#Race4Euphrates and France Bombing Raqqa; Did The Economist's 'World in 2015' Cover Foretell 311 Days from #CharlieHebdo to #ParisAttacks?

Some shills for the neocons just refuse to quit...Jeb Bush during the fourth GOP presidential debate a week ago calling for U.S. to invade Syria and risk direct confrontation with Russia and Iran in order to save America's barely existent 'moderate' 'Free Syrian Army' proxies

French bombs are already falling on the unofficial capital of the Islamic State's 'caliphate' in northeastern Syria. RT reports at least ten French fighter jets struck targets in Raqqa overnight into Monday, operating from bases in the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

Given that French air strikes are being coordinated with the U.S. and crossing Syrian air space controlled by Russia's most advanced air defense systems based near Latakia, it's a good bet Paris has been coordinating the strikes on ISIS capital of Raqqa with Moscow's blessing too

It did not take some brilliant burst of insight from the Rogue Money team to recognize that the situation in Syria had come to a critical point for Turkey and its Sunni Persian Gulf state allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar who created ISIS. Despite weeks of naysaying and poo-pooing the Russian military intervention into the conflict, Moscow's air strikes in support of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its Iraqi/Iranian allies were starting to bear fruit in the days leading up to the terrorist attacks in Paris. According to The Saker, a former military analyst for a NATO member country (most likely France) during the Balkan Wars of the 1990s:

Up to this moment all the successes of the Syrian armed forces were limited in importance whereas the liberation of Kuweyres not only represents a huge moral victory for the Syrians, but it also has an “operational significance” meaning that it actually changes the shape and dynamic of the front (click here for a high resolution map of the area). Put simply: the Syrian have now seized the initiative from Daesh [Arabic acronym for ISIS -JWS] and they are now on the offensive. As for Daesh, they now have to allocate their forces to prevent the Syrians from further exploiting their success in Kuweyres. Most observers, including myself, were hoping for, or even expecting, such a development, but now it has finally happened. This is very, very good news.

There was, by the way, an interesting if little noticed side story to this event: according to the Russian military, the “moderate opposition” gave key intelligence to the Russian to target the “terrorists” around the airbase.

The Saker and Southfront: SAA's successful push to lift the siege of Kuweires military airport has the potential to decisively turn the tide against ISIS

All it takes is a glance at a map of northern Syria and where ISIS stronghold of Raqqa is located to recognize that if the SAA and Persians can link up with the Kurds along the Euphrates south of the Turkish border, ISIS vital supply lines to Turkey will be cut. After which the once seemingly invincible Islamic State's caliphate will be chopped up into pieces with Iraqi forces pushing up the Euphrates valley from the southeast. ISIS was aware of the danger too, which is why it apparently lashed out, first with the terror bombing of Russian charter airliner 7K9268 on October 31st, and now with the Paris attacks.

According to mainstream media reports, Iraqi intelligence recently intercepted phone calls or other electronic chatter indicating some sort of attack on France was imminent, and the terror warnings were passed on to the U.S. and Iranian governments. Of course, it is difficult to believe that the Iraqis would have an independent SIGINT capability apart from either the U.S. or Russian militaries, the lattter of which set up a join intelligence sharing center in Baghdad that Washington has chosen not to participate in, due to the presence of Iranian Revolutionary Guard corps and Hezbollah fighters in this 'war room'.

So far, all of this appears to make sense, i you believe the conventional story of what the Islamic State is and what ISIS motives are...but to those who doubt the official line regarding Daesh like members of Team RogueMoney, things aren't so simple. The Saker also believes that the sponsors of the Takfiri terrorists who have ravaged Syria these past four and a half years, including the Islamic State's not so covert backers, are getting desperate to salvage some portion of their investment in toppling Assad. If that includes using U.S. and French troops to invade northern Syria, then create enclave or zone in the territory east of Aleppo now controlled by the Islamic State. A de facto Turkish/NATO occupation zone where the so-called 'moderate' jihadists can lick their wounds after losing ground to Assad's Russian-backed counteroffensive:

Still, it is way too early to celebrate. Following weeks of intense fighting and only tactical victories, the Syrians have now achieved their first operational breakthrough, but they will need several more before they can contemplate a strategic offensive against Daesh. This is something which the USA and, even more so, Turkey and Qatar are going to try to prevent with everything they got. Here again, it is important to repeat, that the very small Russian force in Syria does not have the means to, for example, prevent Turkey from moving its forces into Syria.

At this point in time, I would judge Turkey and Qatar as even more dangerous than the USA. Why? Because they both put way too much prestige and, especially, money into ousting Assad and building a pipeline across Syria to link their two countries and they know that as long as Assad or any other secular regime remains in power in Damascus they can forget about it. In fact, if the Russian-Iranian-Syrian-Iraqi-Hezbollah alliance is successful in flushing out Daesh from Syria, were will all the Takfiri freaks go? The risk here is not only for Turkey, but even for the Saudis!

Washington has been stymied thus far by Russia and China, but is still desperate to carve out a piece of Syria for the 'moderate opposition'

The notion of course, that Ankara, Riyadh and Doha invested tens of billions in overthrowing the Assad government and paving the way for a gas pipeline from Qatar on the Persian Gulf to Europe via Turkey on their own without massive support from Washington is not only naive, it's ridiculous. And so is the idea among some alternative media 'flag wavers' for Putin that all of these players would simply accept the Russian Bear marching in and screwing up all their plans for Syria in a matter of weeks if not months without putting up a nasty fight. The Empire's counterattack against Russian intervention in Syria may very well have claimed the lives of 224 passengers and crew members on MetroJet flight 9268 on Halloween.

#DollarShaming and ISIS Growing Military Desperation Matched by Washington/GCC Fears Russia and Iran Just Might Rout Daesh

As The Saker points out above, the worst case scenario for Washington was not more terrorist attacks emanating from the ISIS-controlled portions of Syria, Iraq or Libya, but that the Russians might succeed together with their Syrian and Iranian allies in destroying Daesh so quickly, that governments in the region turned to Moscow and Beijing for protection rather than the U.S.-led Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Sunnistan coalition centered around the Saudis. Such a development, of course, would hammer the final nails into the petrodollar's coffin while Washington has yet to implement the Trans Pacific Partnership (affectionately referred to by the Guerrilla Economist as the Toilet Paper Protocols) or any other tools it has left to save King Dollar.

Recall that no less than Secretary of State John Kerry himself said a few months ago if the U.S. could  not reach a peace settlement with Iran and resume relations due to the intransigence of [pro-Israel] hardliners in Congress, the dollar itself would come under severe pressure. Kerry's statement received serious coverage in alternative and #dollarshaming media, but was largely ignored by the mainstream press. Nonetheless Kerry's admission occurred in the context of the nation's chief diplomat saying America's allies like France and Germany were eager to resume major trade ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and would not pass on multi-billion euro/dollar investments in the former 'rogue state' while America tried to maintain a sanctions regime unilaterally. Never before in the post-Bretton Woods if not Nixon taking the U.S. off the gold standard era of the past forty plus years has an American Secretary of State made such an extraordinary admission of monetary and geopolitical weakness.

As it stands today, the position of the U.S. in the Middle East is increasingly fraught if not in freefall, as the Saudi invasion of Yemen Washington supported has turned into a humiliating, costly fiasco for Riyadh (coinciding, conveniently for the Iranians, with a series of scandals and not so covert dissension within the House of Saud itself).

Meanwhile, the so-called 'moderate' Salafists upon which Washington had based its Syria policy and alleged hopes of defeating Assad and ISIS alike are either throwing in the towel or being slowly ground down by SAA/Russian firepower. While propagandists for the 'moderate' rebel groups including '#JihadiJulian' Roepcke of the German tabloid Bild or the Daily Beast's Michael D. Weiss have boasted about modest counterattacks launched by the rebels since the Russian air strikes began in September, last week even Roepcke could not hide the tweeted panic in the jihadists' ranks as the SAA consolidated gains around Aleppo, and threatened to encircle the rebels' stronghold in that city.

Marine le Pen: France's New Joan of Arc?

Simultaneous to the combat in Syria and Russia's growing prestige gained from fighting ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra, is the so-called 'refugee crisis' exposing the cracks inside the European Union and unleashing a right wing nationalist backlash. This societal shift includes not only resentment of the migrants and EUrocrat politicians who opened the floodgates, but suspicion that George Soros (G)NGOs and Uncle Sam are somehow behind the deliberate socio-economic destabilization of Europe, led by Germany. It is no accident, for example, that Russian flags are often seen albeit in limited numbers at the every Monday rallies of anti-mass immigration PEGIDA protests in the former East German city of Dresden.

As Team Rogue Money member Ken Shortgen Jr. mentioned on the Friday night Guerrilla Radio program, Marine Le Pen and her anti-open borders, anti-radical Islam Front National were surging in French polls even before the Paris terror attacks. Who really knows how much support the National Front will gain as the French state purports to crack down on radical mosques and deport Salafist preachers who spread 'hate' (and whether the crackdown on alleged jihadists will also be used as a pretext to suppress nationalist groups outside of party politics)? Or how long Mutti Merkel will last in Berlin amidst calls for her to resign (#MerkelMussWeg) and the Chancellor's own cabinet ministers undermining her crazy open borders policy for Germany?

Recent Guerrilla Radio guest Dave from the X22Report believes the massive 'refugee' influx into Europe was designed to bring about chaos

It was in this context in which the terror attacks in Paris were carried out, by nearly a dozen terrorists and unknown number of accomplices, with at least one of the perpetrators conveniently leaving a (likely fake) Syrian passport at the crime scene. The Guerrilla Economist was, like many others in the alternative media, skeptical of this story, as something we've heard before. Interestingly enough, the Guerrilla Economist tweeted out the fact that exactly 311 days separates Friday's terrorist mayhem from the previous terror attacks in the City of Light:

Perhaps the terrorist who left behind the apparently fake Syrian passport failed to self-detonate, but in any case the questions regarding Salafist jihadists' habit of bringing their passports along on attacks from which they expect to not return alive have persisted since the January 2015 Charlie Hebdo killings, also carried out in Paris.

After viewing a video put out by the good people at Sgt. Report, reading the weekend column of Ken Schortgen Jr., and looking at this other tidbit of numerology (from the in your face occult symbols laden "World in 2015" cover of The Economist no less) we would have to agree with the Rogue Money team and experts in semiotics like Jay Dyer of the Esoteric Hollywood radio show that there is something quite fishy/smelly about the attacks themselves.

Back in June the Russia Analyst reported Bloomberg reporter Leonid Bershidsky's exasperation with the largest circulation tabloid in Russia, Komsomolskaya Pravda, for spreading 'conspiracy theories' about the New World Order revealing some tricks planned for the year 2015 on The Economist cover. In reality what KP was doing involved translating a detailed analysis from the Vigilant Citizen blog into Russian, then asking Russian analysts and polling its readers what they thought of the NWO hypothesis.

At that time, before the Chinese market tanked in August, we wrote:

Alternative media researchers particularly focused on the dates 11.5 and 11.3 at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's feet (lower right), plus the word 'panic' visible next to the muscular panda and the boy eating from a noodle bowl that represent China and its overheated and vulnerable stock market. The image of the Nagasaki nuclear explosion in 1945 Japan in the upper right hand corner is also ominous.

The Vigilant Citizen blog itself wrote more about the cover. Note the 'green light' and 'sis', in the context of the Paris attacks perhaps finally giving the Western globalist power brokers the 'green light' to send a large ground force into Syria to fight ISIS -- something which President Barack Obama has thus far balked at doing, perhaps due to Vladimir Putin's 'red light' for US/NATO intervention in the form of Russian boots and air defense systems on the ground:

Right under the Pied Piper we see a young boy with dumbfounded look on his face. He is watching a game called “Panic”. The words “Federal Reserve” and “Chi” (which probably stands for China) are on top while the words “Green light!” and “sis!” (which probably stands for “Isis!” or “Crisis!”) are at the bottom. The little boy watches as this twisted game of Plinko unfolds the same way the clueless masses watch powerlessly while various events unfold on mass media. As the name of the game states, the ultimate goal is to cause Panic around the world as crises are almost randomly generated by those who control the game. And that’s on a magazine cover owned by the Rothschilds.

Regarding Rothschild ownership of the Economist, it may not quite be a 'slam dunk' case, but a member of the world's most famous family beginning with the letter 'R' other than Rockefeller most certainly owns shares in the magazine's holding company:

Unlike others we have not been able to independently verify whether the Rothschild family is THE majority owner of The Economist -- but Lynn Forester de Rothschild of New Jersey is CEO of the E L Rothschild holding company that controls the family's Economist shares. Nonetheless, both the timing of and the citation of Vigilant Citizen several months after the original blog post of January 8, 2015 was picked up by Zerohedge on January 10, 2015 were most curious. Bershidsky was clearly looking back to see where the editors of Komsomolskaya Pravda got the idea to do a major story on one world government and its new Cold War waged against Russia.

The 'coincidence' of '11-3' on The Economist cover and 311 days between Charlie Hebdo and Friday's Paris mayhem is certainly disturbing, but we leave it to those like Jay Dyer better informed in semiotics aka symbology to expand on this theme.