NotMeggedon: Fear & Foolishness In The Middle East

The Guerrilla can hear it now! Across the alternative media universe cries of “it’s Armageddon!”, “it’s the end of the world!” and “it’s the armies of the anti-Christ coming against Israel!!!” are on the rise. Thanks to Turkey’s military actions on the northern border of Syria, the fear mongers, paranoia peddlers, and flat-out loons (they know who they are) have all become geo-strategic experts and Middle East specialists.

The recent moronic maneuver by the biggest blow hard in the world, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, makes him an early candidate for The Guerrilla’s 2016 Idiot of the Year award. If you’ll recall, it was the same Recep Erdogan who won 2015’s Idiot Award. Now Turkey’s wanna-be sultan looks ready to defend his title. Mark my words! Erdogan’s threat of military intervention in Syria would be the best possible outcome for Damascus. Why? Because then the handcuffs would be off. Russian air power, which is already dominant in the region, would have carte blanche to target Turkish ground forces while Russian SU-400 missile batteries shot down obsolete Turkish jets like so many ducks. The result would be the slaughter of Turkish forces and an end to Erdogan’s stupid blustering.

Turkish Dim-lights and Dummy Kebabs.

It is no secret to the readers of Rogue Money’s James “The Russian Analyst” that Erdogan aspires to resurrect the Ottoman Empire. This is a delusional goal at best. Remember this, dear readers. Erdogan’s popularity has been dropping in public opinion polls for many months. His presidency is in ruins. He has therefore declared a state of national emergency in order to seize power for himself. Where do you think he learned that maneuver? Why, he took it from the playbook of his Western masters, of course! The tragedy here is that no Turk except Erdogan wants war with the Russians. Ordinary Turks know that thousands will die and Erdogan’s plan will backfire. End of story.

Indeed, the reigning Idiot of the Year has chosen the wrong enemy this time. The Russian bear should not be poked. Any Turk-Saudi excursion into Syria will end very, very badly. Remember too that Ankara and Riyadh do nothing without the assistance and blessing of the “Empire of Chaos” in Washington, DC. Do you think Barry Soetero will use military force against Vladimir Putin? The Guerrilla has his doubts.

Most Americans can’t even find Syria on a map, let alone the ruined city of Aleppo, yet the town is of key strategic importance. Canadian Goldman Sachs fluffer Ted Cruz has stated in his ignorance that he would nuke Aleppo to “destroy ISIS.” This might sound wonderful to brain dead Americans and Kool-Aid drinking Evangelicals, but it shows just how morally decrepit we are as a society when alleged pro-lifers like Ted Cruz are also pro-bombers. 

Oh, Little Town of A-leppo

Aleppo is a key strategic site for Jihad, Inc. It is a choke point and key node in the Turk-USIS (aka ISIS) supply chain. He who controls Aleppo controls the corridors of supplies sent to Jihadi forces by the Turks. Possession of Aleppo is therefore key to the entire war in Syria and losing it to the Russians and the Syrians would spell the end of the line for Jihad, Inc.  

The comedy we now see unfolding is that the Jihadis of USIS have gathered in Geneva for “peace” talks. In a predictable outcome that liberal Eurocrats somehow missed the Syrian opposition has said it has no desire to meet with delegates of the Assad government. They also don’t give a flip about Moscow and DC’s two year transition plan that the stooges in the Soetero administration hope will lead to a “secular” Syria. When he read about this plan, The Guerrilla laughed so hard that that he almost choked on his banana bread!

The ridiculously incompetent House of Saud wants the same thing as the USIS terrorists, Turkey, and the criminal cabal Atlanticists - no more Assad! It is readily apparent to those with a brain that this charade of peace talks and cease fire is headed absolutely nowhere! The Economic Silverback reminds you that the leaders of the so-called “Syrian resistance,” the political and philosophical arm of that CIA-trained cadre, care nothing for the hard slog of proxy war in Syria. Although they wax eloquent on TV to frighten gullible, self-hating Europeans and inspire low IQ young men with dreams of Jihad, paradise, and 72 virgins, those fat, lazy CIA slugs would rather chase blondes and booze in Paris than sweat it out on the battlefield in northern Syria.

The Syrian “resistance,” comprised of USIS/Daesh, Al-Nusra, and Al-Qaeda, is an abysmal failure that the Russians, Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, and the vaunted fighters of Hezbollah have been steadily eradicating. The problem is that no one in the Western intelligence services (an oxymoron if there ever was one) has bothered to tell “Saladin” Erdogan the news. So instead, Erdogan, the Turd in the Hummus Bowl, has decided to extend his assault against various Kurdish faction inside Syria. Even the Empire of Chaos doesn’t stand behind this escalation!

But does it matter? Of course not. Erdogan continues to attack the Syrian-Kurdish PYD and YPG despite the condemnation of the international community. It helps not that 2015’s Idiot of the Year is egged on in his stupidity by Ahmet Davutoglu, another moron and wannabe Ottoman Empire sycophant. The violence against the Kurds incited by this criminal is so quasi- genocidal in its intensity that the world would do well to take notice. 


Turkey Bake

How effective an offensive can Turkey’s Turd in the Hummus launch against advanced Russian weapons in Syria? The answer, my friends, is not very. His army possesses no defensive capability able to counter Russia’s SU-400 missile system. They have nothing to counter either the advanced Kornet anti-tank missiles or the deadly SU-35 fighter that has caused every armchair general in the NATO bloc to soil his pants. They also have nothing that can defeat Russia’s feared new battle tank, the T-14 Armata, which The Guerrilla has learned through his sources is successfully undergoing a baptism of fire and testing. What can Turkish forces do against a fully networked Russian military that uses next generation electronic and energy warfare weapons? What will happen when Turkish F-16’s simply lose power and fall from the sky, or Turkish naval vessels turn into listless barges like the USS Donald Cook? They can do nothing!

The Guerrilla predicts that apart from a few logistical support units the no-balls US and scared shitless NATO will do nothing to stop Russia’s stomping of Turkey. Putin will go after the Turd in the Hummus Bowl with a vengeance and all while Russian support, weapons, and logistics flow into the hands of the Kurds in Northern Iraq and Syria, effectively smashing Erdogan in the dates.

Turkey has no chance against Russia in Syria. To believe so is delusional. It is a losing proposition. Unfortunately, Erdogan is a brainless thug who feels he can win! A case in point is when he sent his lap dog Davutoglu to Berlin. The only argument that cretin could repeat was the necessity of killing Kurds under the auspices of “fighting ISIS.” Imagine that thug walking into the European Parliament to threaten the EU with a continued flood of refugees! Imagine him demanding cash and extorting Europe for concessions or fast-tracked membership into the EU! How do you think leaders in the EU feel about these Turkish thugs? Do you think German and French nationalists look kindly on being extorted by a partner of terror?


The long and short of it, folks, is that Erdogan’s short-sighted thuggery is causing major blowback. All over Europe his plan to use the migrant weapon has increased the speed and intensity with which nationalism is growing. Brain dead Turks might not be calling for the erstwhile sultan to step down, but the calls for regime change are ringing out clearly from Berlin to Paris. The Europeans have had enough.

There is an old saying, “fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” Erdogan’s saber-rattling will backfire on Turkey and collapse the House of Saud in one shot. The petrodollar will be the ultimate victim of this fool’s excursion into the Syrian conflict. Thus, good readers, this is NOT World War III as some have called it. This is a long standing proxy war that is coming to an end and with it an entire corrupt war-fomenting economic system will be swept away. Good riddance, I say, and Godspeed.

The Guerrilla