Watch for a Massive Pile Up of Western Wanna-Be’s on the US Interstates

Last Friday I had one of my “Wolf Pack Associates”, deliver me a friendly right between the eyes wake up call. It was prior to The Guerrilla’s radio show, and it put me in my place after I completed a full 15 minutes of whining about the sad state of western affairs. His responses, did influence the title of this installment, and the gist of my final statements on Friday night’s show. Sometimes you have to be popped in the head or right between the eyes to straighten your vision out. More as the installment gathers steam. If you don’t think there is a pile up coming where the “Intangibles & Needs” blow by the "Wants”, then you don’t need to be driving, since you are impaired to begin with! All the “Moral Intangibles” are piloting the vehicles with just the right amount of “Needs”, now leaving the vehicles of the western, too busy texting, to drive “Wanna-Be’s” in their useless “Wants” hot-rods, in their rear view mirror. Bumping, and rubbing are about to be turned into a big pile up on every major interstate highway in the western world, but first check out the evidence trail that is truly wrecking at multiple points & levels…….& be sure to drive defensively!

What does the above link have to do with anything WG? Mind manipulation to the nth degree. Can’t let these people in sheepleville have a clue, and btw I know you all already get this, but just hold on we are building up steam to a Wolf Packer’s wake up call to yours truly. Next up….

In the “more you see these kind of headlines, can you not help, but sit up & take notice” category…check this out:

Regarding the above link, in my 60 years of life thus far, I can’t remember a less “chamber of commerce” moment in quite some time.

Getting closer to the point of this installment, but first here is more evidence the US consumer is folding up his or her tent. And like stated in the last installment, real levels of economic activity will trump phony stock market CN’BS’ (credit to Ken Schortgen Jr. for the acronym) news highlights.

This serves up more evidence that real business with real "Needs" that support or service tangible products are worthy of measure, something the paper tripe fails at over & over.

Just follow that up with this headline that came 2 days later, Friday the 13th ironically, can we all say, “see I told ya so!”

It may be a little early to start singing, “See I told ya so!”, but I think the idea can be tossed about at the next “neat guy/neat gal” gathering, where they are now starting to discuss the idea of using regular octane in their high end rides!

And, speaking of “high end”, check out this headline, also mentioned on last Friday’s "Guerrilla Radio Show”……..

In a consumer based, elite controlled economy, who will be the last to suffer the pains of the gravy train putting on the brakes at the hands of Economic Mother Nature? As per a prior installment, the luxury market crowd, the "Wants, or Super Wants” folks. And, the above headline serves that theory up as a stamp of approval to the Macy’s “weak economic outlook”. In the on-the-ground Wolf Gray world, only the business associates I know that are operating in the high-end retail, and service related industries still have good profit margins. Haven’t spoken with them lately, but I bet just like the above news, their margins are getting squeezed. Like the more mundane & traditional business models, reality eventually reaches everyone.  An economic disaster that everyone will recognize, it is all coming home to roost folks.

Wait a second WG, I don’t see the connection between the elite’s control of the stock market with a combined measurable effect on the outlook for the retail market. All righty then, how about topping that off with the real economy now taking control of the reigns of the Christmas season. Here’s the proof……with a “Wanna-be’s" high end store”, Macy’s up to the plate again….

Can I get a bid on some “stock buy backs" to save our stock price please, going once going twice, sold to the gent crying in the back corner of the room, “Mr. Purveyor of hopes and dreams”.

See we told ya so! But wait a second there is the sound of hope on the airwaves mixed in with a little magic. Also mentioned on the Friday radio show, and days later, this magic is still being headlined on Sunday the 15th at the top of the Yahoo Finance News pages…….. Mind control, baby....

Yep it’s now official Jake, that economic troubadour of hope in all things paper, has spoken. Yea, that’s right it is an illusion, but he is also hoping to soon be stealing your paper while you sleep!!!!!!!

This next one leads right into what my Wolf Pack associate threw straight in my face….

I wouldn't consider the above to be a 100%, "this is the only way to do it successfully view", but it has some excellent points.  The key is how do you define "HOME"?  A world traveler may not have any discomfort with the wind beneath his or her feet, but the guy in the headline picture would.

Wisdom & Courage that Survive the Ages:

First some background on this Wolf Pack associate, and why I tend to respect his opinions.

He is a few months older than the Wolf Gray, and last year at the age of 60 he had a heart attack. His business required him to be active, and be a leader of his crew, unfortunately that stopped in in the blink of an eye. Especially in these sad economic times, times that are governed by the reality that is enforced by Economic Mother Nature.  And, yes those rules do apply to individuals who don't get a dose of QE each and every day!  He tried to get medicaid to help with the bills, he can’t get it, he tried to get a job, can’t get one (heart problem). Why the negatives? Like most business owners he paid himself a shallow, or small salary, to avoid heavy taxation & needless contributions to government social programs (an S-Corp. advantage). The downside, in an event like, a disabling injury or illness, the former advantages while employed, becomes a liability in the event of a major illness or injury. Especially on the unemployment end of things. One day I asked him if he needed any food, and his reply was, “Naw my family is pitching in here & there, with deer meat.” He pauses, and says, “I never thought I would see these times at my door & especially at this age, but it doesn’t matter, I ain’t quitting. Wolf Gray is still silent. Him, “I can’t physically fight like I used to, or do the type labor I used to, but if the problems you & I discuss get to my door, I will not go down without a fight. I damn sure ain’t giving up on the gift of life God gave me.” I can’t add much more to that, without sounding like a moron trying to ride on his wisdom, moving on to today……

I touched on the subject of “Intangibles vs. Tangibles” in a past installment, 01/19/2015 (in the archives), but this time is different. My buddy recently (as in Friday the 13th of November) put some new thoughts in my head…..

“WG you need to quit worrying about this paper vs. real asset crap, because in the end it isn’t the most important thing anyway.” I could tell I was going to be taken to task, but I prodded him further. Which yielded some good stuff. BTW within his financial means, he does prepare for the time, that the on-going collapse, becomes unbearable.

“WG if your house, and all your earthly positions burned down, but you & Mrs. WG were safe outside in your skivvies, guess what, you are free brother!” Me, “Lay it on me my friend.” Him, “You still have you, and now you ain’t tied down to anything anymore, you are free! Been thinking of moving to Montana, well here’s your chance, because there is nothing to stop you, nothing!. No earthly possessions telling you ’not so fast buddy, stay put’…!”

His intangible values lesson helped write, my soon to be closing line on The Guerrilla Radio Show around 6 hours later. Combine that wisdom with the news headlines illustrated above, and it clearly shows that all the western “Wanna-Be’s”, and their abilities to survive while driving a fleet of cars filled with “Wants” ....... is about to come, to a crash on an interstate near you.

Time for a brief aside for a Wolf Gray definition of “wanna-be”. Someone who pretends to be a step above what they truly are in reality.  Most of them don't aspire, but pretend to be a step above, who they really are, in the material world. They think they are approaching or have achieved, “I am all that & a bag of chips” status. When I refer to "Wanna-be’s", they are typically college educated, neat guy & neat gal types, overly indebted to achieve that appearance of “I am it”, but sadly loaded to the gills with that debt in “Wants” not “Needs”!

Moving on to the interstate.

The Interstate of “Wants” Disasters:

The elites a.k.a the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) have been marketing “wanna-be-ism” to all the levels of social & economic strata in the western world. In order to bridge the gap, to that top of the heap level, everyone is magnificent, everyone is a superstar, everyone is a winner, and everyone needs, “Wants” not "Needs" anymore, “Wants”! It is simple form of “Wanna-be” marketing via a well thought out, well oiled marketing machine. Just the standard marketing to the human ego taught in any “Business 101” class, nothing fancy, but difficult to comprehend since most in the west are in their own world, and boy do they “wanna-be”.

This is very similar in the thought & business processes described in my first installment, except this time we are getting ready to witness the demise of "Wanna-be Marketing", or final stages, as soon to be demonstrated on every interstate across the country. Those not well grounded in thought, well grounded in who the hell they are, will continue on the “wanna-be” trail, to stupid to recognize they are driving down a highway all the way to a frantic wreck. Meanwhile the individuals that are more grounded in who they are, or just plain comfortable in their own skins, will be more reserved. Eventually they (if they haven’t already) will start fortifying their positions with a DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio), and if they are really bold it will possibly be with the proceeds from years of wasted time on paper wealth programs, courtesy of the massive PPPTB “Wants” marketing plan.

Don’t believe me, well catch this action. I am typing on a “mac” right now.  Each time I wake it up, it pulls up the Apple internet page, which I could change, but I don’t give a rat’s arse what it pulls up, as I am going to where I want to go. Guess how they term “us” the apple user on this page, or anyone who views their products, “Apple FANS check out this new product”. FANS, Say what? How about clients, or customers, it ain’t a cult. But, the same is true of all business’s as regards their marketing today, even Walmart has that Facebook feel in it’s advertising these days. Hey, you retail stores, how about trying to just respect us, we are your customers.  I sure as hell, ain’t your lowly FAN!

The sales and marketing team @ the PPPTB INC. is being deposed, and laid off I would suspect, as the desperation of "fewer & fewer are actually buying products anymore”, sets in. Desperation yields final results, like people scurrying about on the highways going absolutely nowhere. Ya got to give those "wanna-be's credit though. They are still styling & profiling, while their vehicles are loaded down with a trunk full of useless “Wants”, but the distant vehicles ahead are those that are safely on their way, with a trunk full of DHAP “Needs”. Now the late comers to the DHAP realities, the ones with a more recent well grounded desire to protect themselves will also go blowing by the "wanna-be's" in their over-weighted “Wants" burdened “styling & profiling” vehicles. The “Wants” crowd will realize something is wrong, and hit the panic button. Weaving & careening while jabbering incessantly to someone, who is jabbering back just as loudly, creating a pile up of trashed “wanna-be” false hopes & dreams.

Wolf this imagery is ‘bs’, keep it real for us! Folks, this is as real as it gets, especially when events like this past Friday hit Paris in an attempt to press the panic buttons, all to see what game plans will rise from the fear on the streets. If you haven't thought of this, then let me throw something at you, the events in Paris were PPPTB, sales & marketing gimmicks"!  They were testing the waters of the human pool of emotion.  These guys have zero problems using human death & pain to test out their game plans, and what direction to take next.  To them I suspect it is just sales & marketing, nothing more nothing less. But, they can't fool RM readers, as these corrupt forms of marketing are a clear sign of desperation as the retail numbers via real on the ground economics, ain't so hot right now! 

Here is another real image for ya.  When your 401K’s & your IRA’s get buried, will you be visiting the burial sites? Or will you look over, and see me at Wolf Gray Sr.s’ (mentioned at the end of each of my installments died 2 days after my first one) head stone, while also paying respects to Grandpa Wolf Gray? My 401K’s & IRA’s & all the other trick items I had are liquidated, and gone, and if there is a burial plot for them, excuse me, I must have forgotten to ask for the address.

Proper moral intangibles matter, big time, and so do the "Needs" that they foster.  Needs, needs which give you the ability on the other side of this thing to negotiate for the right to your frickin’ freedoms. The "wanna-be’s" & their trunk load of “Wants” are about to pile up on the interstates from sea to shining sea, and now without any position of strength to negotiate from. My buddy’s analogy is spot on.  When I safely emerge from a fire burned, shelled out hull, of a material house. I STILL GOT ME! And, if you add a well thought out DHAP to it, baby I am good to go. Get your heads screwed on straight folks, get out of the traffic jam, and get yourselves well on down the interstate, and completely avoid the chaotic scenes guaranteed to follow.

My corvette could get buried tomorrow, and it would probably hurt my feelings, but I ain’t wasting time visiting no damn car grave, you will still find me at Wolf Gray Sr.s. Or stop by my place, where I will be outside with one hell of a tree. BTW I invited The Guerrilla, to add some ape like muscle, and he black mailed me with barbecue sandwiches.

I don't know where you may call home, but the last paragraph “Is where I come from!”…….I am confident there is a place for all of us, not filled with phony wants, but with “You & your Needs”....Needs necessary to survive!

Want a reality sign?  Look to Paris, and also look to the retailer’s fresh, early Christmas panic. Follow that up, with what I believe to be the final reality “Wants” shoe to drop, in the high end retail & services sectors, with the providers becoming gloomy in the face of the Christmas season.  All detailed in the reality headlines above. It’s real.....!  Your in it.....! It is happening, and it is right now....!

Somehow Ray Charles, “Can’t Stop Loving You”, kept going through my head, but the words didn't have the right message, then I remembered the same title, but done with different lyrics by Van Halen, this one hits home for me. Enjoy it if you want, and ignore the one brief scene I consider objectionable 2:17:

There's a time and place for everything, for everyone We can push with all our might, but nothing's gonna come Oh no, nothing's gonna change And if I asked you not to try Oh could you let it be ……….Van Halen

……… And all I can remember Is how hard we tried Only to surrender…….Van Halen


My buddy got it right, "SURRENDER", it ain’t happening.!!!! I ain’t about to visit Wolf Gray Sr. in shame, with the story his son surrendered in any form or fashion, especially to the wanna-be desires for “Wants”.

Redundant?  Yes I am!  Cocky?  Sometimes!  But, I don't care, I am right!  It ain't coming, it's here folks.  And, you have been warned once again!   Prepare yourselves.  Get on up the wheel, so you can find yourself safely down the highway, and out of the chaos.

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, my Wolf Pack buddy, Team RM & W, ZeroHedge, Montgomery Gentry, Van Halen