The Nazis Want Their Gold Back

It was a tiny headline posted by the Associated Press ten days ago, gone unnoticed by nearly everybody. "Argentine president says Obama to visit Bariloche." Almost no details were given. Just a quick note that President Obama will be standing in that infamous region known as San Carlos de Bariloche on March 23-24, 2016. Conspiracy circles should be all abuzz. Even if the only thing you know about this region comes from watching the History Channel series "Hunting Hitler," your eyebrows should still be raised.

But Joseph P. Farrell took notice. And he is disturbed. Highly disturbed. His own blog of the news blurb said this:

"But then there's that disturbing possibility that we're all thinking about. Perhaps the meeting is between "certain people" and Mr. Obama, so that the latter can be informed of "the way things are" and to receive new "marching orders."

Farrell has been informing us of the activities of the Nazi International for many years. He's not the only one. Jim Marrs likewise wrote of these developments in his book "The Rise of the Fourth Reich". Both authors have commented on the operation that the Nazi officials carried out long before World War II ended to transfer their gold and assets into safe hands. Marrs said it was code named "Operation Eagle Flight." 

Dr. Farrell wrote long ago that this transfer of assets by the Nazi party was set with a time limit. The day would come when they would reclaim their booty. And woe to that man, banker, or nation who stands in their way. Farrell said, 

"That marker is going to come due someday and you’d better be able to pay up when they want it." 

Six years ago, he gave an audio interview to explain these views based on his then recently-published book "Babylon's Banksters: the Alchemy of Deep Physics, High Finance and Ancient Religion." That interview is still available on YouTube, shown here. Below this box, we will transcribe a few of his comments as we had posted them back in 2010 in a blog entitled The Nazis Want Their Gold Back

We feel these predictions by Farrell may now be coming true at an alarming pace. Acknowledging that the old Nazi party has prospered, reinvented itself with new blood, and split into opposing factions at war with each other will not be easy to swallow. However, the Obama visit to Argentina next week may be a sign of these developments.

Here is a transcription of some of Farrell's comments from that audio near the 11-minute pointer. The notations with [brackets] are my own interpolations.

So ... Nazi Germany is the first nation-state to come along in modern times that understood … the connection between the two different types of financial systems on the one hand ... [the debt-free “open” certificate money versus the interest-bearing “closed” bank notes] ... and the two different types of energy supply on the other hand [the free ether energy of the “open” system versus the resource-depleting petroleum-based “closed” system controlled by powerful, global, corporate elites].

In other words, there is a deep, direct connection between physics and finance.

[Prince] Bernhard was an SS officer. For all intents and purposes he was still answerable to his superiors in the SS chain of command [in the post-WWII Nazi extra-territorial state], one of course would be Martin Bormann. He was also a senior manager at I.G. Farben. The original purpose of the Bilderberg group was to take all that Nazi loot, in terms of liquid cash and assets, that could be moved into western banks in London and New York and laundered. And then laundered back to Europe where that money, under the guise of the Marshall Plan and so on and so forth, would be moved back into Europe to re-create the infrastructure after WWII and to help build the European Union. Incidentally, that was one of Martin Bormann’s stated objectives for the Nazi party after the war.

Now the reason why this idea is so significant is that it means, to a certain extent, that all this money was put at the disposal of those western banks. In other words, it vastly expanded their ledger credit-making entry ability because they now had a huge reserve [with which to make loans and stimulate the global economy.] [and you can google the phrase “fractional reserve banking” to discover the long-running impish implications of such a huge Nazi financial reserve.]

But anytime that you are dealing with the likes of Nazis and Martin Bormann, you’re dealing with “Dick Cheney without the warmth and charm!” That marker is going to come due someday and you’d better be able to pay up when they want it. Because they’ve got the organization to take you out and they’ve been researching the technology to pull the trigger if you don’t want to pay up when the time comes.

Now the Bilderbergs have this twin philosophy: kind of a global socialism, i.e, private monopoly, banking control, over the issuance of monetized debt [fake money]. That’s the financial thing that they’re supporting. But the other thing that they are also supporting is that they intend to keep the world on a “closed” energy supply system of physics [non-renewable, politically nefarious, oil-based economies]. In other words, they do not want to see any real advances made in alternative technologies for energy. And that means that this group has to be active in the suppression of any technologies that would give various nations a relative degree of energy independence. The Financial System and the Energy System go hand in hand. They don’t call 'em "petro dollars" for nothing.

Note also that Dr. Farrell is hinting at a struggle, a schism, if you will, among elite factions. Some want to keep the world on a "Closed" system. Others want to hyper-leap the world onto an "Open" system of physics and finance. This is what we talked about in our previous RM blog: the different ways of interpreting the Topological Metaphor. And take note also that just because your world has been moved onto an Open System does not guarantee that men with evil intent cannot cause great destruction. (More about that in future blogs.)

What Does This Have to Do with China?

Let's bring this forward to 2016 and the events that we all have been witnessing with the financial rise of China, the impending takeover of the physical gold and silver markets by Shanghai, and the Migrant Crisis and Debt Disaster threatening the European Union. In his most recent book, "The Third Way: The Nazi International, European Union, and Corporate Fascism," Farrell has called attention to a 1950's document called the "Madrid Circular Letter" and draws on the research of T.H. Tetens' book "Germany Plots with the Kremlin". Farrell and Tetens say this, below, about the Nazi pivot to Asia as part of the New World Order agenda to resume power at some point in the future.

... the Circular also advocates a policy of a German "pivot to Asia":

"Germany's industry will regain its previous position: the markets in East and Southeast Europe, in Latin America and in Africa. China and the rest of Southeast Asia offer us a great future. There we can eliminate the British and Americans from the competition, especially if we conduct our negotiations with the Soviets in a smart way. Our increasing economic power and ability to elbow our way politically, must be employed alternately. A prudent and undeviating policy will make it possible to establish some day (sic) a new political order in the world which will supersede the present colossi -- the United States and the U.S.S.R."

Farrell then summarizes:

Notice that the Circular is essentially advocating the creation of what amounts to the current [BRICS] trading bloc of nations as a means for the expansion of German trade and hence, for the expansion of German heavy industry.

And it goes on like that. We could just conclude, "the rest is history" because that is, in fact, precisely what is happening now. Admittedly, a small group of Neocon thugs have been trying to thwart the advancement of German progress within the BRICS alliance via the anti-Russian sanctions. However, we feel certain that the patience of the Asia-pivoting New World Order crowd has now worn thin. The people of northern Europe are demanding an end to Obama's anti-Russian sanctions.

600+ tractors in downtown Helsinki as Finnish farmers decry anti-Russian sanctions

— RT (@RT_com) March 13, 2016

Obama, as the US representative of the "Closed Metaphor" faction has likely been called to heel by the "Open Metaphor" rising faction. That may be the true reason for the sudden trip to Argentina. And his sojourn does not stop with Argentina. In April, Obama then arrives at the heart of the Temple itself, the City of London. Let's keep our eyes open to see what develops after that trip. Do you think he will bow before the Queen? Curiously, all of this is due to happen right around the same time that Shanghai will be taking the lead in the physical metals market. We are truly heading into a storm. The marker has been called.


Treat yourself to a nearly 3-hour interview with Joseph Farrell as he discusses this important topic of the rise of the New Reich that is happening before your eyes.

"Rise of the Bormann Reich (Part 1 & 2)" posted August 2015 .

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