2015 Reflections

I feel it is time for a chronological review of some of the meatier Wolf Gray installments, if there really were any in 2015. Best to start with the predictions made back in January regarding how the year 2015 would unfold. Followed by just a few of the better Wolf Pack think tank installments that followed. At the end of this installment I want to lay out a Wolf Gray only business theory, that is yet to be Wolf Pack approved, but one I feel is pretty darn accurate, especially in light of the year’s preceding & ongoing events. The “End Game’s” final strategies are unfolding, making the outcome much clearer for a debt ridden western world. What 2015 put on display, was the final chess moves of the major players, right before leaving the game room with the spectators left to fight over the final results. A final move by the western chess team, “Team Bankster”, was made on December 16th in an attempt (that’s my story) to “fast forward” to the final results. It looks as if they were cutting their losses, a strategy typically employed by many losing teams.

The 01/06/15 installment predicted pain for “everyone”, which has finally happened in a 360 degree fashion, as the wanna-be rich are now feeling it in their year end Christmas “Neiman Marcus” pocket books. But, that is a very generic prediction, and one which will also continue in 2016, and hardly worthy of deep analysis, or any heavy bragging. On the other hand, some further review of this 01/16/15 installment highlights an interesting prediction, with some real meat to it, revolving around “a temper tantrum false flag that will be thrown by the western elite.”

A tantrum that will be tied in with a theme of pulling the USSA economic plugs to prevent the further “fire sales” of property to the eastern elites. All this aligns with a diversion of USSA sheeple chaos, combined with the original owners, “Team Bankster” stepping in rather quickly to regain control as the coming saviors (so to speak in a post chaos venue). What tantrum you say?

I believe a clear massive temper tantrum was thrown in response to the bond dumping, and the rate droppings by the Chinese in the late summer of 2015. That tantrum being, the likely US inspired, Tianjin explosions in China in a rapid fired sequence as a response to the afore mentioned Chinese “US Treasury” dumpings. BTW, Literally days after!  A possible exclamation point by “Team Bankster” was made right here on the home front, but barely touched by the US msm. How ironic is that? Remember the Texas “gold requests”, and the subsequent “oil chemical company explosions in Conroe, Texas. Team Roguemoney didn't forget about it, and touched on it live via "The Guerrilla's" radio show.  Additional exclamation points to the above revenge inspired temper tantrums were also made in Paris France in mid November. But, the exclamation point with a cherry on top was the rate hike in December by the US FED, a sort of, “see we told ya that everything is OK,”, a version of a spoiled brat tantrum.

Did the temper tantrums scare the opposition, and their potential business ties? Let the original IMF denial of RMB inclusion, only to be reversed a few months later speak for itself. NO! When this IMF reversal is viewed side by side with the temper tantrum exclamation points just described, it seems clear the spoiled brat losers ain't intimidating the opposition one little bit these days.

Let the 2016 chaos begin, but first let’s read the recent “economic truth news tea leaves” to help corroborate prior “Team Roguemoney Analysis”……..

Ya gotta love this first one, putting the spirit of “Satanist Christmas on display Globalist style”. Just makes one “warm & fuzzy all over”, don’t ya think? Don’t just look at the link/article, watch the video, it will help with your ability to endure “bull crap”.


Forgutaboutit...here is the Youtube link, as well:


And, keeping with that theme how about this economic headliner from ZeroHedge……


This should keep our image “proud & tall” as viewed from the rest of the world. Meanwhile back at the majority of USSA employment ranch we are equaling all time highs for those not in the workforce. Moving on to less droll subjects.

I don’t think ZeroHedge gets it at all in this next link. After all, Mr. Durden, it isn’t all negative, “Zero Care” is the biggest component of last quarter’s GDP!


Boy don’t this make ya want to break out a new pair of “red white & blue undies”, and PUKE! Folks take it from a guy in the business, or used to be in the business. In the early 90’s a family of four’s healthcare plan premium was around the same monthly price as a 4 year loan on an economy car (200-300 month). Fast forward, and the same level of coverage has premiums that hover around the monthly rates for a “4 year” loan on a high end Mercedes. There ya have it, the USSA major industries that are in the black, “War & Death”, and not just quick death via war exports, but slow prescription death via bad over charged health care. The Wolf Gray is being a bit droll again, but this is as real as it gets for “home gamers” here in the USSA, and it is exactly “spot on” regarding the business model. Sickening, but moving on….

In this next one, it appears “Team Roguemoney” was wrong, and the FED was right, the economy was on firm footing…..


That’s right the lowest in 43 years! Folks when the proverbial 5th grader I always refer to from the future has to do a book report on the “Roaring 2010’s”, I bet he or she will get an “F”. Why? Because of the lack of focus on completing the assignment. Again, why?  Just like most elementary school aged kids they enjoy SLAPSTICK COMEDY more than work. Watching the history of the roaring 2010's, will likely be just like watching the “Road Runner vs. the Coyote”.

Staying with the title "Reflections from 2015", Michael Snyder had an interesting list for 2015 that is worthy of review:


Speaking of Mr. Snyder whose articles I frequent regularly, and I will continue to frequent, I wonder what he, and the rest of the prognosticators who predicted a total market collapse by the year’s end are going to do in 2016? After all the collapse gambit excuse of“Well the world markets are failing at record pace” didn’t score many points with the USA alternative media readers (check the comments sections out). 2016 will be a hoot, but only if you have prepared in advance, and even then I suspect it will be tough to maintain a smile on your face.

Here at RM a valiant attempt is made to stay awake through the lies, just to get to the truths. Check out this link from Steve St. Angelo….


What Steve St. Angelo is describing is not a “one off” event, it has been ongoing for some time. More gold exported than it produces, can I get a, "A Fiat Dollar is a bastardized currency" amen!

In a continuation of the last two installments, check out this lovely indicator regarding the job markets.


Without wage growth, a consumer based economy, by the majority of all metrics can't grow!  Are we there yet, as in ready for a crash?  Well based on the Christmas retail numbers, the real numbers, “YES”. In a consumer based economy, what would be the largest “tell” regarding it’s health? RETAIL NUMBERS, especially especially as applied at Christmas time. Any questions CN’BS’, or Mr. Cramer?

As espoused last week, the increase in the economic counter moves from both the east & the west, in the form of potential acts to inspire violence ,is likely to pick up pace in 2016…….


I know this number depicts an economic “power play”, but wars have been inspired in the past from such acts. The heat is being turned up. 2016 is likely to be “HOT”!  Besides what is this really?  Just another temper tantrum!

I feel like we are in the "Twilight Zone"


This next one is a very strong indicator that the equity markets are over bloated to say the least…..


The IPO world is the larger version of the “On the ground new entrepreneur growth rate" world. And like the trade indices & the lack of velocity in fiat money, harped on regularly here at RM, you can add this stat to the “We ain’t hitting on shit” index! Reality eventually “bites” when all you have is consumerism, with a dash of “war baiting”, to back your plays.

2015 The Year the Dollar, as Detailed by ‘V’, was Undermined:

It is clear the tea leaves haven’t changed they are just piling up on the road to failure for the “King Dollar”.  But, based on paragraph 3 above something new was finally added to the 'on the ground body of work' in the King Dollar Failure projects. The big ticket ‘wanna-be’ folks are now beginning to tie their purse strings in knots for once. A review of some other 2015 predictions, and basic business criteria is worthy of additional year end review.

After the predictions installment in January, the next installment that captured my attention was the 02/03/15 installment. An installment that highlighted two points of emphasis. First point is the anger among the BRICS’s bigger players. Anger that was inspired by the western abuses applied to any developing form of honest business systems.  Especially if it veered away from using the King Dollar.  And second, this installment started the year off highlighting the collapse of the “Fiat Dollar” money velocity. The last point is an ongoing theme on the pages of RM, and one that reiterated itself over & over with new lows as the year went on, thus worthy of note back in February.

But the BRICS power players getting a bit more involved in 2015 turned out to be spot on. The Wolf Gray theory in the 02/03/15 installment was, there may be “New Sheriff” in town, with eastern roots, but as it turns out he is hardly new. Instead he has been wakened from old family roots, roots that seem to be stepping onto the world stage to administer some form of honest trade, due a deep anger at bullying by the western power brokers. Fast forward to a year end RMB IMF inclusion, to assist with taking control from within the paper matrix. Enough said. The 2015 “Power Plays” that had productive business meaning, as regards making lasting new business partnerships, now clearly reside with the “Old Family New Sheriffs in Town” the movers & shakers from within the BRICS. That is the takeaway from the 2/03/2015 installment. Moving on…..

Moving on to 02/24/2015, where two things stood out for me. First was the repeat of my 32 item DHAP listings from 2014 (always worthy of review), and secondly a truism that has to stay in everyone's mind with respect to all markets, “emotions of the crowds truly drive markets”. A point to touch on once again: Paper manipulations apply to every market, which also includes the metals market, but they do not DRIVE the major moves in market prices. Emotions will push them with the most volume, especially once the fundamental demands go off the charts (literally in this case, along with the inventory). The point of emphasis in this installment, “KEEP YOUR STACKS MY FRIENDS”. This truism will eventual hold very very very true. “Economic Mother Nature” says so!

Moving on to the 03/09/2015 installment, highlighting no fear chess moves by the BRICS team. Note this short paragraph:

The Wolf Gray take on the above link, they have Zero fear of us anymore, and have Zero (pun intended) respect for us, especially when you combine it with a public announcement of the backing of Russia with regards to the Ukraine.  No more fear folks, in fact it looks like the accelerator is being mashed to the floor.

Moving forward in time to the end of 2015, and this was clearly on display with respect to the in your face US treasuries dumping in quick massive volume by China. The proof is in, the return to sender fiat pudding.

Next up forget the FED, my business sense says they are puppets & morons positioned to absorb the blame by whoever is at the helm. In the March 31st 2015 installment, the following paragraph was an introduction to the beast within.

A little history is needed here. The U.S. Exchange Stabilization Fund was established at the Treasury Department by a provision in the Gold Reserve Act of January 31, 1934. This next line pretty much says it all with respect to the ESF’s functions, as applied to any actions that help the US, and it’s dollar assets. The ESF can be used to purchase or sell foreign currencies, to hold U.S. foreign exchange and Special Drawing Rights (SDR) assets, and to provide financing to foreign governments. This turbo charging of the ESF’s powers seems to have begun in 1968, at least on paper which means it could have been earlier.  I for one knew of the ESF, but never threw it in a ‘power basket’ that would equal, or exceed the Federal Reserve.  I may have been asleep at the wheel….& just got my wake up call!

This clearly describes, the save the nameless guys in charge, with a classic cover your arse technique.  A technique using some lame morons to blame as the stooges in charge, hello Federal Reserve! A group of academics, who if asked to hit the streets, and provide the sustenance for their families, they in their non reality minds, wouldn’t know whether to “shit or go blind”.

Moving forward to the April 14th installment, we find information that illustrates the need for proper leadership outside the constructs on display now from the District of “We disposed of the constitution” Criminals. That is all I am going to say on that, but it is still worthy of a quick note. Moving on…….

The May 11th installment, “The Time Has Come Today”, is a little late in it’s message, that’s right late, as in it should have come in 2008. That being said, note the following…….

If we are going to go through the “slowly bringing the frog to a boil” routine, then I surmise it already started in 2008, and the water temps. are now starting to fizzle. Hell the frog is about ready to be served on a…GOLD or SILVER…platter. We don’t have the stomach or at least the budget for much more phony contrived economic numbers, and as far as our leadership’s world stage shenanigans, neither do the BRICS power brokers. Joint military exercises by the east etc., talk about a SIGN POST saying “get your insurance items in order, NOW!”

Repetitive Wolf Gray, your being repetitive. Indeed, but being early to this party at least makes you a surviving participant, because once the doors are shut they will not open again. Get your insurance now, or make your peace. sorry for the dramatics, but it will be the truth!

I still believe everything above is in play, and has now ramped up to a new level of "in your face danger, and stupidity". Now on to….

June 16th, and “Outside the Box Motives” is the theme. This line I feel needs to be re-highlighted:

Money is not a motive, never has been never will be. If somebody says they want money badly, all I have to do to get to the true motive, is say, “why?” Now the real motive will be exposed. So what could be the banksters motives? It ain’t money, these guys, the real banksters that run things, make Bill Gates look like a pauper. Their incomes ain’t reported, try getting a copy of a true Rockefeller or Rothschild tax return. Hell these guys don’t even show up on the Bilderberg guest list (I didn’t see a print of this year’s, but I saw the the prior year’s lists). Are they attending or not?  Who knows, I sure don’t.  Point is they ain’t easy to pin down, so what are they thinking?  That is even harder to uncover, so thus I pontificate & speculate with a slight measure of logic.

And the second line, as a follow up to the above line:

For I smell a Reagan ‘wanna-be’, and if I am right, then the options are endless to these satanic piece of shit banksters. And, thus I theorize the banksters ain’t out of this fight yet. Discuss this and bat it around, we don’t want a Reagan ‘wanna-be’, truth is the one prerequisite that has to prevail. Sadly the odds of the upcoming election providing truth, are as likely as bird shit in a coo coo clock.

Decide as you feel necessary how to apply the above rehash, but I think it is extremely important to keep the opponent’s or in this case the puppeteer’s mindsets in perspective. Next up it is……

June 28th 2015, where we took a headlong dive into the ESF, and their dastardly covert dealings. Were the views in this installment true or not? Business logic says true, and a call to “The Economic SilverBack”, who verified most of it, as being very real & true, added to the credibility of the conclusion! Which should indicate to all of us that, “You have to think way outside the box in order to see the light of the truth, even if it is unwanted.” A knowledge of the truth is what may save your life, or at least possibly restore a semblance of the standard of living you once knew, in a post King Dollar world. Soon to be, from a view that will be described as, ‘not long ago’.

Business 101: The ESF appears to be the original insurance policy to protect the potential future failings of the “Fiat dollar system”, dating all the way back to 1934. Do I know that for sure? No. Well then Mr. Wolf Gray what are the odds of it being right, as regards it’s prior implementation for the protection of the “Fiat Dollar”? It is written in it’s mandate, I think that frickin’ says it all. So I place my odds of being right, at about 99:1. The FED is a group of puppet hacks, nothing more. I mean come on man, Janet Yellen, give me a break! Though the FED was likely more than puppet hacks in 1913, the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) later recognized they needed a “good cover”, to accomplish their 'over-sized' self enriching goals.  Thus the ESF was created, created to use the FED as a brokerage agent, and front operation while manipulating ill gotten gains covertly! Moving on…..

Next up. The first paragraph of the July 7th installment, “Prepping 101…China…Russia…& Texas???”, hit on what I think is the biggest in your face indicator you could ever have, and the one I will highlight at the end of this 2015 revisit, once again! For me anyway, it is the most obvious business harbinger of them all in 2015 for the accurate prediction of the changes that will most likely happen in 2016. Though not a guaranteed predictor, it is pretty darn close to it.  From the July 7th installment......

This Texas slap at the District of Criminals, with a request for their own gold, has put myself, and a key Wolf Pack member on high alert. He suggested, “WG you know what, Russia & China are just large scale ‘preppers’!” That is one way of looking at it, and in fact the exact right way of looking at it, with the caveat of “conducting business while they add the finishing touches to their DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) business reserves”. And, as Wolf Gray fired back at him, “Texas is following right in the BRICS foot steps.”

Two weeks later in the installment for the 21st of July, we hit squarely into the meat of a subject that had tears in my eyes for personal reasons. It reminded me, I can’t get my family to pay attention, but it also highlighted a sign, that had yet to hit the on the ground King Dollar collapse experience meters. It has now folks!  Note the last installment on December 22nd, and the first line of the third paragraph above. But, here is how I put it on July 21st:

Later I want to get to the last part of the title “Pride in business matters”, as I listened to WG’ette over the weekend detail some business viewpoints. I suspect the rich & the ’wanna-be rich’ are going to be the last ones who quit spending, and since she has one of the most successful “high end” businesses in the world (not brag, absolute fact), she serves as an excellent intel source. A true indicator of the final shoe to drop. She doesn’t realize she is a Wolf Packer, but if her clientele, the rich guys slow their spending internationally on the ultra high ticket items sold in her line of work, then we are closing in on the true “Joe & Jane SixPack” getting slobber-knockered (financial butts kicked) in the pocket book moment.

Stepping into the scene today, I feel we can confidently say the wanna-be's are now feeling the pocket book crunch.  This past Christmas season verifies that the ‘wanna-be’s’ days of “look at me….look at me” are coming to a halt. For confirmation I can add to that, since the stubborn Wolf Grayette avoided getting into any major conversations with me recently. This is her way of avoiding having to say, “O.K. maybe you were right, but I don’t want to hear it because I don’t want to believe it, just yet. As it could just be a business cycle!” Confession....I literally haven’t asked her how the high end biz is going, but I already know how it is going. After all, like most parents with their kids, I sure as hell know how to read the Wolf Grayette signs.

“A true economic indicator of the final shoe to drop”, as stated in the July 21st installment of 2015, has just happened. A Christmas season that fell on it’s high end retail face, dropped like a shoe that was loaded with a 10 pound dumbbell.

I just want to briefly mention the July 28th installment, one that has the best title I ever came up with. “Make Your Mind Up, Be Aggressive, not Reactive in Your Preparations”, this title says it all. You will not have time to react “EFFECTIVELY” to this crisis once it is recognized by all the Walmart shoppers out there. Be proactive, period. Period, otherwise you will just be a witness to the empty shelves you thought you were going to prep from!

It is August 28th, and the Pack & I realized that the “Fiat Dollar Control” was a grand magic act, that had lost it’s sovereignty, and thus it’s own identity. Note these lines:

The right to autonomy is granted via a lack of outside ownership.  In an economic sense, it would be defined by the lack of outside ownership of one’s own currency, and or debt frameworks. The US now has no borders in a business or in an economic setting or framework. Why? I would maintain it is due to the fact that well in excess of 50% of the US paper afloat worldwide is outside their geographic, or better yet, their jurisdiction over the “domestic citizen tax payer laws”. …To put it simply they can’t call the shots anymore, and guarantee the results to their greedy desires anymore. We don’t own them, they own us! Without a reasonable sized manufacturing base in relationship to our massive dollar/bond (actually dollar plus bond) expansion, without real money in the storage bin, and without real development of our natural resources, we have no, as in ZERO leverage! Or as I love to say, we can’t operate or negotiate from a vital position of strength, without the proposition of force in visible tow.

Are the lines correct? I will leave that to you the astute reader. BTW, sorry if you don’t think the aforementioned lines are right, because astute doesn’t apply to you.

First of September 2015, was followed by two straight installments on the markets. Markets that are in transition, and helped to highlight the upside down nature, and the manipulations that are not uncommon to any business that is teetering on it’s last legs. First from that installment, note the following lines:

Don’t count out the equity markets from the evil moves of the paper manipulators though. I suspect the stock market’s fall will be part of a “bail-in” propaganda, with classic lines like, “save the markets & your portfolio as well, in the name of capitalism in the USA”. This will be an attack on the sympathies of the only retail investors left in play, via payroll deduction, pension programs, & other forms of retirement vehicles. Probably to be enhanced with a save your country switcharony to move your funds from equities to bonds, at which point you are screwed. Get Out now folks, while you can, and buy what little “Gold & Silver Bars & Coins” remain!  Wolf Gray

Folks the PPPTB save their Fiat Dollar gambits are failing miserably, but remember they ain’t worried about it, they have their preps in place, do you? People confusingly assume their view of the system is spot on. It is just part of the human ego's way of viewing things. One that says the PPPTB has to want the system to work, and to be profitable as well, right? Wrong, wrong, wrong! The PPPTB want it to work for their gain, not yours, they ain’t benevolent. If the sheeple would say to me, “WG I think the PPPTB want the Fiat Dollar system to work for themselves in the control towers while throwing us a few tiny scraps of left overs from their ill gotten gains.” I would say, “Yeah now you got it!” Truth is they don’t give a pile of cow flop about the system surviving in the manner from which the sheeple may perceive it. Never have, never will, and if they did, ….. would they have needed the ESF, the repeal of Glass Steagall in 99’, The Patriot Act, NDAA, or heaven help us the Dodd Frank Act? Can I get a…Duh, No?

Note these two September installments came after the clear western desperation on display via the bombings in Tianjin China. Ironically after a massive dumping of those oh so so valuable “US Paper” instruments, by the Chinese. I know it’s just a coincidence, the explosions after the paper dumps….! It is just business PPPTB style! And, believe it or not, I think they do major pre planning for the blow back from violent moves against their competition. Like.....

Speaking of business PPPTB style, they didn’t implement Dodd Frank without any reason in mind!??? Like, they just had nothing better to do, than piddle with this document, detailing methods of restricting access to money.  It is a document implementation, with the idea that the East would not be so fearful of the bankster intimidation techniques one day.  Don't think for a minute they did it to protect the system from failure, which is what will be said, no no no, they did it to protect you from running yourself, and your holdings away from it all. If you don't think Dodd Frank was done as a PPPTB insurance policy, then!  Think again, it was preplanned damn-it. It’s just business, being conducted proactively toxic PPPTB style, while most are asleep at the business wheel. I know most RMer's get it.  Moving on…

Brief Aside:

Think Outside the Box! That motto is in over 50% of my installments, and it is the only way you can survive effectively, excluding an act of God! Resourcefulness is born from thinking outside the box. Want proof, here is a story from the southern racing legend Junior Johnson.

About 10 years ago I gained a business relationship with a dump truck repair contractor, and his small trucking firm. Turned out he was a former pit crew member for Junior Johnson in the early 90’s. We got to discussing some of the legendary stories attached to Junior, and I asked him what was his favorite? This is great, check it out (paraphrasing from his details).

WG Junior came in the shop one morning, and told all of us he wanted to win the the upcoming, pit crew championship races to be held before the main event at Rockingham Motor Speedway (now inactive). And, then he just walked off. My words….That’s how he did things, as he expected them to think outside the box, and for themselves. My client added, “When he walks away like that with nothing more to add, that damn sure meant we better come up with something good.

WG rules back then were (basically): “The car drives into the pit, and is timed from that point while the crew fills up the tank & changes four tires”. And, in those days it was usually to the tune, of a 19 second time, at the very very best.

WG we thought & thought & thought, and finally came up with a novel idea. We decided to take advantage of the physical strengths of the retired pro football players that were beginning to show up as pit crew members back then (very prevalent now as jack men). How? By putting one “bull” on one side of the car & one “bull” on the other & then throwing the jack across the top of the car from one to the other during the stop. Completely eliminating one guy lugging the jack around the car by himself. It took a lot of practice to keep them from killing each other, but we finally refined it. My aside, Usually, and still to this day the same guy goes from one side to the other jack in hand (not a two man operation).

WG, long story short, we won with a sub 12 second time, that demolished the competition, all of whom were well up in the 19 second bracket. An angry NASCAR official ran over to Johnson, and said, “Your disqualified, that is illegal.” Johnson, “Prove it, where is it in the rule book?” NASCAR, “It ain’t, but it is now, and your disqualified!”

Think outside the box folks, for unlike the example above, your only disqualifying judge will be yourself. And, failure will not be accompanied by anger followed by disqualification, only SHAME & DISQUALIFICATION!  Wolf Gray

Think outside the paper matrix box! Next up…..

From the September 26th installment:

Dependency that is the Utopian Goal: As stated by “The Guerrilla” many moons ago, the US Fed, and the US government are attempting to collapse the US Dollar (something like that anyway). As noted in the interview with Dave Kranzler, the US exported a record amount of silver to India, yet they can’t, or refuse to deliver to the US citizenry’s demands for “real money” (gold & silver bars & coins). Wolf Gray’s theory; it would appear the US “PPPTB” want to destroy any opportunities to accumulate real money (gold & silver) from it’s own citizenry. That leads to a big, WHY? Maybe the PPPTB intend to make the SixPack’s more dependent, for the future NWO version of the USA, and not have to face it’s former fighting spirit, which could be inspired by their constitutional values being trampled on! What better way to do it than assisting them to be totally broke, starving, and dependent as opposed to participating in a new financial system that is being ushered in by the competitor, “The BRICS & Associates”. Hence, export out of reach, as much of the real money, that will be highly valued in the new monetary system into the accounts of the BRICS & Associates. The western PPPTB may be beaten, but it looks like they intend on making sure they have control of a good portion of the western world via poverty & dependency.

A game plan that is impossible for the PPPTB to implement if a good portion of the western citizenry are wisely informed “stackers”, making ready for the coming changes to a worn out useless fiat monetary system. Contrast the real images of the SixPack’s watching “The Kardashians” with the very real recent images of Chinese citizens waiting hours to buy gold & silver. A concept the PPPTB can ill afford to happen in a well armed US countryside. Just an idea for the “RM Think Tankers”, and it kind of fits in with the FED wanting to “take the dollar OUT!”

Hmm fast forward to the current rate hike in the face of even greater weakness than was exposed back in September, and a predictive future comes into view. Note the dollar's value on the FOREX should strengthen after a rate hike, also worth noting is it is my view the markets are manipulated about 99.99% of the time, so keep an eye on things after this moronic rate hike. All things being equal, and with a view of past dollar price history, combined with economic weakness in the background, the dollar’s likely post hike run up, should be followed with a crash to rather anemic levels. Planned? I say, “Yes!”

Let’s revisit thinking outside the box for a moment with this excerpt from the September 29th installment titled “Living Within a Black Cloud, Slow Moving False Flag!”……..

Definition of False Flag per Wikipedia: False flag (or black flag) describes covert operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

OK that definition is great, but it doesn’t address the individual “why’s” associated with the fact an end result is always desired by the perpetrators of the said false flag. Of even greater interest, as regards an end result, is the immediate need after the false flag for an “emotional reaction from the public at large” to protect themselves, and set things right! Ironically these very very western false flags are normally of super short time duration. Ebola, we came we saw we forgot…….Bundy Ranch, we came we saw we forgot……Ferguson Missouri, we came we saw we forgot……Boston bomber, we came we saw we forgot….uncounted numbers of shooting events to inspire “gun hatred”, we came we saw we forgot…..On a similar recent note, a news reporter was shot on camera, which is interesting in and of itself (what are the odds of that happening), we came we saw we forgot…..Syria, we came we saw we forgot several times too, btw. And, finally Jade Helm, we came we saw, and we tried to forget, but the “Alt. Media” will still not let us forget. Wolf Gray’s sense of smell says, drum roll please, “these are all diversionary false flags designed to distract us from one giant slow moving more devastating false flag, one that due to it’s very nature requires a huge amount of time to be safely implemented, and carried to an unavoidable conclusion.” I kind of stumbled onto the preceding theory, whether right or wrong, with kudos in this case to W’s harping on big picture thinking, and “The Economic SilverBack’s” statement the FED is trying to destroy the US Dollar! Remember the Wikipedia definition from above with the distinctive language that decisively uses the word “COVERT”!

2015’s prior indicators tell me that 2016 could see this slow moving black cloud of a false flag, soon unleash one hell of a real financial storm.

Moving on to business without fear as detailed in the October 27th installment. Note this excerpt:

Team western bankster’s “Sales & Marketing Team” just got it’s butt kicked. Though the sign above the building wing may have read “Sales & Marketing”, it actually housed the “P&E” operations (protection & enforcement), which for team bankster served as the arm, leg, chest & head of the perverted “Sales & Marketing Division”. Without a growing “Sales & Marketing” department, and btw forget “growing”, how about deceased when addressing Western Bankster Inc., the business model dies under it’s own bloated, embarrassed, expensive weight.

The above was in reference to the US Theodore Roosevelt heading to parts other than the middle east, and note this was just 2 weeks prior to the attacks in Paris, which were also preceded by one of France’s water bound military attack units heading to the middle east in actual advance of the Paris attacks. All very interesting in retrospect.

The bullying & oppressive foreign business strategies from the west are truly dead, at least among the larger economic players that endeavor to break ties with the toxic King. And after recently witnessing Kerry (two months after this installment) bow to Putin’s views in Syia, one has to ask “are we soon to witness a possible strategy change with a focus on oppressing the home crowd in a covert sort of “Dodd Frank” way?”  Stay tuned in 2016 folks.

Moving forward to a recommendation of making good use of a chance to increase your purchasing power as detailed in the November 24th installment:

Conclusions: “Gold & Silver Bars & Coins” will be the most universally accepted form of monetary exchange to purchase the products & services needed to fuel the “Rebuild” phase or stage. Otherwise, there will not be one, at all. Fiat or even “beans & bullets” (b&b) don’t have the intrinsic value to support any sort of lasting rebuild.  In that instance there will only be survival! Think about this, almost every other hard asset has a taxable trail to it (excluding some oil & gas lease partnerships, which the Fed’s watch anyway), but not “Gold & Silver Bars & Coins” in international, and or physically held form.  An advantage that has constitutionality to it….with a link to economic FREEDOM! No cut to the importance of ’b&b’ folks, but if you can do it, take the time to increase your purchasing power. Do it easily with the advantage of a stepped up basis in purchasing power, and all with very little government intrusion. How?  Honest money, Gold & Silver Bars & Coins held in physical form!  GSBC it may not be what’s for dinner, but it will most likely be able to buy it, for you & your family!

Increasing your purchasing power with a well thought out stash of GSBC’s will not be so critical in the hunker down phase of the Fiat Dollar demise, but if you want to have any chance at recovery with some dignity for you & your family it is a must.


In the title of the December 9th installment, it pretty much outlines my thoughts for the USSA endgame as comprised in a world view……..”USA Isolation & Assimilation, A Foregone Conclusion & It’s Just Good Business” I personally believe every word of it, and feel it is well on the way to full implementation, especially after the December 16th brainiac move by Yellen & company.

On 12/27 note this link that made it to ZeroHedge:


Not too far a stretch from the on the ground intel the Wolf Pack was giving me just two weeks prior, that I mentioned in the “Anger is Festering” segment in the 12/14/2015 installment. And speaking of this installment, the following point can’t be ignored:

Fiat Money Whore Summary:

Two levels of Fiat Dollar worship have been covered in this installment, “the worshiper” & “the worshiped”. With both defined as “Whores”. Again, let’s keep it simple…….. Getting down and dirty at the worshiped level, what happens in the life cycle of any street hooker/“Whore”? First hey start losing their luster, then almost overnight they become so unattractive their price is discounted, and finally comes what I suspect are the only 2 extreme options available “saved by divine intervention, or put out to pasture”. As regards their working profession, only being “put out to pasture” is the final option, whether saved by God, or just plain “old….tired….& or just forced out due to a loss of value!” Is there a pattern here for the Worshiped? First….losing luster….then so unattractive the price is discounted….& finally put out to pasture….! As I have said many times. The Whore that is Fiat money (legal tender), has no boundaries, and no loyalty, she will go whichever way the easy trickle down money or in this case legal tender flows. That’s her history, a history that has been repeating itself, wherever she is allowed to briefly flourish. At our level & in our case…….on the ground style!  Let’s put it this way………. Once again….the fiat dollar has proven herself to be a heartless whore. A witch who will hitch a ride with whoever has the most “Tricks” up for sale. So, while you still can, “Ditch the Bitch!”

So much for the trip down 2015 memory lane, but some of the analysis in retrospect was very interesting, and sometimes comical. I mentioned a summary that features the home front, and in this case I am going to try and tie it in with a series of hard asset tips, that hover around honest business.

Hard Asset Tip:

This one is pulled from the comments section in last weeks installment. Swammi asked my opinion on paying things off or adding to your DHAP. A short segment of the answer …..

My rule of thumb is, the closer I am to the collapse chaos event, the more I don’t give a hoot about debts & officials giving me grief, especially if I am living among a group of people who are also fed up with greed & misused authority. Now in my case I paid the house & vehicles off several years ago with retirement liquidations, along about the same time I was also well into my DHAP inventory formation. I also figured I had at least a year to prepare, and as it turned out it was much longer, thus the debt payoff didn’t have a time constraint, or did it hinder the formation of my DHAP. But! Now, I think it is late in the game. If I was starting with a partial DHAP & staring at an obvious quickening of the shift to eastern powers over old western powers, like right now, I would have a tendency to favor the building of my DHAP over paying something off. As it may be more important, especially if you are forced to move anyway. So at this time DHAP over paying things off, but that is just me. Especially if the DHAP is under the inventory level you are comfortable with. If it is well supplied, I can tell ya debt free is nice. Food & water & survival necessities I would say 6 months worth, and as for the metals stash, that’s a tough one, but a mix of about 80+% to silver….with the balance to gold and/or one of the other metals. Physical only of course, and if you have the contacts you can trust, do as Ken Schortgen Jr likes to say, diversify overseas as well. If you have enough excess & feel the need to go outside our borders “The SilverBack” is who I would contact at his contact info. here @ RM I would personally feed the DHAP at these late stages, unless it is already fairly well stocked to date.

Additional Hard Asset Tip:

Start relying on your common sense. As it appears the local on the ground indicators of the micro world are starting to to give “tells” to what is actually happening in the real behind the scenes untold to the sheeple msm world. Want an on the ground intel example? There are tons of them right here on ‘roguemoney.net’, and our very own "James the Russian Analyst” is a perfect recent example. Note the following link, if you haven’t already:


That is a super smart, well connected guy saying it is time to personally buckle down, and “get it as right as I can for my loved ones & myself in 2016”… BTW there are other little “tells” I have seen regularly right here on ‘roguemoney.net’. Keep your eyes open, these signs are becoming more prevalent, and they are likely to be in your face this coming year. All that is needed is an open eye, a decently developed sixth sense, and if that doesn’t work just some God given common sense. It is going to be much easier to spot in 2016. Much much easier, as long as you are willing to search for the truth..

I don’t know how it could be much easier than 2015 though, but remember this? I mentioned at the start of this installment in the second paragraph, I was going to lay out an unapproved, and yet to have the Wolf Pack seal of approval, business theory. All righty then!

First a theory that no one will contest, "a house divided will fall, or cannot stand". With that in mind, when one of the subsidiary components of any existing business starts faltering or wants to break away, the greater whole will suffer. If it is one of the most productive of the subsidiaries then the greater whole may lose many many more quality productive operations. We have all seen it in action, a quality employee leaves a company, and many follow with him or her.

Hello TEXAS. In the form of, Texas calling out it’s big brother, and saying, "Give me mine back! This is the biggest in your face “wake the hell up”, if you have the guts, indicator in the recent history of this country. As mentioned in the opening paragraphs, “an exclamation point by team bankster to the home front followed as well. How about another bombing, but not in Tianjin this time, this time to a home teamer, the state of Texas with chemical fires. The msm’s silence on this home based news item, says it all. Don’t mess with the structure of the power base, be it in DC, or to the financial apparatus that revolves around “The Treasury”, or the more likely the ESF (probably one in the same).  For if you do, we will hurt you!

Combine that with clearly manipulated markets on the entire western front, a rapid onslaught of bullying failures by the USSA on the world stage, and the admission of the RMB to the IMF, after initial denial, and one should smell desperation or a temper tantrum. I forget wait was the IMF denial 3 years ago, 2 years ago, or that’s right, just 3-4 months ago?!!! Is the final IMF related detail important? Only in light of the fact the Chinese may just want to be able to manipulate the timing of things in the paper world. But to me the significance is, since the IMF is the USSA, it reeks of the cries of “We give up, come on in, and don’t expose whatever it is you were going to expose, to the USSA Sixpacks.”

Common sense folks. Anymore, I don’t need the depth of V’s & W’s intelligence, though I like hearing it. Anymore, I don’t need the foreign insights of “The Russian Analyst”, though I really appreciate it. Anymore, I don’t even need the technically superior economic skills of Ken Schortgen Jr., though I do rely on them from time to time.

Nope based on what I am seeing now, all I need is “Business 101 Common Sense”, because our brave brothers & sisters in Texas said loud and clear in 2015, what everyone else is probably afraid to say, “We don’t trust ya give it back, so we can PREP accordingly!” Texas smelled a trap brewing, whether it be the unconstitutional Zero Care Tax, or the TPP “New Entrepreneur” death trap, they appear to be voting with their feet. I strongly suspect some others are wanting to put on their favorite traveling shoes as well. 2016 baby, stay tuned!  Wolf Gray

As far as I am concerned there is no need for any more “Which way is the Fiat wind blowing”, questions? It’s from the direction of the sewer, and it's value is drying up. Stay focused & stay tuned to RM, because I got a feelin' 2016 is going to light it up folks! With that in mind I would not lighten your stacks for any but the most dire of financial reasons. Instead focus more on your final preps.

2016 will be interesting if not down right scary/exciting to watch, be it the oil company chaos that will ensue in 2016, or the election distraction/absurdities. Regardless of the view, in the corner all by himself the King Dollar will continue to be in “Time Out”, and will remain there as far as the rest of the world is concerned.

Time to gather the Wolf Pack together for some additional thoughts on the future of 2016.  I myself have a unique Texas view on things for 2016, that figures there will be further restrictions to one’s implementation or entry to a Texas state of mind! 

Texas, and the Texas followers that are about to happen have me thinking of this song.....


Have a Safe New Year..!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Team RM, Swammi, Michael Snyder, Wolf Street (no affiliation), ZeroHedge, Steve St. Angelo, Jack Ingram, & Golden Earring