person couldn’t agree to that premise!

@ 25:20 Referring back to 20:40 again with emphasis that the emotions will drive the prices.  Note that is true of almost all rapid product price rises.

@ Note he goes into weather stuff but it is not something I get into.

@32:00 Tremendous potential for a “Renaissance…… I am ashamed to say, I never thought of it that way, and I agree as the survivors of the dollar demise/collapse will demand “product efficiency” in all needs based products.  I feel this will spur advances in “needs” based items.  A true renaissance of the necessities of life.

@ 33:30 A little comedy, “we will make Zimbabwe look like “pikers”.

@36:00+ He makes note of our resource rich environment, and the advantages therein.  I couldn’t agree more, and will be one of the reasons a renaissance is in the offing.  As the renaissance tool shed will be full, and it has been all along with respect to natural resources, we just let it go unattended.

@ 42:50 renaissance blooms 10 years ‘in’, and North America will dominate the planet.  WG says, who knows, let’s just get to step one of the Renaissance.  

Of note Mr. High is apparently a wizard with deciphering massive volumes of the computer chatter going roundabout out there.  So he is just expressing the opinions of the data from the "in the know" and/or "strong momentum" crowds.  In a on time manner, as he discovers the linked data, in critical venues via his on-line sources..  At least that is what I get out of it.  He is the computer version of the “Economic Great Ape”, who is the “person to person” insider’s insider.  

Renaissance Conclusions:

The intel. in this video coincides nicely with “The Guerrilla’s” versions of there being good people in the background working extremely hard to make things come out better on the other side of “the paper train wreck”.  At this point I trust “The Guerrilla’s” intel.  This makes good business sense as well, since the strong typically survive to make things better.  At least for a while.  Let’s get the collapse to it’s final stages, as previously noted it is an ongoing event in it's later stages, so the renaissance-ing, can get-a-going.

It is Wolf Gray’s opinion, that in order for it to be an effective renaissance in all of the “needs based” areas, it will have to evolve from the "on the ground” entrepreneurial level.  The elite have proven themselves to be ineffective, and corrupt.  Thus they shouldn’t be allowed in the upcoming renaissance tool shed.  Wolf Gray

A successful renaissance will start with you, with us, with “survive then thrive”, and with a foundation of “Knowing the Game, and Knowing the Truth”….!

Hard Asset Tip:

Everclear “it ain’t what’s for dinner, but it should be in your storage cabinet.”  The following 2 links detail the benefits of Everclear in great detail.  I can tell you practitioners of natural medicine many times recommend a drop or 2 of Everclear in their remedies.

And, the shelf life for Everclear, heck the dust can keep piling up, it will not matter…….

Hard asset Part 2:

With supplies dwindling, I am starting to see the stories on a more frequent basis in the alt. media, yelling “be on the lookout for fake metals”.  Especially one ounce silver eagles.  Whether true or not, business logic says it probably is true, as this would be a natural phenomena with dwindling supplies in the face of massive physical demand.  That being said, logic says be careful.  

Based on my research, individual coin weight is the key, as it is the most difficult thing to accurately reproduce among the fake coins.  A roll of 20 silver eagles should fall in certain ranges, and therefore be consistent from one coin roll to the next.  If they are not, move on.

In concert with the above potential fake alert, and due to the current huge physical metal demand, check out this link from Steve St. Angelo.  And the beat goes on.

Hard Asset Tip Part 3:

In Wolf Gray's tip number 6 at the end of the installment below, I mentioned off shore diversification.  I want to bring this up again, because it is something I have not pursued with enough vigor.  I say that because, recent conversations with the "Economic Great Ape" have now convinced me of it's importance.  An importance that says, it is wise to have somethings of monetary value outside your resident jurisdiction.

Wolf Gray

Credits to the Thoughts of: Opie, The ever vigilant Wolf Pack, Team RM especially “V”, Clif High, Paul Craig Roberts, Charles Hugh Smith, Zerohedge, Steve St. Angelo, Creed, David Lee Murphy