Are We There Yet? Been There, & the Service Just Keeps Getting Worse!

Last week’s FED rate hike is going to lead to the ramping up of the time frames to begin conducting business via a new form of weights & measures, as paper gets another boot to the arse. A 10 minute phone call prior to last week's FED announcement with “The Economic SilverBack”, had me fired up, and completely rethinking my preparation time frames (mostly mental for me at this point). So fired up, I was literally talking over his voice, while he was revealing his inside info. But once again, “The Guerrilla” proved to me, his deep connections to the system are second to none. More on that after the news “bites”, concerning paper ‘bs’.

Speaking of paper, the picture above caught a member of the Pack expressing his views at the very formative foundations of paper….! The evidence trail is really starting to stink folks! In point of fact if you want to skip this whole article, the picture pretty much summarizes my views.


Legal tender, fiat currencies, and more specifically the “King Dollar” (with it’s components “Petrodollar & domestic world trade dollar”) have been on a “Fiat Rollercoaster Ride” to an unknown end for the sheeple masses. Not unknown to those here at “”.

The unknown END is a huge currency purchasing power debasement, with “legal” currency possession restrictions. An END where getting off the rollercoaster ride will be scary at the very least, but….but…but! An exit that will appear to the sleepy sheeple masses to be much scarier than the breath taking descent to the exit ramps. This rollercoaster had been moving ever closer to the END, and now clearly is culminating with a climb to the highest point of the ride, to be quickly followed by a breath taking descent to the final destination.

This FED rate hike clearly signals the odds now favor, the “Fiat Rollercoaster Ride” is starting a breath taking descent. The pace of things is about to ramp up folks.

To date, I have not been a big fan of Marc Faber, but post last week's FED rate hike he said exactly what I was thinking, “The FED hiked rates at exactly the wrong time!” So….next up, is some post FED rate hike theoretical business analysis, a new take on timing analysis (probably more after the first of the year), additional hard asset preparation ideas, and the pre-FED rate hike “heads up” talk with “The Guerrilla”, and my own take on it. Plus some proof that what Ken Schortgen Jr., and yours truly said a full week ahead of the September 2015 FED meeting, at least in my view, was spot on. “The FED has lost all credibility.”

Oh if it offends you, you might want to skip the very end of the news bite segment, as I am also going to do a real attack on one of my favorite “Globalist Economic Parrot Heads”! Sorry I can’t help it, though this guy is smart he is clearly a globalist tool. And, understanding the players on the field is just part of the preparations game.

First the recent news that surrounded the December FED announcement, and the attached signs that bring into greater focus the engineered demise of the King Dollar, that’s right engineered! It is getting much more obvious of late! In fact it appears last week’s installment that illustrated there is very likely an engineered “Option A”, is now coming into clearer focus.

A Paul Revere Aside:

One of the WolfPack made the suggestion, that Team Roguemoney was somewhat similar to Paul Revere. Upon further review (half an hour of pontificating) we both determined that was inaccurate. Paul Revere got the message out to “Prepare & get ready to fight, in order to correct the oncoming situation”. Team Roguemoney has no chance to deliver such a message.

Instead, I humbly suggest, that we are hopefully getting out half of that message “Prepare & get ready”……There will not be a fight to correct the situation, as it is unstoppable. Instead we will hopefully be blessed with the chance to rebuild, after the “Fiat Dollar devaluation &/or Demise”. Finally we both agreed the last man to deliver a message to correct this situation in modern day Paul Revere terms, was Ross Perot. Unfortunately, I like many didn’t pay attention to him. Bottom line, no one can be that person, Paul Revere, at these very very late stages. Moving on……

The News that Details the Fiat Unraveling:

First up I was able to obtain this video clip of the “high level” meeting between two Federal Reserve Board Members, and then you can clearly see the final vote at the end of this clip of the December 16th meeting. This kind of high level info is only available from the Wolf Gray……

I always wondered how they counted the votes, and then assigned a priority system to it. BTW if you can’t take the time to laugh at the realities of this, ‘bs’ we are going through, you will very likely go insane. Thus the reason for my posting it.

In a continuation of last week’s installment, I want to show you this interview with Donald Trump posted on “InfoWars” (I know I claim to have recently been Alex Jones free, but I do check in on him from time to time). He still has some, “Which way the wind blows”, worthwhile info!

Summing up the above from "Infowars", no one, and I do mean no one ever attempts to tell the real motives behind the USSA foreign mishaps. It is always a blame game, to keep the masses entertained, but the real motives are simply, “It’s Business”! That is all there is to it. It’s the business of protecting the “King Dollar”, albeit in a manner that is ultimately revealing itself to be completely ineffective, as measured on a long term basis.

A news aside. Folks when you see headlines like the one in this next ZeroHedge post, you should always, and I do mean always, do the opposite.

This next one attaching superior status to the FED, just boils my arse!

The headline is wrong, way wrong, the FED doesn't face "diddly -squat", but the people subject to their actions sure as hell do.  Do any of these clowns go home worrying about how their loved ones will be fed tonight?  Nope!

Piss on these clowns, I get tired reading about their, big time worries.  They don't have any, UNLESS...."the sheeple wake up to the real culprits of their own family's pains, then the FED stooges are in, as Wolf Gray Sr. used to say, "In Deep Weeds".  The media’s God like status assigned to these legislative body leaders, politicians, and corporate body leaders with a government facade, like the FED, is just too much for one Wolf Gray to take.

Drama for the FED my arse.  Real drama is having a house full of kids, and laying awake wondering if you will be laid off from work.  Wonder if the FED board of governors worries over that in the middle of the night..F.....these bozos. Oops I guess they don't worry since the BLS, says the labor market is fully employed.   Sorry sometimes things hit me wrong, like every news hour these frickin' days!

In this next link from ZeroHedge, it should be titled the "next phony excuse by the phony’s in the banking industry", as regards the timeliness of the FED’s actions.

The above link is illustrative of excuse making professionals, in pure cya mode (cover your arse).  Oh if we had just done it earlier, well how much earlier buddy?  He or she makes it sound like, oh maybe a couple years of being diligent would have made a difference.  Yeah right, how about a couple decades of it, or even a century? The printing of paper to create bubbles goes back much much further than even 2008 (the true collapse kick off date). This fact will be the cornerstone of roasting one of my favorite globalist paper worshipers in just a second.

Boy good thing the FED hiked rates to stop this burgeoning USSA economy in the nick of time before it explodes. Check out the link below. As reported on the pages of RM over & over & over 'ad nauseam', the real business numbers are rolling over, but just keep in mind it is a consumer based economy, which means this is even worse, we ain't consuming enough to even fake it in the headlines anymore.  Maybe the msm will start saying we are weak right now due to the fact we are in a transition from a consumer based economy, soon to become an "industrial mecca", and just chomping at the bit to take the attention off these abysmal numbers. Don’t hold your breath!  Even the sheeple will not buy that lie!

Maybe CN'BS' could get Jim Cramer to go down to the "Gulf" and do a show on the deck of a yacht with the oil tankers lined up behind him, with the following "BUY line".  "Folks if you don't think things are heating up in the US economy, just look at the number of oil tankers fighting to get their product into the hottest market on the planet!"  The sheeple would bite, but if they really want to get everyone to go for it, I suggest they get "Monty Python's Flying Circus".  John Cleese won't be able to dress up as Cramer though he is too tall.  They will need to use Terry Jones, or just redo the following scene, with the Black Knight representing the arrogant ”USSA financial fantasy system". Sorry the season has me feeling a little giddy!

Oh no “Hope” has betrayed the Philly Fed indices. Check this out.

This ridiculous market metric has been mentioned in prior installments, as well as on “The Guerrilla’s Radio Show”. This is a form or type of cya, and yes I believe it is cya, as the real numbers were never good. Never good!  They are just an economic assist from the PPPTB to their controlled msm wienies.  More frequent headlines like this are the very reason the “Fiat Rollercoaster Ride” mentioned in the opening paragraphs is about to pick up pace to an ugly conclusion for those who haven’t prepared properly. The headlines giving away the hints are everywhere now. More later.

Boy now here is a surprise in this next ZeroHedge link, the banksters are screwing the public. Who would have guessed this.

What I want to know is will anybody pick up on the fact the banks aren’t extending the courtesy to their business depositor patrons? Sheeple beware, and so should everyone else, as the real boundary lines via the “Dodd-Frank Act” are coming into focus with warning shots like this. As we like to say here at “rogue” (paraphrasing), “Get out of paper in as timely manner as possible.” Hey how about RIGHT NOW, because being early to this exodus party does not entail any penalties or interest rate loop holes! The final payoff will be? SURVIVAL!

In fact you can join the Team @ RM, in “popping some popcorn for the post FED rate hike highjinks !” Allowing one to enjoy the public media scramble to CYAville. This was an email suggestion I sent to my brothers in arms, that would be in everyone’s face, if the FED “hiked”! I may have left off the CYAville part.

Next up “Wrong Way Corrigan” in modern day garb a.k.a. Harry “Daffy” Dent. Many will say WG you need to quit calling names on some of this stuff. Believe me folks I am showing a high level of restraint, by not even mentioning the huge number of guys that piss me off, especially some that I email to the TEAM in private. And, btw these economic charlatans, are what I call temperature takers of the general public's views for the PPPTB. Thus as far as I am concerned, they are in the spotlight enough to require some analysis, as to the motives, and accuracy of their buffoonery!

They may be tools of the bankster elite for detailed observation.  For example, "Are any of the sheeple catching on to the fraud? I leave that to you the reader, but that being said, how in the hell can this numb skull still be given msm news time when he is massively wrong almost all the time? Check out this interview, and then I will expound below on his massive strike outs.

Hey “Daffy” what happened to “Dow” 40,000 or 35,000 or something like that by 2010, as predicted back in 2006 (just google some of his wrong way predictions)? Oh and the prediction of a DOW that drops to near nothing by the end of 2014 as predicted in 2013? This guy is one of the worst market players/prognosticators in the world, and the fact he is on the msm, just like the Cramer’s of the world, is worthy of note in determining the temperature & direction of our money. And therefore, worthy of putting his arse on the chopping block of analysis. Deflation? Yes in real commodity products, but deflation elsewhere? Not in your consumer goods, at the Joe SixPack retail level.

More of his prognosticating “Wrong Way Corrigan” brethren in a minute, with one of my favorites who is worthy of another roast.

Back to reality. The really big economic indicators are tied to the largest of markets, the ‘debt markets’, and that has been true throughout the establishment of our modern paper systems. But, with today’s “free money for the elite few” policy, and tied as well to super debt driven societies, it is now much much more important than the equity markets. With that in mind check out the next link.

Next up, folks if you haven’t gotten to the point of backing up the truck, and loading up to achieve your real money goals in “Gold & Silver Bars & Coins” (GSBC’s), then make a note of this article from Steve St. Angelo.

It is going away, FAST! If his research is remotely accurate (I have no reason to doubt it), then I am afraid when the GSBC’s well dries up, it will be like a thief in the night. Gone in a flash! So buy now, don’t hesitate!  Time for a roast.......

I have stated many times I think Jim Rickards is probably a pretty smart guy, and thus worthy of an attentive listen, but I also believe he is a possible tool of the globalists, or the bankster elite (whichever term you prefer). One thing is for sure this guy is a fence straddler, couching most of his financial theories within the paper paradigm, but still giving some credit (little alt. media carrot) to to real money fans, & GSBC’s.  But, if you pay close attention it appears he wants to get off the fence to the bankster’s fiat side.

A "hole poking" effort will follow his interview with RT, that will hopefully be somewhat helpful in judging the fight left in the banksters. Which means it is also indicative of the desperation levels in the bankster strategy rooms. There will also be a follow up rant summarizing the WG view on QE/money printing combined with ZIRP (zero interest rate policy still there .25 or not), and then a jump into the story-line, thanks to my enlightenment with a phone call boost with “The Guerrilla” prior to Yellen’s misstep on Wednesday.

In the above interview with Jim Rickards, which starts at the 4:00 mark, the laughable material with Jimbo begins at the 5:40 mark with a reference to Sam Zell, and the FED’s rate hike decision. Jimbo a.k.a. Mr. IMF says that he had an interview in 2009 where he said the FED should have hiked then, since the west was “AWASH in CASH”. Oh really! Then why the heck was TARP needed (now recognized as a too big to fail lie), less than a year prior, to that world awash in cash, you clown? This is proof positive of where this guy sits on the fence, in a position that proves he is most likely a delivery boy for the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be), and very slyly covering his own arse.

The Wolf Gray maintains the chance at controlling the situation with rate hikes or rate drops or whatever the heck, was over completely after the repeal of Glass Steagall Act in 1999. Truthfully it was over before 1999, but that was the last entry point to have any numerical chance at correcting the King Dollar demise. The rest of the interview (ends about the 11:00 mark)) isn’t worthy of comment except to say, he is a darn good salesman, pretending to think slightly out of the paper box to appeal to the alt. media viewers, but still serving the paper masters. This guy is very skilled, and very sharp, thus the very reason I suspect he was hired. To confuse those that are becoming slightly “in tune” with the state of affairs. Bottom line, he is wrong!

For a refresher, the repeal of “The Glass Steagall Act” in 1999, allowed the fox into the paper hen house, and was the beginning of a total fascist monopoly in the paper world, with the middle class as the “fall guys & bail out tools”. It was the beginning of the “Super Fiat Dollar Bubble Machine”!

The only correction available after 1999 is to go through the guaranteed “Paper Failure”, and the resulting pain to follow, and then hope for a constructive rebuild. Guys like Rickards are clearly tools, but also experts at sounding so “under control & knowledgable”, and they therefore appeal to the fence sitters in the SixPack world. Fence sitters who might get “it” if these guys would just go away, allowing them to tune into information sources like “”! The large number of alternative media, PhD academic, economic experts saying the FED was too late, are a complete joke, and I feel they are tools of the crappy fiat system! In fact late isn’t the dignified truthful word, “WRONG” is! The FED & the PPPTB are always “WRONG” in the context of making decisions that would promote trade in honest real money!

These promoters of lies, do not understand the real “Outside the Paper Box” sort of thinking that is necessary to correct this oncoming collapse. Though too late now! On the other hand do these experts get it, and thus just continue the lies? Or are they so entrenched in paper, as was indicated to me in my phone call with “The Guerrilla”, that they can’t think objectively anymore, and thus believe their bullshit numbers?  That is why they have to be analyzed, to hopefully pick up timing & directional signs via the lies they openly spout.

Angry Rant:

Regardless, that is the end result of fascist inspired money printing, QE, and ZIRP money policy! It craters real profit margins a.k.a. capital formation for businesses, by funneling those “excessive money prints” into the hands of the very elite few (banksters). Which results in the easy money trap of businesses looking for a return, via excessive risk in business investment. This invariably sucks the very life out of the money velocity among the real tangible businesses, by default requiring them to cut back on expenses which includes, paying employees. I can hear the kids in the back now, “Are we there yet?” YEP, but the services we get now ain’t worth a crap boys & girls!!!!

A Rate Hike that will Add a Blow Torch to the Paper Fires:

Just before the announced FED rate hike, I was able to get through to “The Guerrilla” by phone (not an easy task btw, he is a busy guy). A few Christmas pleasantries were exchanged, and then the big question thrown his way, “Do you think they will hike?” He said yes, and before he could get much more out, I went OFF….”You got to be kidding the economic numbers are worse now than back in September, when they chickened out.” Once he got past my excitement, his reply was along the lines of, “Wolf they actually believe the numbers they look at are legit!” Me, “What damn numbers?”  The Guerrilla, “The BLS numbers, the employment numbers.”

At this point I am shocked, as I was still positive there was no way they could hike, as Marc Faber put it, “At exactly the wrong time!”. Now this is how in tune “The Economic SilverBack” is, he added, “There will be a relief rally in the stock markets with a quick party is over back slide!” I didn’t question if that was from his high level contacts or not, as I was still in shock that these FED nitwits would hike rates. Especially in the face of greater weakness, than existed back at their last real chance per my opinion (Ken Schortgen Jr’s btw as well, good company to be in), in September 2015. Again the real business numbers, measured by the retail sales numbers, trade indices, velocity of money to name a few are now worse than they were in September 2015. Again Marc Faber has it right. “At exactly the wrong time!”

WGCIM Side Note:

The WGCIM (Wolf Gray Collapse Importance Meter) was introduced in the July 28th installment. In that installment I harped on a variety of common sense business problems that highlighted the potential of a collapse getting closer & closer. Many garnering a 10 which means it is a very important, and indicating a collapse is very near.

Well the WGCIM blew up after this ultra important phone call to he difficult to reach “Economic SilverBack”. As I pointed out, it was a phone call that caused me to get louder & louder & louder to the point of talking over the wisdom being told.  This rate hike garners a 10 on the WGCIM, as it might be indicative of a “We give up.” The game is over from the view of the guys on top, or the guys above the FED, like say the ESF.” Which leads nicely back to the “rate hike” case at hand…….

Ok so the FED may believe these recent bogus BLS numbers, but do the guys who pull their strings believe them strongly enough to demand a rate hike? I say, no way. I say they have decided on the “Option A” mentioned in the last installment, “Forced Economic Implosion, before the east continues buying the western fire sale”. Back to the conversation with “The Guerrilla”. I told him they, the FED, will blow things up with a rate hike, in damned short order, and create economic chaos. He said, “2016 will most likely be amazingly bad” (paraphrasing). He also reaffirmed that theory in his Friday night radio show. The phone call ended, as he excused himself just before Wednesday's FED announcement, of which he was spot on, and his market predictions were pretty “on time” as well.

With that in mind, it is probably time to reassess where we stand here in the USSA. A quick summary would be, the footing is less firm, than I originally thought, and means you have to keep your DHAP up to date!

But, it ain’t all bad news, check this neat real time fact out from yesterday’s mail delivery! I just got the SS Administration’s estimates for a senior citizen I am responsible for, and thanks to the tame CPI, what a crock, there will be no increase in income for the elderly in 2016. Damned elderly serves them right the free loaders, especially with the stellar BLS numbers, and don't forget, the block buster GDP, THAT INCLUDES FRICKIN' ZERO CARE TAXES AS IT'S LARGEST COMPONENT.  We at RM need to come up with a new phrase that exceeds the "what the hell" expressed in, "You can't make this crap up!"   Moving on...

Great Irony:

Ironic isn’t it that the very strength that made the US dollar the world reserve currency (along with some US bullying with the Saudis in the 1970’s), is now it’s own death nail for the global trade markets! The emerging economies can’t afford to pay their debt thanks to local currency conversions into expensive dollars. Bet those guys loved the FED rate hike!  And, in addition we can’t afford anymore debt to take advantage of our strong dollar's buying leverage, to buy anymore imports, thus we are our own death nail!

Being rather simplistic, If the dollar was home bound only, and not the lord of the emerging market world, then the possibility would exist that these markets would be swimming in trade with our now likely to be reduced debt, and expanded export purchasing capabilities. Especially if the governing conversion to world trade had been backed, I can dream you know, by real money a.k.a. GSBC’s. Each nation would only have their own debts to be dealt with, “HEY”…..we don’t need no stinkin’ dollar ballast weights to sink our economies. There is no question folks, the ”Fiat Rollercoaster” is heading down…….to it's final resting place.

The Fiat RollerCoaster, Next Stop Poverty:

Recent events have been coming in rapid fire fashion, and are being vastly underestimated with respect to the impact to the SixPacks in the USSA. For example, and not all are in any particular order or sequencing:

-A brain dead rate hike into economic weakness

-Putin making a fool of the USSA leadership in September, at the UN with respect to fighting ISIS, followed by…...

-Kerry & the USSA yielding to the East’s (Putin specifically) views in Syria. Unusual, and a big deal as to the timing, as I suspect the threat of a “Truth Bomb” was alluded to.  A theory espoused by Bill Holter @ ''

-China denied entry into the IMF, followed by…....

-China dumping a massive volume of US Treasuries, followed by…....

-China being allowed into the IMF.  Thees 3 were over a 3-4 month time span, Wow!

-Corporate earnings falling off a cliff.

-Trade indices re-setting new lows at every turn.

-Money velocity creating new lows at every turn.

-US energy independence being laughed off the global stage, accompanied by…...

-A record warm spell for the winter thus far. Not very timely for the energy boys.

-The worst Christmas retail numbers in some time, and probably way worse than reported.

-Real employment numbers in “Deep Weeds”, and…...

-Even if you have a job, your wage growth is no where to be found.

-Inflation way up at the consumer retail level, with commodity deflation running rampant.

-Totally broken credit markets, the biggest markets in the world btw, which in fact…...

-I would start looking for more reports of “Hidden QE” via the more informed Alt. media sources.

-Improperly extended loans to unqualified emerging market entities, are set to create major back lash via a probable dollar strengthening due to the stupidendous FED rate hike.

-Major sign per Wolf Gray anway, & one of the last “indicator shoes” to drop. The “High End Markets” (Neiman Marcus among others are reporting terrible retail numbers) are bombing this Christmas!

In the Wolf Gray’s humble opinion, the “Fiat Rollercoaster “ hit the top most point, and started the “Final” descent down when the IMF denied China entry. At which point things just flat ramped up in major geopolitical/business event frequency. Right now the first few rollercoaster cars have started going downward for a final time, with the tail section yet to hit the downward spiral. I think 2016 is where most USSA “Fiat Rollercoaster” riders will need to put on a pair of goggles, as the speed of the descent with their fiat floating out of their pockets, will make their eyes water.

This is a trend that was reported in a prior installment. One which details the significance regarding the time gaps between reported bad events in the macro world, and when they finally translate to ‘on the ground’ bad news in the micro world. Amazingly this time gap may have now, literally flip-flopped. That is correct flip flopped.

Typically there is some honor in the macro business community.  For example: When bad earnings news hits the wires, the employer normally tries to cut back in a variety of expense areas, without too much carnage to their total employment rolls. Especially since that move used to signify, the last major moves of a dying publicly traded company. Not any more, folks!

In fact, it recently appears companies have started cutting back their payrolls prior to expected announcements of poor earnings news. This appears to be inspired by the motive to increase the bottom line, at any & all costs, to forestall the inevitable. The micro seems to be preceding the macro events to save the upper echelon employees. This is precisely what happens when you have no tangible products, but instead only paper ‘bs’, in a system that is going “full fascism”. Again, we all should have heeded Ross Perot’s warnings I suppose.

A sideline “market wonk” history note, & also just my opinion: The “fire people in order to raise the earnings” gambit described above, gradually started at the same time the market bad boys of the world, those guys who shorted American businesses, became more & more popular. Over 3 decades ago it was a bit unseemly to bet against America by shorting a company, but ‘all in all’ it sometimes helped maintain a order to a “supply & demand” equity market. Unfortunately it inspired the inevitable casino type system, with exotic investment vehicles that came on like gang busters in the 90’s. The repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999 added even more to the popularity of these investment products leading to some of the most absurd “nasty low lit alley way” investments ever designed.

That’s what happens, when all you have to work with is frickin’ paper. It is just business, but in this case within a confined fascist framework.

Anyway, right is left, left is right, up is down, down is up, and fast forward to today the “micro events many times precede macro events to protect the “undeserving few”. A major final sign of the last heartbeats of the dying "King Dollar” (along with the list above). Albeit an abbreviated list btw!

I wonder if these brainiacs ever thought about the fact, that eventually you don’t have a populous, due to cutbacks in employment, that is capable of buying your own phony goods, and services? Quick WG answer, “I say they knew what was coming, all along, and didn’t care! As long as they got extremely rich along the way, and had enough lead time to get out of the way, they still slept nice and cozy on their pillows made of fiat!”

Now a Final Major Macro Sign:

I just got my December “Hat Trick Letter”, from Dr. Jim Willie, and out of respect I ain’t going to divulge everything in it. But, I am going to mention one very interesting business idea he put on the table.  One that I think is correct, but still just part of a much larger decades long business negotiations involving east vs. west. If you want more color than I provide, I suppose you should try out his “Hat Trick Letter” (it’s a pretty darn good resource, just like RM).

The theory espoused regarding the badly timed ignoramus FED rate hike, is that it was forced upon us by the Chinese, or lets say the BRICS & Associates (my statement not Jim’s, but his theory). I like that idea, but I don’t think it was forced upon anyone in the western power structure’s control towers. Instead the rate hike after effects will be a force felt by the USSA tax payers, soon to be the unwitting active subjects to the Dodd Frank Act’s imposed now legal domestic sanctions. I suspect on the western side of the negotiation tables, they could have acquiesced to eastern demands many moons ago, knowing full well their western fiat system was an odds on favorite to fail. So why give in, and implode things by hiking rates now?

It appears, based on the rate hike’s timing, preceded by the following sequential events, like the repeal of Glass Steagall in 1999, followed by “The Patriot Act”, the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), the ACA (affordable care act), and the establishment of Dodd Frank (to confiscate funds legally), that they have been preparing to “cover their arses”, while the western economy helplessly collapses. The trigger point being the time they feel they pilfered all they can off the backs of the American buffoon debtors, in a now probable 90% plus, USSA consumer based economy. The mission appears to be accomplished, everyone is broke, and there appears to be no subprime targets left! This is high level non personal business negotiations, the Wolf Gray has seen it done by some real pros.


Example: China forced the US’s & by default the IMF’s hands with the “treasury dumpings”, to allow the RMB membership in the IMF. Absolutely no board room meeting required. I suspect prior to final IMF inclusion, and right after the treasury dumpings, the western bankster teams tried to force the Eastern side of the long range negotiation table with explosions & violence in their cities, to do something really really dumb, prior to final IMF membership. No board room meeting required. Why the violence Langley style?   To see if China blinked or if they came back at them forcefully. I may be wrong, but I think the “King Dollar” demise was a long distance mutual agreement by disrespect. Not in the “face to face” board room, but in the “You try this, and I’ll do that in the long range negotiation rooms”.

Sort of like two neighbors who don’t like one another. One who has no trees, and hates leafs, but lives right next door to a guy with tons of trees, and in this case no evergreens, thus plenty of leafs. The guy without leafs gets aggressive, and mows a few rows onto the other guys property, in mulch mode, to fine chop the leafs so not as many blow onto his property. But, he is also disturbing the peace of the tree owner. To combat this, the guy with the trees, burns his leafs when the wind is blowing in the direction of the “Grass Whisperer”, whose cars in the driveway now gets covered in ash. Eventually one does the right thing, and the other picks up on it without saying a word, and a deal is made.  Otherwise they go to a full blown hot war.

So did the east, in the form of the BRICS (likely China) force the west’s hands in the rate hikes? Darn good chance of it, and the west probably welcomed it based on their own strategies from long ago. Why? Possibly because they knew they were going to eventually lose this battle with the east. So it is now finally time to cut their losses, to possibly fight the war on another front. No problem for them, as they will not likely suffer a scratch, they will leave that to the SixPacks.

Sadly, we are just frickin’ collateral damage to a failed western fascist business strategy. A strategy they truly wanted to work, at least on the surface, meaning don't count them out, they may come back as fascist saviors once the smoke clears. But the smarter western PPPTB architects realized many moons ago it was in failure mode, and began to prepare accordingly, by “debt fleecing” the masses.  Which means, we are truly seeing the last call for paper to be conveniently converted to real money. Again, I can hear it now, “Are we there yet?” There, as in the last chance to buy real physical metal? Damn close folks, damn close!  Once again it is just business, but in this case corrupt dishonest business at the expense of many to benefit a few!

Your only solution is a well “Diversified Hard Asset Portfolio”, one that in light of recent events that may need to be slightly shifting it’s focus this very minute. Which leads to….

The Hard Asset Tip:

If you are situated the way you want you might as well ignore this segment, but if not, it might now pay to shift gears to an emphasis on life sustaining items like “food & water”. If you don't know it yet, you will, it is very difficult to obtain everything at once for a comprehensive DHAP, due to time consumption. And if you are still in accumulation mode, then you have to pay close attention to the latest evidence trail that appears to be pointing toward a western collapse, much much sooner than later. Thus the life essentials to bridge the gap to the rebuild now take priority.

For example: One thing the Wolf Gray has yet to focus on, and needs to upgrade is, a “portable two way communication device” (we just have a race scanner that picks up on local emergency frequencies). If it were me, I would make sure this unit is portable for use in your car as well. Don’t worry about the current licenses to operate, as that will be an after thought when this shit hits the fan. After all, you sure don’t want to head out onto the highway, to save your family, and go head long into a group of vehicles piled up due to the ones in front having run out of gas, creating a blockade. A situation were I would suspect the shoulders of the highway, might just be lined with campfires with less than friendly looking types beside the road!

Hey, I think I heard the FED singing, “I Wanna Go Back.” But, as my friend Jerry5, from the think tank right here @ “rogue” said, There ain’t going to be no do overs, or second chances, when the crapola hits the fan (paraphrasing). WG says, “All we can hope for is a chance to get it right via an honest rebuild.” Wanting to go back to make things right, is now a pipe dream! I will let this former NY cop do the talking!


Last Minute Comical Headline:

This great (at least I like it) “Headliner” was just spotted this morning on “King World News”. The ever colorful Bill Fleckenstein on the wild & wacky secret CIA agent Jim Rickards. You have to skip to the bottom to see Fleck’s rant, on Rickards with respect to the bogus CPI numbers, but the headline is awesome. Hey based on the SS Administration's projections for 2016 mentioned above, the government seems to believe those ‘bs’ stats. Check this out….

RM think tank query: There is something curious about this article as regards the fiery headline vs. the rather milk toastish actual interview. Could Mr. King be heating up the headline in a personal way, because he also recognize, what an “economic cad” the “wild & wacky one” is? Or is he a Wolf Gray fan, @ “”? Yeah right. Bottom line the headline is more fiery, than the body of the article. I suggest all these alternative media outlets, best keep their “News Headline” powder dry, as there is one heck of a long list of these “Fiat Worshiping Bozos” left to fully roast………..

God Bless & Merry Christmas!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, "The Guerrilla" & the rest of Team RM, Jerry5, Jim Willie (with an assist from the Hat Trick Letter), Steve St Angelo, Bill Fleckenstein, Wolf Street (no affiliation), ZeroHedge, Infowars, King World News, Jim Rickards, & Harry Dent,