Don't Tell Obama or the Neocons, But Russia and Israel Have Business-Like Relations -- and the Israeli Military Knows Assad and the Russians Aren't Going Anywhere

Israel insists that these treacherous nightly rescues are purely humanitarian, and that it can only hope to 'win hearts and minds' in Syria. But analysts suggest the Jewish state has in fact struck a deadly 'deal with the devil' – offering support to the Sunni militants who fight the Syrian ruler Assad in the hope of containing its arch enemies Hezbollah and Iran.

A Disclaimer and Foreward on Why We've Tended to Avoid Writing About Israel for RogueMoney

We have generally avoided writing about Israel while contributing in these past thirteen months to RogueMoney. While millions around the world either loathe or idolize the modern secular Zionist state, we think Israel's role in American foreign policy, whether owning it, or directing Washington in certain desired directions, has often been exaggerated. At times Israel has indeed been the tail that wags the big American dog, but at other times the divergence in interests between Israel and Washington have become more apparent, including with the recent stunning defeat of the previously invincible Israel lobby's efforts to scuttle a U.S.-Iran nuclear energy program peace deal. What seems clear to many thinking observers is that, if the Israel Lobby is all powerful, it seems divided, and if it isn't divided, then it certainly isn't as powerful as advertised.

True, many American 'Deep State' types and 'Arabist' State Department alums like Chas Freeman have been critical of Israel's brazen spying on the U.S. The response of retired intelligence professionals to a pardon for aging traitor Jonathan Pollard this summer, who sold U.S. secrets to the Soviets during the 1980s because he thought that would benefit the Jewish State was almost to a man negative. Professors John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt's book on 'The Israel Lobby and American Foreign Policy' published a few years ago notably did not lead to their being drummed out of academia, though both were repeatedly denounced by pro-Israel activists.

It's true as my friend The Saker (aka Andre Raevsky) says that there's an 'Anglo-Zionist' aspect to the U.S.-UK directed globalist empire, in the sense that Washington took London's place as the principal patron of a Jewish Palestine and worldwide Zionism after 1945, thanks in no small part to the famous Rothschild family -- but also in the shared notions between Israelis and Americans of being exceptional nations blessed by G-d (and therefore rendering other nations as a consequence unexceptional, with the Palestinian Arabs perhaps the least exceptional of all). We think Israeli solipsism that sees their military as invincible and themselves as the center of the world is merely a reflection of American solipsism and the Americanization of Israel's by and large secular society -- though the rise of Jewish extremists who don't hide their contempt for the very Christianity that has supported the modern Jewish State's existence through politics and pilgrimage is a disturbing trend.

Arab Christian pastors and priests boo Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for haranguing an event about persecuted Mideast Christians with an Israel speech...

It's true pledging fealty to Israel and Christian Zionism, with its undercurrents of dual track salvation for Jews and Christians plus the false pre-tribulation Rapture doctrine, has become pro forma in the Democratic and Republican parties alike. Even with the setback of the Iran deal, Congress and the GOP continue to be dominated by AIPAC, to the point that GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz shamefully harangued Arab Christian priests and pastors over their lack of support for the Israeli government.

Trump,  Le Pen and Neocons Who Heart Bandera Ukro-Nazis While Seeing Putin Behind 'Fascist' Euro-Nationalism

However, as Bobby Zimmerman famously sang, the times they are a changing. Not only did Donald Trump walk into a Republican Jewish Committee convention several days ago and tell the RJC that he 'didn't need their money', but there are other trends bubbling to the surface that are slowly undermining modern Israel's clout across the Western world. Mass migration by Muslims into Europe and America with at least one if not multiple Democratic members of Congress professing Islam and an alleged crypto-Muslim president are not the only threats to the Israel lobby remaining by far the most powerful foreign special interest in Western countries. There are also internal disagreements among Zionists, whether religious or secular, with the secularists mostly stuck in a leftist 1930s dialectic of 'anti-fascism' or modern 'anti-racism', while the more conservative see a gloomy or no future for religious Jews in a Europe flooded by Islamic migration.

In Europe Jewish advocacy groups are split, with some Jews supporting moves to restrict Muslim immigration into Germany and significant Jewish support for Marine Le Pen despite her father's Shoah-downplaying views. These Jews recognize that most contemporary European nationalists are not anti-Semites, and many openly express respect for Israel or wish to emulate Israel's strict border control and wall-building policies. It's no accident, for example, that many German Gentile PEGIDA activists proudly wave Israeli flags at their rallies in Dresden as a talisman against mainstream media attempts to smear them as Nazis.

Other Jews loyal to the State Department/Atlanticist party line denounce PEGIDA and the National Front as anti-American racists and Putin agents, because like most Euro-nationalists outside of Eastern Europe they aren't concerned about Ukraine or see the anti-Russia sanctions as another form of Washington bullying the Continent into compliance. These State Department/EU(SSR) loyalists Jews (such as RFE/RL alum James Kirchick or Daily Beast neocon hack Michael D. Weiss) see no contradiction between denouncing 'radical right wing' or anti-Semitic parties such as Hungary's Jobbik and supporting Ukrainians who idolize Galician Nazi collaborators such as Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych.

Jihadist with Michael Weiss identified. He didn't live long and was not moderate.

— R (@LibertyLynx) October 25, 2015

Weiss and especially Kirchick square this circle by insisting that fascist groups such as Svoboda or Right Sector remain marginal in the Ukrainian government (this is of course a State Department-spewed lie, since the Right Sector/Social National Party of Ukraine ideology of vicious Russophobia as a substitute for the now un-PC hatred of Poles and 'Zhids' has been absorbed by Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk's 'mainstream' parties). Or in Kirchick's case, engaging in fanatical denial that these groups are anti-Semitic in the first place. For more on this hotly debated topic, see controversial Russian Orthodox convert Israel Adam Shamir's Unz Review article, "The Fateful Triangle: Russia, Ukraine and Jews" from September 2015.

According to Shamir, while at least one Israeli Army veteran fought alongside the Right Sector on the Maidan, the so-called 'Aliyah Battalion' of IDF veterans who purportedly were ready to fight 'Bandera Nazis' for Novorossiya never materialized, but was good PR by pro-Russian Israelis (and the number of Israelis who admire Putin and respect Russia is growing all the time, to the horror of Weiss or Kirchick types).

There is No 'ZOG' But an 'NWO Mideast Branch' That is Losing Relevance in a De-Dollarizing World

With that all said, the Iran deal actually went through despite the vociferous opposition of 'Nuts and yahoo', as the Guerrilla calls him. Having actually attended an AIPAC convention in D.C many years ago as naive young Christian 'Bible Belt' Zionist, we never went in for the notion that Zionism or 'ZOG' runs the New World Order. Rather we think even with the Rothschild, Lauder and other family fortunes backing Zionism and trying to preserve it in a post-dollar collapse world that Israel will remain an important if depreciating jewel in the Western globalists' crown.

Let's face it -- whether you love modern Israel or hate it the Israeli government becomes less relevant every year as Islam expands its influence into Europe and America's post or anti-Christianity becomes more 'in your face'. Whether you think 'the Bible Belt is Israel's security belt' or not, Millennials and a soon to be minority-majority America that will look more like Brazil won't have the same emotional attachment to the Holy Land much less the secular Jewish state as previous American generations dating back to the modern Zionism's beginnings in the late 19th century.

Our skepticism of 'ZOG' theories was in no small part due to the fact that we as an Evangelical Christian Gentile visited the Jewish State in the early 2000s, and observed despite its tremendous military might how geographically constrained Israel remained. The alleged goal of stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates that the Israeli flag's two blue stripes represents remains utterly fantastic, whether or not Assad would be overthrown. The 1980s vintage Oded Yanon plan, if it actually has served as a blueprint for 'a clean break' and other long term agendas pursued by Washington's neoconservatives Jewish and Gentile alike (think Dick Cheney), is an utter failure about as practical as the old Bolsheviks/Trotskyites plans for worldwide Communist revolution. Even among the Israelis we met in the early 2000s, a popular joke was that God told their ancestors at Sinai to settle in 'Canada, not Canaan!'

Israel's 'Deep State' is Not Terrified of Iran or Afraid of VERY Quiet Cooperation with Putin -- and Mossad With its Sephardic Contacts Sees the Writing on the Wall for Israel's Saudi 'Allies' in Yemen

The Middle East has always been a place where the 'logic' of the enemy of my enemy is my friend frequently prevails, even when the enemy of one's enemy is still an enemy (the Bible warned the ancient Israelites against alliances with their pagan neighbors like Egypt against other great empires like the Assyrians and later Babylonians for this reason). Such has been the case with Israel's tacit and now overt support for the Syrian jihadists fighting the Assad government, with a handful of 'Facebook Syrian Army' aka FSA 'moderate rebel' Syria activists vowing to recognize Israel's internationally unrecognized occupation of the (oil and gas rich) Golan Heights should Tel Aviv help them overthrow Assad.

Of course such pronouncements were probably made for the sake of joining or staying on the CIA/MI6 or State Department payroll. These statements were also made from the safety of Britain or France, not in then jihadi-run Aleppo or Homs, where the result would've been a beheading of said 'moderates' by their less 'moderate' fellows in the 'revolution' against Assad.

Nonetheless, the Israelis being open about their treatment of Salafists who would under different circumstances try to kill them and recent statements made by the Israeli Air Force to Russian media beg several questions concerning Jerusalem's true policy toward the major Russian intervention in Syria. For one thing, it appears the policy favored by the neoconservatives who claim to be Israel's best friends in Washington of backing any Salafist scumbag against Assad no matter how heinous so long as they say they're not part of the Islamic State has reached a dead end, even in the eyes of many Israeli 'deep staters' in the Mossad and military. The Israelis after all have thousands of Yemen-born Sephardi living in their country who maintain discreet contacts with their Muslim former countrymen (as with Egypt after the Babylonian captivity, Jews survived successive waves of conquerors in Yemen for over 2,000 years until the establishment of the State of Israel in the 20th century), in business and for purposes of intelligence sharing.

The Israelis Know Washington's Mideast Strategy is Failing on All Fronts -- and Their GCC Allies are Cowards and Losers Who Use Drugged Up Jihadis and Western Mercenaries as Cannon fodder

Mossad knows full well, even if Langley is a bit slow on the uptake, that the Saudi/Qatari/UAE war in Yemen is a miserable failure that is backfiring against the Kingdom, what with the deaths of Western and Latin American mercenaries this week sending a message to Riyadh that soon no amount of money will persuade militarily competent individuals to be their cannon fodder. The Israelis know that the Saudi Kingdom in its present form is not long for this world. Neither they nor the Egyptians who control the Suez will sacrifice their natural economic interests in the maritime Silk Road of the Bab-el-Mandeb strait to side against the victors of Yemen's Saudi-spawned civil war.

Turning back to Israeli politics, former Mossad chief Mier Dagan endorsing Likud party Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Labor opponent in the most recent Israeli elections is a widely known fact. Dagan declared to Haaretz, the Israeli equivalent to the New York Times, that he would've resigned in protest had Netanyahu ordered the long threatened strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, now rendered moot due to the U.S.-Iranian peace agreement. How many of Dagan's 'former' colleagues still inside Mossad are Labor supporters or in general skeptical of Netanyahu's obsession with Iran and Hezbollah is an interesting question, as this pertains directly to Israel's willingness to accept Russian AND Iranian military action turning the tide against Washington and its Sunni Muslim allies' project in Syria. (On a side note, we can also not believe that everyone in the Israeli security services were pleased with Langley calling on Mossad's services for Russian-translation help in post-Maidan coup Ukraine, particularly given all the 'Zhido Bandera' propaganda about how the Svoboda Party Nazis had supposedly shed their anti-Semitism and cult of UPA/Nachtgall battalion Holocaust perpetrators, and how many of the Ukro-Nazis wound up on Israeli passport holding gangster oligarch and suspected MH17 false flag planner Ihor Kholomoisky's payroll).

The Geoeconomic Reasons Behind Israel's Quiet Acquiescence to Russian Intervention in Syria

Setting aside Yad Vashem records of what western Ukrainian nationalists did to the Jews under the Nazis and recognition that the Islamic State supported by Israel's 'allies' Saudi Arabia and Qatar would eventually get around to attacking the hated Zionist entity, there are other reasons why we see subtle shifts in Tel Aviv. One, as far back as 2006 the Lauders funded a conference at Wye River, Maryland in which major Zionist donors pledged to promote positive relations between the Jewish State and the People's Republic of China and positive stereotypes of Jews to the Chinese people (no joke, the NYT has covered this trend). These news reports came years after China produced weapons like the J-10 that closely resemble Israel's cancelled 1980s Lavi fighter jet, but before the Russians started flying Israeli-designed drones over the border with Ukraine or Syria.

Two, in the weeks prior to the 2008 Russia-Georgia war the Israeli contractors who had poured into the country to advise Mikhail Saakashvili's government on training the Georgian Army alongside U.S. instructors were pulled out. This suggests the Mossad knew hostilities were about to break out and either the Russians were going to make a move or Saakashvili was gearing up to stupidly attack the Russian-peacekeeper held enclave of South Ossetia. It also suggested even then a certain degree of hushed up, but useful business being transacted between Moscow and Tel Aviv.

Third, for several years Moscow damaged its relations with Tehran by refusing to deliver the S300 missile system that the Iranians had paid for to defend their nuclear program sites from Israeli air strikes. The Russians clearly did this when Medvedev was president as part of some quid pro quo arrangement with the Israelis, and secondarily as a part of the U.S.-Russia 'reset' from 2009 to 2010. Whether that involved intelligence sharing we do not know. But the transfer of U.S.-taxpayer funded military technology particularly related to drones was almost certainly part of this 'deal' (see link above about how much Russia's drones resemble Israel's).

Fourth, Israel and Russia established visa free travel several years ago and now that Turkey has become, to put it mildly, a highly discouraged destination for Russians the Holy Land is likely to see a modest uptick in Russian pilgrims and beach goers alike (the bulk of the Russian sun spot tourism in light of the terror attack on the airliner in Egypt may divert to Cyprus, Tunisia, Thailand, or the Maldives/India). But the immediate benefit to the Israeli economy is going to be the expansion of the agribusiness trade between the Russians and Israelis with popular supermarket chains like Ashan and Perekrostik expanding their offerings of Israeli (and Egyptian/North African) fruits and vegetables this winter. Since Russians already believe that most of Israel consists of Russian speaking Soviet Jews (an exaggeration, to be sure, but about 1/7th of Israeli households have a Russian speaker), it isn't a stretch to see greater demand for Israeli-labeled produce among middle class Russians and greater trade turnover between the two countries at Turkey's expense.

The Hotline and the Israeli Military's Growing Respect for Russian Technogical Prowess

Fifth, Moscow and Jerusalem have established a 'hot line' to prevent incidents between their militaries in the skies over Syria -- and in Lebanese air space where Russian jets pounded Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the Qalamun Mountains this weekThe hotline has paid off in that multiple potential flash point incidents have been prevented, with the Russians reportedly warning Israeli F-15 jets off from violating Syrian air space via Lebanon in mid-October. Even if one sets aside the purported incident when the Russians used their secret electronic jamming systems to block all telemetry, GPS and radio signals to a pair of IAF F-15s in September, the disinfo outlet Debka and pro-Israel conservative news outlet both acknowledged the Israeli military's healthy respect for the ultra-modern, long range S-400 air defense system.

Despite the S-400's range extending down through northern Israeli air space to the Tel Aviv airport, it's a measure of the trust and professionalism the two sides have demonstrated that there have been no known incidents of the S-400 radar locking on to Israeli fighters. Furthermore, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said several weeks ago that a Russian jet briefly passing through Israeli controlled air space over the Golan Heights was told to change course and not intercepted.

After the Turkish shoot down of a Russian SU-24 Fencer strike fighter, the Israelis disavowed to Sputnik that they would ever do such a provocative thing (unlike NATO's Baltic and Ukrainian vassals the Israeli military at least, isn't willing to shill for the Turks and still recalls the 2010 Mavi Marmara confrontation with Ankara-sponsored Turkish activists in the waters off Gaza). Putin's recent remarks that the Russian aerospace forces must be prepared to destroy any target posing a threat to Russian personnel in Syria was clearly directed at Israel's ex-ally Turkey and its backers in Washington, not at the Israelis who have ceased any serious raids against either Syrian OR Lebanese air space since the Russians locked those skies down weeks ago.

@EjmAlrai would Israel accept s300 as deterrence? I dont thing so, if the story is true Ru must assure Israel that it will never be used

— Emad عماد (@Moqawim3) December 3, 2015

Putin and Bibi -- Far More Respectful Relations than Between Netanyahu and Obama

Putin to Netanyahu during their September meeting in which the Kremlin informed the Israeli leader about its pending air campaign in Syria -- the Syrian Arab Army is too busy saving their country to threaten Israel -- observe the body language in Putin's meeting with Bibi below (in Hebrew and Russian) -- there is far more respect by Netanyahu and his security services for the Russian leader than for Barack Obama:

Putin hails importance of cooperation with Israeli air force HQ

— DEBKAfile News (@debkafile) December 11, 2015

The Clincher of Israel's Quietly Improving Relations with Russia -- Kurdish Oil and Eastern Med Gas

Sixth, and this is 'the biggie' in terms of a confluence between Russia and Israeli interests in the eastern Mediterranean -- both countries see Cyprus and Greece in strategic terms, and both want to pump their natural gas through these Hellenic nations. The Israelis know they cannot develop the Leviathian offshore gas field without settling their maritime boundaries with Lebanon and Syria, respectively. They also need the cooperation of the Cypriots who in turn, are looking for great power protection from the Turks in case Ankara goes completely off the rails into neo-Ottomanism and aggression against its neighbors. Moscow having lost the Turkstream route for the foreseeable future so long as Erdogan's Islamists run Turkey wants to revive the Southstream pipeline, using the same multi-hundred million dollar special pipes it has already set aside to place on the Black Sea bed. The Russians and Chinese are also heavily invested in Egypt's Suez Canal expansion and logistics hub as well as the revival of Egyptian industry. Israel's own domestic industries require affordable and reliable energy supplies which is one reason why Egypt and Israel just inked a $10 billion natural gas deal.

Seventh, another area where Moscow and Tel Aviv's geo-strategic interests are aligning is Kurdistan. When Turkstream was on the table and business with Turkey was booming the Russians were not particularly interested in the Kurdish question. Post-Soviet Russia's Cold War 'national liberation struggle' sympathies for the officially Marxist PKK (Kurdish Workers Party) which fought a 40-year-long insurgency against the Turks remained muted to non-existent. But with Iraqi Kurdistan supplying Israel with something like 2/3rds of its oil imports, and ISIS derived crude no doubt included in that mixture, the situation has changed. Moscow's falling out with Ankara over the SU-24 shoot down and Turkish support for ISIS and other jihadists presents the Kurdish lobby which has been previously supported by the Israel lobby with a unique opportunity.

Putin's determination to punish Erdogan's 'stab in the back' by supporting the Kurds covertly with arms and assistance by way of Baghdad and Iran is incompatible with the desires of American neocons who claim to be Israel's best friends. But with the Turkish-Israeli alliance of the early 2000s dead and buried, this no longer poses any trouble for the economics of the Jewish State. In the event the Kurds succeed in fighting Turkish backed jihadists and creating their Rojava state with Russian air support, they will not only cut off the flow of jihadists and supplies from Turkey to ISIS and the Salafist Syrian 'rebels', they will also get very close to their dream of a Kurdistan that reaches the Mediterranean. Meaning a Kurdistan that is no longer hostage to the Turks good graces in order to export its oil through the Med, including Israel.

Returning to the issue of whether Israeli and Russian hydrocarbons will ever flow through the same pipe (over the State Department Russia hating neocon and neoliberals' dead bodies) the Israelis can use their influence to get the Bulgarians to stop sacrificing their economic interests as a transit country for Washington's anti-Russian agenda. Incidentally, in that instance Sofia would only be coming around to the views of the pro-Russian majority of Bulgaria's Orthodox Christian population. In which case Gazprom in turn can make it worth Israel's while by including Leviathian gas into Southstream that would flow all the way to the EU's biggest gas pipeline hub/storage facilities in Austria. The Austrians interestingly enough are tied at the hip with their old allies the Germans and Hungarians, and have their own historic reasons for disliking the Turks.

That is at least the 'deal' we suspect is being negotiated behind the scenes between Moscow and Tel Aviv, despite Netanyahu's fears of pissing off his rabidly anti-Russian neocon supporters in D.C. The latter problem is probably why we've seen a noticeable amount of Tel Aviv 'taqiyya', or more bluntly described as bravado and bulls--t about the Israelis having no fear of Russian air defenses and still carrying out air strikes inside Syria as usual since the Russians deployed their S-400/300s.

#Lavrov and Israel’s interior minister discuss international effort against Islamic State

— MFA Russia (@mfa_russia) December 11, 2015

Tel Aviv Taqiyya: Israeli Propaganda Makes Stuff Up to Keep Neocons in Washington Happy

There are still many unresolved contradictions in relations between Israel and Russia that will keep ties cool and mostly under wraps for the next few years. For one thing, major players and backers of Israel like Fox News channel owner Rupert Murdoch and Jacob Rothschild of THAT R-word globalist family have invested in "exclusive rights to [develop] a 153-square mile radius in the southern part of the Golan Heights". Among New York-based Genie Energy's advisory board is none other than -- guess who? -- Mr. Halliburton Iraq War profiteer himself, former vice president and hardcore neocon Dick Cheney. Jacob Rothschild's relative Nathaniel Rothschild has been linked by Sputnik to the illicit sale of ISIS crude through Turkey, as has former BP CEO during the Deepwater Horizon disaster Tony Heyward.

Syria, backed by Russia, claims all of the Golan Heights as its temporarily (for the last nearly fifty years since 1967) Israeli-occupied territory. Since the 1970s, many thousands of Israelis have moved up to the Golan Heights, tempted by more affordable land and Israeli winemakers are now growing excellent vintages in the region. The primary reason Israel seized the Golan in 1967 -- controlling the headwaters of the highly depleted and polluted Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee -- remains a sore subject with the Syrians, though there won't be anything Damascus can do about it for years. The Israelis are planning along with Jordan to construct a massive canal through the desert that would connect the Dead Sea to the Red Sea, but it remains to be seen how affordable solar-based desalination would be, meaning Israel for all practical purposes cannot ever give up the Golan and have enough water for its agriculture and society to live.

The biggest obstacle to a more overt Israeli-Russian rapprochement remains in Washington, and more specifically, the overlap between the Israel lobby's best 'friends', and a military industrial complex that still needs Russia and China as adversaries and therefore must boost the perception Israel remains fully 'on side'. Because Israel also benefits from the bloated U.S. military industrial complex, its industrialists who need Leviathian and Egyptian gas (and who wouldn't mind exporting energy to Europe too in cooperation with the Russians and Cypriots, who are seen as much more reliable partners than the Turks) can't force the Israeli MIC to sacrifice its interests for theirs. At least not yet. Though with the lucrative trade in Western military technologies to China acquired both by Israeli agents and through osmosis between Israel and the U.S. defense industries, there's still some 'leeway' in the system. For these and many other reasons -- including the support of old Cold Warriors at the Center for Security Policy, the Heritage Foundation or AEI for confronting Russia, all three of which are funded by major American defense contractors -- Israel 'plays along' with the anti-Russian rhetoric to some extent.

The Israelis Are Lying to Mainline Thinktank-istan and their Neocon Supporters in Washington About Syria (and Not Talking About the Saudis Failing Campaign in Yemen at All)

Thus we see carefully constructed bits of Israeli disinformation appearing in the U.S. and Israel's media that would make the old KGB experts in disinformatziya and maskirovka proud (indeed, a few fanatical neocon Russophobes who shall not be named like to imply from time to time that Soviet-born Israeli politician Avigdor Lieberman was or is a Russian asset). So for example this past week we saw Eli Lake, himself a reliable Russia bashing American neocon scribbler, citing Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, telling an Brookings Institute audience precisely what official Washington wanted to hear:

On Friday at the Saban Forum at the Brookings Institution, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said that Russia's initial plan was to take back Idlib and other cities that had fallen under rebel control within three months. "It’s not going to happen because of the military difficulties," he said, adding that the campaign to date looked to be a "failure." He cited the "incompetence" of Syria's army as well as "the lack of determination of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps."

This is a surprising turn of events. A number of Western media outlets reported this fall that Qassem Suleimani, the leader of Iran's elite Quds Force, and Russia's defense ministry had negotiated an infusion of Iranian forces into Syria over the summer, shortly after the conclusion of the nuclear negotiations between Iran and six other world powers. That surge was supposed to change the tide of the Syrian war that the dictator Bashar al-Assad was losing, as more of his territory fell to a coalition of rebels supported by the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others.

It would take far too long to list all the falsehoods in Lake's article, both of his own and his information handlers' design. Retired U.S. Army Green Berets Col. Patrick Lang already dismantled many of these 'reports'. What matters about this speech by Ya'alon is that the Brookings Institute personifies the recently publicized axis of Israel and the 'moderate' terror sponsors Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This mainline 'centrist' Democrat think tank maintains a large and generously funded branch in Doha, funded by the Qatari royal family. That should tell Eli Lake all he would need to know about the audience to which Ya'alon was truly speaking, which went far beyond a few Congressional aides and policy wonks.

The Brookings Doha Center and the D.C. headquarters dog it may be wagging as the GCC moneybags tail has never had to register under the 1930s law the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) -- despite being a mouthpiece for the Qatari regime. Brookings Doha 'scholar' @Charles_Lister is a consistent apologist on Twitter and in print for the supposed 'moderates' of Ahrar-al-Sham, a vicious jihadist group that ideologically has little to separate it from the Al-Qaeda loyalists of Jabhat al-Nusra or the Islamic State itself. In fact there are numerous 'selfies' taken by Ahrar al-Sham's fighters easily found online posing with their 'brothers' and flags from Al-Nusra or Daesh.

Qatari-funded jihadi-fanboy @Charles_Lister is very very cross at #AlQaeda for quitting pretend "revolution" game

— Mark Sleboda (@MarkSleboda1) December 14, 2015

Charles Lister personifies the ease with which an American can openly apologize for terrorists, so long as the money is good and a corrupt Justice Department never actually enforces the law. By allowing AIPAC to never have to register as a foreign agent and the sleazebag Clintons to rake in all kinds of Persian Gulf cash, the floodgates have been opened for truly abominable levels of corruption (which we hope the ever shrewd populist Donald Trump will attack, hopefully naming Brookings Doha by name.

For Israel, the risks of being attached to the Saudi-Qatari axis of losers in Yemen and especially Syria are growing. Trump in particular could double down on his successful anti-Islam rhetoric by not only blaming Obama and Hillary for the disastrous wars that have left Libya and Syria in ruins, but questioning whether they merely acted out of incompetence or as corrupted agents of GCC payoffs to the Clinton Foundation and Obama's post-presidential speaking circuit. 

@EjmAlrai@FuryBlazing@asseraaalsham Charles is a non official Qatari state media analyst

— jihad war tracker (@jwt_03) December 11, 2015

US, Russian experts praise 'incredibly capable' #S400 air defense system

— Sputnik (@SputnikInt) December 12, 2015

Can't touch this -- Russia's S400 system has been admitted by DEBKA as posing a major obstacle to Israeli and U.S. Air Force operations inside Syria/Lebanon

#Syria: Say what do we have here? #SyAD S-300?

— Rook (@2Rook14) December 11, 2015

Israel practice how to defeat S-300 air defense system in Greece

— Alert 5 (@alert5) December 5, 2015

A fine example of Tel Aviv taqiyya -- and a report the Greek Cypriots who bought S-300s from Russia denied Turning back to Defense Minister Ya'alon, he has clearly learned the fine art of telling the Russians what they want to hear regarding no friction between the Russian air force operations and Israel, while simultaneously telling Washington and by extension Riyadh and Doha what they wish to hear. According to the BloombergView article by Eli Like cited above, Ya'alon told an audience at a Washington conference sponsored by Zionist billionaire Haim Saban (of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers fame) that the Russian-backed Syrian offensive is bogging down, the TOW jihadis the Gulf Sunnis are backing have not lost any significant ground or are advancing, and the Iranians if not the Hezbollah are pulling out of the Syria fight due to heavy casualties.

These are all, of course, lies, even laughable lies to those with sources on the ground inside Syria, such as Elijah J. Magnier. Like the phantom Israeli air strikes that have supposedly taken place since the Russians introduced their S-400 and 300 systems (via the cruiser Moskva) into Syria in late September, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard pullout due to heavy casualties is fiction. In fact, the one and only air strike the Israelis appear to have carried out since Russia began combat operations in Syria, according to Al-Masdar news:

...struck the 155th Brigade’s Headquarters in the northern Damascus countryside on Thursday evening; this abrupt airstrike did very little damage as it hit an abandoned warehouse outside of the base’s main command center.

The source further added that this deliberate attack and violation of Syrian airspace was likely to provoke an aggressive response from the Syrian Air Defense in order for the Israeli Intelligence apparatus to confirm whether or not the Syrian Government now possesses the Russian manufactured S-300 anti-aircraft missile.

Earlier this week, Al-Rai News’ Chief Correspondent, Elijah Magnier, reported that the Syrian and Iranian Governments were officially in possession of the S-300 missiles, which would likely agitate the Israeli government as they are currently trying to get the world to impose harsh sanctions against the Iranian people.

Although our friend The Saker believes the Russians turning a blind eye to this strike was some sort of quid pro quo with Moscow, we suspect it was carried out by a drone (whether Predator or a remotely piloted and older model F-16), which was sent to create the appearance of Israel 'doing something' for their colleagues in the Pentagon. In other words, the Israelis deliberately hit nothing of importance in Syria, probably as part of some pre-arranged 'demonstration' that the Russians green lighted and Damascus reluctantly accepted.

Since the early December 'we're still here' strike by Israel, Syrian Arab Army troops continue to advance under clear skies to re-capture crossings along the Jordanian border with no interference from the IAF whatsoever. The Russians have also bombed Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra targets in Lebanon...where Saudi if not U.S. proxies such as the Hariri family once prevailed in politics just a few years ago, and until September the IAF came and go as it pleased.

Defense Minister Ya'alon aside, highly influential figures who hail from Israel's 'deep state' such as former Israeli National Security Council head Giora Eiland have openly endorsed Western powers led by the U.S. and France joining forces with Russia to crush ISIS, and only afterward discuss what will become of Assad:

"..Russia predicted long ago the rise of ISIS and that Moscow sees the organization as a major strategic threat. Second, that the Russians are right to expect the west to prioritize the battle against ISIS, and leave disagreements over other matters until later. Third, although Turkey is a member of NATO, it is not acting in a way that promotes NATO’s interests...

"Rather, it is dragging the organization into a skirmish [in Iraq] in order to protect Turkish interests…"

For Eiland, the threat posed by Daesh is “similar to the threat that Nazi Germany posed,” and one that the West needs to join Russia in fighting.

"The French president, Francois Hollande, seems to have accepted this, and we can only hope that he manages to persuade the other NATO countries both to restrain Turkey and to join forces with Russia," he writes.

"For Israel, too, the conclusion is clear: victory over ISIS must come first."

In conclusion, clearly the times they are a changing. U.S. allies like France, Germany, Italy and even Great Britain are trying to straddle the growing divide between the old world that's dying off and the new Eurasian-led order that's emerging. When the time comes for King Dollar to breathe his last the expression of many American mainline 'conservatives' will likely be:

et tu, Israel?