U.S. agenda in Syria eroding as Germany joins Russian camp with Assad

Earlier this week we saw a 180 degree switch from the Obama Administration as a meeting between Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian President Vladimir Putin saw the U.S. announce that the removal of Syrian President Bashir Assad was no longer a requirement for peace in the region.  This sudden policy shift comes a few weeks after it was discovered that U.S. ally and NATO member Turkey had been funding and supporting ISIS, thus breaking the tenor of Europe's full commitment in halting global terror.Yet with Washington's public announcement for conciliation on Tuesday, it appears to now have opened the door for the rest of Europe, and for members of NATO to choose a side.  And this is just what is happening on Dec. 18 when it was discovered that German intelligence has been communicating with Assad's administration on ways to reconcile past differences, and rekindle the relationship between the two countries.

“Germany's spy agency is working again with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's secret service to swap information on Islamist militants,” Reuters writes, citing the German daily.

Reuters continues: “Citing well-informed sources, the mass-circulation newspaper said German foreign intelligence BND agents had been traveling regularly to Damascus for some time for consultations with Syrian colleagues.” 

Bild goes on to say that the BND intends to establish a station in Damascus imminently where agents will take up permanent positions. That could pave the way for the reopening on the German embassy, which was shuttered in 2012. As Sputnik reminds us, "diplomatic relations were broken off three years ago when, the then Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, expelled the Syrian ambassador from Germany [and] the German ambassador to Damascus was withdrawn and the embassy closed for safety reasons." - Zerohedge

Perhaps because of the recent terror attacks in Paris, coupled with the wave of refugees has caused Europe to finally grow a spine, and to finally see Washington for exactly who they are... a rogue government bent more on protecting its empire at all costs rather than for actually fulfilling its promises in the global war on terror.  But either way, Putin's honest and aggressive campaign of eradicating ISIS by any means necessary is providing cover for European leaders such as Hollande and Merkel to get out from under U.S. hegemony, and move into Russia's camp due to their like-minded goals on both terrorism, and eventually on finance.

'Chancellor of the Free World' 'Mutti' goes to war, egged on by the bilious bastards at TIME Magazine who want her to invite hundreds of thousands of able-bodied Syrian men into Germany. What could possibly go wrong?

Recent electoral results in both Southern Europe and in the largest EU nations are causing a wake-up call that even the most fascist of leaders cannot ignore.  And while this changing of sides towards Putin and against the United States may inevitably be short lived, the foundations of 70 years of NATO have now been cracked, and unless Washington does even more to prove that their intentions in Syria and against ISIS are honorable, each subsequent victory for Russia and Assad will mean even more division between Europe and the administrations that have ruled the continent since the end of World War II.