Where Will You be When the Clock Stops?


The evidentiary trail now indicates the fiat paper clock is about to run out of power.  News events from last week will dominate throughout this installment, with a final news tidbit, that caught your humble (not always) author off guard.  In fact it was a discussion piece during a visit with the RM Team last week.   One that truly begs the question, “why now”?  The standard of living clock is grinding to a halt, and about to change directions.  So what time table are you on?

It is said that, “Money makes the world go round”.  The big question is in which direction is the monetary timepiece turning?  “Honest money makes it turn freely in a clockwise direction!”………”Dishonest money eventually brings it to halt, then a brief intermission, with a resumption in a Counter Clockwise direction”. Where you land when the clock stops, and or changes direction is up to you, and you alone.  Personally I am going to change time pieces before it completely changes directions on me.  I prefer the honest clockwise direction.  Wolf Gray

Much of the alternative media’s news messages from prior years could be categorized as rumors or “fear porn.” Some of the news that has been based in “truth” is now becoming a reality.  Last week some big realities came out of the darkness, and into the light. The rats are scurrying from the sinking ship, and making the news of late.  This is very curious as to the timing, very curious, indeed.  This week I want to change up the order of things with the Hard Asset Tips up first, as the main message needs to finish last, due to it’s vital importance this week.  

Hard Asset Tips:

Most of Wolf Gray’s hard asset tips revolve around the fundamental importance of a well thought out personalized DHAP.  This denotes a term, that was first brought up right here on “rogue money.net”, a term that reads, “Diversified Hard Asset Portfolio”.  Team RM can stand proud on this one, as I haven’t seen it elsewhere.  The primary purpose of a well thought out DHAP is to sustain you, and your family at a reasonable standard of living.  So with your “standard of living comforts” being the end product of a well thought out DHAP, let’s delve into the health arena.  

First up, is a guy that I take seriously most of the time, but not all the time (note I view everyone with a skeptical eye), Mike Adams the “Health Ranger”… use the info, as you & only you see fit.


RM regulars know, I have spoken highly of the my "homeopathic" friend, who has helped Mrs. WG & myself a great deal on the generic subject of, “what is true & what is phony in western based medicine”.  In the video link above, the information from Mr. Adams, is based on some of the same intel from my homeopathic friend, Thus in this instance I feel Mike Adams is largely speaking in truths. 

Next up in the hard asset “health based arena”, is a email sent to me by Mrs. WG.  She is all excited about this one, but my skeptical eye has some doubts, due to our 90F degree summer temperatures..  Doubts due to heat from the sun, and it’s effects on plastic.  But, that being said, and depending on your local climate, the ideas in the following video links are intriguing.  In the 2 videos, I give you “soda bottle gardening” from Belgium.  It is the explanation in the link following the two videos, that doesn’t sooth my skepticism.  


So WG, why post this “tip” if you are skeptical?  Because, for me what is even more intriguing is the engineering concepts that could be adapted without the introductions of plastic products, and still provide sustenance, with very efficient usage of space.   On to the installment’s main theme……..

Next up an introductory revisit to some equity & bond market realities, realities that can’t be denied, and must be treated with respect.   Treated with respect, due to their ability to predict the directions of our title’s themed timepieces. Some of these predictions come with near military precision.

Fiat Paper Money is a Whore, Revisited:

First up, do your “dead level best” to ignore the up & down movements in the stock markets. They are disconnected from business fundamentals. Keep in mind the traders & fund managers have to make money, thus the dollars coming from abroad have to wind up somewhere.  Their options by prospectus (mutual fund managers), and western business models leave them confined strictly to paper world choices.  In practical terms they are trapped, with nowhere to run.  That idea is worth repeating, traders & fund managers have no where else to go, but within paper outlets or venues.  So current paper market movements in this dangerous economic environment, are way way way overrated.  

Unlike the investment performance criteria of prior decades with positive money gains being expected over a period of years, the performance time periods are now compressed to each quarterly report.  This “stoogish” performance formula, is basically impossible without “ponzi-like intervention” from illegal sources.  “Ponzi” & “illegal”, I guess sort of go hand in hand I suppose.

As RM reader’s know the business fundamentals stink, and it appears what is now being witnessed, is when the market’s traders & fund managers place bets on the table, the smarter big money keeps moving elsewhere, due to real business fundamentals. Negative fundamentals, that is!  The current version of the stock market is becoming antiquated, look for an attempted rebirth with new parents in the form of Dodd & Frank, where the debt markets are the new kings.  BTW referencing as parents was on purpose, in the “parent perverted USSA” (like two guys as mom & dad).   That aside, these potential paper business pathways leading to Dodd & Frank, are quite logical.  The current & ongoing evidence, dictate so!

As stated on RM before, fiat paper money is a “whore”, and will move via traders & fund managers with limited paper outlet options, in the directions of the sources that will provide the easiest short term gains.  Once the “dollar/paper” debt dumping begins to slow dramatically from abroad, note just as it appears to be happening right now, the profit potential of US based companies will slow even more markedly, also dramatically happening right now, and then the game will end.  Hence the reasons for the smart money going elsewhere.  Smart money sees the game ending.

Put simply we are in a “fiat paper ponzie scheme”, that is dying.  A scheme that has to have a certain positive inflow of money, a “ponzi money velocity” if you will.  By necessity (and definition of a ponzi scheme) it is primarily a one way trip, but once it slows to a critical level the game starts losing the ability to feed the scheme sufficiently to keep it rolling.  In the face of a slowing “ponzi money velocity”, real manufacturing, and productive use of one’s natural resources are typically the only things that can help to stem the tide of exposing the ponzi scheme’s corrupted game.  

Western manufacturing is not what it once was, and resource usage for export has been GMO’d into the trash on a global scale.  Our only other major tangible export is from long distance partnerships with other sovereign countries, which by the way are also in decline.  

In short, the fiat paper whore will not be getting any action anymore, a.k.a. "tricks".  The paper ponzi scheme appears to be reaching critical failure levels, as incoming “ponzi scheme money velocity” appears to be slowing dramatically. And, now with a big hint from it’s favorite “sugar daddy”, a hint that the easy money “drops” are about to grind to a halt.  First the evidentiary trail, and then a message from the Fiat King's most valuable “sugar daddy’……….

The Evidentiary Trail, of a Ponzi Scheme Money Velocity Collapsing:

I know this next link, hardly seems like material for the “deep think tank”, but it is truly indicative of how far we have gone “down the rabbit hole” of dim-bulbery.  The amazing thing, when discussing the rabbit hole’s excavation, is that we are digging our own burial hole, on the back of decreasing wages.  Amazing stupidity on display, right here in the USSA.


Next, and more in the “Team at RM got it right” category…..


This is another example of how bubble blowing, which is part of the “ponzi scheme fiat money velocity,” is now slowing dramatically.   Even the service portions of the auto industry are slowing, as just this past week I talked to a few guys in the service side of the auto business, that are now resorting to “flipping’ cars” (this is their term not mine) to make a buck!”  The "flipping" business model from real estate, being applied to cars!  Don’t get me wrong this type of “side work” has happened for sometime in this country, but with a motive that is from the love of cars, not for “money to pay bills”.  Especially when taking into consideration the type guys I was talking to, and certainly not at the level of "flipping" they were describing.  Not a good sign at all, unless you are shorting the US economy in a big way.

I don’t know how many times this needs to be said, but there will not be a “light switch” moment for the King Dollar collapse.  It is in motion, and has been at a very rapid rate since 2008.


The above article illustrates that the light switch has already been thrown, and the fallout continues apace until the last state or country suffers severe economic pain.  This is only logically, in consideration of a downward spiral, after all it's just business, business failure that is.  How stupid do you have to be to think everything will fall apart at the same time?  As Team RM has said for some time the collapse is ongoing, quit waiting for the "light switch moment”!

The above link's highlighted failure statistics are in the wake of a long ago exodus of real jobs that produce real goods.  And, it is in these states that the ponzi monetary whore has been evicted by economic mother nature, who is angrily exacting her sentences against the destruction of real jobs, and productive business capital formation.  These are examples where the clock is beginning to stop, and once it starts moving backwards, it could march towards the standards of living associated with the third world. These ain’t examples from Cuba, they are right here in the USSA.

One takeaway from this great article from “theeconomiccollapseblog.com”, that I must disagree with.  When my proverbial future 5th grader, a century from now, is asked to review this period of history, “slipping into recession” will not even be a consideration, instead it will be described as the “phony monetary gyrations during a prolonged depression”.

Want some proof that fiat money is a whore in search of the next quick “leg up” or “trick” in the paper “equity/debt” world, then check this next link out from Zerohedge…….


The bond market skips a “scheduled auction beat”, and “fiat money” panics, rushes to an over supplied, plus currently & about to be super debt defaulted oil market (happening now btw), for SAFE HAVEN….!  Are you kidding me?  And, then a trading day or so later oil is falling back down to reality.   Again “fiat money is a whore” with almost no quality places to hide.  The “outside the boarders” money inflows are starting to stall. And, now we are receiving amazing announcements from interesting sources (more in a second) that are indicating the fiat ponzi scheme is about to blow up.  Interesting & dangerous times.  The clock’s movement continues in misguided directions.

Next up, and as theorized in a recent installment, we have become a one trick pony.  The next link features Steve St. Angelo, who reiterates that we are a one trick 'economic' pony these days, just like Saudi Arabia. 


The reason gold & silver aren't tied to the movements of oil in congruent directions anymore, is we “financialized” (not a word btw) oil, one time too damned many. We derivativitized (not word again btw) the energy markets.  This as one would have guessed, debt ridden industry or not, now makes up far too big a proportion of our GDP.  And, to top that all off the “yes we are western dumb guy economists” counted our version of this debt laden, profit “marginalized” industry onto the “+” column for the GDP.  All righty then!  And, why shouldn’t we, it is no different than "Zero Care" or any other debt component in our phony GDP.  Hey I got a question, what business models might put “debt cash flow” (note to self I think debt cash flow is an oxymoron) onto the plus side of the ledger?  I got it, how about a “frickin”, ponzi scheme!  

The true state of the USSA economic engine is a mystery to all, and as such the smart business move is to do like the USSA’s foreign competitors, "JUST PLAIN GET AWAY FROM IT".  As RM regulars know, "it's just business!” I would surmise a smart business move for all of us to emulate as well.  It would appear from articles like these that the clock is about to stop it’s normal direction.   I want a proper timepiece.

With the above article in mind, don’t let anybody say to you, “Well I don’t know about all that MR. RMer, it ain’t happened where I am at, duh huh huh!”  Politely look back at them, smile, and say, “Yeah I guess you are right, we sure have been adding all the latest in top quality jobs.  Jobs that lead to inspired business investment.  Oops sorry Mr. Sheeple I forgot, that may be an up hill battle coming from a point with the lowest percentage of entrepreneurs in US history.  Stick that in your pipe, and smoke it brainiac!  How are those part time jobs your friends and neighbors are crowing about these days, working out for ya, bucko?”

And tied to that point, check this out.......


For a consumer based economy, of which The Guerrilla & I theorize now makes up over 90% of our economic base, would it be a good sign for the retail numbers to be horrific?  Why sure, that would be like having an economy based on auto sales, but we all ride horses, duh huh.  Sorry for the sarcasm, but these guys don’t think some of us could connect the dots here, or worse yet, maybe it’s the guys in control of the figures, that can’t connect the dots.  Go figure……

I got a question that revolves around another installment from about a year ago.  Do you really have sovereignty if you have more debt outside your borders than you do funds inside your borders?  Or better yet, do you have sovereignty if you have more debt outside your homestead, than you have from inside your homestead?  From a business perspective the quick answer is, “No!”   So just who the hell’s printing press is it, when Japan prints endlessly?  After all they are our lap dogs, and we sure as hell have lost our business sovereignty.  With that in mind check this next link out, in the chain of evidence of the clock running out of clockwise “tick-tocks”…..


Just the title’s suggestion alone, forget the fact it is from a US based financial publication, should tell you Japan just might have been feeding the US equity market liquidity for some time now. And, at our direction I suspect.  Now the governmental or central bank structures should start intervening on oil weaknesses, to juice the energy markets.  Hey guys I got an idea the public is too busy watching 68 year old women compete in mma to have a clue about us overtly using the central banks in a ponzi like fashion to prop up the markets, so let’s rock & roll right into the energy complex.

If this isn’t a clear sign that the “ponzi scheme money velocity” is slowing to critical levels I don’t know what is.  Central bnakster “gaming” of the largest of natural resource markets.  As a joke or otherwise, for it to be “headlined” in a financial publication is a farce, and it proves that Japan is just a US satellite banking system.  Their banking failures, that we arrogantly discuss at the latest neat guy & neat gal parties, are actually our own failures.  Hey you can’t fool a sheeple though, no matter how neat they are, right?

Damn if the clock isn't visibly slowing.................

Next up is an interview with Dr. Jim Willie that is very instructive.  In this interview with "financeandliberty.com" Dr. Jim makes some great technical, and fundamental points with some gold & silver prognostications that are well thought out as usual. 


At the 2:00 mark he mentions we are entering a world wide panic, except for the majority of the lethargic prescription drugged out sheeple in the USA (I added the sheeple part not Dr. Willie). 

At the 12:00 mark he makes some extremely insightful technical analysis regarding the market’s actions of late. 

The 21 to 26 minute segment is superb with respect to potential price movements to the upside for gold & silver bars & coins. 

At 36:00 he touches on his prime bank suspects for failure, but the best segment for Wolf Gray's education was at the 41:00 minute mark.  It is here that Dr. Willie highlights the difficulties the banks have in the current interest rate environment.  Difficulties in making money with their standard pit-stop for short term "sleep-overs", the 10yr. note, now trending toward 1.5%.  With “Fed Window” rates at .25-.50 (chuckle chuckle as we know that is a ruse), the short term easy money ain't worth spitting on, and with corporate earnings in the tank, Dr. Willie rightly points out, the banksters then had to search for more easy money pigeons.  Hey how about NIRP for the SixPacks' Joe & Jane in the USSA?  Ain't being a criminal bankster wonderful???????

Each of the points mentioned above are indicative of the clock beginning to run out of power.  The ponzi scheme is losing it’s own very necessary “NEW” money velocity.  Big clincher, at least in my view still to come.  Give the video below a listen, it is one of his best in my view.  Entertaining as always.

OK if you want a real sign that things are on the precipice of fiat failure, that even a sleepy sheeple might recognize, then this may be a harbinger of failure news to come…….


When the "vampire Squid" starts spewing retarded self defense logic, for it's own rise in CDS (credit default swaps), one has to ask how bad is it getting in the banking sector?  The above ZeroHedge link clearly shows the insiders, the primary players in the CDS's are ratcheting up the market’s risk factors in the banking sector's CDS markets, and the typical reaction of the banks that are in trouble is?????  We are OK, we're OK, don't worry!!!!  Credit to my own ”Hattrick" letter subscription, and the insights of Dr. Jim Willie who stated, the causation of the CDS risk rise, could be tied to big oil risk exposure, Italian bank failure risks, or emerging market risks.  I suspect a tag team effect, that they could all be culprits.  But, to Wolf Gray it is symptomatic of a ponzi scheme that is losing necessary incoming money velocity.

Also in concert with Dr. Willie & ZeroHedge, note the latest from "roguemoney.net's" own Ken Schortgen Jr. detailing the 'on the ground' pressures being felt by the criminals in the banking industry (see the 2/25 article at “roguemoney.net”).  Pressures that have them speaking out about monetary problems, and once again Wolf Gray, and RMer's should ask, "WHY NOW?"  Because in this case even a banking regulator is speaking out.  The underfunded FDIC, is now getting their reputation out in front of the story?  Again "WHY NOW?"

Speculation as to 'why now' could abound, but there is nothing positive in any answer that is tied to this two word question, especially for those with funds in the paper controlled walls of the "Dodd Frank Act".   Let's call, "The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act" what it really is, The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Bank Restoration and Consumer Bail-in Act".  This isn't even liberal college level "Business 101" worthy...!  Let's get "outside the box" like preached here at RM, and visit with my 5th grader.

Dad, "Hey junior you want to watch the game on the field behind us, before your game starts?"  5th Grader, "Naw that game is lame pop, it is pretty much over!"  Dad, "what do you mean it just started?"  5th Grader, "Dad the team in black sponsored by "Local Fleece-Um Bank" has been making excuses all week about 3 of their best players being on vacation this weekend.  After all that whining, they are bound to lose.  I betcha they were just making excuses, before things happened, like losing the game today!"

Class is once again adjourned.  Back to the corrupt world of banking, have you ever heard these kind of negative pre-announcements in the past from these banking leaders, and or regulators, WHEN TIMES ARE ROLLICKING & ROLLING?  DUH, NO!  I don't have to have the brilliant analytical, economic mind of Ken Schortgen Jr. (glad to have access to him though), or the statistical skills of Dr. Jim Willie, to figure out "the safest thing for me to do is distance & insure myself & my family the best way possible, from the coming "banking chaos”!  DHAP anyone?

The ponzi funds are running out of steam.  The rabbit hole we are digging is about to be filled up when the clock stops, with many sheeple still in the hole.

I prefer to be out of the hole with a DHAP (Diversified Hard Asset Portfolio), and hopefully some GSBC's (gold & silver bars & coins) prior to the fiat clock stopping and going backwards in my standard of living.…..!   What do you prefer?

But, first let’s further fertilize the fascist evidentiary trail leading to a fiat ponzi failure.  The best clue is still yet to come.   Ah who could forget this buffoon, John “Yes I am a fascist” Kerry?


The above ZeroHedge title in the link is enough to give me a hernia from laughing.  You think we are at the end of our fiat ropes?  YEP!  What a moron.

All right, the next to last news item, but not least……..


Chrome dome clearly didn't get the message, that the new trend is to "Know the Game, Know the Truth".  His memo must have read, "Poison the Game, Poison the Truth”.  When players of this stature start coming out of the woodwork making fools of themselves with excuses, then something very fiat bad, ain’t far behind, and that something is logically not good for the unprepared among us.

Ever watch a battery powered clock start to falter?  First you will notice it is losing time against standard measures, and if you look closely, you might see the second hand reverberate at each tick of the upcoming sequential second.  Based on the above evidence of excuse making by financial bigwigs, followed by this next blockbuster, discussed by the TEAM last week, Wolf Gray feels major bad things are around the corner.  What specifically I don’t know, but the “fiat ponzi scheme clock’s” second hand is faltering badly.  Check out this next blockbuster. 


From the above link, this statement from the sitting Treasury Secretary, who to this point has been a news media recluse, is in my view extraordinary.   

“Don’t expect a crisis response in a non-crisis environment,” Lew said in an interview broadcast Wednesday with David Westin of Bloomberg Television. “This is a moment where you’ve got real economies doing better than markets think in some cases.”

One thing history has proven time and time again, when reviewing the prognostication abilities of the banksters, they are always wrong with respect to the near term health of their own industries. And, most public statements immediately precede critical market movements, but in the opposite directions being forecasted.  With that in mind look at the above statement, and note how ZeroHedge summarizes it’s meaning in the article, the same way as yours truly by the way.  Are you kidding me Mr. Treasury secretary, “real economies doing better”, and “don’t expect a crisis response”!!!!  Wolf Gray translation, “don’t expect us to be coming to the rescue, anytime soon”.

This is the front guy for the “biggest of the bigs,” the ESF (exchange stabilization fund).  The ESF is, per very reliable sources, the “fiat ponzi scheme’s” full service “sugar daddy”. A secretive organization, discussed many times before here at RM, going back nearly nine months.  An organization that tells the FED what to do, as well as most western banking interests.  Is Lew the ESF’s signal caller or just the message delivery guy?  See the link below, and the 5 part video series, for greater detail on the ESF (in my previous installment from 9 months ago).  


In truth it doesn’t matter, messenger or signal caller, as the message is easily deciphered, and received.  This guy hasn’t made a major statement in over a year.  So why the hell now?  The initial Team RM conclusions from last week is, the “biggest” western fiat money spigot could be getting turned off.  Is it decisive yet?  Not quite sure, but I don’t know what else to make of this, except to prepare yourselves.  This is big news, bigger than any of the other news items listed above (note the team didn't phrase it that way, but I did). 

The sugar daddy, just said, fend for yourself bankster boys & girls.  He didn't hide the fact either!

I would not be surprised in the aftermath of the G-20 meetings over the recent weekend, if the ESF statements aren’t reinforced this week, via market action.  The King Dollar is clearly reaching the “finished line”, not the “finish line”, the “FINISH’ED’ LINE”!


Drawing from the installment's second paragraph:

It is said that, “Money makes the world go round”.  The big question is in which direction is the monetary timepiece turning?  “Honest money makes it turn freely in a clockwise direction!”………”Dishonest money eventually brings it to halt, then a brief intermission, with a resumption in a Counter Clockwise direction”. Where you land when the clock stops, and or changes direction is up to you, and you alone.  Personally I am going to change time pieces before it completely changes directions on me.  I prefer the honest clockwise direction.  Wolf Gray

If you don’t like my conclusions then you will not like the 2/28/2015 article from Ken Schortgen Jr., with a somewhat similar conclusion, but with a longer term historical evidentiary trail.  

Two guys, who didn’t consult one another at all, on upcoming article theory or content, but they came to somewhat similar conclusions.  Ken’s conclusions revolve around honest moral principles, and the theory that the first people to get out of harm’s way are more likely to survive.  Mine are about the sign posts that seem to be saying the time to get out of harm’s way is coming crucially close to being in finality.  And, for some in this country the “counter clockwise” time is now!

Ken’s reference to the terms “survive” & “thrive” in his concluding paragraph are for my money, “deep” & quite timely.  The Guerrilla came up with the brilliant catch phrase, “Know the Game, Know the Truth”, I would like to add one with an assist from Ken, “Survive & Thrive”.  The Guerrilla’s catch phrase is interchangeable, but this one, “Survive & Thrive,” isn’t so reversible. 

A version with greater meaning could read, “Survive & then Thrive.”  The clock’s in our lives control some of the greatest mysteries that hang over earth bound life.  One of which is, why does time go so fast as you age?  The Wolf Gray, and his shaman buddy have one possible answer, “the number of days you have left to do what is right, are fewer with each passing minute, and as a consequence, the fear of time disrupts the mind’s subconscious ability to be efficient”.  Eventually they are all just memories, so I urge you not to “Blink” with indecision at the wrong time, or your reflections on the past will not be pleasant…!  Focus!

Sadly the clock is going counterclockwise in some areas of this country, right now! It will eventually in your community as well, in fact in many ways it already is, but the mind has been conditioned that “all’s well”!  Yes indeed, “all’s well”!  Yeah you betcha!  The good news is opportunities still exist to protect yourself, even while the clock is turning backwards on your standard of living.  But your DHAP needs tending to, as in, immediately.   

It is all up to you, and it is time to once again draw upon a recent musical message from a previous Wolf Gray installment.   Though it may be redundant it certainly seems appropriate, a message from a former New York cop, “I wanna go back & do it all over but I can’t go back I know!”  This reminds me of a repeated theme, highlighted by RM regular ‘Jerry5’, “at some point do-overs will not be possible for most of us”, but to add to that, "Assertive action to your DHAP status can diffuse the effects of the clock's change in direction"!  Protect yourself!  Once again you have been warned!

Wolf Gray

Credit to the Thoughts of:  Opie, Team RM, Dr. Jerry5, Jim Willie, ZeroHedge, Steve St. Angelo, Michael Snyder, Silverdoctors.com, Mike Adams, Kenny Chesney, & Eddie Money