The Factory Floor Round Ups are in Progress

The greatest of prognostication tools, that are finally deemed successful, are typically followed with echoes of, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Most of the time we did, but just didn’t recognize it at an earlier date. Simplicity is the key, to complex solutions. A continuing theme here at RM, but when applied to the realm of the geopolitical, and economic landscape, only answers with deep meaning fall on ears willing to listen. The Wolf Gray’s “Indian senses” were inspired once again from the factory floors, where common sense is a must to survive. What floor you might ask? The most productive one I have seen recently, the ‘rogue’ factory floor. The comments sections…!

All factory floor workers need to be on the alert, a round-up of the floor worker masses has started.  Each worker is being herded to a corral, each one with different amenities.  Wolf Gray


Real business, and real scales of economic order, being guarded by “Economic Mother Nature”, are only measured on the factory floors. To ignore the messages shouted from these floors is the kick-off to business failure. I think I am hearing the voice of Ross Perot, again. To ignore what these floor leaders continue to say, even as they are reduced to the volume of a whisper, is the final act of business & economic suicide! The timing linchpin is us (the masses), not Putin or the BRICS. They are downstream players trying to shape the flow of the factory floors. They are just playing smartly off the original screams or shouts from the floor, ones that were being ignored by the current arrogant western leadership/ownership. And, as implied, it certainly isn’t the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) listening, hell they didn’t listen at all.

Within limits the King Dollar collapse timing is easy to predict, as regards the gigantic business/economic reset, the big questions now are, “Who?”…”What?”…& “How?” When is meaningless for those that are awake, and sadly, by default of their sleepy attitudes, even totally meaningless for those that aren’t. “Who,” & “What,” & “How,” are the points to focus on, as the events on the factory floors are telling us the general timing. More later! First, we lay the foundation with continuing evidence from the factory floor, of an end game that is now in sight, from our friends in the “News”…..

News You Can Use:

One question needs to be asked, as to why & what it means, in this next headline from ZeroHedge:

Hmmm, a major hedge fund exodus during the last week of January. Hedge funds are typically made up of high end investors, and of late a lot of “wanna-be” rich guy & gal investors. And, what is it that was reported here on RM as a primary signal that the end is very very very nigh? Neat guy & gal a.k.a. “wanna-be” rich guys hitting the exits. And, as of this writing, additional reports came in at the end of last week of another major hedge fund getting “Knee-capped”. Big money is running scared.  Oddly enough these "wanna-be" rich folks are a part of the factory floors, floors that are overseen be the PPPTB, which include almost all economic strata.  More later....

I pulled this next one from ZeroHedge, but it is a contribution by Michael Snyder, with a new laundry list of the retail layoffs, and closures. The factory floor is speaking folks, while “Economic Mother Nature” watches with total contempt.

Another from ZeroHedge preaching the same tune, but if someone here at "Team RM" doesn’t harp on it, the highly observant factory filled with RM supervisors will say, “Hey where were you WG, when this new all time low was set.” So to stay on top of the information trail, check out the following……

Folks we are talking about an index that was above 11,000 not long ago, and is now at a new all time low below 300. What is that something on the order of over 95+% down!  That is extraordinary, and Economic Mother Nature is probably steaming over this index number.  And, finally in this, “I ain’t got to be a super sleuth to see the storyline” saga, check this out:

Putting on the Sherlock Holmes garb regarding the above 4 news link updates, yields …… Well no cargo ship traffic in the oceans, almost no "Baltic Dry Index", and retail sales failing, with an abnormal amount of store closings, YEP the above headlines are a part of a business connect the dots game, for morons.  And, "Economic Mother Nature" just keeps handing out sentences. So endeth the update to western fiat smoke signals, and the signal drums of failure. Could it get any damned clearer?  Timing is now, and the debate over it is irrelevant.

I love this next one from ZeroHedge with T-Bone Pickins. Actually this guy is pretty cool, but he got caught with his pants down on this one.

It is amazing how supposed super wise business moguls, get all this air time, while in the wake of ridiculously bad business predictions.  The Saudi’s are a one trick business pony, thus with only one product. Meaning, if you get in financial trouble you have no choice, but to turn up the motors to your lone export product to pay the “needs based bills”.  On the other hand if you had a diversified business product base, and the leading income source was weak (like oil), then you could cut back on it, and rely on other export items, to save your bacon.  You could make the wise business move, cut back on the unneeded product (due to lack of demand), in this case oil, and ramp up production of your other diversified business product portfolio, and pump it out baby.  But, alas you have one product, and you have been raping the world with it's sales.   Can you say, "What goes around comes around!"

Guys like “T-Bone”, I don't know this for a fact as I don't know the guy (but he is still colorful to listen to), I suspect recognized the big game, and profited off of it for a long long time.  Time's up, buddy boy!

I suspect many of these guys will eventually be exposed as one trick ponies as well.  One trick investment ponies that is, while they are drawing up the bridges on their moats to avoid a possible "pitch fork & torch" moment. I don’t know Mr. Pickens, so I can’t verify all this trade info., but if it is accurate, then “he should practice what he preaches.” Fat chance, and just another sign the paper shredder is cranking up, even for the big boys.  Note I don't think he ranks that high on the paper food chain, thus he is also a factory floor worker, just a very high end one.  Therefore, he is probably just another western "end of the paper game" indicator.

Sign number 2,995….or more:

In the above link from Steve St. Angelo he uses some really cool graphs to show how the paper markets are coming apart at the seams. Paper contracts for physical product, with the potential for physical delivery has become irrelevant, and these guys primarily harp on GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins), a small portion of the tangible resource markets. What if this is happening in other tangible futures markets. A rational "out of the box" thinker would assume it probably is.

Actually it will not matter as paper is coming down in more than just the “real money” categories. In fact just by pure default, in a race for solutions to find what could be used for currency transactions in a post paper world, it is a guarantee the other tangible markets will be in failure. Please be vigilant folks, and diversify with a quality DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio).  It is clearly the only logical answer, and we don't need Mr. Spock to verify that one.

In this next link I will harp on a subject that is required reading, to truly shed some light on the key technique used to avoid total product hyperinflation in the USSA. Rob Kirby (one of my advisory team, and all time favorite interviews) chastises the ESF again, for the majority of this interview. Damn fine job to….BTW the word on this ESF subject is spreading fast, I keep hearing it from a lot of pundits. But, this time something new was mentioned in this interview.  Kirby hits on the subject of, how the BRICS may perceive the ESF’s business practices, which had my mental light bulb flashing with major power surges.

The above interview highlights an ongoing update by Team Roguemoney, with respect to the powers of the ESF.  But this interview, adds further color to all the original updates here at RM dating back to June 2015.  One should understand, that what Mr. Kirby is stating ties together the big question of “HOW?”  Yes "HOW" have we avoiding massive hyperinflation, with so many dollar, and debt instruments coming back home to roost?  It's the dark hidey holes mentioned many times here at RM, that's how.  Like the ESF!  I know redundant form prior weeks, but get to the next paragraph.....

Also in this interview a generic question is asked, “What does China think of all this?” Mr. Kirby mentions the establishment of Yuan swap facilities, and a move to make the Yuan more visible in world trade. Logically these appear to be the moves to eventually distance themselves from the phony ESF. Well, I got additional motive.  Maybe the Chinese, for the moment, tolerate the ESF, because it still leaves them an outlet to dump their debt holdings. Why would they care if it is illegal?  We need to stick that one in our "out of the box" thinking caps.

China for the moment may be happy about the ESF, as a tool of leverage against the debtor.  These purchases have to be off the books for the moment, here in USSAville, because otherwise the inflation, that is more than announced by the FED, would truly go "hyper".  Thus inspiring a premature sheeple wake-up call.  A call, that I bet is not in the current playbook of the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be).  At least not yet! Do I believe that scenario? Yes, because the entire western factory floors do not need to be riled up just yet. Getting deeper into the titled subject matter.

And, in a brilliant continuation of this analysis, but in this case Mr Kirby is interviewed by Turd Ferguson @ “tfmetals report”, we have another view point that ties in nicely with the above interview, and the Wolf Gray proposed theories.


In the above podcast, Rob Kirby once again highlights the importance of a place for money, specifically the dollar & it's treasury debt friends.  A place to come home safely without crashing the western debt & currency markets to quickly.  Note as he says, and as surmised by Wolf Gray a few paragraphs above, that the foreigners understand the value of off the book transactions via agencies like the ESF.  The game is to get rid of the dollar, as mentioned long ago by "The Guerrilla".  And, in my view, it requires discreet western paper dumping holes for the east, because once the ponzi like western actions are exposed entirely, the game will be over. And, clearly the banks can’t absorb the treasury dumping volumes.

I smell a potential chaotic stampede by those brainwashed factory floor workers still in the western paper corrals.  The PPPTB is losing control.

So the opposition, the BRICS, get it, but want to "game the system” to their advantage as long as possible, before it's implosion. Illegal or not!  This answers the question, of why not all at once, as it would destroy an effective business exit strategy for the BRICS & Associates. Thus China is cutting the ties to a corrupt business associate without too much blowback, for now! And, we all know the corrupt partner in question is, the USSA.

China, “OK we see what you are doing, so take back your paper crap or we will expose you by dumping it all in the traditional market formats.” 5th Grader, “We caught ya, so do what we say, or I will tell the teacher!” This theory ties in nicely with “Thinking Outside the Box”, and it just makes good business common sense. After all, how dumb would the Chinese, and the BRICS Associates have to be, to not see the paper games via resources like the ESF? Not that dumb, for now that is left to those on the disinformation dismantled western factory floors.  But, they are getting restless, and wanting to bolt to freedom.  A chaotic bolt it will be, as they don't even know that freedom has been taken from them yet.

Additional Wolf Gray-isms on the ESF:

By necessity the ESF, has to continue the charade just a tad bit longer. As expressed before, I have always wondered how we have avoided hyperinflation while printing such high levels of fiat paper, legal tender. Of course the creation of the petrodollar propped things up for a while, but there had to be something different behind the scenes, and I knew this without a calculator. How’s that conclusion possible? Consumeristic, ego driven, debt laden (in order to satisfy the lust for goodies) trade deficits, that existed since I graduated from college, that's how.  And, that is from the late 70’s folks.  I don't even need a calculator to see the cash flow numbers don't work.

Denial that the overindulged trade debt mattered, had reached all forms of media by the 90’s. I remember R. Limbaugh, (Who I listened to regularly until his McPain reversal in 2008, proving he was just another talk show hack) saying several times, “I always worried about trade deficits, but it obviously doesn’t matter, even during the Reagan era.” Trade tied to unlimited debt to infinity, yeah that won’t matter. You disinformation dip shit.  It does, but on the surface it hasn’t. Yet!  Again here at RM we know why, illegal money creation via organizations like the ESF.

For further proof of this theory, note the brilliant, to the point article by Ken Schortgen Jr., “Here we go…bank exposure worse than 2008 and ready to pop”. Imagine what the bank balance sheets would look like without the illegal interventions of the ESF…! We wouldn’t be talking about 2008 as the collapse year, it would instead be something like 1962. And yes we were in major trouble back then.

And, now the trading opposition, in the form of the BRICS & Associates, is using it against us. “What goes around comes around!”

Moving on, and with the dumbness of the western factory floors in mind, look at the headline of this next article from Steve St. Angelo….Just the headline does it for me.....

It is headlines like this that should have already had the price of silver making new highs over & over, and many years ago. So inquiring minds want to know, why hasn’t it? The factory floor masses, filled with the uninformed don’t care about silver, that is why. That will soon change. Most likely to be discussed over camp fires during the hunkering down phases after the King Dollar demise.  Fires that will highlight debates on a new proper system of business transaction. I will add more to this theory after this next interview with David Morgan from SGTReport……

This total market farce happened seven market trading days ago, Thursday the 28th of January. Why no outrage yet in the mainstream media? The alternative media pundits have been saying for some time that a total market disconnect, and I think this certainly qualifies, would bring down the system. So why didn’t it, yet? Because the factory floor of sheeples don’t care. YET! That will soon change, as questions of, “What the hell happened,” will become more popular on the factory floor this very year. The western corralled brainwashed sheeple will soon attempt to stampede to freedom.  Again, the wisest of the stampeding bunch, will probably be in massive debates over “Who”…”What”…& “How" every evening by the previously mentioned survivor campfires. And, as a very minor secondary reason we haven't seen these stampedes, China isn’t far enough along in their US paper dumping escapades, to feel exposure of the fraud is entirely warranted.

And, yes I think China is minor in this equation, after all how much more could they dump if the entire western factory floors, were already up to speed on the frauds?  How about none. The controlling factor has been, and still is the brainwashing of the factory floors.  Again more proof of these theories later.  Side note I have a sneaking suspicion the ESF's funds are running thin, based on the very market failures we are witnessing at the start of 2016. Time will tell, SHORT TIME!  With that in mind……..

The Power of the Factory Floor:

Please note that this installment could be titled “It’s not a Controlled Demolition Part 2” (connecting to prior readings). That being said, the power the factory floor has on this demolition, requires it to be separately titled. History has a strange way of teaching you about he world’s business health, and in this case I am referring to a historical personal experience involving your humble author. Thus an on the ground experience.

In the late 90’s I was having a business brainstorming effort with a long time client. The guy I am debating is a tobacco chewing country boy,  who is brilliant to say the least. In fact he is the bib-overalls poster example of “country”. A rich, hundreds of acres, factory owner poster boy of success, that is!  Smart has heck as well.

We just finished with a rousing debate on, where wages were headed, and his stance in the debate, as usual in retrospect is right. “WG, you can’t farm out all your manufacturing, and expect the world’s wages to be pulled up to an equilibrium towards our over paid status. Instead we will be pulled down to the wage bases where real production occurs in the world's economy." Chalk one up to my debate competition, and with the passage of time he is clearly correct regarding the trend in western wages. But, I realized he was the winner right then, and there, which led to the next “bib overalls axiom” regarding world business trends, and it ties into the installment headline.

I have mentioned the gist of this conversation before here at RM, but it bears repeating. I am debating on the side (wrongly of course), of the value of being the factory owners, and he is on the, “To survive you have to have home based manufacturing,” side of the argument. I should have seen this one coming with the back drop of his victorious “wage argument” logic. As the debate progresses we are returning each other’s serves over & over, and then he finishes me off with this one, “WG, if there weren’t guys like me working with our hands, paper pushers like you wouldn’t have a single thing to do, but stare at one another!” I opened my mouth half way several times to return serve, and realized, I had nothing to return, “HE WAS SPOT ON!”

Attorneys, insurance men, bankers, brokers, financial planners, draftsmen, engineering design, and you name it as it would apply to the paper world, they could all be sent to one floor, stuck with staring at one another until the whistle blew at 5. One of the minor reasons I couldn’t come up with a return on serve argument, was my Indian heritage, that is filled with a bartering history, and it was jabbering in my head.  But the primary reasons behind a lack of return of service in this debate, was the memory of a major meeting in 1910 at Jekyll Island, Georgia.

This meeting in 1910 on the surface, appeared to be exclusively for the creation of the Federal Reserve & the IRS, with their final implementation in 1913. But, it is Wolf Gray’s theory that their actual 1913 creations were not the primary driver behind this clandestine meeting. It was instead, to reel in the factory floor workers, the agricultural community, the hands on folks, the masses that still were in control of the big bucks of trade for the bankster’s future. Prior to 1910, history says banking was way way way out of favor. So much so, that people, the factory floor people if you will, were content to barter, leaving the bankster’s less than satisfied. This hardly boded well for future bankster paper debt driven growth.  Thus the banksters were running scared prior to 1910.

The PPPTB had to corral the off the paper books western commerce, before it went totally rogue, never to be corralled again. The trick, was to corral them with a central banking scheme designed to look like it was under the control of the people. The game; give the impression that the control was via governmental bodies, bodies that were by constitutional default under the control of the voters, a.k.a. the factory floor. Throw a few wars in shortly thereafter, and some fractional banking skills (not popular by name, but still used back then defined or not), and the factory floors will rally to the bankster corrals. And, even better yet they decided to make the FED a front operation, to cover up other nefarious business activities, just in case the masses wise up.

And, the best way to do that would be?  Oh say like an “ESF” set up, and presto you have the ultimate form of a Keynesian development laboratory. Experiments with bad ingredients eventually fail, or blow up!  It is now truly time for a full on attempt to stem the exit from the sheeple corrals.

For reference even lower level paper pushers like yours truly are part of the bankster’s factory floors.  I could be wrong, but I suspect even guys as high up the paper trail as T. Bone Pickens are viewed as factory floor workers to the top of the table banksters, the PPPTB. The Keynesian western factory floors of the world are falling on their faces right now, and the top of the line paper pushers, now defined as the banksters, are losing control of it all.  A stampede cometh, I suspect.

Consider this "Out of the Box" theory:  What if we decided, that we only wanted to be agri-based in our pursuits, and live peacefully with no commerce expansion outside what is produced by hand, and by hand ONLY. This is where gold & silver enter, an item which has to have some “energy input or work behind it,” to bring it into a usable form. Money printing fails at this pursuit. This form of money, when added to a barter created monetary formula allowed everyone, including those not so good at hands on commerce, to participate in a productive, broader economic equation. The early 1900’s was heading in that direction, and it scared the banksters to death. Paper was not trusted and in decline.  Time to corral the western masses in gates made of debt with paper fencing, to purchase meaningless wants based items.  Economic Mother nature is unleashing reasons for the western masses to stampede the paper fencing.  Chaos soon comes, and restrictions to freedom are now being deployed by the PPPTB to contain the stampede.  The factory floor still rules the flow of the business decision processes.

The factory floor worker's business directions, caused the banksters via fear, to move, not vice versa.  This clearly shows the factory floor has it’s own level of power. It’s own level of importance. If Putin & China accumulated all the gold & silver, and we the factory floor, including the Russian & Chinese factory floor folks, nearly 6 billion+ strong, all said “to hell with ya Putin, to hell with ya China, we will stick to farming, eating, bartering, praying, and surviving, take your money grubbing ways elsewhere. Gold or not, we don’t care about it, they are just yellow & silver covered rocks!” The sovereign leaderships would be forced to go home, and play monopoly with their gold bars among themselves. A majority of the factory floor masses has to go along with the sovereign government plans, or it is all meaningless, motiveless, and more importantly profitless.  This concept brings to mind something I thought to be very strange.

We all remember this headline item, BRICS & Associate countries encouraging their citizenry to buy what? GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins.)  What business is it of the BRICS governments, or any government for that matter, that the citizen’s should be attempting to increase their ownership of real GSBC’s. Governments becoming good samaritans, I don't think so.  I suspect it means the Chinese & the Russians understand the power of the factory floor. They understand that if the citizens don’t recognize GSBC’s as being important, their factory floor masses could say to the big boys in their countries, “Who cares dudes you got some pretty yellow & silver rocks, congratulations, but who cares?” Instead the factory floors in the east understand the value of real money, and have have been given a friendly reminder of it's value.  And as such the eastern corralled masses will very likely thrive in the new “real money based transaction world.” Without an understanding of real money’s value within the masses, the transition to a new monetary system would be slow, if not impossible, even by eastern standards.  Will the easterners understand the value of the final building block to this system?  Personal freedom....  Good queston, time will tell

The factory floor masses controlled the impetus behind the initiation of modern day banksterism in the USSA in the early 1900’s, and it will be the factory floor that will control it’s demise from it’s current fractional illegal format. For me the final King Dollar collapse signals will come from the factory floors. And, for that very reason the future leaders, and foremen of the factory floors, like the ‘’ readers will be where ole’ Wolf Gray will look for his timing signals.  It is the current act of western governmental attempts at corralling freedom, that is disturbing.  It will also cause a stampede out of the corral for safer greener pastures.  It will all be very chaotic, but the belief that freedoms are being restricted are growing.  It is only the bankster's brainwashing efforts that still restrict the knowledge of true economic & business freedoms. The truth that resides in real money, GSBC's.

This will be Chaotic & it will be EPIC!

The PPPTB, a group of true paper believers, will have absolutely no control at all, if they have a majority of the factory floor in disbelief of their methodologies. In disbelieve of their black magic. For the PPPTB to be effective the factory floor work force has to be brainwashed into believing in the paper lies. This is about to change in a big way in the west, due to Keynsian mismanagement, leading to a totally disorganized factory floor. For this reason I am content with reading the local tea leaves, whether from the pages of RM, home of the wisest of factory floor workers, or from on the ground Wolf Pack intel. The King Dollar collapse timing will come from our own factory floors, as the management structures lose control.

The act of attempting to complete the corralling of the western, papered, factory floor, masses, is the PPPTB's last hope, and just like 1910, they seem to be growing desperate, as the factory floor folks are getting restless


Without the participation of the factory floor masses, THE GAME STOPS! In fact without the masses the game doesn’t even exist, as the control & profit motives are meaningless. The proof lies in the very creation of the FED, and then the ESF to regain control of profit.  Otherwise there wouldn’t have been a need in the creation of the FED! To what ends? Only time will tell, short time that is, as only a small minority of the floor workers in the west have not been prodded to stay in the unproductive corrals. Meanwhile the eastern corrals are currently being assembled with golden gates, and silver rails, surrounding real resources, and manufacturing therein.  Now with only the most important ingredient in question, freedom.

Keep your eye to the factory floor for critical end game indicators. They will be the ones that count, as the current headlines are filled with the lies of the PPPTB, all the while the factory floors crumble. It is very simple, all the games from the east & the west revolve around the fight over the ability to corral masses. The puppet masters could have unfettered control of all the gold in the world, what good is it, without a fight to get it’s perceived or potential market driven values?

Buy fast, & buy hard, the fight for it’s value is here. A fight hidden well from the western brainwashed masses.  Once the gates to the corrals are successfully shut, I suspect the opportunity to buy will be shut as well...!

Most everything comes with a price attached, and for the common folks it typically comes the “Hard Way”…Still the best way in my view, when all is said and done

Show a little passion, baby, show a little style And show the knack for knowing when and the gift for knowing how And have a little trust in us when fear obscures the path You know we got this far, darling, not by luck, but by never turning back Some will call on destiny, but I just call on faith That the world won't stop, and actions speak louder Listen to your heart, to what your heart might say Everything we got, we got the hard way..........Mary Chapin Carpenter


Coin Shop Update: My sources say that buying anything larger than a monster box of silver coins, comes with a rather long wait. The market is very tight, should you need to make large purchases. Thus the drum beats of inventory drying up from the alternative media crowd meets the test of my on the ground intel. Buy if you can at these prices, while you still can regardless of the volume of the purchase!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Team RM, the RM Think Tank, Rob Kirby, Michael Snyder, Steve St. Angelo, ZeroHedge, and Mary Chapin Carpenter