More Saudi Humiliation: Houthis/Yemeni Tribesmen Storming Border Base at Najran, Getting Uncomfortably Close to Saudi Aramco Red Sea Refinery Port City

On the Friday night November 27 Guerrilla Radio program, V and 'W the Intelligence Insider' discussed the crisis in the House of Saud and what regime change in Riyadh could mean for the dying petrodollar. As if to punctuate V and W's warnings about the increasingly tenuous state of the Saudi monarchy, the Houthis and allied Yemeni tribesmen launched a counteroffensive against the Saudi invaders of their country over the weekend, seizing the Nuhuqah military base near Najran. The Al Faisaliah neighborhood in Najran has reportedly come under Yemeni fire.If the Houthis continue their advance west they will be threatening the highly populated city of Jizan, site of a major planned Red Sea refining hub and an important port for Saudi Aramco and the Kingdom. As our friend Dave from The X22Report likes to say, "The tribes are rising up" -- and the Saudis are facing a real nightmare along and inside their southern border.

Map of the Middle East with the Saudi oil refinery and terminal port city of Jizan on the Red Sea marked in red, not far from the Bab el Mandeb strait, a strategic maritime Silk Road chokepoint between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa.


Southfront and CCTV videos from early November about the GCC's use of East African mercenaries to bolster their failing campaign inside Yemen

A Houthi tribesman pays the Saudis back for their proxy war with Syria via some filmed Allah snack-baring and jihad music of his own

To make matters worse for the Saudis and the perception that their Kingdom is fast becoming 'the sick man of the Middle East', there are reports that many Saudi soldiers simply dropped their weapons and fled in terror from a determined Yemeni assault on their fortified hill top positions. The combat footage released by the YouTube channel/Twitter feed YemenFightsBack and re-posted above would appear to partially support those claims. Clearly a Saudi military that needs to import Colombian, Sudanese and Eritrean mercenaries to fight for it is running chronically short on manpower willing to fight, even in a country with a population 30 million and no shortage of jobless young men.

Meanwhile, thanks to the intervention of Russia, a growing number of the young Saudi males who've actually proven willing to fight (but in Syria) have become fertilizer in northern Latakia and Hama provinces.

Footage of mercenaries killed or injured while fighting for the Saudi/UAE/Qatar coalition inside Yemen, video uploaded a week ago

Pro-Iraqi Shi'a accounts on Twitter are very happy the Houthis are kicking the Saudis rear ends in the outskirts of Jizan (also spelled Jazan?)

So What Does This Mean? A Brief 'The Persians and Beltway Sharks Smell Saudi Blood in the Water' Analysis

While it is too early to tell whether the Houthis will be able to delay or even force the cancellation of Saudi Aramco's refinery planned to open in Jizan next year, or if Yemeni attacks on Saudi energy infrastructure could effect the oil price, several things are clear at this juncture:

1) The Saudi war in Yemen has become a quagmire, just as Dr. Jim Willie's source 'the Voice' told him -- and the Guerrilla's recent bombshell revelation that the French have been covertly aiding the Houthis/Yemenis against Riyadh places the Paris terror attacks and Houthi military gains in context. See for example this article by the pro-Hezbollah Christian Lebanese news site Al-Masdar with Arab experts telling them the French will be forced to stop tacitly supporting Saudi terror as a result of the Kingdom's Frankenstein monster ISIS getting out of control and running amuck in Paris

2) Houthi and allied Yemeni tribesmen attacks inside Saudi Arabia are becoming more brazen and extending deeper into the Kingdom

3) Riyadh needs negotiations with the Russians if not directly with the Iranians now more than ever, in order to extricate the Kingdom from this mess

4) It may or may not be a coincidence that the Houthi offensive is coming after the deaths of several high ranking Iranian officers inside Syria -- time will tell if this is Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) commander Qassem Soleimani's revenge on the Saudis for assassinations carried out by KSA/CIA proxies

5) It may or may not be a coincidence that the Saudis primary partners in the failed Syrian regime change the Turks are being 'thrown under the bus' by everyone from retired U.S generals to prominent Lebanese politicians over their provocative shoot down of the Russian jet and support for ISIS. Saudi support for the weak and now likely headed for severe recession Turkish economy is also likely to falter given the low oil prices and Riyadh's hemorrhaging deficits

6) It may or may not be a coincidence that in the last few weeks, just as official Washington begins to understand that the Kingdom is in real trouble militarily, Hillary Clinton criticized the Saudi royals for sponsoring terrorism -- betraying the Riyadh princes who've proven to be so generous to her and Bill's Clinton Foundation in return for the then Secretary of State signing off on arms deals and other goodies for the Kingdom. No word yet on whether the furious Saudis will pay Hillary back for this betrayal with well-timed leaks to the press about Billary's trail of foreign bribe-taking and sleaze

7) Last but not least, Bloomberg (!) is reporting that the State Department recently disclosed over $1.3 million in gifts by the Saudi royals to the Obama family, including a gold wrist watch for President Zero valued at $67,000. Whether the alternative media claims that the Saudis financially supported Barack Obama's education and career from the early 1980s on are true or not, we may be about to find out. Because the love affair between D.C. and Riyadh is most definitely over, and like any celebrity divorce the discovery phase of trial or settlement papers could contain all sorts of juicy tidbits for the tabloids about Washington's dirtiest alliance forged in oil and blood.

As for what happens next in Yemen once the Saudis finally accept the inevitable and pull out in humiliation (with Russia and Iran arranging some face-saving measures to cover the withdrawal) -- look for the Dragon to move in: