Sunday of the Royal Passion Bearers and New Martyrs of Russia

"Not in might is found power, but in Truth" - Saint Alexander Nevsky "What is grace? It is the blessed power of God. . the power that cleanses, sanctifies, enlightens, that helps in doing good and withdraws from evil, that comforts and gives courage in misfortunes, sorrows, and sickness; that is a pledge of receiving the everlasting blessings, prepared by God in heaven for His chosen ones." - St. John of Kronstadt 


O ye holy hierarchs, royal passion-bearers and pastors, /

monks and laymen, men, women and children, /

ye countless new-martyrs, confessors, /

blossoms of the spiritual meadow of Russia, /

who blossomed forth wondrously in time of grievous persecutions /

bearing good fruit for Christ in your endurance: /

Entreat Him, as the One that planted you, /

that He deliver His people from godless and evil men, /

and that the Church of Russia /

be made steadfast through your blood and suffering, //

unto the salvation of our souls.


Tone 2: O ye new passion-bearers of Russia, /

who have with your confession finished the course of this earth, /

receiving boldness through your sufferings: /

Beseech Christ Who strengthened you, /

that we also, whenever the hour of trial find us /

may receive the gift of courage from God. /

For ye are a witness to us who venerate your struggle, /

that neither tribulation, prison, nor death //

can separate us from the love of God.


"Song of Penitence for Russia" Lyrics by P.I. TchaikovskyMusic in the Sixth Liturgical Tone

Sung by the Male Choir "Orthodox Singers"

With penitent heart, With fervent prayers Falling to the Creator.
God save native Russia. God save native Russia.
God's industry sends her sorrow For the sins of her children.
God save native Russia. God forgive her, God bless her.

Many tests have been given, Much has been given to her still to survive.
Give encouragement, give hope, Courage, and strength to revive her.

God save native Russia. God save native Russia.

С сердцем покаянным, С пламенной молитвою Припадем к Создателю. Боже, храни родную Русь. Боже, храни родную Русь. Божье Промышление Скорби посылает ей За грехи сыновнии. Боже, спаси родную Русь. Боже, прости ее, Боже, храни ее. Много удел ей дано испытаний, Много дано ей еще пережить. Дай ободрение, дай упование Доблесть и силу ее возродить. Боже, храни родную Русь. Боже, храни родную Русь.

The Royal Passion Bearers


From Mark Hackard "Martyrium" published at Soul of the East on December 27, 2013:

Rodionov defied his executioner and faced death with humility and an iron will, bearing his cross unto the very end. A son of Russia, he would not tread the path of the coward, and never would he bow before the god of Mahomet.

Over the course of an hour that May 23rd, the butcher Khaikhoroyev decapitated Zhenya with a rusted saw, and then murdered his three comrades Andrei, Igor and Aleksandr[3]. Even in our era of hegemonic usury, global automated war and electronic seduction, heroes fight and perish in blood-testimony to restore their people. Through struggle they are sanctified.

For love of Christ the heavenly Tsar, Zhenya Rodionov suffered and died; for loyalty to his heavenly fatherland, he would be rewarded the red crown of martyrdom[4]. May we be graced with the strength to share in his immortal victory.

Glory to the soldier-saints named and unknown; glory to the martyrs ever faithful and true


Private Evgeny Rodianov, a martyr for the Orthodox Christian faith tortured and slain for refusing to accept Islam during the Chechen wars of the 1990s