Go Home…Find Your Braveheart…Survive then Thrive…!

The election season has the Wolf grinding his canines.  Mrs. WG keeps up with this crap, but I can’t take it.  That being said, I had the misfortune to pass by the TV set, just in time to hear this “head scratcher” (name withheld to protect the misguided), “Whoever is nominated we need to unite behind him, as the leader of the free world!”  Where did this buttheaded arrogance come from?  The phrasing is all wrong!  “We as in Us” are the leaders of “our” free world, and whoever is nominated has the “potential privilege” to be representing us as our agent in the free world.  These sons of bitches work for us, the arrogant bastards.  Maybe we all need to go home and get our heads screwed on straight.  Maybe, my arse!

More later with a rant, and some help from a few of the Wolf Pack, Vince Lombardi (I may add a Wolf Gray twist to it), and “William Wallace” a.k.a “Braveheart” (believe it or not it doesn’t involve the battle speech at Stirling).  Final touches added by going home, honoring the memory, and pulling from the wisdom, of Wolf Gray Sr. (r.i.p.)

Of course it is a must that also we delve deeply into the super important topics, like the vexing questions concerning the size of Trump’s hands.   And, of course the strategic implications of hand size!  Like Gerald Celente says, “You can’t make this crap up folks!”  But, up first is the business tied to last week’s market news…

The past week had me scrambling to consult my comrades in the “Wolf Pack”. I needed some mental rescue, so I turned to the guys I trust the most with on the ground wisdom.  Clarity was needed as I witnessed a market rallying massively on Tuesday due to news of manufacturing strength (as per the pages of Yahoo News).  Say What?????!!!!!!  Manufacturing strength!!!!! Time for some on the ground clarification from the smartest bunch of guys I know.  The verdict from the Wolf Pack, in readers digest format, “That’s a bunch of bullshit Wolf!”  A more detailed report after the first two news items.

First in a continuation from last week’s installment, check this out……

Recalling from last week the ridiculous “Wall Street Journal” article about Japan needing to print money to feed the oil markets.


With the above link in mind, try thinking about Japan being a branch of the US banking system, when throwing this next story behind the absurdities in the Japanese/US banking system…..


The Wolf Gray did several double takes, as a 10 year note from a supposed top tier national economy, Japan’s just went negative.  Could we be witnessing a beta test, issued from Japan’s mother banking ship the USSA?  A test to see how investors respond when they have to pay for the opportunity to lend the Japanese government their own money?!  My eyes are crossing again, but that is literally what is happening.

If the Japanese citizenry are less than excited about paying the government to lend them their hard earned money, then the Japanese “big wigs” should come to the shores of their banking mother ship here in the USSA.  Where upon arrival we could up their game a bit, and teach them top notch western bankster techniques.  We could teach them the hidden professional secrets of the masters of disaster like, “Tell the peasants if they don’t like negative treasuries, no problem.”  Then all ya’ll have to do is put together a cool insurance document like our “Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act”, and presto you can route the money into government bonds by decree, and leave the rates a shade above zero. All to give the sheeple that warm & fuzzy feeling. They’ll never know what hit em’, and here’s the good part, “it’s better than negative rates, because it can very easily be engineered so the depositors will get even less of their money back, than via NIRP!”  Now that’s banking with an “Up yours smile on your face!”

With the above paragraph in mind, I suspect the collusion between our Japanese lap dogs had already taken place, and the possibility of a beta test just went hot.  Further evidence will soon prove this theory right or wrong, stay tune to the pages of RM.

One way or another NIRP (negative interest rate policy), “Dodd Frank”, or the implementation of a combination of both, leaves you one simple option, you might as well get ahead of the game with GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins) in physical form.  I doubt the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) will have any problems, certainly not an attack of good conscious, doing these sorts of paper confiscation schemes.  Why?  As stated by Wolf Gray before it appears they believe (I think this to be a 100% certainty), that whatever your bank account balance is, it is still their money, not yours.  Why?  Because in their minds, you would have never had a chance to earn it without their marvelous paper system.  If you don’t like that theory, I am sorry, stick it in your pipe & smoke it, it is what it is!

Just remember paper is what you put into a frickin’ trash can!  My bet is that history is about to repeat itself once again.  And, by the way jumbo sized trash cans will be on sale soon.

Wolf Pack on the Ground Wisdom:

Last Tuesday, when I searched the web for answers to what sparked the massive equity rally on March 1st, a record breaking rally by the way, the headlines on “Yahoo Finance” said it was a bump up in the manufacturing indices…!  Wait a second, over the road freight shipping down, BDI (baltic dry index) at all time lows (down over 95%), and retailers shuttering stores world wide, so what’s up with this positive manufacturing ‘bs’?  This led me to burn up the phone lines, with some quick requests for information from the best on the ground crew I know, the Wolf Pack.

I recognize that I had a complete segment in the last installment to ignore the ups & downs in the equity markets (should live by my own advice), for they mean nothing, but the lie behind the rally was worth, some detective work.

From guys who do local business, and those that have stores on the major roadways who can witness the 18 wheeler traffic, to plastics manufacturers who have international accounts, and do business with China as well, the answer was unanimous, “WG, Yahoo News is full of mastodon dung.”  Actually they said multiples of four letter words, and worse.  

But the fact still remains that during the day of said equity rally, Zerohedge produced the following link showing how the big players in the market were selling the rally.  Wolf Gray likes to say, “fading it”.


Nothing says loving, like "papered over losses, via buybacks in the executive propped stock price" oven.  Hey I got an idea, maybe Jacob Lew can go over to China, and tell them how to manage their currency.  Oh that’s right the arrogant numb-nutz just did that, what a pompous idiot.  Boy, I bet Lew made everything better on the "western trade balance sheets"....!  Hind sight is 20:20, but for even greater impact maybe he should have taken John "the potato spud king" Kerry with him.  That would have had the Chinese on their knees.  Yeah doing the same I am, laughing my arse off!

Now for some curious news from a source that tells it like the Wolf Pack did.  In fact the author tells it on the same day of the rally.  Check out this article by Michael Snyder from “theeconomiccollapseblog.com”……


Maybe Snyder didn’t get the message that “alls well”…..!

Maybe Yahoo Finance should get a hot line to the on the ground intel I have from the Wolf Pack, for greater accuracy.  In fact, if you really want to rub salt into the positive manufacturing numbers reported this past Tuesday, check out this link, posted just 2 business days later from ZeroHedge…..


Hey it all makes sense to me now.  I’ll tell you what makes sense to me, if you are playing in these paper markets you need to get out now, and formulate a personalized DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio).  And, if you insist on playing with paper fire, once again be sure to call your favorite lobotomy practitioner for an appointment.  Maybe he or she can help ya, so you can join in on important discussion items like how the size of Trump’s hands may bring peace in the middle east!

And, last but not least in a summary of the market’s “phony rallying ways”…….


On the lowest volume day of 2016, the paper fiat money went "Full Retard" as it has nowhere else to run.  Fundamentals be damned.  We are watching a fiat "pinball wizard"....get out of the way from this 'bs' folks.  As this week’s news links, last week’s, and all the recent week’s before them pointed out, the smart money is on the run.  I prefer to take cues from the smart money.

In the comedy section, I am siding with ZeroHedge, based on this headline in this next link, and the perfect closing line…..


Yep that’s a legacy all right!

Time for a couple links that illustrate the central banksers are abandoning ship, and trying to clear their sorry consciences, or more likely to give out those “I told ya so’s” to US sheeple.   Clearly it provides signals that RM readers should take note of.  In fact it is getting harder & harder to keep from stepping in the ever increasing trail of “vermin bankster scat”.

First up Alan Greenspan, with statements that make you say, “Come on man!”  Once you look at the article I need you to clear something up for me.


What category would this sort of ’bs’ fall under, besides “Why & Why Now”?

"Bubbles are Us"

"Hypocrite of the Year"

"Dumbest Guy of the Year"

"Dementia is a Terrible thing"

"Treason for Dollars"

"You can't make this shit up"

Personally I am going with number 6, "You can't make this shit up"

As noted before the rats are feeling the pressure, the origin of which isn’t important.  What is important is that it is a clear signal everyone needs to prepare themselves with a personalized DHAP.

Next up another voice of inside bankster knowledge, lays important info. on us.  In this case it is Bill Gross, Mr. Bond Market……..


An excerpt from Bill Gross, "credit based economic system appears to be in the process of devolving from a production oriented model to one which recycles finance for the benefit of financiers”.  Summary, “Take cover folks!”

I feel like I am watching a new "Godfather" series, and the cast of characters is group of non-professional actors, in the form of banksters.  Based on the history channel, and based on general business savvy "once in the mob, you are always in the mob".   You might deactivate your full time activities, but you ain't going to be running around squealing at the top of your lungs about your former job duties.   Does anybody really believe it is any different for these ex-banksters?  If you do, can I get another Chris Berman-ish......."Come on man!".......

In the continuing soap opera series starring big business tycoons, "Why & why now?", let's dig a little deeper.  Bernanke, Greenspan, and now this guy......


All these guys are admitting to policy failures, or illegal misconduct.  Does anyone find this to be a wee bit obtuse?  Business confession: When the Wolf Gray proudly visits with his leading business associates like the Wolf-Pack he seldom asks their opinion on speculative items, like "Why Now & Why?".  Their opinions are more valuable in real-time, concrete business matters, and also because they would laugh at anyone questioning the "obvious" motives behind the above article!  Just like you, with regards to the oncoming collapse freight train, I am getting tired of being laughed at.  Therefore it is time for another “Business 101” side-tracking….

The Power of an Implied or Real Covenant:

This is "Business 101", in the form of "covenant not to compete clauses".  I want to discuss this deeper, as it applies to the practical business reasons of why these banksters appear to be “coming clean”.  Whether the contract clause is overt or covert, it don't matter!

These clauses exist in almost all forms of employee business contracts, especially for the higher ranking employees or executives. They will typically have 2 to 5 year time frames, that are initiated after job separation, and the higher your rank the longer the time frame.  In addition, it is also, typical of these clauses to further restrict the outgoing employee's marketing areas.

The truth is most of these are not enforceable, as a general rule you can't restrict a person from making a living.  Wolf Gray has been there & done that in real courtroom scenarios.  But, for the really high ranking, in strategic economically sensitive jobs, it is almost an “implied & unwritten law”.  If you screw with us, we will send you a "bankster nail gun".  Just like the mobster, "once a mobster always a mobster", "once a bankster always a bankster".  Maybe that is why banksters get great "severance packages", just a little incentive, or reminder to not "mess with your former club".

So when Bernanke authors a book, does anyone doubt it has some form of "acting bankster pre-approval"?  Even more curious is, when these guys supposedly get a case of "guilty conscious that makes them come clean, why does it come with the approval of the msm who, now highlights their attacks on the corrupt banking machinery, and without criticism to boot….? Talk about upside down!  In this case criticism of the banking machinery that cuts their very own paychecks.  Why & why now do they not hide their "guilty conscious" admissions, both the authors & the msm?   And, even more important why report on it, if it weren't a "head-line grabber" of a story?  They wouldn't!

A retired pro athlete can abuse the integrity of his former profession, and the media will beat him to a pulp, drug problems prostitution, or whatever, hell make something up if necessary.   But not banksters, why?  I suspect, and feel I am close to 99% right, that it is because their negative professional admissions, about former acts are clearly orchestrated, and possibly deemed to be trial balloons to take the temperature of the sheeple.  Or, and most likely when it is in multiple admissions, it is a "WE TOLD YA SO"...! 

Multiples meaning Bernanke, Greenspan, this bank of England character, former Dallas Fed officials (recently reported by Team RM), and on & on & on.  Multiples of former “bankster boys & club members" coming clean in such close time frames, that it could be heard in a full "glee club" manner.   Has this happened in the past?  Yes, but never with this many supposed attacks of a guilty conscious.

The Wolf must confess, that his sense of smell detects a chance that they could be reading "roguemoney.net", and decided to use a oft written "buy-line" to the sleepy sheeple………..


Here is further proof of the legitimacy of the banksters abandoning ship:  A link to the same story above concerning this former BOE guy, but from a different source with greater emphasis on, the “finger pointing” aspect………


It appears “The Daily Bell” was intent on painting the very same former BOE ‘big wig’ as being a super important guy, that is now pointing fingers in other directions.  I leave you to make the call, as to motive, but it matters not, it all means, “you have been warned”…!

By-the-by, there is an alternative media trend, that is understandable, but still troubling.  Interviewing old hacks from economically sensitive government positions, and or ex-banksters, and applying “Truth” to their messages.  Could the “Covenant not to Compete” clause, implied or otherwise be tainting their messages.  The Wolf listens, but doesn’t buy everything.  After all, how much different are they than the dudes in the above couple news links?  Think about it!

A China Debt Aside:

The drum beat from the western media, including the alternative western media, is that China is the biggest “debt bomb" of them all.  I for one beg to differ, as it applies to real business.  First up, I realize RMer’s will say you have been here before WG, but I say “repetition & practice makes perfect”.  And, in my view this needs to be combated, as it sure is being shoved down our throats of late. 

When I accuse the alternative media of getting this wrong, I am not including my “advisory board” (noted in a prior installment).  Those folks get it, but it is time to beat back against the “ignorance & lies in the face of reality”.  Why?  Because it helps in the conviction of proper preparations.  For a comparative example…..

I live in a “closed business neighborhood”, comprised of people who rely on barter & trade, and in my compound or enclosure is my family who have loaned each other funds for expansion, but only among our own “in house” family business interests, for tangible productive items.  Items that can be sold later, or consumed, or even used in barter with those in my outside “closed business neighborhood”.  To make my business model complete, I only need one item on my compound to protect my family.  Insurance, like GSBC’s possibly?  

Off my family’s business turf among the rest of the “closed business neighborhood” are more lazy paper pushers who have sold away their real tangible assets, and have leveraged the left over paper in duplicitous fashion.  Good for me, and bad for them, as my family, and I will be in a position of strength to conduct trade, and business as we see fit.  This would especially include time frames in the aftermath of any and all forms of man made collapses, outside of a nuclear blast-fest, or an act of God.

The “closed business neighborhood” in this example, is the whole business world that my family, which in this example is China, trades with.  And the paper pushers in the rest of the “closed business neighborhood” are the bankster.  My family & I will make it thru the chaos and come out on top, and the rest will be at our business mercy.  Put the message of China being in a huge debt time bomb, into proper perspective, then use the truth as you see fit.

          Know the Game, Know the Truth!

Go Home….Survive & Thrive:

Some of the greatest philosophical catch phrases are tied to “Home”, like “Home is where the heart is”.  Even motivational wizards like Vince Lombardi could not resist a reference, “God, your family, and the Green Bay Packers”.  Home is not entirely a land mass, but it is more importantly a state of mind.  A state of mind that eventually hovers around the first two of Mr. Lombardi’s three important priorities in one’s life.  

This took the Wolf Gray straight to the circus act that revolves around the hero worship of these pontificating putzes running for president.   By the way “circus act” is not my term, it is one of my favorite Wolf Packer’s descriptive terms for the political farce in this country.  The phrase "circus act", of course does exclude super sensitive items like Trump’s hand size.  This next article hits the nail on the head, but falls short in one area.  The importance of home & family.


These two excerpts in particular caught my attention.  Also hit on a former Wolf Gray musical message by The Who with, "Won't get Fooled Again"

Excerpt 1:

No matter who wins this next presidential election, you can rest assured that the new boss will be the same as the old boss, and we—the permanent underclass in America—will continue to be forced to march in lockstep with the police state in all matters, public and private.

Excerpt 2:

Perhaps the most troubling fact of all is this: we have handed over control of our government and our lives to faceless bureaucrats who view us as little more than cattle to be bred, branded, butchered and sold for profit.

If there is to be any hope of restoring our freedoms and reclaiming control over our government, it will rest not with the politicians but with the people themselves. 

When all is said and done, each American will have to decide for themselves whether they prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery. One thing is for sure: the reassurance ritual of voting is not going to advance freedom one iota.

Great article, but Vince Lombardi’s famous quote kept interrupting my thoughts, with respect to a society being a driven to be qualified WINNER.  It is our ancestors, and our family roots, that have to be the foundation, and the moral underpinnings of the "We the People”, in order for it to be successful.  To be a winner!

I would hazard a guess, that there are very few photo albums with news clippings, and pictures of political leaders, lying about your home.  In fact the album pages that probably cause you to pause, take a deep breath, and sigh with pride come from the remembrances of those, that were your personal heroes.  Not some pontificating DC punk.

One Wolf Pack associate, said without coaxing from yours truly, “The problem with this country is the worship of people, a belief that a singular person can save the day.  WG it comes back to taking responsibility of your own actions.”   It is an honor to be running with the Wolf Pack, and Team RM these guys are brilliant.  

In the first paragraph of this installment I mentioned one of my favorite movies “Braveheart”.  There are certain scenes from this movie that are epic, but in this case I am not referring to the famous speech before the battle at Stirling (an awesome one btw).  In fact I couldn’t even find the clip that hits right to the point of this installment.  Which is, do “it” for your family, and if “it” is done right we will eventually all meet in the middle, a mighty force indeed.  A force destined to win!

The scene I am referring to is after Wallace avenged Murron’s death (his wife), and later that evening some of the other Scottish clans came to join the fight.  Wallace tells them to go home, and protect their families, it is not their fight.  It was clear that these clans recognized family as coming first in their preparations, but in this instance the clans convinced Wallace that it was time to meet the problem head on, before the English & Longshanks invaded, and destroyed their families.  There were no other options.   

The primary message to the audience throughout the entire movie, revolved around William Wallace telling Robert the Bruce (Scottish royalty), that Scotland’s greatest strength resided in the people, a people that understood the meaning of family, a version of family that yields a strong “We the People”.   As we all know in the end, Robert the Bruce gained the respect of the people by being one of them, he showed the honor & privilege of being a part of “we the people”.  An honor, because the people earned it, and shamed him into doing what was right.  This next scene hits on all of these key aspects, hits on them as best as any I have seen, but is not the one I wanted.

                    Know the Truth, Know it in your Heart, & Know the Game!

Wolf Gray Sr’s best advice to Wolf Gray came in two parts, and fits in perfectly with the, “It all starts by going home” theme.  In the first part; he was mad after supper, and grabbed his .22, and headed outside.  I was elementary school aged.  I ran after him, and said, “Where you going?”  His reply, “WG the toughest, most important job you will ever have is to make your family a home, I need some time alone so I don't say anything I will regret,” then the squirrel shooting commenced.  Years later before taking my first job out of college, came part 2 of that message, which brought it all “home”.  “WG when the time comes be sure to support and stand by your family.  You’ll observe guys at work who are happy, while in the face of bitching, complaining bosses & co-workers, and then you will also witness guys with fancy cars, making tons of money, and miserable as hell.  The first ones, the happy ones, got their homes right, the latter one didn’t.”  Oh and his last message was, “don’t ever mess with the boss's secretary, you never know what you will run up against.”

The Wolf Gray’s sense of smell says it is time for “we the people” to go home, and get our mojo back.  “We the people” need to get back in touch with our real personal heroes.  Then these pontificating arrogant putzes will have no choice, but to respect our restored strength, and then by default they will be the….“Privileged representative of the land of the free & the home of the brave”!  

Many of you will say, “WG you might be spending to much time on Wolf Gray Sr. & Grandpa Wolf Gray”!  And, my answer is, they spent to much time on me, so you are damned right.  I honor them by spending time on them, as the bulk of the messages I may deliver, worthwhile or not, and in one way or another, originated from their wisdom.  And, if one day I am talking with you, I will listen to your tales of your family’s wisdom. Truthfully it is the ONLY damned thing we all have in common.  Our ancestors did for us, and most of the time with us alone in mind, and they are shouting, “go home find your greatness, and put the selfies aside!”

If you have read this far, it is quite likely I am writing to individuals of honor, courage, common sense, and strength.  Individuals who will soon have to be the heroes in their families.  Individuals if they had lived several centuries ago might have boarded a ship, destined to only God knows where, all in an attempt to go home. 

Home belongs to you, not some misguided putzes with ego issues in the “District of Criminals”.  I truly believe, “we the people” need to go home, and find what made us great, that’s what I am going to do.  Go back through 60 years worth……Wolf Gray Sr. & Grandpa Wolf Gray need to give me a pep talk…..

Once the initial onslaught of economic chaos has been “survived”, it will then be time to rebuild, and “thrive”.  It will be time to stand up, and lead in your environment.  Lead in whatever comes your way, for it is now you that will be expected to be the hero.  Sticking with a sort of Scottish Highlands type sound (especially after 2 minutes into this next video), I have another musical message, listen if you so chose.  At the risk of sounding condescending "Go home stand up for your family, honor your ancestors…

One of my favorite Wolf Pack associates, who tends to wear his red white & blue undies too tight, and is as tough as a 50 cent steak, has straightened me out several times.  Ironically with a message I used to get from the Cherokee side of the family roots, “Mama Wolf Gray”.   

Wolf Pack friend, “WG most of us come from some tough stock, a group that fled tyranny, with many dying just making the trip into the unknown.  No modern navigation equipment, nothing, nothing at all, but heart.  Don’t tell me we can’t get it right!”  He might be only worth 50 cents, but he makes a very valuable point.  So did Mama Wolf Gray's heritage.

If you insist on questioning this logic, then I got a real time, lab test for ya.  Have a sit down with one of the toughest military vets you can find, and ask this simple question, “What the hell did you go over there for?  Was it just to draw your piddly paycheck?”  Feel free to call me once you regain consciousness, and to tell me your illustrious story.  Those guys understand “Home”.

If you haven’t already, please consider going home, I am convinced it is there that you will find the real heroes & real strength, in the real “we the people”, & it all boils down to the hero that matters most.  My wager is that’s….YOU!

Going back to Braveheart, and Dr. William Wallace, note the next quick scene, and then check out the definition pulled off the web.  Ask yourself what it reminds you of?  Hint…it’s in the first paragraph, at least it is for me.

       •Slavery: excessive dependence on or devotion to something: slavery to tradition.

No disrespect to the memory or the genius of Vince Lombardi, but I am going to change things up a bit:

“God, then your Family, and then “The Land of the Free & the Home of the Brave” 

                                        “Survive then Thrive!”

Hard Asset Tip Revisited with Greater Detail:

Mrs. WG fired this over to my email, and it hits on one of the 32 key items from the DHAP list highlighted in a summer/fall 2014 installment.  Communications, is something we have touched on many times before, but a visit this past weekend to a local gun-show with Grandson Wolf Gray, tells me it is time to touch on the subject once more.  In the email from Mrs. WG, note the first paragraph in the link:

Have you ever thought of how you would get in touch with your loved ones after a disaster? Too many people rely on their cell phones and the internet, and take it for granted that these systems will be there for them. This is exactly what happened in the aftermath of disasters like hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. Communications systems were wiped out, and it was ham radio operators who came to the rescue.


Two weeks ago, I put Grandson Wolf Gray to work on this very subject, “portable two way devices".  After a confab, I am now of the opinion the smaller portable units in the “ham radio” two way variety, may not be practical for travel.  He, and my Wolf Pack associate the one “tough as a 50 cent steak”, say it might be wiser to have a good scanner.  I already have one of those NASCAR scanners that can pick up on race chatter, and it also works for EMT, Fire dept., and police chatter.  Probably a useful tool for business or gathering missions, away from home, if things get a bit “dicey”.  And for a device to stay in touch with family and close friends within 20 or so miles (maybe farther depending on topography) a walkie talkie with repeaters might be a worthwhile addition, to make sure everyone is on the same “safety pages”.  Be sure to add an ear piece connection to keep the noise down where necessary.   Like gathering or hunting outings.

The recent gun-show, was an observation mission for me, and a purchase mission for Grandson Wolf Gray.  In the past at this very show, I have usually seen some display tables with water filtration, and key communications devices (several tables actually)….none at this show, absolutely none.  Business 101 comes to mind, if the demand were there, the product would have been there.  It was there for prior shows.  In my view this is a marketing & demand side mistake, and I highly recommend everyone consider a higher dollar version of a walkie talkie with repeater capability (typically the low 3 figure ranges will buy what you need).   

Personally I want to be able to stay in touch with Grandson Wolf Gray, in the event of a total communications breakdown.  Keep in mind that with these sorts of devices your chatter will be open to others so, brevity, and having no identifying verbage might be important.

That is your hard asset report from, Grandson Wolf Gray.

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Grandpa Wolf Gray, Mama Wolf Gray, Grandson Wolf Gray, Team RM, Michael Snyder, Bankster & their obvious signals, Zero Hedge, John W. Whitehead, Gerald Celente, Vince Lombardi, Dr. William Wallace, Sugarland, & Daughtry