Fiat Money, the Out-Going Prize for Money Junkie Whores

Per the dictionary, if you exclude prostitutes, the wording for “Whore” is, “debase oneself by doing something for unworthy motives, typically to make money.” As I have maintained many times, money by itself is a whore that will hitch a new ride with whichever individual can present the most “tricks”. But further up the “Whore” chain, there are those that worship at the alter of “The Fiat Dollar” as well, and their months, or even days for further worship are now numbered. These very same people are typically the “Whores” based on the definition highlighted above, and chase after the soon to be dethroned “Fiat King”. Warrants to infringe on the turf of these “Whores” has been issued by the ‘BRICS & Associates’. Warrants with ‘return to sender’ truck loads of the very prize they worship. The big question is how much longer will the “Western Whores” continue accepting delivery, and maintaining, the in-country charade of fiat normalcy?

Conditions have changed dramatically of late, and signs abound, that indicate a changing of the worshiped object atop the alter of the "Western Whores" is heading our way. The clearest sign of them all is emotional anger is festering. Anger is now a growing, clear, and direct reflection of the business, and economic climate in the USSA. First a look at the festering anger, and then a jump into the news that seems to indicate the top level "Western Whores" are about to give up on their Fiat King. Leaving you know who holding the bag, middle class USSA sheeple. Part of the game plan that the Wolf Gray feels is unfolding right now at a dramatic pace. More after the anger issue & then the news.

Anger is Festering:

What a surprise, that this would hit the presses after Zero’s speech Sunday a week ago.

As noted in last week’s installment, I think we witnessed a speech with an announcement letting us know they are about to really ramp up the intrusions to our privacy. In other words, intrusions that were not only written into the “Un-Patriotic Act”, but now they are going to start implementing those intrusions.

I also noted that the WolfPack & I were still discussing the meaning behind much of Zero’s unusual speech. One close associate told me that Zero was not acting like, ‘a last of two term with barely a year to go’, "lame duck" president.  In fact this speech was one of his presidential best, as regards not looking like a total buffoon.  My guess is he didn’t write it, nor did any of his aids.

I mentioned in the prior installment, that it appeared the buffoonish Zero was doing a whole heck of a lot more than attacking gun ownership. In fact it appeared he was attacking basic day to day "go & come & communicate as you please" rights via modern day communication vehicles.  I think this is the primary goal, and if so, then look for a hot button topic to take your eyes off this attack, on basic day to day freedoms.

One of the underlying agendas of his speech on the 6th, was to push through the very items that are being "TRUMPeted right now in the presidential reality show.  Well here we go check out this link, Zero is on target, and so are key Repugnicans. button topic dejure... :

The old version of sheeple wondering aimlessly about the countryside with no clue as to what is going on, is still true, but those that know something is way way wrong (still not many though), but can’t put their chubby fingers on it, are getting fired a up a bit of late. Now anger is festering, and I think it is with a media & western PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) inspired purpose. Note the following article……

My theory, yet to be WolfPack approved (they don’t buy it just yet), is that the elites in the west are desperate, and now realize the east is near a goals oriented end game that doesn't include many fiat dollars. And, as I have stated many times they will implode things here stateside before the east is in control of everything in the USSA. I think that time is here, and Trump is option “B”, making “lightning rod” crowd dividing statements, and when combined with timely once a week msm news item centered around “muslim crimes, & or muslim hate crimes” in the USSA, things will start percolating.

It has always been my contention that Zero is the linchpin patsy to promote a western subservient, “Yes, we need you now elite banksters to save us” society. Thus the penultimate cratering (start date per my views was in 2008) happens while Zero is in office, and the elite are trying to do it economically, before the BRICS boys buy up everything the PPPTB own. But, what if that fails? Maybe an option “B” is necessary. Maybe, B = Total chaos with civil war, with a BRICS view of, “let’s stay out of these insane Zombies way for now."  Followed with the PPPTB view of, “we will step in at just the right time to be the desired saviors”.

Wolf Gray theory, A = PPPTB wants to economically impoverish the populous of the USSA, blocking out the east from any further western fire sales, with the resultant chaos & violence, and then step in to save the impoverished western survivors. If “A” looses early momentum then “B” steps up to the plate wanting the same end result, but with even greater savagery among the masses, in the form of civil war. Which will also keep the east at bay, while hopefully allowing the PPPTB to again step in as saviors, albeit with a group of survivors that are much more difficult to “lord over”.  Rebels!

They want “A”, but I think we are witnessing the seeds being planted of option “B”, just in case A fails. Which means, what I have theorized for some time now, Trump is a tool, knowing or unknowingly, it doesn’t matter, he is a tool. The tool to get option “B” to the starting gates, if “A” comes up lame.

Again the WolfPack & I are still analyzing this theory, but I would love for the RMer’s to tackle the meaning behind the continuing “PPPTB/western media” false flag juggernaut. I can guarantee you one thing, they really really don’t want option “B”, because they know what will be left over will be darn near impossible to train properly. I have seen them in the ‘eastern USA mountain” ranges, and even with them being clients, I “APPROACH WITH CAUTION”. They may not still look like the guys in this next video, but their heritage is the same, and there are enough of them, that I suspect the PPPTB would prefer option “A”.



or if you prefer something more tame in the message, listen to Marshall Tucker:

Dance hall girls were the evening treat Empty cartridges and blood lined the gutters of the street Men were shot down for the sake of fun Or just to hear the noise of their 44 guns

There are far more of these guys than anyone realizes, but not the Wolf Gray, I know many of these guys & give them full respect, in fact I carry a great deal of their bloodlines (I feel the itch every now & then). Everyone else will wish they had given them respect, if they are mistakenly cut loose. I ain’t talking about the the above video’s act of “Moonshining” or raising illegal drugs, I am talking about people who despise government authority, and foreigners (they number well into the millions). If you doubt my numbers attend just one small mountain town gun-show, and tell me what you see? It amazes me every time, but attend one, and you tell me….would you want to mess with the guys you see? I already know the answer.

Their anger appears to be, being “Trumpeted”….! Unknowingly I suspect to Trump, but not to the plan “B” PPPTB, that is my theory. Still being vetted by the WolfPack.

Regardless, once again, it’s just business!

Additional News You Can Use:

As detailed many times on '", long before the data in this next link, came out.  The shipping indices gave everyone a heads-up that couldn't be ignored.

As we all can see the evidence trail to the “Fiat Whore’s” death continues.

Based on this next link, it appears to be time for everyone to start tuning into RM for most of their info..

In this next one, I have to wonder, how the John Mauldin's of the world would categorize the recent news on shale oil's demise illustrated in this article by Steve St. Angelo?  Guys like Mauldin, and the regulars on CN'BS', believe things will be great eventually, due to US oil independence. What a crock….

I love this next one, because is anyone ever going to make note of the fact government spending is openly included in the overall US GDP…?????  The short answer, we have already been sounding the GDP balance sheet alarms here at RM for some time now.

I could agree that a tiny portion, of government spending, might be worthy of inclusion in the GDP (and I do mean small), as it might inspire economic growth in certain industries. But it is still a tax receipt from a broke populous, that is being used on the frickin’ positive or black side of the expense ledger. Sorry for the rant, moving on……

As detailed over & over here on the pages of RM for some time now, the downward spiral of real business, and trade can’t be denied forever on the news pages…..

“Economic Mother Nature” will not be disrespected, by being papered over, forever!

In this next link Michael Snyder highlights an ongoing major issue:

Hmm based on the above stats the global commodities complex is crashing, and what is that indicative of? An economy that is in a downward spiral, that's what it is indicative of, damn-it!.  After all what are commodities used for? We all know, well the msm may not, real frickin' business, and manufacturing, that's what!  Check it out! Trade indices D.O.A.........Commodities D.O.A........Retail Numbers D.O.A.

The last one (retail) can be conceivably papered over, but the first two?  No way folks, paper can't cover up real business, and real trade, but for so long.  A mantra harped on many many many many times at "”. So why is it becoming more prevalent? With that in mind, look who decided to join the "economic crash party" in this next link.

Now "Bloomberg" is on board with the folks @ RM, as respects the importance of the shipping, and trade indices, including the weak raw materials data.  These are the "hard components" of business, period end of story, and paper can't paper over the declines in all of these metrics of real business. I detect a little ‘cya’ here by Bloomberg.

A Group of Whores & The Going Out Party:

The dethroning of the “Fiat King Dollar” is now approaching a penultimate graveside story line. Once a high-level “call girl”, but now in the twilight of her career, an ugly street hooker that no one cares for anymore.  She is about to be put to rest. The props are everywhere to save her dying act, but now failing miserably.  She is now far too old, far too tired, far too ugly to cover up with make-up, for those with eyes that are open!

If you haven’t caught all the historical evidence here on RM, then check out the recent article from Ken Schortgen Jr., “Forget Hedge Fund Redemption Gates, SEC just put in a Lockdown of Money Market accounts”. I mean “Come On Man”, can it be any more obvious?

The aging whore is about to be retired, and so will your “paper legal tender” as an alter offering, for her going out party. Don’t get caught with your pants down & wallet removed, in the final acts from the “Money Junkie Worshipping Whores & their favorite Whore herself, the Fiat Dollar”. It is a two tiered cesspool, that ole’ WG wants no part of.

Here is some GREAT evidence, via the “Watch Dog” interviewing one of my favorites Rob Kirby. Highlighting the fact that, "the saving of this aging Whore has been going on “off camera & out of the mainstream” for years." And, as detailed over the last few months here at RM, the bitch is getting her comeuppance from her arch rival, “Economic Mother Nature”. This whole interview is worthy of a full day of dissection, and study to arrive at additional economic truths.

First a disclaimer: Wolf Gray has a bunch of designations after his name, but I am not an economist, and do not claim to have a high level of background knowledge in this subject, as compared to some of my favorites like Jim Willie, Rob Kirby, and our own Ken Schortgen Jr. That being said, somewhere along the line I still had to wade through the laundry list (probably hundreds over the years), of supposed experts to get to the messages that had an attached truth to them. This required me to put on the ole’ thinking cap long enough to get ”it” economically. That being said, I will still put my business common sense up against anyone’s, once the true facts are put on the table. Moving on to this great interview…….

Once you get past Greg Hunter’s (note he is just doing his job, no implied criticism), overly repeated attempts to get Rob to provide his audience a “When is it going to happen, date?” hustle, the info is outstanding. First from 2:50 to the 6:16 mark some great points are made, with brilliant “in your face” bravado by Mr. Kirby. In this instance the ESF is brought into view once again, highlighted by ole’ WG back in a summer installment, and in addition via a pre 4th of July visit with “The Guerrilla” on his radio show. Here is the prior installment link, and note the 'block quoted' section, in this attachment with a link to “Market Sekptics”, and the 5 part video detailing the nefarious ESF.

Credit where credit is due, I learned about the ESF, and it’s nefarious past from another interview I saw with Mr. Kirby early this year. Curiosity got the better of me, and I put on my "research hat".  My common sense business acumen, plus “The Guerrilla's” confirmation with his sources, confirmed that everything outlined regarding the powers of the ESF is on point. That being said, this interview in my view, is still special. Again, from 2:50 to 6:16 you could write a frickin’ book on the behind the scenes ESF mobster style activities.

These are all activities to prop up the dying “Fiat Whore”. When you go to these covert lengths to prop up the aging “Fiat Madame”, the end has to be near. Note the 9:30 mark through 11:03, and the revealing statements that illustrate the unbelievable powers of the ESF. Again the Wolf Gray’s sense of smell says this illuminates what is the last life blood of the dying “Fiat Whore”. Excellent stuff from Mr. Kirby.

The 40 seconds after the 13:24 mark illustrate to me the actual definition of what a dying worn out “Fiat Whore” would look like. Great great stuff, as I feel Kirby knocks it out of the park.

After this point he divulges his believe in a 4-5 month time frame for a penultimate looking western fiat dollar collapse. Not sure about all that, but worthy of note, from such a knowledgeable guy. He also touches on the business common sense side of things as well, note the 19:45 mark to the 20:40 mark. Add some more business common sense in 12 seconds following the 26:00 mark. He was on fire in this interview!

As I surmised in my own prior installments, and as Rob Kirby also comments (on what I believe to have been the case for some time), “The FED” is a front operation, nothing more. The 3 minute exchange from after the 26:52 mark, is very very very instructive. As Wolf Gray has said for a while, Yellen, Bernanke, Greenspan (note I think he may have been more connected than the others), and the rest of their ilk are the messengers for the behind the scenes power brokers. They are academics, and apparently not very good ones to boot. I mean, who with an IQ above 80 would let them truly, be in charge? They are puppets, nothing more, and it has always been obvious! Want a clue? Note who glorifies “The FED's" mystical abilities the most, the msm, and the likes of sources like CN’BS’.

As far as I am concerned, the rate hike discussions for this Wednesday are meaningless.  Especially when you have the level of credibility of “The FED”, as in “ZERO”! If they hike, they will end up dropping it right back to zero or below, very fast.  If not, then watch out folks, the hammer has just been dropped for the final USSA collapse moments.

That is enough for me. Even writing about this corrupt band of Whores for over a few minutes craps me out. So in honor of Jerry5 here at RM, let’s keep the next message “Simple”, as told by the voice of one of the Van Zant brothers, can’t remember which one.  Preceded by a little wisdom also included by the poster of this youtube video.

“Money is human happiness in the abstract; and so the man who is no longer capable of enjoying such happiness in the concrete, sets his whole heart on money." Arthur Schopenhauer

Fiat Money Whore Summary:

Two levels of Fiat Dollar worship have been covered in this installment, “the worshiper” & “the worshiped”. With both defined as “Whores”. Again, let’s keep it simple……..

Getting down and dirty at the worshiped level, what happens in the life cycle of any street hooker/“Whore”? First hey start losing their luster, then almost overnight they become so unattractive their price is discounted, and finally comes what I suspect are the only 2 extreme options available “saved by divine intervention, or put out to pasture”. As regards their working profession, only being “put out to pasture” is the final option, whether saved by God, or just plain “old….tired….& or just forced out due to a loss of value!”

Is there a pattern here for the Worshiped? First….losing luster….then so unattractive the price is discounted….& finally put out to pasture….!

As I have said many times. The Whore that is Fiat money (legal tender), has no boundaries, and no loyalty, she will go whichever way the easy trickle down money or in this case legal tender flows. That’s her history, a history that has been repeating itself, wherever she is allowed to briefly flourish.

At our level & in our case…….on the ground style!  Let's put it this way..........

Once again….the fiat dollar has proven herself to be a heartless whore. A witch who will hitch a ride with whoever has the most “Tricks” up for sale. So, while you still can, “Ditch the Bitch!”

Moving on to a brighter note for the season, take this recent collaboration by Jack Ingram & Miranda Lambert below, and “Hold On” to friends & family. It’s more important than all the rest of this stuff anyway…..

God Bless, Be Well & Merry Christmas!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Rob Kirby, ZeroHedge, InfoWars, Wolf Street (no affiliation), Michael Snyder, Team RM, Steve St. Angelo, Jerry5, Steve Earl, Marshall Tucker, Lynyrd Skynyrd, & Jack Ingram & Miranda Lambert