Boxing Day and New Year's Greetings from the Russia Analyst

Participating in this RogueMoney community has helped me see I was never alone. But I also recognized as we all feel 'the quickening' that priorities had to be re-evaluated, and more time needs to be cherished for 'meet-space' and seeking wisdom. There is only so much time, mental bandwidth and energy available to try and comprehend the enormity of the coming global economic reset, much less Russia's role as 'the spearhead' or 'shock army' for the new Eurasian world order. I decided in 2016 I needed to preserve a bit more time for myself and those closest to me, and focusing on new projects and offline (aka 'prepper' nuts and bolts) skills.

It's also high time, as W the Intelligence Insider says, to 'get out of the way' -- though what form and in what exact direction those steps will take, I do not know. I remain open to new opportunities and challenges, and request this community's prayers for discernment in the coming year.

This isn't exactly goodbye, as I'll still 'be around' in the comments from time to time, and the team Rogue Money members know where and how to find me offline. But it is stepping back from being a Team Rogue Money 'regular' in the hope of closing 2016 in a better place, having 'made ready for what is to come'.

To Rogue Money readers in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong -- a blessed Boxing Day.

To everyone else, Happy New Year! Успехов и добра в Новом Году!

James "Winston" Smith

PS Here's a piece of music that sums up my year with the Fellowship of the 'Rogue Money' Ring -- Piano Guys' cover of Howard Shore's soundtrack to The Lord of the Rings -- we did our job. The beacons were lit...YOU dear readers and freedom lovers around the world will be the Rohirrim cavalry: