Real Money Talks & Bullshit Fiat Currency Walks!

This title isn’t about to be a reality, it always has been the reality. It has just been lost on the brain washed masses, but not for long! It is about to kick, the unsuspecting sheeple, in the crotch. “Know the Truth, Know the Game!” This catch phrase will soon define requirements of survival, and the rebuild to follow! If properly prepared it could all be a positive event, after the weathering of a rather negative one.

Coming soon to a theater near you, people will not want to hear, “It’s the economy stupid!”, instead they will want an explanation about “It’s the currency stupid!”


Also in this installment, I want to address the real game that matters, the currency or legal tender, as it is not the DOW, or the NASDAQ, or the S&P. With that in mind I want to center that subject around a great question that was asked in the comments sections of a recent “Guerrilla Report”, ‘Market Bloodbath & Brokeback Dollar’. Reader’s Digest version of the question, “Why can’t the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) just keep pumping up the equity markets?” And, in the final segment, it is time for another Wolf Gray rant. Visual aids in each segment will be provided by Tony Soprano, and the Kinks.

First up the most important market, and geopolitical indicator I have ever seen. Yep, this is important! You betcha!:

On to less important topics, or real business……

As forecasted by “Team Rogue Money”, check this out….

As mentioned by the Team, the high end markets will soon be getting hit, and this actual event would be a sign of "hit the ground folks the lead is about to start flying".  Not literally, but lead should be accurate, as that is about what fiat paper will be worth eventually, scrap lead or less.

Detailed by “Team Rogue Money” at the first of the year; the Christmas retail numbers indicated the high end retail markets were rolling over, to it's grave that is! It was also mentioned that the "high end leisure & hospitality" side of the 'wanna-be rich guy’ world would also find a good burial plot. Though it hasn’t officially happened yet, the first indicator has entered the fray, real estate. Real estate isn't quite the same thing, but it might be bridging the gap between the high end retail, & the ”leisure & hospitality" failures.  In this case the Wolf Gray’s sense of smell says, “yes real estate may very well be the door knob to failure in the leisure & hospitality markets!” The door is primed for opening, and after which, it is on baby, and not in a good way if you aren’t prepared!

In the continuing evidentiary saga of fiat currency failure, check out these two articles or links from ZeroHedge, as they speak for themselves.

In regards to the first of the two links above, I would like to point out. Who the heck even believes those numbers aren’t rigged to begin with, regardless of how dire they look as reported via an msm outlet? As pointed out in prior installments, with stats from sources I respect, they don’t begin to take into account the real inflationary numbers at the consumer level. If they did, hello negativity, to the real world of western GDP. On to currency & it’s importance.

Currency, the Most Important of Market Tools:

First please note something, something that is only a Wolf Gray-ism, and not a denial of an establishment of a definition by any of my associates, “Currency Wars” do not exist now. What we have now is far from being aggressive, as implied by “wars”. What we have is “Currencies trying to save their own sorry asses!” Forget the “war” moniker, it is now way passed that. Also note this “NIRP” (negative interest rate policy) will be touched on in the upcoming segment as well. As it, and almost everything else now affects the currency saga.  I would highly recommend for greater specificity to reference "the shotgun", Ken Schortgen Jr.'s article from yesterday on NIRP.

In the what the hell, category? This isn't entirely tied to currency measures, but it is instructive of the propaganda spewed by the western msm's. I always wondered how China took over the number one position in global GDP a couple years ago, and then lost it all of a sudden. It is like it just disappeared. At least that is what the CN’BS’ bobbleheads are still saying. But now thanks to ZeroHedge I have the answer…..

In recent reports ”The Guerrilla" has also stated with no hesitation, that China is the #1 economy in the world. Again, somewhere that is lost on the Harry Daffy Deflation Dent's of the world, and most of the msm.  But, now I know why, check out the chart in the above link from ZeroHedge.

Why it was that "good as gold government spending" (GGGS) that elevated us to #1 again, with ZeroCare, and the UCA, the "Unaffordable Care Act".  All righty then, USA....USA....USA….we’re number 1 once again!   Folks none of this phony GDP stuff matters as the more important “currency acts” are taking control of the economic stages.

For a back drop to the importance to currencies in the economic equation, please note this link from a guy, I never paid much attention to, but that is my mistake. Check out this instructive article from Hugo Salinas Price.  Note, at this point I am not entirely sure of all his predicted scenarios for business, but that matters not.  What matters is the general direction of power shifts, and the primary methods to use to protect one's self.

Note the following paragraph pulled from the above article from Mr. Price with regards to the pricing of “Real Money”:

Nor do we know at what price, in dollars, the price will be set, or how it will be set. However, given the truly astronomic amounts of debt in existence, a very high price will be necessary to "liquefy" i.e. make payable remaining debt, whatever the amount remaining after the purge which is now in process. The very high price of gold will mean that all debt instruments will be subject to large losses in terms of gold value. The revaluation of gold will reduce the weight of the present debt overhang upon the world.

You have to admit based on the above paragraph especially the last sentence, it does appear to be a very very very viable solution.  Also note that Wolf Gray would like to say, "that he who has the gold will not just be making the rules, he will also be safe from those who attempt to violate those rules"..!  That is what honest accounting does, by default it eliminates any worries over whether the other guy is cheating or not.  If he does he will get caught, and devalue his own currency. Currency reshuffling is the last shoe to drop, note the 5th grader conclusion from last week’s installment:

Give away the real goods…..& the phony paper markets that measure your wealth through their output will eventually be given away as well…….& stay too long in those same phony paper markets & the very instruments used to trade in them “The King Dollar & his Debt Laden Treasury friends” will be given away as well. “Know the Game, Know the Truth!"

The above logic details a 3 step process leading to failure that ends with currency being the most important part of the monetary transaction equations. When you include giving away your hard asset, manufacturing, and natural resources as in number 1, then the 5th grader has it right. 1. Natural Resources & manufacturing given away yields…… 2. Phony paper markets that will soon fail, which yield the most important shoe to drop…..3. The complete loss of faith & ultimately value in the instruments to trade in those items in numbers 1 & 2, “THE CURRENCY”.  5th grader

With this in mind, let’s look at a great question to end this discussion of “It’s the Currency, not the markets that matter now!” Or per the title “Real Money Talks & Bullshit Fiat Currency Walks!”……..

From ‘rogue’ as referenced earlier in the second paragraph of this installment, and coming from the comments section of, the “Guerrilla Report”, ‘Market Bloodbath & Brokeback Dollar’:

Couldn’t the high frequency trading algorithms, along with all the other manipulations keep the market pumped up forever, even if every retail investor closed their positions?’ What would make it crash if it’s constantly being manipulated?

First an answer to, “Could the market be pumped up forever?" Well, not likely, but it could be very well pumped up far beyond what is deserved! But thanks to the value of the currency we use to convert, in & out of the market, the markets high or low levels will be almost irrelevant in our current state of affairs. In fact totally irrelevant as proven by the Weimar Republic’s market going up in the face of huge currency devaluation. This has been touched on before, but it deserves an additional measure of discussion.

The currency markets trump any equity market activity, always have always will. Say the market is kept propped up, in the face of record low participation at the retail level. Which is what we are witness to, right now (see recent reports by "The Guerrilla")! This guarantees a currency devaluation in the most popular currency used for transactions for the market in question. In this case for the US equity markets, and therfore the King Dollar.

As the RM questioner asks, what would keep it from continuing to go up, even if every retail investor closed his or her positions? For the most part the answer is, the guys propping it up, finally hit a point where, it doesn’t matter any more, because they have nothing to further profit from it's upward movements. That day is approaching, but keep in mind, it still doesn’t matter what they do. We are now deep into the 5th grader's step 3 of a total failure scenario, and thus the currency used in buying & selling is far more important, than any paper equity market measurements .

Remember Weimar, and their hyperinflation problems.

Example (used elsewhere in a WG installment just different numbers): Say you buy a 100 shares of Apple @ 100 for a total of a 10,000 fiat currency investment (for example purposes we are ignoring brokerage fees). Alternatively you were considering using the same $10,000 on some gold, or a possible increase in your food supply. At the last minute you felt you might get more return in the propped up ‘bs’ equity market (NASDAQ in this case). Right on cue, the market continues up in the face of a weaker economy, and 12 months later your Apple shares are @ 200.  This phenomena has happened before even though the economy was extraordinarily weak (Weimar).

Eureka, you sell, and get back double your investment @ 20,000 in King Dollar Fiat. But, since the economy is in failure mode the fiat does what? It buys less. A purchase of gold 12 months ago would have netted you about 8 ounces of the yellow metal with 10K, and now instead it is 2 ounces at 20K. A purchase towards food 12 months ago would have given you a years supply for a family of 4, but conversely even after a double in your market investment to 20K, it now only allows a purchase of a month’s supply of food.  Though this is purely hypothetical, it may still be measured at this very moment, but to a lessor degree right now. But, with the future in mind, my bet is it will soon be a reality in coming months, of even bigger currency devaluations to real purchasing power.  The exact numbers could obviously vary, but make no mistake our currency will implode, it may be the last one to go (reserve status permits being last in line), but it will implode.  Check out Venezuela or Canada for a preview.

It’s the currency that matters, and it is proving it is the “bullshit that walks”, and on the obverse side it is the real money that will talk (gold & silver bars & coins). The currency markets are directly tied to the debt markets, and as such, both in combination are many many multiples of the ‘piddly-ass’ equity markets. Thus another reason the equity markets are soon not going to matter, poor participation and lack of total market share. And, when the "REAL" markets are inflationary in “retail terms”, and then used for real needs based good & services, the equity markets are meaningless regardless of their directions. It matters not anymore, whether the stock market goes up or down, it’s the amount of currency you can obtain from selling, that what will matter. And, that my friends has been in a state of decline. About to accelerate to boot, and very very likely to blow by the current “state of decline” in mere months.

Does that mean there aren’t profits available, against the purchase of imported real goods, by leveraging the dollar’s current strength against other currencies, via stock market investment liquidations? Nope, but it is clearly coming to a quick close, based on the information in the currency pipelines. Amazingly devaluations are now not only happening due to market forces, they are happening as a result of government regulations. Hello again, NIRP. The dollar’s false strength, could crater quite literally overnight, with an associated market shut down. Thus a true shut down to access your monies, and any transactions needed from the said currency, that is tied to it’s paper format.

Note a strange occurrence...........

Currently some forms of dollar settlement, via the petrodollar dismantling are creating false strengths in the King Dollar. Even more contrary to this sign of dollar strength, is the massive selling out of dollar assets (which should denote weakness in most cases) by sovereigns, who ironically (smartly) also hold real money in the form of gold. This phony dollar, and US treasury debt strength, can only be accomplished with buyer demand, that is far far away from our official books. Thus phony off the books buying of dollars & associated paper debts, from heavy sellers like the BRICS, via something along the lines of the ESF (exchange stabilization fund). Re-hash of material, I know, but it lays the foundation argument or point……

Wolf Gray prediction, if the equity markets start running upwards, watch for the failure of the dollar to buy real goods, and services to decline by a commensurate amount in buying power, or worse. Western King Dollar based buying power will not ascend against the real goods & services needed, ANYMORE! It officially stopped months ago, maybe even years ago, thus this prediction don’t mean crap regarding my prognostication abilities. But, it does in answering the question of an equity market’s rise, as it relates to the very ability to convert it’s rise to usable funds.  Based on the term "usable" those days are long gone.

The local currency that you now settle from your market positions, and it’s subsequent time essential buying capacity in needs based items, is what really matters. Not the highs or lows of the NSADAQ, DOW, or S&P! And, right now the dollar is being radically rejected, and it is just “business” not “war” from stronger players, like the BRICS & Associates. All the while, the weaker ones in western fiat regimes feign strength. The fiat currency is what matters now, and it is a game of public ‘CYA” (cover your ass), by all fiat players at the moment. But, the King Dollar & it's treasury debt associates are due an exodus from this fake strength, as shown by many like Canada, and the EU, that leave only the US paper to fall on it's face.  The only fiat players accused of resorting to currency war, are actually just doing business, with the comfort of knowing they have a huge stash, to cover their marginalized fiat crap, in GOLD! Hello BRICS & Associates.

When you are competing against an important business rival, do you want him to have a little market share or do you get him or her out of the way, completely? The latter is always the choice of most successful business leaders. Let the vanquished rebuild on their own, is what they tell me. The BRICS are getting us out of the way, it ain’t war it’s “business”, and the further we are out of the way the better.  The rest is just, “Currencies trying to save their own sorry asses!”

It’s human nature to want to be on top, but regardless of how great Russia & China are handling things now, they will fail too. Most of us may not live to see it.  When, is up to them, their business competition, and “lady luck”. They are human, they have their own marriage problems, child in school problems, and other irritants just like we do. Even guys like Putin, still have the same sorts of human problems, and it is likely the ending drive for unjustified ownership of money & power, that will also soon overcome him or his successors, and his BRICS partners as well, but for now they have the upper hand, and we don’t. Business continues!

How long will massive power switch last? Well I will let Anthony “Tony” Soprano do the talking. The trappings of fiat currency are normally accompanied with misery, note the display via the video's symbolism. Take away the symbols of “God’s natural gifts of life”, like a simple family of ducks stopping by to say hello, and even tough guys can panic, when they disappear! Yes, tough guys, like a guy from Russia, that we know of! Am I corny? Yes, but the analogy is still accurate.

With the elimination of these simple things, it soon becomes impossible to be happy or even bury your troubles, ever! Note the end of the video link depicting Tony in the inevitable cycle of failure from a history of piling up troubles, that he can’t hide from anymore, his own mom. And, who is it this time around, in the real world, that can’t run, or hide, or bury their currency troubles in dark hidden illegal places? Hint 1, they are now living on borrowed currency time! Hint 2, it is probably those who have a top of the line, western hemisphere address…….It’s actually us “Living on a Thin Line”


A Classroom Rant cont'd, Business 101 “Why & Why Now” :

In a recent installment (2 weeks ago thus there will be some repetitive material to make a point) there was a reference to FED officials from Texas making unpopular comments about the USSA’s lack of economic viability. And, I tied it to a Texas theme, maybe I should have looked at a bigger option. Next up in the “Why Now Business 101” classroom, is the curious stance of another FED official from Texas that is pleading “impotency” in the FED’s ability to maintain economic order. I think this one is worthy of detailed analysis, because we try to provide solutions here at ‘’, and the review of this situation may be one heck of a preparation & timing indicator.

The proposed thesis……

Recently Stanley Fischer, FED vice chairman, stated the Federal Reserve didn’t have the proper tools left in the tool shed to to nip another financial crisis in the bud. So in a continuation of the “Why Now?” question, why the hell now does the FED start sounding more dire with regards to the economic conditions in the USSA? And, why isn’t it Yellen delivering this message?

I can’t answer the last question (maybe you folks can), but I have some common sense business suspicions on the first question. In a continuation of the drum beat from the team @ ‘rogue’, “it’s time for you the tax paying citizen to join the fight to save America, let us introduce you to our economically challenged friends, “Dodd & Frank”…..! It is time to let them detail how we can ‘bail in’ a new western world economic system grounded in freedom.” Folks this ain’t no joke, it is a bad reality.

Why do I harp on the “Why now, or even just plain ole’ ‘why?” Because some of the rather obvious answers lead to basic forms of the immediacy of self preservation in their simple conclusions. And, in some cases with nearly a 100% certainty in the conclusion. Plus “why’s” usually come up at the end of the business cycle, which if you are unprepared ain’t a good thing, and are normally forms of excuse making, and typically terminal in nature (see recent installment). Why’s are followed with statements cloaked in, “It ain’t my fault, and I did try to warn you, but that being said, let’s work together to correct this situations!”  Anybody saying that needs a good push over the edge.

Example; There is no way, absolutely no frickin’ way that the huge level of US treasuries being sent home over the past 7 months, would not cause a huge rise in short-mid, & long range maturity rates (I know “harped on before”). No way! Brief aside, when treasury demand is high, thus high buying pressure, bonds go up, and their associated rates go down, but when selling pressure is high, rates go up, and the underlying bond price goes down. That ain't what's happening though!  Back to our regularly scheduled message. And, next up a huge indicator of trouble coming to our shores for the “Why Now?” class…….

For more in depth material, and even more specificity on NIRP, again note the recent superb article written by Team Roguemoney scholar Ken Schortgen Jr. with analysis of the effects of negative interest rates, and it’s likely conclusions.

The big players at the table have laid their cards out, Japan, even Canada, & Europe, with cards that are negative, of all damned things. All in what I call stealth bail-ins (negative rates are bail ins if you are involved), soon to become non-stealth. ZeroHedge’s title could have just as easily been, “Why Now, for a Silent Bank Run in Japan?” Followed by….”Silent My Ass!” Indeed, “why now”? RMer’s know why, it is all part of the end game (end game being nigh was also referred to in Ken’s article), a cover for the soon to be defunct Petrodollar. I mean, “come on man!” One of the vaunted IMF currencies going negative, that’s about as silent as a “stampede of horny rogue elephants in a nitroglycerin factory!” Back to the classroom, but…

Just forget that fundamental economic stuff, as noted previously the bench mark 10 year treasury went down in it’s interest rate, NOT UP! This is with near record volumes being dumped by the big players like China, plus the rest of the debt crowd having also piled on, and in totals that are many many multiples above panic levels of selling, from a normal buyer’s perspective. In fact based on prior debt history, China’s selling alone is above panic levels of selling, panic levels that would normally send some buyers from the debt market world, out the upper floor windows. Or straight to their local hardware store for some nail guns.

But, rates went down, that’s right, as RMer’s know they went down. Even more amazing, that was in the face of home based buyers that didn’t have the liquidity to soak it up without major financial market dislocations. Say What? First let’s keep it simple, and forget the covert money movements. OK clearly there is an obvious sell side conclusion here, US paper is getting dumped at record pace, and it ain’t because the dollar & our debt is as “solid as a rock”. Thus the only other conclusion one can come to is these sellers are just plain stupid or wrong in their assessment of the quality of the USSA debt. No finance degree needed for determining that conclusion. But……..

By discarding the stupid theory (clearly that is wrong), the first question to ask that will lead to obvious conclusions is; “since “we ain’t so solid as a rock”, which combined with we are now over 100% debt to GDP levels (that is what is admitted, but who knows how really bad it is), then who soaked up the sale, with no corresponding jump in bond yields?” Who indeed folks. The near 100% accurate conclusion is, an off the record well heeled buyer with a not so publicly known balance sheet. Hello again to the ESF. If it ain’t the ESF, it is a version of an underground money pool, like the ESF. And, if a dumb ole’ country boy like me can figure this out, don’t you think Putin, and the Chinese have this figured from ‘wire to wire’. Well that means we can discard the stupid seller theory, for good.

Did they force, at gun point, the ESF to buy with a bribe of, “pay us back, or we spill the beans on your frauds hidden from the angry jobless Sixpack’s? First off, what difference does it even make?  Who cares why the east is dumping our paper, because if you are a resident in six-pack land trying to keep your head above the waters that are about to drown the same said dolts, and you also see John “potato spud” Kerry walking out of Russia with his tail between his legs in December regarding the handling of Syria, and you also see retail sales cratering at Christmas time, and you also see consecutively repeated new all time lows in the BDI (baltic dry index), and you now also see Japan going negative, and you also see with 20/20 vision all the measures of freight carrier traffic falling off a cliff, YOU GOT TO FIGURE THEY AIN’T DUMPING BECAUSE OUR ECONOMY IS “SOLID AS A ROCK”.

A full blown currency/legal-tender change is upon us, with extreme significance.

The USSA financial “Titanic” is going down, and the east is cutting as many ties as possible so they can be more viable, and more solutions based on the other side of the world wide currency/fiat paper demise. On the other side of a 100% guaranteed financial collapse, and the trending numbers don’t lie (foreign dumping of our paper), it clearly indicates they are just prepping on a macro scale. That conclusion is 100% rock solid! Everything else with regard to motive, at least from my view, is mindless crap that doesn’t really matter. So with that long drawn out example in mind……..

What the heck is FED vice chair Stanley Fischer up to, with this announcement of weakness, and why now? After over 8 years of spewing, “the economy is on the mend, and we wizards at the FED have total control of the situation, so much so, it is time to raise rates in the face of this juggernaut of growth”, why announce “NOW WE DON’T”?

Can I give an answer that has 100% certainty, tied to it? No, but I think the astute crowd here at ‘rogue’ can say with some degree of confidence, that they appear to be preparing to plow some other fertile western fields. What fields?  Oh say like, the fields of the 11+ trillion dollar retirement crops, to harvest in the name of “queen & country”. Thus themselves!

One thing is 100% sure, Fischer didn’t make those statements, because we are still headed toward economic nirvana. One other thing is 100% sure, they are also working on an angle where they “GET SOME MOOLAH OUT OF THIS COLLAPSE WHILE THE DOLLAR SHIP IS CAPSIZING”. Because it looks like the foreigners with real assets on board their ships have ‘wised up’, and ain’t playing by the corrupt western rules anymore. So what other pools of money do the PPPTB have to pilfer? You guessed it, need I say anymore.

Again, I yield to Mr. Hugo Salina Price, from the same article. Here he provides some great reasoning on the power of real assets, and aids in the proverbial “why now?” line of questioning.

You could almost make an entire full semester class room study from this one article. Brilliant especially with respect to the power of money flows, and especially instructive regarding the powers of the real hard asset portfolios. This next paragraph alone could require the “Keynesian” wizards to “cry uncle”.

Whatever expedients are implemented, the final outcome of the unprecedented economic contraction in the world will have to be the revaluation of gold reserves, as desperate governments of the world resort to gold to preserve indispensable international trade. The revaluation of gold reserves held by Central Banks will be the only alternative for countries seeking to retain a minimum of international trade to supply their economies, whether they are based on agriculture, on manufacturing or on mining.

With the above paragraph in mind, does anyone still think China is in trouble financially?  If the respondents have a reasonable IQ, “NO!” “The Guerrilla” has harped on this error in judgement many many times. Note the highlighted area in the prior paragraph, and then think on what China is reputed, via reliable sources, to have lots of.....GOLD! Way more than any phony 1600 tons. Talk about soon being able to put your real money, gold & silver bars & coins (primarily gold in the sovereign case) to good use to help launch yourself into the new business paradigm.  As a faithful '' subscriber, I suspect you are asking yourself the same question that I ask myself all the time, "Why the hell can't people see this basic premise? Real stuff matters!”

With that in the back drop to the King Dollar failure, I have to ask, who cares if I am right or wrong, the FED just announced their tool shed is ineffective, via a major current FED official! So wouldn’t that indicate being prudent with your store of personal money for survival may be warranted? Hence the elimination of paper attachments. At the very least it can’t hurt to go ‘anti-paper’, because the real stuff will be in your possession, in your own inventory, and thus in your own store. Mind boggling stupidity afoot I tell ya, when it comes to the logic that even my standard proverbial RM future 5th grader could see.

Fischer just telegraphed their tool shed is filled with useless tools, so they now may need to get inside your tool shed! Hello Canada, Europe, hello Dodd Frank, and now hello JAPAN! How, when, where, why, & by who’s authority, Dodd Frank’s or whatever, is completely irrelevant. Just take measures to protect yourself from what is clearly inevitable. Still, if you must ask, why? It is because the big players are telegraphing their policy failures, and weaknesses, right now, in full view, boldly pronouncing it as a last ‘ditch effort’, before what? Yes, before “what” is right, and “why now” is right?

It’s to come get what is yours in paperville!

End of today’s rant.

Hard Asset Tip:

Do a thorough inventory & systems check on all your preparations. Doing it after the fact, of a “King Dollar devaluation/collapse” moment will not win any “High IQ Medals”. Case in point; Using myself as an example. When the most recent storm hit the east coast, I decided to pull out my trusty generator. Heck it was just used for a system test run last October, but I figured “a cranking” would be advisable for this coming storm. Good thing I did a preliminary systems check, as the plastic ‘on-off’ switch had done a disappearing act. And, after my trusty Honda power supply had gone through leaf blowing season (I have lots of trees) the plastic “on-off” part had probably been blown right out of the Honda’s ‘lean-to” environment, never to be found again. Lost for good, that’s for sure. A replacement generator was bought that day (heck the Honda was over 15 years old anyway), and the old Honda will be handed off to my oldest grandson for parts repair this weekend, and for his personal ownership.

This experience was a major ‘heads up’ to the fact the weather will be far more predictable, than the morning of a news flash, that the stores are starting to go empty of product due to a paper demise, with an assist from import failures, due to currency issues. Do a trial inventory, and systems check A.S.A.P. Marital law implementations, NDAA passages, Dodd Frank in the background can anyone afford to be late to the “final systems check & inventory rebalancing” party?

Are You Grounded for a New Reality? First, I don’t think any of us, at least no one I know is, a unique island unto themselves. When you whittle it all down (sorry folks it is the Wolf Gray’s views), we are the same, otherwise history would never repeat itself. Ever! Again I will let Tony Soprano, from “The Sopranos” provide visual assistance. The title of this next song is only right when we look in the mirror, but in a broader sense, as my shaman buddy would say, we are actually all the same. So yes we are like everybody else, the words say one thing in this video message, but the visual is still “HUMAN NATURE” through & through. Emotionally predictable!

The only damned place you don’t want to be like everybody else (thus like the video), is in the vital category of, “PROVIDING LEADERSHIP & SAFETY TO YOUR FAMILY!” There you need to be truly different, and excel. It is the one thing this thug character (one of my favorites Tony Soprano) got right, but got it right outside the bounds of moral law. Still worthy of note, at 3:16 even this tough guy raises his arms in singular victory due to one thing, an act from God. The sun coming up….!

Swallow your egos! And, at the risk of sounding condescending & repetitive (said this so often)……

Prepare yourself accordingly, so the rising of the sun will still have meaning in your eyes as well! It has to or else…….You have been warned!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Team RM, ZeroHedge, Hugo Salinas Price, & Tony Soprano & the Kinks...