2016: Timing Hasn’t Changed, But Fiat Victimology is Redefined…!

From my view, the timing of the “King Dollar” demise hasn’t changed, but the coming mindsets of the western victims may soon change significantly. More later, but first a quick summary on this past Friday night’s “Guerrilla Radio Show”.  Friday night’s visit with “The Guerrilla”, and Ken Schortgen Jr., caused me to piggy-back one of my colleagues 2016 predictions (Ken).  All thanks to Ken Schortgen Jr’s prediction regarding the level of ‘RMB/Yuan’ inclusion in paper transactions by the end of 2016.  He also threw another quick ’zinger’ Friday night with respect to a drop in the restrictions on foreign investment in USSA real estate. A news summary that had me interrupt him for additional clarification, and ask him to repeat himself.  For me that revelation was amazing, and more on that later as well.  Ken was bold, and on fire Friday night!  It is always a pleasure to visit with those guys, and I owe “The Guerrilla” an apology for interrupting him during the first hour, but I was fired up as well. Side Note:  I had this draft on the RM dashboard for two days (typical for me), having to read, and re-read constantly for errors.  Shouldn't have skipped English class to chase the girls.  Back on point.....

It occurs to me that lines are sometimes drawn between land masses, as well as between the change to a new year.  Lines drawn in an attempt to help define a trend, or the changes that are upon us.  Like the switch from 12/31/2015 to 01/01/2016, thinking something magically happens at that moment.  For my money you can shift that date backward by 30 or so days, as the events in the month of December 2015 marked the beginning of the economic reckoning.  A reckoning that will will catch a majority of the population in the west with their pants down, but in a format somewhat different than I had anticipated.

Why do I think December was so important, and may serve as the transition point to a new economic pace of failure in 2016?  Three major reasons, that indicate you can’t divorce the last month of 2015, from the kick off to 2016.   First the Federal Reserve, a useless economic monolithic structure that lost it’s economic decision making autonomy in 1934 (once the ESF took over control of the real fiat movements) proved once again it is just a ‘delivery boy’ for the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be).  What evidence WG?  Pointless jawboning between FED meetings is normal, but in 2015, and especially prior to December 16th, it proved them to be without a doubt messengers or lowly delivery boys, and nothing more since the jawboning was in 100% opposition to economic reality.   Secondly, John “potato spud” Kerry went to a meeting with Mr. Putin in December to set him straight regarding the proper approach to Assad, and Syria, only to be spanked, and sent home with his tail between his legs.  Position of strength for the BRICS & Assoc. membership was once again achieved, and with total embarrassment on the world stage for team bankster.  And thirdly, and realistically, and undeniably, and irrefutably the most obvious failure for an economy that is around 90% retail based, and “can’t get it up” any more, Christmas bombed on all levels.  Rich & poor alike, tightened up on the purse strings, which is one heck of an ominous sign.   Combine all three into one month and you have a position of weakness for the USSA, that is thoroughly reiterated, and to be followed by a 2016 heavy acceleration of “King Dollar” failure, and or demise.

What we witnessed at the end of 2015 was the the “economic/geopolitical” posing & posturing of a bunch of western numb nutzes that have come to the end of their “solution ropes”, and continually promote images of the likes of Caitlyn Jenner as a model of courage & maturity for a diversion from reality.  But, in December 2015, for the first time in my feeble memory, we witnessed it’s diversionary failure, as even the western msm’s didn’t hide Mr. “potato spud” walking out of a major meeting with his tail tucked.  2016 the year of economic reckoning, but first some reading of the news tea leaves……

In this next video clip we can clearly see the local high school, “High IQ” debate team competitors discussing proper mail deliver scheduling with the mailman.


I bet they will win the state championship this year.

Next up as mentioned on this past Friday night’s “Guerrilla Radio Show”, “What damned rate hike?”


You can bet the farm that the ESF is also doing some fancy “QE” phony money routines behind the scenes as well.

Boy this next link sure does prove the FED knew what they were doing as regards the rate hike.  It appears the economy really was strong.  Yeah right!  And, this is with what are probably "lie stoked" numbers, not real numbers.


I know “The Guerrilla” set me straight on the rate hike just prior to it happening, but the FED can believe the BLS strength all they want.  I suspect it had nothing to do with their final rate decision (maybe in their minds I suppose, just like "V" said), as I bet it came from a higher authority.  I am convinced someone else far higher up than the puppet FED said, “Now is the time, do it!”   What time WG?  Time for them to cut their losses, as the western retail economy debt junkies are tapped out from top to bottom.  Let's go ahead, and implode things.

Keep in mind the above paragraph, and the next three news links when it comes to my predictions for 2016 (further down the page), as well as my piggy-backing one of Ken Schortgen Jr’s predictions.

I mentioned on the show Friday night that oil would be a big thorn in the western paper derivatives debt machinery in 2016.  All due to the near term debt issues coming up, so with that in mind note this link:


Oil another big debt bubble, but a major part n’ parcel to the much larger debt bubble that has the USSA's vaunted retail world in death mode.  Only the western PPPTB maestros could make a natural resource into a paper disaster.  And, that my friends is exactly what happens when the trade of said natural resource is not backed by some form of real money.

Moving on….

One of my predictions for 2016 will evolve around the individual making moves away from federal intervention, and I suspect it will be broken state balance sheets will assist this movement.  But, many other catalysts for this movement exist, and are potent as they revolve around the right to defend one’s self.


Money, and fear plus a big boy named Texas will cause many others to look long, and deep at the alternatives in 2016.

This next article illustrates what I perceive to be a back door attack coming in 2016 to your financial health.    But, it is only back door if you aren’t alert to the signs, which isn’t a problem here at ‘rogue money.net’.  Check out this next article….


When msm analysts go from the first paragraph (summary below) from the above link:

Why the bull market in stocks isn't dead yet ... Don't write off the bull market in stocks ... Market professionals surveyed by CNN Money believe that the U.S. stock market will claw its way past these obstacles and reach new heights next year.

Then supplement it with this brilliant analysis, right after the first paragraph:

Things will go on. They always do.

As the "Daily Bell", seems to be implying, who the heck buys this line of 'bs' anymore?  To Wolf Gray I smell something along the lines of professional "FED Speak".

The ”Daily Bell" continues to the 'tongue & cheek" conclusion of, "I'm not as concerned about the return on my money as I am the return of my money." (Will Rogers)  This highlights the ability to think outside the "Western Fiat Box", and it has left the building based on the text in the above article.  Objectivity is GONE!   Interesting article, but the Team here at 'roguemoney.net' has been all over this hide the truth 'bs' for many many moons, and the last line signals what I believe to be another theme for 2016 the hastening of the Dodd Frank agenda.

2016 Speculations & Predictions:

I threw the term speculations in the subtitle, because I tend to fly by the seat of my pants at times.

First up a non prediction, with a thought on a Friday night heads up from Ken Schortgen Jr. with respect to changes in foreign investments in the USSA real estate for 2016.  Boy he caught my attention with this one, as I have maintained for sometime that the PPPTB would blow things up to protect any more home ground property grabs by the eastern competition.  Ken’s revelation tends to indicate I may be wrong, except for one thing.

It is obvious the PPPTB are a covert operation, which means they can’t appear to be pulling all the strings, in a hands-on fashion.  Thus the need for front operations like the US government, or the Federal Reserve.  That is right, I think they are front operations.   Need prove, then how about the ESF?  How many really know about it?  Not many, but just do the ole’ “Google” thing, and find out for yourself.  The ESF probably has some direct connections to the PPPTB power brokers, thus it has to be kept low low profile.  But, after some research it isn’t hard to see it is in control of the main monetary levers that run the US Federal branches of government.

WG what does that have to do with real estate investment by foreigners?  It is simply my belief, the PPPTB have to have some level of direct control over the major directional events, but can’t interrupt the ongoing sheeple’s view, of a system that is still working properly.  If they did violate that concept the pitch forks & torches would be pulled out ASAP.  So the government can still attempt to do things on paper that make some sense to the masses, but will have no effect on the primary direction of monetary events, as directed covertly by the PPPTB.  Which, buy the way happens to be future USSA fascist servitude, supplemented by “King Dollar” failure if necessary, but only after it has served it’s last debt extraction purposes (which appears to be almost complete).  If you dig deep enough you can even find quotes of high ranking officials that point to a desire for "Dollar Failure in it's current format"!  A necessary failure for their upcoming savior roles. But, that being said, we still may witness some things that seem to indicate they are trying in vain to right the ship. In truth, I suspect it is for the entertainment purposes of the sheeple.  Entertainment that states, "Sleep well tonight, the system is protecting you!"

This real estate gambit, smells of desperation only, and I suspect the PPPTB will not let it go but so far, thus making my 2016 predictions potentially more accurate.  Time will tell, short time that is, speaking of which…….

2016…First up a piggy back ride on Ken Schortgen Jr.’s prediction of the RMB/Yuan reaching 30% in total volume of worldwide paper monetary transactions.  This prediction is one of those that leaves you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that!”  As I mentioned on the Friday night show, if that happens the obvious loser is the King Dollar, which is at roughly 45-50% on the world paper transaction scale, while the Yuan is at roughly 10+%.  This would equate to a gain of nearly 200% in one year’s time, which would be the things, that legends are made of in the economic world.  But, the beauty of this forecast is, it has a darn good chance of being spot on.  After all the prior two years were the years of setting up RMB trading/paper hubs, and not the full scale implementation of such.   So let me jump on board the Ken Schortgen Jr. train.  First, I think the odds are he is right.   That being said, it will clearly make unstoppable momentum for both of the discussed currencies, albeit in opposite directions.  The King Dollar going the wrong way of course!  As such be ready to react to a massive false flag that will be tried prior to reaching those heady numbers predicted by “Shotgun” Schortgen Jr.  I suspect it will be the after shocks of a bankster temper tantrum, the likes of which have not been seen to date.

2016…The year that will top the recent all time lows in 2015 for New Business Entrepreneurs as an overall percentage of the total business scene.  Just a continuation of a fiat fascist failure from 2015, but now on a larger scale.  This prediction is a “lock”.  Especially since it is a 90% consumer based economy, one that is now in decline, and in nearly all product spectrums. Combine that with the most restrictive business start up costs in USSA history, making the visibility of any earnings potential nearly impossible.  Thus it makes small business, which was the prime innovative driver in this country, an item soon to become a dinosaur in time.  This doesn't need a percentage accuracy prediction, it is an ongoing happening!

2016…The year the monetary restrictions put to paper by the Dodd Frank Act take a visible form here in the USSA.  Look for restrictive language to be rolled out soon in your “qualified accounts” a.k.a. pre tax retirement accounts.  A “copy cat” version of these monetary restrictions are now being rolled out in Europe starting in 2016.  Oops sorry I should use the full name, “Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act”.  That’s right folks “consumer protection act”!  You just can’t make this crap up.  Any sign of this criminal act gaining momentum on the home front, is a 90+% accurate leading indicator that you should “get your paper maneuvers into final position ASAP”.  At least the ones, that if not completed in time, would seriously hurt your feelings.

2016...A year with more & more talking of going, "Non-cash"..!  Don't be surprised if attempts at "electronic exchanges only" are implemented in various forms of transactions (at least it will be attempted).  Another form of restriction at the exits that lead away from monetary freedom.  Likely hood of this being correct probably 75%

2016…The year of the oil market “blow up”.  This one is big, but it ain’t much of a prediction, after all…..OPEC is in chaos, the USSA shale industry is in hide & seek profitability mode (lying), and Iran is getting ready to open up the spigots in a big time way (it is my understanding they actually already have).  Any debt due in the this industry that was based on higher oil prices to maintain profit margins is soon to be more than just a major issue.  Watch out below in 2016, as the effects will be far reaching.  As in reaching an oil encumbered, bankster saving Dodd Frank interpretation to save the day, near you.  The odds on this one are nearly 100% in my opinion.

2016…The year the auto industry, to a large degree, closes up shop.  To what degree is anybody’s guess, but this one was already showing up, as “the easy debt to buy” sales gimmicks were tapping-out at the end of 2015.  The WG likely hood meter hits about 80% on this prediction.

2016…This ain’t a prediction, but in 2016 you best divorce yourself from trying to interpret the meaning behind the DOW’s movements, and focus on the real business basics that are staring you, and your pocket book in the face.   The DOW is now an official side show for the sheeple only.  But, for those retirement account "home-gamers", if those accounts start dropping too "fast & furious", look for the dreaded account robbing D.F. word to surface....Dodd Frank, once again!

2016...And, this one may be the biggest of biggies, the year more states evaluate what they are really getting from "big brother", and start looking at taking matters into their own hands.  Texas may have been the first to make noise, but I bet others will follow in 2016, as the economic "hand writing" is on the wall.  BTW, for example, in the "What if" category......"when does the business divorce happen?"  When one partner walks into the other partner's office, and says, "I am finished with you, give me what's mine! You'll be hearing from my lawyer!"  Or when the lawyer's paper work arrives?  Where does Texas actually stand in the process of it's relationship with the USSA?  Did they just do the same thing the business partner did in "face to face" mode in the above example?  I think so, stay tuned this is still huge, and under the radar somewhat!  I have a feeling rumors of this sort will abound in 2016, especially during an election process, and as such could be a huge huge story line!  Hell it already should have been.  Likely hood meter at 90%.

2016…In a continuation of “Neiman Marcus’s” very weak Christmas numbers. Numbers that were highlighted with a statement of “yes the rich guys are beginning to stop their spending spree habits”, it is time to look for a carry over of weakness into the higher end portions of the “hospitality & leisure” industries in 2016.  Take it from Wolf Gray this will be an on the ground business signal, that indicates you will soon need to take cover, as the chaos is just around the corner.  I could be wrong, but I would give this an accuracy indicator figure of around 90+%.

2016…The year the pantie-waste, wanna-be’s, defined by the “Neat Guy’s & Gal’s” throw a tantrum, accompanied by tantrums from the other end of the wealth spectrum, the “give me my government freebies” population. Just because you reside in the USSA, formerly USA doesn't mean you are "Perfect"...!  I firmly believe those that understand that our birth rights alone don't make us "Perfect", will have a better chance at mental success.   And when that understanding is combined with a dose of humble preparation for a Dollar demise, most will then have a much better chance at non temper tantrum mental survival.  USA or USSA we ain't perfect.

2016…The year the inventors of the paper idol worshiping system, the same inventors who redefined the word “success” in the public’s mind (soon to be called sheeple), cut their loses, and got the hell out of dodge.   “Success” a word that when once used (pre 1970 showing my age) meant you might be a good little league coach, or good scout leader, or a good father, or a good preacher, but now success only implies you make lots of paper fiat, soon to be worthless, King Dollars.

2016 Victimolgy On Display:

The main title implies I am not changing the timing of my near term collapse moment (a pre spring 2017 collapse).  A timing framed in the fact the sheeple finally recognize the collapse. What the title implies is that I am changing the circumstances that will define the collapse.  This new theory comes from my own admission, that the King Dollar Demise/Collapse has been in motion via the following history: banksters starting a bubble blowing machine with the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act in 1999, followed by the banksters writing up their own business insurance via the Patriot Act, TARP (emergency insurance in that instance), NDAA, and finally the Dodd Frank Act.  Thus the realization, the defined collapse of the King Dollar & it's attached economies, will be a moving target. Defined differently for each individual who is involved.

I maintain the collapse “kick off” event, an event that the sheeple should have recognized, was the need for TARP in 2008.  An overt in your face act to save the banks.  The in your face part of the TARP program should have made it clear to all (note I can’t puff my chest out here, as it took me until 2011 to get it).  Also with a little mixing of “The Russian Analyst’s” theory, that the collapse will be a drawn out event that happens over time, and presto-chango, I came up with a change in my USSA victimology, but no real change in timing. Happens while the biggest stooge in history is in the highest of offices, an easy stooge to lay the blame on!

Thus I now am convinced the King Dollar demise, will happen to each individual within a different time frame, and therefore independent of what other sheeple think.  The number of individuals will reach a critical mass in 2016, at which point there will be no turning back.  No turning back mentally, because a majority of the populous now recognizes the collapse is off to the races.

My business collapse example that I laid out on “The Guerrilla’s Radio Show” last Friday night, is something I am totally comfortable with, and it is just plain common sense, as in business 101 common sense.  Common sense that will encompass a downward momentum that will not be turned back.  By the way (BTW) the momentum of it's reality is already unstoppable, it is only the USSA sheeple's mental realization that has yet to reach critical mass!  Mental critical mass will be a reality in 2016!

Each victim of the western King Dollar collapse will have their own story to tell.  Creating a victimology that leaves the standard putzes in the msm media with egg on their, “we ain’t ever done any work in the real world”, faces!  Heck the msm will have a built in lie, I suppose, "Hey we were duped as well, don't blame us!"

It is my common sense business thesis that the King Dollar collapse will be no different than the economic collapse of any large corporate entity.  A collapse where each employee has a different story to tell about “the ultimate end”.  Literally corporate collapses that many of us have witnessed will be no different, than the the variety of collapse theories from each citizen of the soon to be collapsed USSA King Dollar.  Keep in mind, I am like “The Guerrilla”, as I do believe, "though we may be collapsed, those sturdy of mind & body that make it through the chaos, will hopefully be looking for that rebuilding moment on the other side."

For those that didn’t hear the radio show, here is my Wolf Pack approved collapse victimology for 2016.  Wolf Pack approved means I bounced the idea off a few of the Pack, and got a 100% "sounds right to me" results.......

The Hypothetical Example with some Real Meat to it:

The story revolves around a hypothetical business, that will be a mirror for defining the USSA & King Dollar in a collapse, or near collapse/demise situation. Let's say we have a business spread over a sprawling 75 acre facility that houses buildings with several thousand employees.  “XYZ Hypothetical Air Craft Engines” (HACE for short).  HACE has a progressive “Sales & Marketing Team”, a brilliant “Engineering and R&D” department, “Kick Ass Workers” on the factory floor, and the finest of working conditions with precision equipment.

Fast forward, and the chain link gates are pad locked, with grass growing in the cracks in the parking lot, which now hasn’t seen a vehicle in 2 years.  The local news decides to do the very American of things, a poll of the former workers as to just “what the hell happened?”  A poll broad in scope that picks up on employees from all the various working departments.

The standard question for all, “What was the recognizable collapse moment?”

First up the joker:  “It was when ole’ Melvin went out & put the pad lock on the front gate!”...Next

The Factory Floor Worker:  “It was when they started getting rid of the shop foremen, and then shortly thereafter farming out the labor to cheaper sources!”

The Engineering Viewpoint:  “It was when we started to use sub standard building materials, and then trimmed the drafting staff to off shore bozos, none of which I ever met.  Making the working environment extremely difficult.  From there our client base was lost due to poor product durability."

The Sales & marketing Guys:  “It was when we cut back on the expense budget making it impossible to effectively sale to our international client base.”....Next up!

Finally the pollster hit the jack pot, he found an original insider that started "HACE", and who was agreeable to the interview.  He was also asked the same question, "What was the collapse recognizable moment for HACE?"

The Co Founder:  “Sonny, maybe it started when we quit having a beer at the end of the work week with our shop foremen to get a feel for the temperature on the shop floor.  Or maybe it started when we hired an outside consultant to streamline our business model.  Yeah that's it!  I mean hell I thought that is what I was supposed to be doing, but my partners insisted.  We adopted his recommendations to cut the frills, and get rid of the shop foremen.  A move I now regret.  This business whiz kid, said the machines were almost self driven, so who needs foremen, just make sure the floor workers understand what is expected of them.  Then we cut the quality, ever so slightly, to be competitive in product pricing.  Damn if that wasn't a big time mistake.   And, the final act to this guy’s plan that we adopted was to take advantage of some current tax loopholes, and cut our own salaries, while at the same time increasing our stock options making our overall management team’s pay more than we ever dreamed of. All events that I now figure killed our company.  Company profits went up initially, and we rented out our unused buildings, empty from employee layoffs, for the tax write downs.  My partners, and I had to move as we couldn’t show our facse around town, and......……

The interviewer, “Whoa, whoa dude, have ya got a reader’s digest version?

The Co founder:  “Hell yeah punk, the frickin' collapse started when we got too big for our britches!  We got greedy!  Something you are probably too young to understand, but our own arrogance & greed stuck it up humanity’s arse!”

End of the collapse example.  So the collapse was different things to different people, and so it will be in the USSA this year. 2016 the year, the acceleration of events hits top speed, with no brakes available.  2016 the year, the number of people that are witness to their own personal collapse....hits critical mass.

Will there be some sort of event that 'stands out', so the academics in the alternative media can call it, "The Collapse Event"?  Probably, but it doesn't change the fact, that the events that matter will already be ongoing.  Ongoing for what should be the most interesting economic/geopolitical year of our lifetimes.  2016!

Final 2016 prediction, that will be slated for the first radio show on Friday in 2017.  The show will not be about “the sweet by & by” a.k.a. the upcoming events for 2017, it will be about the “dirty here & now”, and how to solve it!  Hell, the numbers I am seeing, leave it no other place to go!

James Wesley Rawles founder of the "Survivalblog.com" (former guest with "The Guerrilla") has several great sayings, one of them is "Team Up".  Indeed, but make it with those that want to achieve perfection, not those that think they are perfection. Lot of that symptom going around these days.  Again whether it is the new USSA or the former USA, we ain't perfect.  I will let a very pretty lady extend the music message (best hope Mrs. WG doesn't read this one)........


Get your preps in order, and buckle up now.  Even if you feel all your preps are in the “completed” column, you are still likely to need the help of some “Wild Angels” to survive.  And, if you are still actively building your DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio), maybe you are already in the company of “Wild Angels”. After all something inspired you to take personal action and come to 'roguemoney.net', to see if any wisdom abounds.  In my view, after having scoured the alternative media, I am now convinced it is one of the few places with real answers. An ongoing ride, that I am privileged to be a part of.  Time for another pretty lady with pipes twice as big as she is, to tell it:


God Bless & Be Well.  2016, no matter how well prepared, each of us will need all the help we can get!

Wolf Gray

PS..A non hard asset based prediction for the emotions that will help define 2016. 2016, it start with Misunderstandings that inspire FEAR, which will easily shift into arrogant misguided ANGER...!  Stay vigilant, my friends!

Credit to the thoughts of: Opie, Team RM, "Daily Bell", Sara Evens, & Martina McBride