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Today with the theater of the profane in San Bernadino, California conveniently distracting Americans from bombshell revelations about ISIS oil trading with a NATO member state and the personal involvement of the Erdogan family in this blood for crude scheme, our thoughts turned a bit closer to home. This week a friend of ours known to the world as The Saker was 'outed' by people he once trusted as Andrei Raevsky. For more background about who is The Saker, read his autobiographical (and soon to be updated essay) "Submarines in the Desert".

Almost needless to write, I don't get a kopek from endorsing the Saker's book -- and I am in the process of ordering a copy through his publisher

There is not much more we can add to the story beyond what's published on The Vineyard of the Saker today, other than to mention that we knew the Saker's real first name -- and he knew ours -- months ago. At that time, The Saker kindly invited my wife and I to visit his Florida home, an invitation we have yet to take him up on but may yet in the future. It was the Saker's coverage of the rising tide of Empire-spawned bloodshed and misery culminating in the Ukraine civil war that motivated us to speak out as 'James the Russia Analyst'. It was the Saker who encouraged us to keep doing the shows when we made our initial revelation that BBC, Reuters, Associated Press and other Western mainstream media were sitting on the story of Kiev's grossly understated by the thousands casualty figures on the John B. Wells Caravan to Midnight program.

It goes without saying usually here at the Rogue Money community that the veils of anonymity the Guerrilla, myself and Wolf Gray wear for professional reasons (WG and V in financial services, myself working in mainstream media) in this Internet age are all thin indeed -- and fairly transparent to anyone who already knows us offline, much less to lidless electronic eyes of various governments. Indeed, like Dr. Jim Willie, at certain times I have found myself trying to explain my 'awake' opinions and the facts to people who are my own flesh and blood, who imagine that I hold certain views only out of some bizarre Russophilia or youthful oppositionalism rather than having the benefit of reading and knowing better sources than they would know or bother to access. In general as many RMers have experienced with their relatives, I've learned when to bring up current events, and when to simply let them go and allow them to make their own choices. After all, as the Orthodox Church fathers remind us, none of us comes to any truth much less the Way, the Truth and the Life without our own baggage aka sins.

Deny everything: Col. Steve Warren calls Russian allegations of Turkey and Erdogan profiting from stolen ISIS oil 'preposterous'

Unfortunately in recent years with the onset of the dollar crisis and U.S.-Russia confrontation adherence to the Narrative, even when the Emperor is exposed with no clothes on, is expected of those men and women who wish to honorably serve our country. Today we witnessed the bizarre spectacle of a U.S. Department of Defense spokesman Col. Steve Warren dismissing as 'preposterous' allegations from the Russian military, backed by satellite photographs, that America's NATO ally and partner Turkey is selling the stolen crude oil of what the U.S. has denounced as the most dangerous terrorists on the planet. We also saw an article in one of America's two 'newspapers of record', the Washington (Com)Post, in which the same Col. Steve Warren denounced as Iranian conspiracy theories and disinformation the belief of many Iraqis that the U.S. has deliberately (rather than just 'accidentally' via faulty para-drops to Kurds or 'moderate' Islamists) armed Islamic State fighters. Apparently Col. Warren would have at least some of the Iraqis who claim to be eyewitnesses to these instances choose if they're gonna believe him, or their lying eyes.

More segments from the Russian Ministry of Defense presentation about Turkish trafficking in ISIS oil of Wednesday, 2 December 2015

No doubt adherence to these increasingly implausible if not contradictory denials, much like unquestioning acceptance of the 9/11 narrative, will become some sort of new litmus test for 'loyalty'. But the men and women of our nation's military have brains, and they've been trained to read maps; including maps of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra (aka Al-Qaeda in Syria) supply lines running right up the Euphrates valley to Turkey. The people of our military and many in the CIA/DIA/NSA know that amateurs discuss tactics and how to counter ISIS messaging on inexplicably never shut down social media, but professionals discuss logistics, how to in Colin Powell's words, 'Cut it off, then kill it'. They can also read on Reuters no less that America's ally and military base host Qatar openly exchanges with the Lebanese government to free jailed members of Al-Qaeda.

There is also no need to tune in to the Alex Jones Show, especially if he's hosting anathema to the Establishment (and perhaps 'eastern' or Eurasia friendly globalists' ringer) Donald Trump. And The Washington Post is doing its best on behalf of its top government agency partner up the road in Langley, Virginia to conduct some damage control via the time tested techniques of 'limited hangout'. The throwing of the Turks and perhaps even the Clintons and Brookings Doha sponsoring royals of Riyadh and Qatar under the bus led by Hillary, Joe Biden and now Trump may be an Establishment effort to burn out a fire break between Washington and the Daesh wildfire.

Nonetheless, any thinking person who takes the time to do any sort of research whether in government, military or intelligence understands the oil ISIS stole from the people of Syria and Iraq did not teleport itself from the Syrian-Turkish border to the tanker port of Ceyhan, nor that such massive quantities of crude could escape the attention of the NATO-backed authorities in Ankara or '5 Eyes'/NATO intelligence agencies that work with Turkey (including the Mossad). What effect this may have on the morale of those who have always viewed ourselves or our nation's leadership, even if tragically mistaken, as well-intentioned, cannot be underestimated.

In any case, discretion being the better part of valor, we've decided it's best to let intelligent people draw their own conclusions about what the fraudulent campaign against ISIS means in terms of how far gone the District of Corruption is...rather than beat them over the head with the 'red pill' truth. As the New Testament epistles declared, the time is short. Like the Biblical Judgement Day, the reckoning that's coming for America is going to effect us all or someone we love or care about wherever we may find ourselves when it becomes an inescapable fact.

Limited hangout: former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) chief retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn says 'we were too stupid', blames Iraq War for ISIS

Defense Intelligence Agency memo declassified and published thanks to Judicial Watch, spelling it out in black and white

Tonight's tweeted fury of certain ex-Deep Staters (and failed wannabe spooks) greeting the revelations of retired Gens. Michael T. Flynn and Paul Vallely and their choice to appear on a 'Kremlin propaganda channel' to discuss the origins of and Turkish support for ISIS are not signs of confidence. Rather they represent tacit admissions of flailing impotence, and that the end is near for the petrodollar Empire -- just as former intelligence insider 'W' and V have been warning all who will listen for months now.



The 'outing' of Andrei Raevsky by people he previously trusted to 'run' his Serbian translations team and website on a voluntary basis is a reminder that freedom and free expression always comes at a price. But at the same time, it also reminds us of how blessed we are to be able to contribute to this team and enjoy the confidence of men with integrity like Wolf Gray, the Guerrilla, 'W' and Ken Shortgen Jr.

So, what more to add at this juncture, than a 'plug': my friends please consider supporting the Saker by buying his book. It is not a matter of agreeing with everything in it or all of what The Saker writes (for those of you who may find the label 'Anglo-Zionist' upon the Empire distasteful, just take the advice of former Canadian diplomat Patrick Armstrong and imagine 'NWO' or 'Anglo-American-exceptionalist' in its place). But it is about recognizing a common paradigm of multi-polarity and freedom of speech in a rapidly changing world.

Thank you again friends, it is a privilege to communicate with you all and be a part this community.

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