Merkel Suffering a Nervous Breakdown? German Chancellor Pushed to Her Breaking Point by Engineered Immi-destabilization

According to a leak reported this week Angela Merkel is missing meetings, suffering from depression and heavily medicated. This not the behavior of a confident, competent leader free to make her own decisions about the future of Germany -- supporting the theory that secret treaties and loyalty oaths bind Merkel to trans-Atlantic masters.

What we are seeing is the behavior of a woman who sees no way out of trying and failing to serve two masters -- the German people who want her to control the borders and preserve their way of life, and the globalists who want to destroy borders. Nonetheless, one does not see exactly a clamoring among the CDU 'elder statesman' Wolfgang Schäuble, Bavarian Christian Social Union leader Horst Seehofer, or SPD vice chancellor Sigmar Gabriel (who has called for improving relations with Russia) to take her job. Perhaps because each man understands the orders to allow the immi-destabilization of Germany and Europe will keep coming to them, even if they replace a depressed, burned out Mutti in the Chancellery?

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All the same, a Merkel resignation, rather than vote of no-confidence that would risk the wrath of the Atlanticist bosses, may be in the cards for Germany. Most likely by summer -- which would be after anti-Kiev results from April elections in the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics reveal the limits of Merkel's diplomacy in Ukraine. Most critically for Europe, better summer weather in the Mediterranean and the Russian-aided rout of the anti-Assad jihadists in Syria (plus assaults on ISIS in Libya and general economic depression in Tunisia) promise to bring a new wave of young Muslim male invaders refugees surging into German cities. Which will raise the volume of the #MerkelMussWeg demands from the murmur of about ten to fifteen percent of the German people (most of them men) who currently support PEGIDA or AfD (Alternative for Germany) to a CSU roar from migrant-swamped Bavaria. Even the Left Party and SPD may start saying at that point it's time for Merkel to go.

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