Power & Steel: The Russian Blueprint

Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain.
- Vladimir Putin

If you look at U.S. Congress, 80 percent of them have never left the U.S.A., so I'm not surprised about Russophobia in Congress.
-Sergei Lavrov

"In 1998 Russian Foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov, a strategist and master spy, conceived of an economic alliance between Russia, India and China. The purpose of this combination was to counter the international influence of the United States"

-J.R. Nyquist

Shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, certain shadowy forces moved to make Russia a vassal of the Atlanticist New World Order. At that dreadful time in history the once mighty Russian bear was crawling on the floor in total darkness ignorant of what direction to take and unsure if there would ever be a light at the end of the tunnel. It was then, at that moment of penultimate vulnerability, that David Rockefeller and his satanic ilk swooped in like vultures to ensure that boozehound Boris Yeltsin became the embarrassment, I mean embodiment, of new “reformist” Russia. Soon thereafter the familiar framework of Atlanticist demolition took shape. Once proud industries were dismantled, agriculture was sold off to multi-national corporations, the scientific profession was decimated, and the educational system of the country was brought to its knees. Russia’s standing was reduced to lackey status as Yeltsin’s “Young Reformers,” spearheaded by a trifecta of Western errand boys, particularly Andrei Kozyrev, made sure that Moscow remained a limp-wristed milquetoast. For all intents and purposes, Russia was reduced to a country in receivership to the Anglo-American Atlanticists and their Russo-Oligarch mafia pals. 

Those were dark days in the Russian Republic, my friends, but much to the chagrin of the neocon puppet masters, Russia bounced back. The Atlanticists forgot that Russia is an extremely resilient nation. Her people have endured unimaginable hardship and always rebounded with greater strength and love for their nation and culture. Russia’s resilience in the face of globalist opposition today is a testament to the failure of the Anglo-American power brokers and a blueprint for nations seeking to free themselves from Western banker enslavement. 

The Rise of “Maksim”: The Owl of the Kremlin

The Boris Yeltsin years were a gulag holiday of corruption, cronyism, and buffoonery that turned the former Soviet Union into the laughing stock of the world. The bankster vampires of West happily stripped the meat off Russia’s bones, and yet even after years of extracting Russia’s industries, neutering her military, and generally making her NATO’s bitch, a quiet storm was brewing. Pragmatic men in the eye of the hurricane, incensed by the denigration of their once proud nation, understood that in order for the Russian bear to rise anew it needed to free itself from Western influence and establish its own identity

The initial phase of disenchantment came in the early 1990s. While Russia was in throes of total economic failure, U.S. corporations invited in by Boris Yeltsin looted the nation, destroying the hope and faith of the Russian people in their so-called saviors. They watched in dismay as economic hitmen from the U.S. bent Yeltsin and his Young Reformers over the negotiating table, sodomizing them with big promises and even bigger carving knives. Little by little ordinary Russians began to turn against the West’s idea of what their nation should be. A swelling torrent of resentment formed that spread from the average citizen to the former spy masters of the defunct Soviet intelligence agencies.

One of those former intelligence masters was Yevgeny Primakov, a field operative par excellence. Primakov rose to power in the midst of the idiotic Yeltsin years as part of the political housecleaning that took place. Yeltsin’s Young Reformers were shown the door and all of a sudden the West and its oligarch proxies blinked. Primakov was so accomplished as an intelligence officer for the KGB that he earned the nickname “Maksim” meaning “The Greatest.” He was a throwback in that he drew strength from traditional Russian pride, but he was also a brilliant pragmatist who knew the former communist system, with its planned economy held no hope for Russia’s future. Primakov understood that Russia must change with the times or face irrelevance. She must transform into a modern state with a distinct Russian identity or her people and her culture would vanish from the face of the earth.        

The first middle finger was raised to the West when Primakov took off to meet with Vice President Al “Inventor of the Internet” Gore in Washington, DC. During the flight overseas Primakov received word that the U.S. had begun bombing operations against Yugoslav strong man Slobodan Milosevic. He immediately ordered the plane to return to Moscow. What was more, he did not sit in the aircraft and do nothing. He ordered surface to air missiles sent to Milosevic. These missiles were subsequently intercepted and destroyed by NATO, an incident that made Primakov furious. 

That single moment of defiance made Yevgeny Primakov the most popular politician in Russia until a well-organized propaganda campaign accusing him of being a western puppet brought his political career to an end. Nevertheless, the trail Primakov blazed eventually made it possible for another spy master to win the hearts of the Russian people with the message that the West must NOT be allowed to rule the world unchallenged.                                  

Primakov died in June of 2015, but many of his ideals live on today, championed by, among others, Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov. Primakov’s ideals were not something unique to him. They are shared by all Russians. Love of country, Love of God, and Love of family; those are the ideals of Mother Russia that Americans could learn from today.

The War Criminal & the Spy Chief

The February 2016 meeting between Henry Kissinger and Vladimir Putin has falsely been called an NWO conspiracy to bring Russia into the Anglo-American sphere of influence. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although the meeting was closely guarded, one of The Guerrilla’s sources with close ties to the international policy community has communicated his belief that Kissinger was there not to make demands but to make concessions. After all, it is no secret to those at the top that the U.S. dollar-based international monetary system as we currently know it has run its course. Russia’s pipeline deals with China, the New Silk Road/New Silk Belt, and the breaking down of OPEC have ensured both rise of the East and the fall of the West.

In the future vastly important energy decisions will take place beyond the confines and confusion of OPEC and the corrupting influence of the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. The continued destruction of the energy sector by plunging oil prices is all but assured as profits fall and defaults rise. Combine low prices with the continued drop in the U.S. rig count, the vaporization of Saudi sovereign funds, the collapse of Venezuela into the world’s first Papaya Republic and you have the makings of a perfect storm for the Petrodollar.

Kissinger knows this and it is The Guerrilla’s opinion that he was negotiating for a place in the New Eastern World Order for him and his globalist cronies. They know that they face extinction so for them something is better than nothing at this stage. That is what I believe the meeting between Mr. “New World Order” Kissinger and Vladimir Putin was all about. 

The Blueprint

Russia of late has been not only a world leader by standing up to the de-balled temper tantrum filled girly men of the West, it has also established a blueprint for other powers to follow. The concept is to move away from the financialized make-believe economy of the West and toward what The Guerrilla’s friend Harley Schlanger calls a “real economy based on production.” Paper-based fraud has run its course. There is nowhere for the banksters to run.

Many nations in the world are starting to turn to the east. Germany, as The Guerrilla predicted years ago, is one. Israel, led by young industrialists and open minded pragmatic captains of business, is another. Israelis see that the future for their nation is to be a good neighbor, an economic hot spot, and to throw off the burden of being a U.S. vassal state. These are just a few of the changes afoot and none of them would have been possible if it were not for Russia and Putin. Furthermore, there would be no Russia or Putin if it were not for a certain “Owl of the Kremlin” named Yevgeny “Maksim” Primakov.