Stephen Blank to Russia: PLEASE Invade a Member State to Justify NATO and the EU's Existence -- and Save the Empire's Weakening Grip On Europe from a Nationalist Backlash?

Newsweek, a dying formerly published on dead tree magazine that used to be something of a big deal back in the 1990s but has since been sold literally for $1 along with its liabilities to the current owner/s, published an article this week by Strategic Studies Institute/American Foreign Policy Council scholar Stephen Blank. Normally I would disregard anything by Mr. Blank, as Blank's track record of failed if not bogus predictions about Moscow makes him one of the world's worst Russia analysts to anyone paying close attention


#Winning predictions, not from Stephen Blank, but from like-minded Russia watchers, in 2001. I think it's safe to say they got this one wrong

However, Blank's latest screed about how the evil Russians would attack the NATO member Baltic states and risk a nuclear war with the U.S. for no other apparent reason than to break the Atlantic alliance, illustrates a growing desperation among the Atlanticist hack class. As does the UK Daily Telegraph's triumphant scoop that at last, Congress has passed a defense appropriations bill that orders the CIA and its allied intelligence agencies to investigate alleged Russian infiltration and funding of European Union political parties (eg what the U.S. has been doing in Europe since the 1930s if not Weimar era, when certain 'anti-Communist' political forces in Germany received ample funding from Wall Street and the City of London). Meanwhile, Poland, yes that front line state in the second Cold War now underway, is being tagged as authoritarian if not subject to Russian subversion via right wing euroskeptic politics.


Think about this propaganda line for a second: in Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum's mind, Law and Justice (PiS) government officials who sincerely believe the Russian security services were behind a tragic plane crash in 2010 that wiped out a significant portion of their friends and partners in Poland's political elite, are actually trojan horses for the Kremlin to divide the EU and NATO. The Russia Analyst could not make such absurdities up even if he tried.

Writing for the always excellent Unz Review, Anatoly Karlin tries to sum up Anne Applebaum's 'logic': Russia trolls are supporting the most anti-Russian elements of the Polish political spectrum. And if US intelligence services are to be believed, financing them. We know that this is credible because the US is above that kind of thing itself and the idea that any civilized democratic country would finance political and media forces that promote its interests is utterly proposterous that only a pro-Russian troll could believe in. Though as we established above, the Polish nationalist recipients of Russian support and financing are themselves pro-Russian trolls.

Although as Anne Applebaum sardonically noted, the Russian press “worries” about the “Putinization” of Poland.

So in other words, this makes the Putin-controlled media the sole group who are… notpro-Russian trolls?? Frankly it’s well nigh impossible to figure out who’s trolling who by this point.

In case this isn’t obvious yet, unwrapping the logical loops around this zrada/peremoga conundrum (Poland version) is an exercise in futility, because there is no logic behind it. Amongst a clique that includes “thinkers” who blame Putin personally for the theft of their wallets and journalists who compare Russia to Mordor things could hardly be otherwise.

In reality, things are rather more prosaic.

(1) Russians by and large don’t care for Polish nationalists, but considering that most of their energies are going to be expended bickering with the EU, there is no reason not to passively support them.

(2) Even nationalist Poles realize that the biggest imminent threat to Poland is not Russian tanks advancing on Warsaw or even a return to dictatorship (i.e. a right-wing government dismantling the “adminstrative resource” that the previous left-wing government had built up) but the waves of Third World immigrants the likes of Merkel and Schulz are determined to enrich Europe with.

The message of these Establishment 'time to panic about the politics of Europe' articles is this: the Empire's Atlanticist so-called 'journalists' and think tankers are starting to understand that unless the direct NATO conflict with Russia they've badly wanted for some time materializes, Washington is going to lose its death grip on the Continent. For the first time since 1945 many European states including France if not Germany may re-emerge as sovereign actors, not just as vassals of Washington, and in doing so turn East.

Official D.C. losing its grip on Europe in turn will threaten the TTIP or Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, without which many U.S.-based multinational corporations like GMO pusher Monsanto and the dollar itself face slow, painful extinction. As do a whole coterie of think tanks, pseudo journalistic hospices where propaganda goes to die like Newsweek, and StateDept/CIA talking point journo-shops run by lazy hipsters (Buzzfeed, Vice News, The Daily Beast), that no one will  be reading after the dollar collapse.


Another example of #Winning neocon propaganda: ISIS or Iran? How about we choose ISIS, because they're not a 'strategic threat'

As an example of the corporatist dinosaurs that cannot survive without the immunity and license to violate national sovereignty that TTIP and the aptly described Toilet Paper Protocols offer them, take a good look at the recent spate of layoffs at St. Louis, Missouri-based Monsanto. Thanks to growing global rejection of Monsanto's products, particularly in huge markets like Russia (which has largely kept them out) or India (which allowed Round Up and Monsanto-controlled seeds, only to experience a widely publicized wave of farmer suicides and consequent backlash from its population), the death spiral for 'Monsatan' has just begun. Actually, as RogueMoney readers are well aware, the dollar is going to die before the TTIP can be fully implemented -- even if forced on the "spineless jellyfish" (as The Saker calls them) who currently lead the EU.

So yes, while it's all and good for members of Team Rogue Money to take on the likes of 'nuclear WWIII is inevitable and Putin's secret spetsnaz and nuke subs are gonna attack your town any minute' folks like Dave Hodges, we would do well to remember Dave's more respectable, up market competitors in the 'All WW3, all the time, get your cat food and go to the bunker' business. And to understand which players badly need war or at least the appearance of a real world war to shift the blame away from themselves for the coming collapse.

A Parting Shot on the Manufactured Euro-Migrant/Immi-destabilization Crisis...
With a Shout out to 'Agent W'

For interesting reading this weekend, the Russia Analyst highly recommends this fascinating article by Oriental Review editor and Moscow State University-trained historian Andre Fomin, regarding possible U.S. manipulation of the migrant crisis dialectic (something that's right up 'Agent W's alley in terms of exposing the deviousness of the globalists exploiting Europe's idiot open borders left and the nationalist right at the same time). From the article published at and Russia Insider "Who is Hunting Angela Merkel?":

Last September we published an outline of the analysis produced by the Russian investigator Vladimir Shalak on the hidden aspects of the Twitter-based campaign to lure the Middle Eastern refugees into Germany [1]. Having studied 19000 refugee-related original tweets Shalak claimed that the great exodus to continental Europe was artificially arranged by non-European actors. The latest wave of migrant-caused violence in the number of European cities on New Year’s Eve sparked another intense anti-Merkel campaign in German and European social media, and yielded additional data for Shalak’s in-depth research...


If one can connect the dots between an orchestrated social media campaign run by advanced, human-like bots in the Pacific time zone (Silicon Valley? closer to W's neck of the woods in the Pacific Northwest?) with the surge of genuine pro-Trump, alt-Right and nationalist sentiment of the betrayed, underemployed youth of America and Europe, what do you have?

Take a good look at one of the most discussed articles The Week has ever published, by Michael Brendan Dougherty, for part of the answer:

What so frightens the conservative movement about Trump's success is that he reveals just how thin the support for their ideas really is. His campaign is a rebuke to their institutions. It says the Republican Party doesn't need all these think tanks, all this supposed policy expertise. It says look at these people calling themselves libertarians and conservatives, the ones in tassel-loafers and bow ties. Have they made you more free? Have their endless policy papers and studies and books conserved anything for you? These people are worthless. They are defunct. You don't need them, and you're better off without them.

And the most frightening thing of all — as Francis' advice shows — is that the underlying trend has been around for at least 20 years, just waiting for the right man to come along and take advantage.


I'd say, via Trump as well as the nationalist surge in Europe, you have certain players positioning themselves for the inevitable collapse they can't stop, only ride like surfers on a gigantic wave.


What is this thing called the Alt-Right? Are they neo-Nazis? White supremacists? Or just people who want to preserve their nations and cultures?

What's coming isn't, as we have told 'W', World War IV with nukes going off all over, but what the Russia Analyst calls 'World War i - as in identitarian'. Of course, like 'W', we believe that this global conflict is as engineered as all three previous world wars -- even if this one will be fought by different rules, along ethno-religious lines.