Investing or Surviving? A Short Squeeze for the Ages!

In my view, the answer to the question in the title is, clear.  Do both, each one feeds the other, especially when properly attended to.  Recent comments from members of “” indicate that questions are arising between the choices of gold vs. silver, combined with questions on storing via in-house possession ‘& or’ offshoring.  And, after mixing in a little bitcoin ownership, the picture can be confusing at times.  I am going to break some rules in this installment, but not my own rules.  It is time to review some hard asset investment advice basics, via my own personal “first in/first out” choices.  I will avoid the “legal investment” advice controversy, by describing it as what I am personally attempting to do, and in some cases have done.  Actually done!  Disclaimer provided below, Wolf Gray style.

The phrase "investing or surviving" falls right in line with the “Guerrilla’s” catch phrase, which in a deep thinking broader scope also covers nearly all subjects.  “Know the Game, Know the Truth”, as it is interchangeable just like this installment title.  First, a little background on how goofy the restrictions are on “investment advice” (mentioned 14 months ago on RM).   Don’t think the word goofy is applicable?  Well keep this in mind, the rules come from federally run agencies, need one say more?  No!  But I will.  

Before heading down the Wolf Gray’s personal allocation trail, here is an example of how “goofy” the laws are, or at least were, as I exited “the pushing of paper” well over 3 years ago.  Check this particular rule out.  If you sell a group, or business entity a 401-K qualified retirement program, I as the sales rep. can not give any advice on the client’s mutual fund allocations.  

I can do suitability paperwork, to determine the client’s best or most appropriate risk allocations, but I as the selling rep. can only make vague suggestions. I can never tell them they are going the right or wrong way.  But, catch this action, if you are an outsider, a know it all that knows nothing, you can advise your arse off to the same client. The same client, that I as the sales rep. with professional knowledge just sold the product to.  OK I am the professional with an expertise they don’t have, but “Elmer Fudd” over there can advise his butt off for them, and not get in trouble.  If I offer too much advice & I am in front of a judge, should the client be able to press charges along the lines of “misleading them”?

Here’s a good one (just extra 'bs'), I can decline being paid via commissions, and elect to be paid on a “fee for service” basis.  And, what’s the point of that?  First, I become more of a “big shot” in the public eye, and someone else loves it.  The upper level brokerage management guys. Why is easy, because I am stuck with the bulk of the legal heat from any client blow back when I am on a pay via “fee for service”.  These shit birds at the top of the paper heap, bloviate constantly to everyone (& at yours truly as well) peddling their products, that these rules are to protect the client, and us as well, as the sales professional.  Can I get a “Come on man!”  Can I get a, “Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act”…., yeah right!  “Act” is accurate though, as in I have seen this “act” many many times before.

Simple summation of how you the client, and I the sales rep. are screwed.  It all makes sense, I sell it (401K plan or whatever investment vehicle), do a presentation on it, make money on it’s acceptance, and I have to avoid giving individual advice.  I have to say, “I am not in the business of giving investment advice, even though I made money on it, but you can consult your nearest know nothing half wit, and use his sage, brilliant ideas.”  Just one of the many reasons I recently advised all clients to get out of the paper world as they saw fit, and get into hard assets as they saw fit starting in 2012.  That is just one reason, there are many others, all accurately predicted to my clients as well, with the passage of time.  A short few years, in time.

The game is, “sell your paper arses off, and don’t get your broker dealer hierarchy in trouble with any superfluous downstream misrepresentation claims of any type whatsoever.”  Protect the paper pushers, and then the client & sales rep. be damned.  BTW these clowns present these ass backward laws to the sales reps. as protecting the client, by not giving erroneous advice.  Guess what WG did? I said screw the rules, and gave advice.  If I thought the product was worth selling, my clients would get helped in the right directions. I figured I was less likely to get my bacon fried that way than playing by rules that are designed to protect the guys above me, not me or my client.  Lying sacks of shit! ……….

Side Note:  I know you have heard some of the above material from yours truly before, like in December 2014, but it bears repeating.  Much of what is done via the more advanced thinking here at ‘’ is cheer leading, nothing more nothing less.  The messages truly don’t change that much, we all just add layers of reassurance via the truth, which falls right in line with, “Know the Game, Know the Truth”.  Thus I continue to write.  

Outside of surviving like Jeremiah Johnson, you can find details to almost any particular survival situation in the RM archives (a truly great resource tool).  With weekly ongoing updates of the important truths in the news, which are deciphered here for additional CURRENT protection needs.  And, in this environment that is an asset that will never lack demand, and hopefully Team Roguemoney can meet the demand with a top level of supplies in the coming future of chaos.

Before getting into “WG’s PERSONAL PM INVESTMENT” strategies, per his own real life actions, a brief news review is in order (news that tripped my trigger somewhat)……..

First up in a continuation of last week’s theme, that they appear to be rounding up the westerners trying to exit the debt corrals, check this link out……

Based on the above, it adds more evidence that it is the m.o. of the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) in the west to restrict or drive the masses to the debt corrals.  Especially now that some of the consumer debt driven herd, is starting to run amuck in search of freedoms that they feel are slipping away.  This just adds more evidence of a trend that is indicative of important end game situations that on the horizon for the western fiat paper driven societies.  Desperation at the top, and desperation at the bottom, use this intel. as you see fit.  I am!

Next up is a statistic from ZeroHedge that is truly amazing, and one you would never see in Wolf Gray’s Sr.’s day or grandpa Wolf Gray’s day.

67 year old folks increasing their debt loads, now there is a sign the debt corrals are refilling.  Not good, not good at all folks.

If you want technical or more fundamental analysis, and not my country boy theories, here’s one for ya……

Nothing is worse than a trend where the majority of any broadly marketed product’s sales, paper or otherwise, are all going in negative directions.  The above link shows an extremely important indicator in serious decline.  An indicator that, to the boys who know the market’s game, is more ominous than the actual daily or weekly closing tally on any market indices.  “Know the Game, Know the Truth!”

This next one is not part of my chosen investment thesis this time around, but it is one colorful explanation of where silver’s value should rest.  I actually have to agree with this guy on many of his points, I will leave the colorful language to him (though I can be rather colorful at times).  Language that in this case, that may have a great ape on my back!

Before I hit on the final news link that truly indicates the PPPTB are setting, we the sheeple up for a major fall (not most of us here at RM who practice what is discussed), I want to give you my take on the latest testimony from Janet “Yes I have a Great Beatles Hairdo” Yellen.

“What a confusing pile of crap.”  I rest my summation case!   That really is all that needs to be said, but there are signs to be used from her bumbling exchange with Washington's finest.

Check this out.  Last week I noticed a multitude of alternative media commentators describing Janet “Yes I have a great Beatles hairdo” Yellen’s latest interviews (from last week), before government stooges, as being literally contradictory within the same paragraph, and totally imbecilic.  Do I believe she is an imbecile?  Not really, but she sure as hell made some recent misguided career choices!  In the reality realm, I do believe she has run out of tools, both overt, and now covert from her masters at the ESF a.k.a. the US Treasury.  And, since she is nothing but a “front-man/woman”, she has also run out of bullets to apply to her job description, as it were.  

A description that reads, “apply attempts to buffalo the masses with lines of, “Don’t worry, we are in control, and all that crap!”  The FED is a front, and has been since 1934, 21 years post it’s inception, and they have now amazingly run out of “Merriam Webster Tools”, under Yellen’s watch.  Maybe Yellen should start “rapping her messages”, in which case nothing would change, except the delivery may fool the sheeple. The only thing left for these knuckle heads to throw at us, at least as purported as real tools, now appear to have gone up in the ether. 

Imagine sitting in front of a bunch of non productive putzes (Yellen being one as well of course), having to look like a bumbling fool, because you are stuck in a lie that has finally come full circle, and words don’t work anymore.  Hell, maybe she really should try rapping her answers.  Her only imbecilic move was accepting her current job, as only a fool would have thought they could come up with more magic via a finite source of verbal crap, post the Bernanke debt bombs.  The cool words that haven’t been used to date, from a very finite source like “Merriam Webster”, in an attempt to stem the problems of an infinitely (totally non-finite) impossible previously lit debt fuse, have apparently left the building.  DUH… What a MORON!  Merriam Webster & Yellen appear to be tapping out, and it is just another sign this end game is upon us.  Heaven help us if she really does start rapping.

As we all know, and the latest in FED speak proves, the pyrotechnic source is ready to ignite the final volley.  Or better yet, just like a 4th of July fireworks display that lasts around 30 minutes, we are already well into the preliminary pyrotechnics, the finale is almost upon us.  On to the last news brief prior to Wolf Gray’s personal investment thesis.

This next unbelievable farce of an article from the “New York Times”, is a pure 100% “sales job”.  I know one, when I see one.  The following article is a set up, or sales job, to make negative interest rates not seem too objectionable.  The toll booths are being set up at the western banks (Europe so far), and it will very likely be coming to a US bank near you.  Yes that is right, if they go negative they might as well put up toll booths.  After all the end result is the same to your pocketbook, meaning "you ain't got as much as you did when you entered the "fleecing facility".

Just note the language in this paragraph from the above article, down playing the role of negative interest rate policies.

But it looks as if the convenience of keeping money in a bank account is worth a small negative interest rate or fees for most consumers and businesses, at least at the only slightly negative rates currently in place. Storing and providing security for cash may be more expensive than a small bank charge.

Oh I understand it now!  It is a “convenience,” so we need not get too uppity over any coming charges.  My arse, unbelievable!  I never would have believed, I would have seen this crap in my lifetime.  Well who are we kidding, yes I did see this coming.    And, I love that last line, “Storing and providing security for cash…blah blah blah blah…!”  Security, oh yeah like, “fractional lending of my stash I gave them.  A stash, that I now have to give up “blood samples” just to get a small fraction of it back upon a withdrawal request.”  Yeah “security”, security for whom Mr. New York Times?  The “Times” needs referencing, I don’t care who the author was, it was clearly a PPPTB driven lackey.  

And, if that is not enough of a indicator that it’s a sales pitch, then check this out from the same article:

We have decades of experience with central banks trying to manage the economy by, for example, cutting bank rates to 2 percent from 3 percent when there is an economic downturn. The shift to negative rate policies is, hypothetically at least, the same, but with a starting point of rates already around zero.

For ‘pete’s sake’, go ahead, and make the rates negative already, and quit boring me with these sophomoric sales pitches.  As my brother in arms, Ken Schortgen Jr. said, on last Friday night’s radio show, one of the motives is to get people to spend what little they have left, instead of losing money in the banks.  Sounds logical, and I also have another possible reason, picture this hypothetical conversation……

Setting the stage:  They go negative interest rates, and shortly thereafter start restricting the use of cash in aggressive manners.  I can hear it now, "Hey Marge where's my beer the race is starting?"  Marge, “Sorry Bruno they don't take cash anymore on alcohol purchases, and you told me only to use cash when I buy your Budweiser sweetheart!" 

So guess where Bruno is heading even though he may have sworn off dealing with the bank's ridiculous toll booths (negative rates).  

Restricting freedoms, to fill up the debt corrals folks….!  So what are you doing to maintain your viability, while trying in vain to be free of these “knot heads”?   A “Diversified Hard Asset Portfolio,” the RM denoted DHAP, is the logical way to insure one’s chances at freedom…….

Investing or Surviving Wolf Gray style:

I felt it might be time to test the “metals allocation waters” again here at ‘rogue’, now that “The Guerrilla’s” endorsement of ‘Bitcoin’ has brought new questions of “optimum de-dollarizing” to the RM comments section.  Outside my own personal equations, to be outlined below, just buy the darn stuff, the denominations ain’t going to matter anymore, just get out of the paper system in as seamless a way as possible.  Seamless, as in not drawing attention to yourself from any unwanted onlookers.

Again if you persist on investing in paper, I will assume you will not likely be a survivor of, anything.  In this intelligent foray into smart money usage, we will instead concentration on achieving both “investing & surviving.”  The only way to do both, in the wake of the problems that will soon face monetary transaction exchanges for needs based items, can only come from “hard assets”.  If you don’t think that is accurate, please quit reading, and get someone drive you immediately to your nearest lobotomy center for proper treatment.  Wolf Gray

First, I will disclose having the advantage of having some pretty well informed people to consult with, when it comes to 'Mad Max" survival preparations.  But, by the same token they by in large aren’t quite as sharp regarding finance, and real money.  So the first thing I did, with an assist from my buddies, was to start in early 2012 accumulating the essentials (also note the archives for my DHAP article & it’s 32 item list) to survive.  This revolves around the collection, the storage, and the ability to safely protect & process “food & water”.  My recommendation is a 6 months supply, if at all possible.  Any time frames beyond that I consider to be overkill, as most of us will struggle to survive without a moderately functioning system, after 6 months, no matter how well thought out our plans seem to be for our food & water supplies.

**Note any similarities in the following example, between Wolf Gray’s actual portfolio, and the goals described is purely coincidental**  I spin one hell of a good story though.

Next up is text that, addresses the questions of safe transactions in the form of business or barter, which of course include GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins), and thus my version of the precious metals breakdown. The desire to reach a state of “safe trading & business transactions” is the primary reason for my belief in a 6 months food & water scenario.  Well before the arrival of the 6 month anniversary of the King Dollar systemic collapse, the natural yearning of the wiser survivors, will be revved up to reinstate some sort of functioning business system.  My guess is it will be well along in the planning stages, locally or otherwise before the 6 month anniversary.  After all, how wise would it be to let your critical 6 month survival inventory reach extremely low levels before considering development of some rational trade solutions?  No answer is necessary for that one.

Wolf Gray’s personal sequential pm’s formula:  First if you have the necessary resources left, after your quest for survival items to sustain you 6 months out, allocate up to 100% of your precious metals goals, in “physical arm’s reach inventory with utility in mind.” Thus everything you think you would need to survive, with respect to the smaller dollar valued units of GSBC’s.  In Wolf Gray’s family survival case, I decided to achieve that with, 100% in silver bars & coins.  Utility & survival was my first concern, not buying a yacht (gold items).  Wolf Gray’s goals are based on a stash for a minimum of 2 adults, and the possibility of needing to care for 3 more adults, if those 3 knuckle heads failed in taking my past advice.  In my case the goal was 2,500 ounces of silver with a 1,000 ounce minimum.  

**Any similarities to Wolf Gray’s actual holdings is purely coincidental**

Please note if you refer to my past article on silver valuations “going sky high,” I firmly believe on a fundamental basis, it will get back to a more historically normal number of (silver to gold) 15:1 (currently about 78:1).  But, I also believe silver has the potential to pass that mark, due to silver’s future monetary, as well as medical, energy, and industrial demands.  And, a historical super panic short squeeze of sorts, will move to the upside rather dramatically, more later.

Plus there is a big big hidden (not so widely discussed) secondary advantage to silver ownership.  The sovereigns are swallowing up the gold (not silver), and they ain’t going to be letting go of their gold to the masses, as it will serve them in bolstering their trade accounts with other nations.  This could possibly leave silver in the position of being the ultimate form of real, time tested money, for transaction settlements in both personal & business use for the masses.  And, digest this for a bit, that’s a 6 billion people masses!  Short squeeze folks, a mental short squeeze is a comin'.

This next statement will sound upside down, but from a business perspective the ideas in the last 2 sentences will most likely make silver far more valuable in a real usable format than all other metals.   Even though gold may be scarce for the man on the street, due to government hoarding, silver will be even scarcer with respect to being useful in the marketplace.  Why?  The needs of 6 billion plus people say so!  And, silver is what the 6 billion will be looking for.

For further explanation of this business phenomena scarcity, watch “Pawn Stars” starring Rick Harrison, and his family.  I love watching how they trade things, especially on really rare items.  If Rick is reviewing an item that has an extremely small market, his bid to purchase may be well below it’s appraised value due to it’s own rarity. I know that sounds upside down, when applied to the standard supply & demand metrics.  Why?

Primarily because, Mr. Harrison may have to sit on a super rare item, for a long time to get rid of it, due to a very restrictive buyers market.  And since time isn’t sitting still, his money is losing the “Time Value of Money” battle, in this case the “GOLD scenario”.  But, in some cases his bids on other rare items, will be just shy of the retail value, and well above wholesale, if it is to purchase an item that everybody (the masses) would love to own (like some rare sports memorabilia), in this case the “SILVER” scenario.  

The first couple years of the coming post King Dollar ‘collapse/demise’ scenario will be focused on the rarity of the “NEEDS based items” for everyday living, and rebuilding. Needs Needs Needs & the skills to service them, that will be the main theme, early on. Priorities should & would include the purchase of items priced below those that are “house priced”, and as such the importance of “utility” in the monetary metals, will initially be most valuable.  And, as bears repeating, that is extremely valuable as defined by a market of 6 billion people.  6 billion people that will be fighting for it’s limited supply base.

Based on the following link from Steve St. Angelo, and in a continuing theme I have also pounced on, “the coming case for high silver”, the market stats. show someone else may also be getting this point.  Also of note in this setting is, the COMEX’s recent disconnect on prices in silver just 2 weeks ago, that are indicating a major market breakdown..  Big players seem to be making moves behind the scenes in silver (just like in gold), and spot market prices be damned, especially paper prices.  Apparently legalities don’t matter anymore, just give me the product.  The big guys seem to recognize what will be used in the initial stages after the fiat demise/collapse.

This is Wolf Gray’s silver story, and he is sticking to it.  It is his part n' parcel to his personal portfolio decisions, and in the metals arena, silver came first. And, in my case I wanted to satisfy my entire goal of properly “filling out” my stash with a utility metal, and I wanted to do it in 100% silver. Also of note, as I have said in the past, the most important point is to just get your hands on real metal, not paper contracts.  And if you are just starting your metals purchases, then allocation percentages be damned.  Buy any of it while you can, as the market is super tight. But, staying with the sequential pm buying formula in this installment, next in my formula…….

Sticking with “utility vs. longer term investment,” my next move was, gold (longer term or big ticket potential).  My first gold purchases were to be of the one ounce coin variety, in an attempt to potentially fill in gaps for the major size purchases that might arise in the continuing search for safety.  That is right safety, a safety that is tied to the most important item in my 32 item DHAP list, “Location location location”.  Don’t think you will have to be holding tonnage in gold either, just to get the job done here.  Houses, and most big ticket items will pop up in value immediately (great depression is my model here), and then drop dramatically. As in 90%, dramatically.  Thanks to previous bubble blowing, this pop up may have already happened in some markets in the west.  PM’s priced against paper, could close some real estate deals with some fantastic “Pawn Stars/Rick Harrison” style negotiating leverage to those holding real metal, especially gold & silver.

**Any similarities to Wolf Gray’s actual holdings is purely coincidental**

Thus far WG went utility first, satisfied with all silver, and then larger purchase potential next, via one ounce gold coins.  At this point I would have achieved my percentage allocation goals. Which were 85+% of my total monies invested in silver, and the rest in gold.  The bad news, or good problem to have news was, I may still have too much in the bank.  In paper that is!  Now it was time to make a cash stash, and I believe 5-10K is adequate, and if you use the bitcoin platform & or the “Karatbars master card,” platform, you can reduce your cash stash dramatically in my view.  Both will effectively circumvent the banking systems.

Needing to reduce cash some more, I went in pursuit of fractional gold, which would potentially violate my ’85:15’ silver to gold invested funds ratio.  In this case I wanted some “karatbars” single gram gold bars, and some one gram bars from Pamp, bought at the coin store I trade with.  On a purchasing note, most of these small gold bars bars come on cards, and with that said, the “Karatbars” product is the best I have seen, with respect to being a high grade quality product.  

No cut to Pamp or other top manufacturers, but the Karatbars card is like a top quality glossy master card, with the LBMA certified 1 gram gold bar in the middle of it.  It looks awesome.  I tested it’s value, as well folks, at my local coin store.  It got a big thumbs up from them, and ironically they also had some in their own inventory, which I took with me as well.  This should have my personal investment allocation at about 75+% of my legal tender spent in silver, and the rest in gold.  

Also the small I gram gold bars currently go for about 55-65 in dollars, and you may think it has less utility value than silver at 15+ US per one ounce coin (mentioned in a prior installment, but it bears repeating again).  If silver closes the gap on the silver gold ratio, the same $15 silver to $55+ dollar invested ratio (1 ounce silver to 1 gram gold) could very well go closer to parity.  So don’t discount 1 gram bars of gold in the utility equation.  I know I know, this has been written about by yours truly before, but the bitcoin noise brought up recent questions of allocation percentages, and purchasing priorities.  

The Wolf Gray’s next diversification move might be to ‘bitcoin’, and for one simple reason, to get out of the banks, which then goes to a multitude of reasons.

**Any similarities to Wolf Gray’s actual holdings is purely coincidental**  This disclaimer stuff is official looking ain’t it!  What till you get to my final disclaimer, rant!

One reason for considering bitcoin, outside of avoiding the corrupt system, is the avoidance of the potential of negative rates (it is likely to arrive sooner than later) when giving the banks my money. Add to that the difficulties, if not insulting “means testing” by banking employees, for withdrawal of my own funds (now anything over 5,000 draws their ire).  And last but not least…… their view it is their money, not mine.  I know I pound this drum constantly, but it just boils my arse, and thanks to the “Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act”, it really is their money.  Let me repeat that, once it is in there, it really is their money.  

Hard asset Caveat:  If I had understood what bitcoin offered from the very beginning of my hard asset quest (going back over 3 years ago), it wouldn’t have mattered with respect to my “real money” purchase sequencing.  Bitcoin would have still been last on my agenda. I am now weighing out bitcoin vs. some more gold one gram bars. For now I am in favor of obtaining more one gram gold bars.  Reasoning is the fact they are a not only a small fraction of one ounce gold coins, they are also a really small fraction of the weight of silver coins as well.  Double utility, with the additional benefit of less “carrying weight”.  If I decide to be a no show for the US Dodd Frank official coming out party, then an additional reduction in under government control bank funds may be advisable.  In which case, I am leaning towards a revisit to Karatbars, and or my first junk silver purchase.

Side Bar:  Once the “in house” or the “hands on” metals stash amounts have met your goals, if additional GSBC’s are desired, and you want out of country diversification, contact the expert, “The Guerrilla”.  That is all I will say about out of country storage.  Also of note, I never bought any junk silver, all I cared about is the easily recognizable garden variety of physical coins & bars ownership, with a 99.9+% purity.  Since this was based on WG’s personal purchase history, I have to confess, I left junk silver out, but that was probably a mistake on my part.  Pre-1965 silver could be very useful.  Expect to pay up for it though, more than you might expect, according to my sources.

Wolf Gray real money summary:

1. If it is within your means, first buy enough utility based pm’s to meet your goals, in a “hands on” sort of storage arrangement.  Though I ruled it out initially, don’t rule out junk silver in this category.  

2. If you have the funds left over, look to some larger purchases like one ounce gold coins.  

3. Consider some safe form of "cash stash", or combine with #7 'Bitcoin', and the Karatbars mastercard platforms #4.

4. In the ease of use, and good utility category, don’t forget fractional gold, in the form of one gram bars.  “Karatbars” has an extremely high quality product.  

5. I think the final tally on the pm mixture, should favor (and personally did it this way) silver products.  Along the order of 75+% of the total funds allotted to silver.  This might be due to the greater panic short squeeze potential in this metal, more in the next segment.

6. If you have achieved your goals in the hands on utility purchases, don’t rule out the off shoring storage possibilities (government is out of control).  Especially if you aren’t skittish about off shore ownership.  I recommend consulting with “The Guerrilla”

7. If you still have money sitting inside the Dodd Frank Halls of Banking Control, then consider the potential of disappearing your funds in the less than visible crypto currency of “Bitcoin”.  

Quick overview for those that don’t like it to get too complicated.  Put simply, just buy the damned stuff at this point.  Time is limited, and so are the supplies of the products.  Getting picky with your percentages may be difficult.  And, finally………

In keeping with the western paper maestros, I think a proper disclaimer from myself to myself, is appropriate so any heirs to my crummy kingdom aren’t suing one another.  They probably will not read this stuff anyway, they think I am a crackpot, and totally un-American.

***Comical & Unimportant Paper Investment Disclaimer If you Persist in the Paper Realm:  If you demand to stay in the paper system, then…..The Wolf Gray is not a Registered Investment Advisor, Broker/Dealer, Financial Analyst, Financial Bank, Securities Broker or Financial Planner. The Information from Wolf Gray is provided for the information purposes only, of Wolf Gray who is talking to himself. The Information is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice or any other advice, is general in nature and not specific to you, only Wolf Gray who is advising himself in the mirror. Before using Wolf Gray’s information to make an investment decision, you should seek the advice of a qualified and registered securities professional and undertake your own due diligence. Wait a second I thought that is what the hell Wolf Gray was! None of the information from Wolf Gray’s drained brain is intended as investment advice, as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell, or as a recommendation, endorsement, or sponsorship of any security, Company, or fund. Then what the hell am I talking to this, Wolf Gray, moron for? Wolf Gray is not responsible for any investment decision made by me, this advice is only to Wolf Gray. I am are responsible for my own paper investment research and investment decisions, even though I don’t have a damn ‘frickin’ clue about them. In other words, don’t blame any PPPTBer’ or anyone within their zip codes.

Thus the paper compliance office representing the PPPTB is now satisfied!  Meaning, they just said to you the buyer & the sales rep., “F_ _ _U”, and that’s a fact Jack.  Fortunately the Wolf Gray disclaimer is only talking about a sale to Wolf Gray from Wolf Gray, who used to be a poor lost “paper soul,” now wisely having disappeared on the “yellow brick road”.  The likely hood of him suing himself is nil.....

The Biggest Short Squeeze in World History:

A short squeeze is a rapid increase in the price of a stock that occurs when there is a lack of supply and an excess of demand for the stock. Short squeezes result when short sellers cover their positions on a stock.

What that definition fails to mention, is it is also a “mental limit” (if not governed by emotion) of an acceptable loss by the buyer (which is actually the seller), or what is permissible by the party on the other side of the initial short trade.  And, that is an emotional, “get the hell out of dodge” investment loss limit!  WG detailed in a prior installment, about how emotion is the ultimate major motivator of stock prices. That applies to any product, not just stocks.  In this instance, as an investor we are speaking of one stock that we own, which is also governed by a “teenie tiny” portion of the world’s population.  When speaking of shorting stocks we aren’t even thinking about something that is even on the radar for “Needs based survival items.”  It is more of a gambling tool.

When short squeezes are triggered it is ultimately about mental loss limits.  So what the hell happens to those limits, when the whole world comes to the realization that paper has lost it’s ability to fill the needs gaps, and they now need to fill those gaps with real needs based products?   That ain’t no tiny market, that is 6 billion chasing a small variety of products.  Precious metals being one of those products of course. Harped on above.....

Precious metals will very likely go through one of the biggest emotional short squeezes ever witnessed or written about. EVER! Let’s take the scholarly approach, once done by yours truly in a prior installment.  But instead of walking down memory lane, note this next link from King World News, interviewing the very polished James Turk.  Silver is the subject highlighted in this piece.

Mr. Turk always appears to be a class act, not an emotional liar, and in this interview he comes up with a ‘technical & fundamental’ future silver price of $400 per ounce.  He ain’t the lone ranger, many others have given fundamental prices of 250-400 dollars per ounce.  Catch this action, as RMer’s already know fundamentals aren’t behind the major moves in prices, it is the mental short squeeze that really gets things rolling, panic.  But, in the case of precious metals, it is the mental image of getting locked out or frozen out of the buyers market, and in this case it is a market priced on “SURVIVAL!”  If I recall correctly, I stated in my prior silver pricing installment, that if gold hits 10,000 per ounce, silver could possible hit 4 figures, and beyond.  

It will be a short squeeze of pure fear for the masses, just to obtain a few select items.  One of those select items will definitely be silver.  This ain’t no short squeeze for some hot shot’s investment portfolio, this is a short squeeze on an item that could help you survive, with a 6 billion buyer market ‘in a ravenous hunt for it’s value’.  The best explanation I ever heard regarding this coming phenomena was from Clif High, in a recent link provided by RMer’ Thorny, in the RM comments section.

Clif was speaking of gold in the above link, but the negotiating example he used will also clearly apply to silver as well. Paraphrasing from Mr, High, “There will be a total panic to obtain metals!” BTW, I submit, it will be the biggest short squeeze ever, panic is an understatement.  Mr. High, “For example; a buyer wants an ounce of gold from a person, and offers a going rate of $2,000, and the owner says, “No”.  The buyer panics, and jumps to, “Well I will give you $5,000, and once again the owner is not a seller, and says “No!”  This great description by Clif High in the above link, will definitely apply to silver, especially once it is being sought after with passion by the 6 billion person market.  

Get it, own it, leverage it, protect it, and don’t be too late, and stuck on the giant uninformed short squeeze panic side of the metals equation.  And, by all means be sure to stay tuned to RM for signals on your next move, a move from a position of strength, that comes from being the owner of one of the most sought after items in world history.

Money, it's a crime…Pink Floyd

Paper money, that is the real crime!  Don’t give Wolf Gray that do goody good bullshit!

Wolf Gray

Credit to the thoughts of: Opie, James Turk, Thorny, Team Rm, Clif High, Steve St. Angelo, ZeroHedge, & Pink Floyd