A Short Saker Podcast on the Origins of 'the NWO'

My friend Andrei Raevsky aka The Saker speaks about the release of his book, and takes ten minutes out of his drive time across the Florida to address the triumph of Freemasonry or 'para-masonic' ideology, the true spiritual origins and reality of 'New World Order' conspiracy, and who's really pulling the strings above the 'NWO', and the Lord's Prayer.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGywYAVJHWE[/embed]

Title art for this post by 19th century Russian artist Viktor Vasnetsov. The art work accompanying the Saker's podcast on YouTube is by contemporary Russian Orthodox Christian artist Sergei Yefoshkin. Below is an introductory Russian lesson on how to say the 'Our Father', the Otsche Nashe