USA Isolation & Assimilation, A Foregone Conclusion & It’s Just Good Business

Truthful revelations of late, from reliable sources in the alternative media, show a decisive ongoing rout of the western business teams. This was confirmed in the recent blockbuster “Guerrilla Reports”, and articles from Team Roguemoney, just to name a few. Leading one with an eye towards the future (well at least it does me), to theorize on the level of “Isolation”, and ongoing "Foreign Assimilation” left to be faced? Leading to the broader question, of how to best prepare for something never ever experienced in our lifetimes, let alone even in a practice drill. At least as far as westerners are concerned. Clearly the life raft of safety for the King Dollar was cast aside years ago, but the level of “Isolation” that faces the users of this sinking currency will be devastating, if not dehumanizing for the home team. Sorry to be repetitive, but swallow your egos, and spit them out, said many times before, and that even includes those that are somewhat prepared. In the continuing journey for the truth in economics here @ “”, a journey that could still possibly yield a constructive business model, even in the wake of the dollar’s full failure, the clues to when that failure will reach critical mass are now coming in rapid fire succession. But, only if your eyes are open.  Mine are nearly filled with tears now, with what I consider to be a really heartbreaking news link, at the end of the "News review section".  A link that describes the USSA's continued "Isolation & Foreign Assimilation", and you can't blame the buyers.  I know from some personal experience. 

One of these clues, is the growing evidentiary trail of the seeds of "Future Isolation". Isolation in all forms of business, which ironically supplements the “Assimilation” of alien business models in our own back yards. Supplemented by a weakened home team business environment. But, make no mistake about it, even the current warrior like actions in the middles east are about business. No animus involved. As the Wolf Gray likes to say, “It’s just business”….! Pure & simple! If one is awake, it’s easy to see the signs, it’s easy to see coming, but not so easy to understand the aftermath, and the associated living conditions. Thus the level of “Isolation & Assimilation” to be experienced.

Again, I would project it, as a set of conditions not seen by anyone breathing in the USSA today.

A phone conversation last week with Team RogueMoney “history & economics” wiz Ken Schortgen Jr., got my mind spinning. Spinning with how a lack of attention to detail at one’s own shop, due to pure self righteousness, has probably served to ignite the dollar's fiat fire, soon to be fiat failure. Also, of course with a little coaxing from our own team, team bankster.

It is the recognition of these signs, that keep popping up everywhere, that can be of assistance for those with their eyes open.  Especially when it comes to dealing with an "Isolation" that none of us in the west have ever experienced. I guess you could term it, “pre-game mind preparations”. A recognition that reminds me of an athlete practicing for game conditions he or she has never seen. Hard to do, when it’s for the unknown, but still worthy of a 100% effort in preparation at being self sufficient.

If the “red white & blue undies” have been too tight & might have been crimping your judgement, then discard them to the dresser drawer to be retrieved once the truth is re-established. Then they will fit perfect. Final thoughts in a second, but first the news that lays a clear evidentiary trail to USSA “Isolation & Assimilation”…….BTW this is just from last week, the evidence trial goes back decades. The recent signs are just much clearer now.

First a Zero Side Bar:

I seldom if ever watch this guy, but he came on right after “The Panther’s stunk the field up, but still won” Sunday night. The preliminary alternative media rhetoric was, “He will attack gun rights”! Curiously he did not make a huge direct attack on the freedom to own firearms. But, in my opinion as regards freedoms, it was much much worse. To stop these terrorists he announced using intrusive technology, and the repeal of the simplest of constitutional freedoms, as a way to safely stop terrorism.  That was the “Wolf Gray's takeaway” from this nut job’s speech. Guns ain’t the issue, this guy is the gun manufactures best friend:

or for more proof how about this next one from ZeroHedge:

From the 90’s to now, it has just been “If you want to buy them, no problemo, just be sure to give us more & more of your personal info. Looks to me they will be doing more of this, as I think we just witnessed the elite game of, “Now we are telling you about it (taking more simple freedoms), so don’t blame us when we come to your door!” Wolf Gray’s motto, “Keep as much of 'it', whatever 'it' is to yourself, and out of their radar screens.”

I think we just witnessed a major “warning shot across the liberties bow”, in this buffoons Sunday speech. Unfortunately the attacks could be directed at “Truth Resources”, like “”! BTW the Wolf Pack & I are still digesting this speech, and it’s hidden sales messages, but restricting gun ownership wasn’t the big sales point in my view.

On to the Isolation/Assimilation Trail………plus a final word of wisdom from last Christmas season, courtesy of the venerable Mrs. Wolf Gray

News & Evidence of a Changing of the Guard:

Many may ask what leads to "Isolation on the world stage of business", and I would contend the promotion of fascism as a national agenda. After which, who would want to deal with you, when you don’t want to let your own entrepreneurs deal with things on their own constitutional terms? To the rest of the world the ECB in it’s infinite wisdom is overt in it’s fascism promotion, failure, profit loss, and or capital destruction. Note the following from ZeroHedge:

Folks the ECB is not outdoing the fascist leaders in this country, they are just more clumsy or overt about it. I said it in a previous installment, and I will say it again, we are in covert austerity at this minute. Emotionally, and financially. Fear of the government's excessive tax structures, and capital deformation via the destructive forces of QE. Destructive forces that permit the “Big Boy Jones” to keep the money to themselves, and play shell games with it for a profit, while screwing the masses.

If poor economic conditions are causing countries to try picking new trading partners, concurrent with attempts to build stronger “insurance policies” (gold holdings), then the last one to do the same will be the one with the most, “What?” Isolation! Check out the next article from Michael Snyder of “the”

Note his lines after the ranking through number 27 in the above link:

We have not seen numbers like these since 2008, and trillions of dollars of stock market wealth has been wiped out globally.  So the “nothing is happening” crowd is simply dead wrong.  Stocks are already crashing all over the planet.  Just because the big U.S. stock market crash has not happened quite yet does not mean that a major global financial crisis is not happening.

Snyder may be covering his fanny with the, “I know I said the stock market would collapse by years end (still a few weeks to go though), but I meant the entire world markets” mantra, but he is on point, and look who is not on his list. The USSA, and where do the folks, last on most lists of business & economic failure, end up joining the party, especially if they were greedy bullies to boot?  You guessed it, "in “Isolation”, with very few solutions available!" moving on…

Here is one of the most obvious signs the USSA is heading towards “Isolation”, and btw I am starting to think it is on purpose, check out this link from ZeroHedge:

Many I know, love to chant, “USA....USA....USA....USA….”, but the rest of the world's population, (now closing in on 95% thanks to Putin’s popularity), leaves one to surmise, they are likely chanting something entirely different these days!  The above link from ZeroHedge shows Putin laying a clear evidence trail back to Langley in the “black market/death” oil trade. I can feel my red, white & blue undies tightening up while I type, time to put on the boxers.

Now for some real evidence of the cover-up that would indicate clearly the USSA is headed for isolation, and presented by our own government agencies.

Based on the above link from ZeroHedge, I have to ask, “Do you want to know how to really alienate your business clientele or partners?  Do things half-assed or how about projecting, a departure from full time status to “Part Time”.

That is what declining economies, and or declining business models resort to, when the cost structures of running the business become prohibitive.  Businesses that thrive on expanding production, and productivity, will avoid these half-assed top heavy business models, bloated with part time workers.  So let's celebrate another great jobs report, one that is not only a standard part of the western USSA economy, but a symptom of the very isolation being written about in this installment.  Just more evidence showing we are in decline, and soon to be darn near irrelevant, or “Isolated & Assimilated by Foreign Business Entities”.

The next link from ZeroHedge illustrates how businesses structured on fascism with the attached unwanted cost structures, end up in “Isolation”.

Nothing like self imposed "unwanted costs" to kill profit margins a.k.a. capital formation.   Self Imposed, what do you mean WG, it was the government that did it?  True, but it is we the people, we either voted it (Zero Care) in, or let it (The Unaffordable Care Act...UCA) go unblocked.   Uncontested sheeple business owner stupidity, or just plain duped, or just plain gutless, or just plain brainless?  Doesn’t matter the attached symptoms will be severe “Isolation concurrent with Home Asset Assimilation”.

When profit margins are crushed due to restrictive uncontrollable cost structures (over taxation, in the form of things like the UCA) you paint yourself into a corner.  A corner of isolation, isolation from other productive business relationships. Who wants to get hooked up with an obvious, soon to be loser! Recognized on world wide scale.

Finally this next one breaks my heart, as the memories with grandpa Wolf Gray & Wolf Gray Sr. revolved around this place at Christmas time when I was a young wolf pup. But memories aside, this is the clearest sign of home based business failure I have ever seen. EVER!  This is the billboard that reads:

"Made in America, Where did it go?

Based on the above link, can there be any better example of the USA business model in decline, now USSA? No, especially if you are my age, and remember who this business represents. American Made!!! That’s who!

From the time I was just a Wolf Pup, if you excluded Detroit's industrial output, this store was the model or measuring stick for what was good about "Made in America".  This retailer sold just that, products “Made in America”.  Sears a primary symbol of "Made in America" products, has been in steep decline for the last decade, and appears to be on it's way out.  I realize they started selling "made elsewhere stuff" as well during the last several decades, but trust me it didn't used to be that way.

If you step outside the box, and look at this scenario, then the significance can't be ignored. An American business icon, and one of the former top retailers in the world, from right here in the USA is “rolling over to USSA status”.  Note this came off Yahoo News not any alt. media web page (though they have been reporting Sear's demise for a couple years already).

Forget the bullying of our business partners. Forget the IMF inclusion of the RMB which will result in displacement of the Dollar as "the currency on top of the world”.  Forget that Russia is now exercising the muscle to displace the west over the world's most important natural resource, that which supplies energy.  Instead remember……

Just step outside the box, and look at the fact, that the former "economic big dog on the world stage”, is losing it's flag ship sales & marketing arm for products, "Made in America!” Now ask yourself from outside the box, would you want to do business with us?  Or would you want to instead, do just what we see happening, start buying up the failed assets on the cheap right here, in the failed USSA, a.k.a. "Foreign Assimilation".  Something the boys from the BRICS & Assoc's are doing right now (though not as fast a clip as they were), and have been doing for a while.  Which conjures up one terrible image, "FORGET ISOLATION, HOW ABOUT NON-EXISTENCE, OR IRRELEVANCE". OR NEAR COMPLETE FOREIGN ASSIMILATION!

Only those that can remember the former existence of a productive America will recognize any "Isolation" (RM regulars or guys my age), or feel the "Assimilation".   Once enough of the old guard, or the current "wise" die off, it will not be "Isolation anymore, it will be what level of Assimilation. It will be defined as "sheeple normal". You have to do things properly in house, from top to bottom, or you lose your sovereignty (a point mentioned in prior installments).  When enough people, who get it, die off there may not be any isolation, because there will be no autonomy. Just “Assimilation” of the sheeple, morons that remain. It will just be normal to them.

Not a guarantee, but certainly a scary thought or vision, a vision with a good chance of being a reality. At least for those that remember what SEARS represented in American business, as it’s failure can’t be explained away anymore with bullshit phrases like, "It's now growth in “Non-bricks & mortar business models”. Which truthfully means, "No it represents failure in industry & manufacturing at home, which by default yields failure to attract trade partners, thus yielding “Isolation & Assimilation”. And, an especially sad business demise for me, due to my memories as a happy wolf pup at Christmas time.

Curious Note from this Segment:  From three paragraphs, above note the line in parentheses that indicates the foreigners may not be buying up USSA assets as briskly as they once were.  If these alternative media reports, of a decrease in western asset business purchases are true, then one has to ask why?  The Wolf Gray sense of smell, picks up a trail of "END GAME".  Business is being concluded, leaving the USSA sheeple holding the losing hand.

Signs of Western Isolation & Assimilation, It’s a Lock with a Personal Note:

In 1991 I went through a difficult court case regarding a “covenant not to compete” clause with an insurance carrier. Just prior to this time, Wolf Gray was a top notch producer with this carrier in the late 80’s in the group health & supplemental benefits business. Sorry to brag, but good enough to have other companies pestering him with better, top notch contracts. I took one, and the “former employer/soon to be competitor” was miffed. They complained, and in parting said to me, “Leave your existing block of business alone or else.  Otherwise we will allow you and your renewal commissions to be paid with no restrictions.” That is cool with me, "No problems guys", was my generic response. The new contract was healthy enough that I didn’t care about their whining, but I did want my renewals to continue as promised, and spelled out in the contract.  I stayed away from the doorsteps of my former clients, but not for long!

Well a month & half later, I noticed my mail box was never filled with my promised, "being a good boy", renewal check from the former carrier.  I have my contacts, and got a copy of a memo stating, to "Cut my Renewals", literally the day I agreed I would leave my former business alone.  I saw red. I made sure to “roll every piece of business” (rewrite them with my new primary carrier contract) I ever wrote with them. I remember vividly telling Mrs. WG, “I bet the former guys will come after me, but who cares, piss on them, they threw the first punch!” I was right, the next punch was loaded with a “TRO” (temporary restraining order) on me doing business. Well you can’t stop a man from making a living, that’s why “covenant not to compete” clauses are scare tactics only. But the short of it is, “They cost me a bunch of money in attorney’s fees, but lost in court.”

The problem was, I just finished “Isolating” myself from other insurance companies, with a bad rebel rep. The bad part was I was 100% certain, when I told Mrs. WG, they would come after me, and they did. I just set up my own "Isolation". Though in principle the court said I was within my rights, I was not a popular “hot shot” anymore. I had sadly just finished “Isolating” myself, and now with what was a much lighter “bank account”.

I have been there, and can recognize “Self Isolation” from miles away, and the USSA has made my efforts look little league. Unlike my situation they will not have to have their “bank accounts” lightened one little bit. Why might that be? Fascism, and a willing sheeple public, that’s why.  We the sheeple will pay the lost court fees!

If the rest of the world is attempting to head toward a truth in business via real money (gold & silver, bars & coins a.k.a GSBC), then the biggest fiat promoter (also many times a fascist) left standing, will by default be left standing by themselves, in “Total Isolation”. All that is needed is to step outside the box, presto it is not to hard to see. And based on the news links, evidence trail above, it is in progress with an almost definable end in sight. “Isolation with On-going Assimilation”, we are in it up to our necks.

In my story, not only did I “Isolate myself”, now there was an aggressive “Assimilation” of my own assets, now former assets, in the form of my sales reps being hired from under my nose. Not hard to do as I was isolated, and in non-operation mode. In fact I was in protection & back peddling mode, no one wanted to be near me for a couple quarters.

The "Ongoing Isolation made me an easy target for asset assimilation. Though the court may have agreed with my legal stance, it killed my asset base. How? Again, the guys I had assembled to be part of my regional sales team, went to greener pastures, and who could blame them? I was too busy in the drudgery part of doing business. So business “Isolation & Assimilation”, they appear to run in packs if aggressive wolves are at competition's door step.

The asset base of the USSA is being sold to the other team. No fault of the other team, team BRICS & Assocs., it’s just business. The only difference between the problems faced by team Wolf Gray in the early 90’s, and today’s USSA failed business model, team Wolf Gray had no one else to fall back on, but himself. The USSA has the sheeple, who without the aid of a quality DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio), will be forced to play ball with the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be).

Business is moving forward, and unless you are prepared with a quality DHAP your odds of avoiding total servitude to either, the new & currently assimilating bosses, or the current existing fascists bosses, will be, near zero. The good news is the end is in sight, and for those that are prepared it may be a relief, but I wouldn’t bet my stacks on it, at least not too soon. Keep your powder dry for now.

Stay positive, stay focused, “the time” is close, and as I have maintained for some time the PPPTB can’t permit much more “Assimilation”, in the form of “home based asset fire sales”, especially to their eastern counterparts. It is this fact that will probably make the PPPTBadd a big assist in a USSA collapse, that eventually no one, even CN’BS’, will be able to paper over.  With respect to timing, I have felt all along, it can now be conveniently done with the most idiotic moron (a.k.a. patsy) in world history, at the helm of a once productive business model. USA, now going public as the USSA. Any buyers, I think I heard the brokerage firm is the “Vampire Squid”?

Business is moving at a rapid pace, even though many will say, including me, the world’s “trade indices” have already taken a nose dive. It is instead extremely important pre-game planning, and as most everyone knows, “most battles are won before they are fought”. Our team, after already giving away our needs for a work force, is too busy fleecing the last penny from the very work force they should be nurturing. As detailed in this installment, being broke tends to fosters “Isolation & Assimilation”, but it has never happened to any one currently breathing western USSA air. Well unless you are stupid enough to take on an insurance company by yourself.

Stay focused!  There is nothing you can do to stop the western economic failure, so the only option left, to prepare as best you can within your means, for something never seen by anyone alive today!  Easier said than done, but you have no choice but to try.

I thought about “The Beatles”, for a song message with “The Long & Winding Road”, but it is just to slow, and depressing. We are ending a long and winding road, but I will stick with a similar message with a little less sadness…….Expressing the way many will feel this holiday season…

You got me in a corner You got me against the wall I got nowhere to go I got nowhere to fall

Take back your insurance Baby nothin's guaranteed Take back your acid rain Let your T.V. bleed


Mrs. WG Word of Wisdom for the Season:

As mentioned around this time last year, the Christmas family gatherings will be filled with knuckle heads that refuse to step outside the box for enlightenment. If you are like me it will rattle your nerves. Sitting there listening to the stupidity, and trying to stay quiet is no easy task. One I hadn’t tried until this year, starting with Thanksgiving, but Christmas is still to come. Thanksgiving was tough, but I kept my mouth shut, and nodded along with the “deep inside the matrix sheeple thinking”.

Mrs. WG used to listen to me talking with friends & family about the western business stupidity, and finally got tired of hearing about my frustrations with the audience’s lack of belief. Her views, are now my views (about 80% of the time, the other 20% I still may go on a rant), “They are not going to listen until they are ready to search for new answers on their own, and only then might they wake up! Quit knocking on a door where you aren’t welcome.” I think she is right, but it still ain’t easy. And, the big test (Christmas) is straight ahead. Try to keep your blood pressure down, and just enjoy the season. Because if you rattle off brilliant world views, 20 minutes after you have left the gathering, they have either forgotten what you said, or they are talking about what a nut job you are!

Nothing is going to be resolved until they want it resolved! Kudos to Mrs. WG, who had watched my frustrations over the years. If you find an effective way to deliver this hard to deliver message, drop a comment in the comments sections.

Hard Asset Tip:

Invest in a set of ear plugs for this season, especially if you have a group of “I listen to the news & know it all” types to deal with at Christmas. Or better yet, just tell them you are imitating the teenagers in attendance with some ear phones on your head, playing some of your favorite tunes. Hell everybody else is doing it.

God Bless, Be Well! Consider investing in a set of ear plugs for the season.

Wolf Gray

PS...I added this link 15 minutes after uploading this article (my friend the Russian Analyst alerted me to this in an email), because it clearly shows what desperate entities that are facing extreme ISOLATION, tend to resort to.....

Isolation & desperation, all in what appears to be the USSA closing in on the end game, in full display above.

Credits to the Thoughts of: Opie, Team RM, ZeroHedge, Michael Snyder, & Tom Petty