Cash Wars

A telling anecdote involves a dinner that Ms. Warren had with Lawrence H. Summers, then the director of the National Economic Council and a top economic adviser to President Obama. The dinner took place in the spring of 2009, after the oversight panel had produced its third report, concluding that American taxpayers were at far greater risk to losses in TARP than the Treasury had let on.
After dinner, “Larry leaned back in his chair and offered me some advice,” Ms. Warren writes. “I had a choice. I could be an insider or I could be an outsider. Outsiders can say whatever they want. But people on the inside don’t listen to them. Insiders, however, get lots of access and a chance to push their ideas. People — powerful people — listen to what they have to say. But insiders also understand one unbreakable rule: They don’t criticize other insiders.
“I had been warned,” Ms. Warren concluded.
- Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)

“The game is rigged and the American people know that. They get it right down to their toes.”
- Michael Lewis, Author of “Flash Boys”

It is now being reported that amongst the losers crowing for the elimination of cash that derelict, Larry Summers, has stated it is “time to eliminate the $100 bill.” Doing so, according to this immoral deviant, will “curb corruption” and put an end to criminal money laundering.

The Guerrilla calls B.S. to this on all counts! The cry to ban cash has nothing to do with ending corruption, a move that basically would bring an end to the same deviant turds making the call. No. This move is purely an unethical grab for more power, a tilting of the ground in the inevitable slide toward Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP) in the United States.

Dear readers, be not deceived every time the government states it is doing something for your own good. Understand that it simply means they are eliminating the competition, fine-tuning the ability to fleece you, and increasing the means by which they will exercise control over you.

Larry “The Lackey” Summers and Robert “Banktard Fluffer” Rubin were the chief architects of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act that ended Glass-Steagall, and thus the legal protection that used to prevent the Banksters from raiding Americans’ savings accounts and using them as collateral for Wall Street casino bets. The end of Glass-Steagall enabled the creation of the Frankenstein’s monster known as CitiGroup, an evolution in degenerate banking so outrageous that under Glass-Steagall it would have been illegal!

Let us also not forget that Lackey Larry was the chief cockerel-blocker of CFTC Chair Brooksley Born and her attempts to regulate the newly created (thank you Blythe Masters of JPM) financial derivatives market. Summers, in his esteemed Haah-vaad wisdom, effectively ensured that the financial time bomb of credit default swaps was placed well and deep into the bowels of the system. Is this the act of someone whom the American people should trust? The Guerrilla thinks not.

Listen closely to the truth, my friends. Larry Summers comes from a class of Keynesian criminals who believe that the economy actually benefits from the perpetual meddling of the Government. QE, ZIRP, TWIST, TARP, and any other acronym you can throw in there, have all been abysmal failures. Yet somehow these Keynesian nut-jobs believe that even more meddling and greater debt is the solution! “Debt” to these brainless sycophants is “an asset class” to be loved and cuddled like Paul Krugman’s cats; ergo the creation of capital-destroying debt is a not a problem but a virtue. 

Twisting the NIRP

Negative Interest Rate Policy, already proven to be ineffective in Europe, is nothing more than an illegitimate effort to control your finances so that you can be separated from your wealth. Look at the threats camouflaged as protective measures that have been arrayed against you, oh Americans. Bail-ins of your hard-earned savings became law under Dodd-Frank. Regulations enacted by banks define YOU as an unsecured lender, not a “depositor.” Financial institutions make every effort to nickel and dime you for every transaction through ATM fees, statement fees, balance fees, etc. Now these miscreants want to impose NIRP on you so that what remains of your money can be leeched from your bank account.

Criminals like Lackey Larry know that NIRP will cause a flight to cash, so to prevent that from happening they need to make holding cash inconvenient. First they want to eliminate the $100 bill so that carrying cash becomes cumbersome. Without Benjamins you will need to carry larger quantities of smaller denomination bills, making cash a hassle to lug around. Then they will want to pass draconian deposit laws so that you will need ID to deposit any amount of cash into your bank account. This is already happening at banks like JP Morgan Chase in NY.

They know that eliminating the $100 bill would make it less likely that people will hoard money in their mattresses because the inconvenience of it would be immense. Worst of all, NIRP and cash elimination are paving the way toward the introduction of digital currency, the wet dream of control freak bankers and corrupt government bureaucrats. Digital currency will allow them to track and monitor every aspect of your life. All of your transactions will be laid bare. Your purchasing habits will be readily identifiable, revealing everything about you and what you value. What is more, digital currency with NIRP means that you will need to spend what you earn immediately. Savings will be impossible. Combine all of this with a carbon-based or carbon-backed transactional infrastructure as described by Patrick Wood and you have the makings of a hellish nightmare!

Our world will become a dystopia where you will never be able to save. Think about that! No savings means you will always need to work. All of your earnings will be perpetually extracted by the state. You will never be able to build wealth for retirement or to pass down to your kids. You will be a slave to a Corporatist Technocracy that is always in control. This is what’s at stake! The loss of physical currency means the loss of transactional freedom, which means the complete loss of the control that you have over your life.

When they ban cash they will at the same time eliminate businesses that operate in cash. They will destroy the lives of millions of people who rely on cash because they are deemed “unbankable” due to their credit or life situations or because they have no checking or savings accounts. Millions of people rely on cash to make ends meet. It is the way they pay their bills and put food on the table. If you think the end of cash isn’t a big deal allow The Guerrilla to remind you that 88 million Americans are already classified as “unbankable.” These people pay a very high price for the cost of not having access to the financial institutions that most of us take for granted. The pay exorbitant fees to check cashers and they are often the victims of shady predatory lenders. This struggling underclass will suffer the most in the war on cash.

Ultimately, the moral of the story is this. When we allow political hacks serving banking and corporate interests dictate the way we conduct our lives and business then we have lost our basic freedoms forever and nothing short of revolution will ever bring it back.


The Guerrilla