Somewhere in Valhalla, Vikings Are Despairing Over Their Idiot Descendants

It will come sooner or later a time when Putin becomes pressured politically. The question is what he does in that state - if he apologizes and runs from the Crimea, or if he takes other measures. We'll have to prepare ourselves for him to take different actions he has shown himself capable of before.

Swedish Fantasies about Fighting Russia Are Promoted by Carl Bildt and Other Bought and Paid for U.S./NATO Assets

Somebody in Sweden has apparently been watching plenty of this TV show about a takeover of neighboring Norway by 'polite people' in a bizarro world scenario where the Norwegians elect crazy greenies who decide to stop pumping oil -- only to have their country taken under Russian management (nevermind that the trailer for "Occupied" also includes a subtext of the French and Germans dumping NATO and the U.S. nowhere to be found!). Maybe they've been drinking heavily with 'former' Swedish Nazi Mikael Skillt of Ukraine's SS rune wearing Azov Battalion, or hanging out with the fanatically pro-NATO Swedish politician Carl Bildt at Davos. Regardless, the notion of a Russian-Swedish war is only slightly more likely than China invading Thailand or the U.S. occupying Belize one day for no apparent reason.

Military Industrial Complex Money, NSA/Swedish Cooperation, and Attempts to Drag Sweden/Finland into NATO

But let's get back to reality, shall we? Unlike Finland and Norway, Sweden doesn't share a border with Russia. Unlike the Finns, who fought a bloody Winter War against Stalin's aggression in 1940 and later joined the Nazis in the 1941-44 siege of Leningrad that starved 1.5 million Russians to death, the Swedes haven't fought a war with the Russians in over two hundred years. Things are so quiet on the Finnish border with Russia, that the biggest complaint most Finns have about Russians is some weekend tourists from St. Petersburg getting drunk and rowdy. In fact, the only real problem along the Norwegian border with Russia is several thousand Mideast migrants bicycling into Norway, with fewer trying to reach Finland via notoriously 'progressive' and asylum-seeker friendly Sweden. But the truth is most of the Third World and Muslim migrants who get into Scandinavia end up staying there or in Denmark, because the welfare benefits are most generous there compared to more strict requirements and limits on 'asylum' in Finland and Norway.

If one tries to follow the money behind the scary Swedish headlines, as Zerohedge commenters suggested this week, then look no further than Sweden's potent arms industry. The Swedes have Bofors anti-tank and anti-air weapons for sale, as well as the impressive JAS 39 Gripen multirole fighter jet. However the global economic crisis has limited export orders since the mid-2000s -- including sales to NATO members supposedly terrified of Russian aggression like Poland. The Saudis meanwhile, are not buying as much Swedish weaponry as they probably could for their spectacularly profligate war of aggression in Yemen, as they prefer to 'buy American' or British. The Swedes would like to sell arms to Ukraine, but the American taxpayer would have to pay Kiev's freight, and U.S. manufacturers like Javelin missile maker Raytheon or light armored truck manufacturer Oshkosh don't want Washington subsidizing their European competitors.

Domestically the Swedish military industrial complex faces an uncertain future, since like most Europeans, Swedes prefer spending on welfare to warfare. Despite the jobs crisis that hit Sweden just like other EU member states since 2008, recruitment to the Swedish army remains in the dumps, either due to lack of action or more likely (since the Swiss army has no staffing problems) warrior elan. As with Germany's Bundeswehr the ranks are unisex, the social benefits are good, and the likelihood of overseas deployment now that NATO is drawing down in Afghanistan remains low. But as in Germany, many units that formed a potent national defense force at the height of the Cold War in the early 1980s ended up existing only on paper by the late Nineties, or have been phased out entirely in the last decade.


A Russian video dating from 2012 mocking Swedish war hysteria (WARNING: ABBA parody and 'fruity' content -- who says no 'gay propaganda' is allowed on Russian TV?)

Just like Finland, Sweden is a member of the European Union but never formally joined NATO. While Finland formally accepted neutrality if not a pro-Soviet foreign policy as the price of defeat in WWII, socialist Sweden profited from trading with both sides of the Cold War divide (just as the 'neutral' Swedes had played both sides of WWII, supplying Hitler with iron ore) while informally sharing intelligence with the West (and no doubt spying on Stockholm's Soviet friendly socialists, of whom there were plenty). Based on the leaks attributed to Edward Snowden, we can conclude today that the Swedish defense and intelligence establishment are more trusted by the NSA to spy on Russia for them than the French or Hungarians -- even though France and Hungary are both NATO member states.

Open Borders, Unsustainable Welfare, and Swedes as Lab Rats for the New World Order's Multi-Culti Cult

Until recent years, Sweden was known for some of the world's highest lifespans and other indicators of social well being. I wrote 'until recent years', because as we'll see below, Sweden's got much bigger problems brewing right at home than Allan Widman's fantasy of 'Russian aggression'.

John Fredrik Reinfeldt, Prime Minister of Sweden from 2006 to 2014, boldly told the Swedish people they should prepare to be replaced by newcomers.


The Russia Analyst would argue that the fantasy of fighting Russians among a noisy US/NATO bought and paid for section of the Swedish elite (which likely funded Swedish 'NATO Foreign Legionnaires' who fought in Donbass like Skillt) is itself a psychological operation (psyop) against the Swedish people. The goal being to distract Swedes from their nation's status as one of the preeminent laboratories for the deliberate destruction of borders and national culture in the Western world. A fact that in of itself, can create despair among indigenous Swedes who might otherwise reproduce and thereby accelerate the timeline for wholesale population replacement.


Note this Christian Broadcasting News report comes from 2009 (!). The Islamization of Sweden has grown significantly with the new influx

55 admitted no go zones or 'exclusion areas' for the police in Muslim ghettoes across Sweden -- this video is from 2014

Consider a few headlines from Sweden over the past few weeks that the 'war with Russia' hysteria may have been intended to distract the Volvo and Saab driving masses from:

Well before New Year's mass groping attacks in Cologne and other German cities sparked outrage in Europe, Swedish women were groped and sexually assaulted at the We Are Sthlm summer concerts, primarily by young male refugees from Afghanistan. The Swedish media, dominated by borderline psychotic political correctness, hushed up these facts and law enforcement officers were told to keep quiet about it for months

Swedish police warn Stockholm's main train station is overrun by thieving and groping gangs of teenage Moroccan migrants

A Swedish woman films young Muslim males accosting her for sex on the street, with one of the thugs promising "I'll pay you"

A 22 year old Swedish woman of first generation Lebanese descent, is brutally murdered by a 15-year-old male migrant she worked with at a refugee center near Gothenburg

A mob of 'asylum seekers' attacked a group of ten police officers sent to find a ten-year-old boy who had been reportedly raped multiple times in the central Swedish town of Västerå

While the Swedish armed forces hunt for phantom Russian submarines in Sweden's territorial waters, migrants continue to come in via Denmark, which is so desperate to staunch the flood from Germany that it has suspended some Schengen zone rules permitting free flow of people in the EU

Perhaps spooked by the electoral success of the anti-open borders Sweden Democrats, the government has finally promised to do something about the immi-vasion and destabilization of the country. Stockholm says this week it will deport up to 80,000 people via charter flights over a number of years. But this represents a small percentage of migrants in the country and out of over 58,000 asylum requests submitted last year, 55% were granted.

If Sweden does end up a war zone in the years or even months to come, it won't be due to the Russians, but due to the country's own suicidal open borders policies finally ending in low intensity civil war. Instead of being long Gripen fighter jets or Bofors anti-aircraft missiles, perhaps the country's military industrial complex should start investing in 'puke ray' sound cannons, riot gear and shotguns.