@JSmithRus is No Longer on Twitter

Dear Rogue Money friends and community, as of Tuesday December 15, 2015 the Russia Analyst has deactivated his Twitter account. Any account you see claiming to be @JSmithRus after this is either parody or an impostor. We appreciate all the intel, wisdom and humor you have shared with us these past 12 1/2 months...RM subscribers or talk radio show producers that wish to contact us may use this email address:


Ya'll can also leave a comment under one of my recent articles at RogueMoney.net and I'll do my best to reply to your message or inquiry within a few days.

Beyond Team Rogue Money's writers and our esteemed host the Guerrilla, our special thanks goes out to @BanksterSlayer, @ThornyBastard1 for their good cheer and insights this year.