Putin's Retired SVR Lt. Gen. 'Grey Cardinal' Says the New World Order is Behind Cold War 2 and the Destabilization of Europe

"Politics is the art of knowing your enemy and rendering him harmless." - Ivan Ilyin, Vladimir Putin's favorite 20th century 'White Russian' philosopher311 days passed between the #CharlieHebdo terror attacks and Friday the (November) 13th's ISIS inspired mayhem in Paris. It's been since 136 days since we published an article on Putin's 'grey cardinal' or 'brain' on July 2, 2015.

Our subject then and today is not the usually mentioned figures of "the hidden author of Putinism" Vladislav Surkov or the Eurasianist ideologue Alexander Dugin, but a figure who has become more prominent in Russian media since the beginning of the second Cold War. That is, since Russia backed the U.S. down from an attack on Syria in August 2013 and long dormant American plans for a more violent Orange Revolution 2.0 in Ukraine were accelerated: retired KGB/SVR Lt. Gen. Leonid Petrovich Reshetnikov. A man who, unlike Surkov is older than Putin, but still close enough in age and KGB-shaped worldview to be listened to in the present 'wartime' situation for the Kremlin.

Retired SVR Lt. Gen. Leonid Petrovich Reshetnikov

Related: Bloomberg's Bershidsky Complains Too Many Russians Believe in 'NWO Conspiracy Theories' see our Monday November 16, 2015 post about this and the 3-11 occult numerology on the notorious The Economist 'World in 2015' issue cover, and please note that we began writing this piece about Reshetnikov and the New World Order days BEFORE the Paris terror attacks, as the length of this essay will surely attest :)

Putin's Real as Opposed to Media Imagined Brain Trust -- Reshetnikov and the RISS Report Directly to Putin's Chief of Staff, Sergey Ivanov

The retired KGB/SVR officer kissing the hand of His Holiness the Archbishop of Peć, Patriarch Irinej of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Reshetnikov is a specialist in the Balkans region and is fluent in Serbian, Bulgarian and conversant in modern Greek.

In contrast to Surkov, Reshetnikov is too old to care what anyone thinks of him anymore, but far too gentlemanly to succumb to the type of emotional outbursts and admissions of painful impatience regarding the fate of the Russian world that roll like violent waves through Dugin's off the charts IQ brain and radical persona. Although very similar to Dugin in their view that the Ukrainian state is a somewhat or fully artificial polity and 'great Russia' includes Belarus and Novorossiya (most of south and eastern Ukraine), Reshetnikov and his proteges view themselves not as radicals, but restorationists of historic, Orthodox and Imperial Rus. The troika or trinity we mentioned in a previous piece citing W the Intelligence Insider of God as defined by Orthodox Christianity, Tsar (State) and Motherland (Eurasian Empire) that withstood the test of invasions and upheavals for centuries prior to 1917.

Acting in the context of academic-style events and meetings with Orthodox Christian hierarchs from Serbia to Greece, Reshetnikov and his RISS team leave the rabble rousing to Dugin or the perennially lampooned (in the West) LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Unlike Surkov, they do not cultivate the image of the Tupac Shakur or Allen Ginsberg loving artist dabbling in politics and giving speeches (that surely involved some sort of MI5 string pulling to avoid sanctions) at the London School of Economics (LSE), which is a finishing school for lower to middle managers of Anglo-American globalism.

Reshetnikov and the 68-year-old's presumptive proteges run the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies -- the SVR's very own RAND Corporation reporting directly to President Putin himself. As Reshetnikov stated in his previous interview this spring, RISS is modeled after the CIA-spun off 'brain trust' that RAND and to a lesser extent the Council on Foreign Relations and Center for Strategic and International Studies at Johns Hopkins represented from the mid-20th century on (which many Rogue Money readers know themselves were copies of the British Royal Institute for International Affairs or Chatham House).

Unlike Putin's current inner circle of 'siloviki' -- men like 'St. Petersburg clan' former and current FSB directors Nikolai Patrushev and Alexander Bortnikov, Surkov needed only to manage Kremlin PR during a period of rapid economic growth and theretofore unprecedented prosperity for post-Soviet Russia.

Vladislav Yuryevich Surkov (Владислав Юрьевич Сурков) born as Aslambek Dudayev has often been called Putin's 'Grey Cardinal' for his role in shaping the Kremlin's ideology expressed in pro-government Russian media. In fact, his role has often been exaggerated by aspiring Western Kremlinologists while other figures have maintained less prominent roles in the new politics of Russia.

The back cover with synopsis of Alexander Dugin's book, The Fourth Political Theory, published by Sweden's Arctos Press, of which the Russia Analyst has a copy.

The proof that Surkov was seen as more of a 'young man's game' master of beating the West at its own PR game -- but not so much a good consigliere for a mob war with the Western banking cartel -- can be seen in his recent reassignment to the rather thankless task of informing the Donbass fighters about the limits to the Kremlin's support in the 'frozen' conflict with Kiev. The rumors that the Novorossiya war will enter a new phase either during or after this winter as the U.S. struggles to retaliate for another humiliation in Syria at Russia's hands via Ukrainian proxies reported at Ft. Russ and by Col. Cassad have hinted that Surkov may be on his way out of that job, as well. If Surkov's task was basically to convince the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics that Russia would not abandon them but they needed to freeze hostilities with Kiev, then that role is clearly going to be moot in a situation where the Ukrainians at Washington's behest launch an all out (and in our opinion doomed to fail) offensive in 2016.

As Russia Insider observes, Alexander Dugin's role in shaping the Kremlin's new ideology has been greatly exaggerated. Despite Glenn Beck and others trying to tout Alexandr Dugin as 'Putin's brain', Dugin is too ideological and too much of an academic to be taken into Putin's confidence. If Dugin really were 'Putin's brain' he never would've made an emotional outburst denigrating the Ukrainians several months back nor been fired from his nominal teaching position at the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (MGU) over it, after many professor colleagues undoubtedly got envious of Dugin's fame and financial rewards.

As for the claim that Dugin was once an adviser to Vladimir Vladimirovich, that has been quietly dropped from Dugin's bios in his newer appearances in English language media but still appears on the back of my few years old paperback of Dugin's The Fourth Political Theory, courtesy of the Arctos (read: nationalist and at times esoteric Madame Blavatskiy publishing) Press in Sweden.

Do They Really Believe in This Great Rus Revival Stuff? At Least Some of the Russian Elite Apparently Do, Indeed

Again, everything that Reshetnikov says has to be viewed carefully through the lense of Russian intelligence disinformatziya and the question of 'is this what he really thinks or simply what he wants the CIA/MI6 to think he and by extension Putin believes?' Nonetheless, as even an ex-NSA officer John R. Schindler can admit, it is entirely possible that Reshetnikov and Putin actually believe what they say regarding Russia being beset by enemies on all sides who wish to destroy her.

Agent 'W the Intelligence Insider' recently expressed a similar thought on the Guerrilla Radio program, declaring that Putin may have started to buy into the myth, the legends that had been built up around him as the champion of Russia's revival. It may not all be 'an act' designed as Peter Pomerantsev or Michael D. Weiss insist by cynics like Surkov to legitimate an oligarchic regime that invented adventures in Ukraine and Syria to distract the Russian masses into loving their tyrant, in much the same way many Russians sincerely wept when Stalin died after WWII.


If Russian Prof. Igor Panarin (whom we saw once on the Moscow Metro once, BTW) is such a crackpot, why did his ideas receive so much attention from mainstream media after the economic crisis hit in 2008-2009?


As we pointed out in our previous essay, John R. Schindler is willing to occasionally say some pretty radical, even apocalyptic things, like that the U.S. could break apart along Yugoslav ethnic civil war lines. But then usually shrinks back from the implications for fear of offending too many of his social and mainstream media promoters with too much reality for them to handle (i.e. in the Civil War 2.0 case, who gets America's nukes? And who will be shooting whom where across this benighted Continent of ours?) -- heaven forbid Schindler's mainline Democrat or Republican readers think he lurks at 'alternative right' (aka racist) or 'doomsday prepper' (aka conspiracy theorist) websites.

This brings us back to one of our favorite maxims, that most people can only handle so much reality, after which they become physically depressed or suffer from a kind of spiritual depression (the whole phrase if you look too long into the abyss, the abyss begins to look back at you). As Agent 'W' likes to say when discussing the New World Order, real, hyper-4th dimensional reality includes the spiritual component behind the great geo-economic struggles of our time. Regardless of our differing views on certain aspects of Russia and China's return to great power or superpower status, Agent 'W' and I would agree that ultimately the 'powers and principalities' of Ephesians 6 are behind the elite families that have begun to favor Eurasia over Oceania in this Orwellian global power struggle.


Quotes from Ivan Ilyin (1883-1954) -- forgive the cheesy 1970s-early 80s disco music

Ivan Ilyin: Vladimir Putin and Leonid Reshetnikov's Prophet of Great Russian Orthodox Imperial Revival

I leave it to Rod Dreher, an adult convert to Orthodox Christianity like myself, to explain Schindler's 2014 essay "Russia's 'Orthodox Jihad'" to the readers of The American Conservative:

Last night on BBC Radio I [Rod Dreher] heard a Russian soldier who is fighting in Ukraine describe what he and his colleagues are doing there as fighting “a holy war” for Mother Russia. That reminded me of something I’ve been wanting to blog about for a few days: this analysis by John Schindler, who contends that there is a nationalistic-religious dimension to Russia’s war on Ukraine that Western analysts are not seeing, or are downplaying. He calls Putin the leader of the “anti-WEIRD” coalition — diverse peoples and states around the world who are opposed to Western style modernity and its global spread by state and non-state forces. Excerpts:

John Schindler: "Nearly all Western experts, being mostly secularists when not atheists, paid no attention to these clear indications of where Putin was taking Russia, while the view of the few who did notice was colored by the perception that this simply had to be a put-up job by the Kremlin. But what if it is not? Skeptics are correct to note that Chekists have had a toxic and convoluted relationship with the ROC [Russian Orthodox Church] ever since Stalin, that failed Orthodox seminarian, resurrected the remnants of the Church, what little had survived vicious Bolshevik persecution, during the darkest days of the Great Patriotic War to buttress the regime with faith and patriotism — all tightly controlled by the secret police. There was the rub. Under the Soviets, all senior ROC appointments were subject to Chekist review, while nobody became a bishop without the KGB having some kompromat on him. This was understood by all, including the fact that a distressing number of ROC senior clerics were actual KGB agents."

"It’s not surprising that Putin omits from his CV that he worked for a time in the KGB’s Fifth Directorate, which supervised religious bodies, leading some to speculate that Putin’s relationship with certain ROC bishops extends deep into the late Soviet period." [Schindler provides no evidence or citation for his claim here that Putin, who was based in East Germany when the Berlin Wall came down far from the Moscow Patriarchate or its then Soviet supervised churches, were functioning - JWS]

"The ROC is not Russia’s state religion, as Putin and top bishops have been at pains to state, but it cannot be denied that the Moscow Patriarchate’s close ties to the Kremlin grant it a very special relationship with Putinism. Whether this actually is symphonia, meaning the Byzantine-style unity of state and church which is something of an Orthodox ideal, in stark contrast to American notions of separation of church and state, remains to be seen. But Orthodoxy has become the close political and ideological partner of the Kremlin in recent years, a preferred vehicle for explicit anti-Western propaganda."

"ROC agitprop, which has Kremlin endorsement, depicts a West that is declining down to its death at the hands of decadence and sin, mired in confused unbelief, bored and failing to even reproduce itself. Patriarch Kirill, head of the church, recently explained that the “main threat” to Russia is “the loss of faith” in the Western style, while ROC spokesmen constantly denounce feminism and the LGBT movement as Satanic creations of the West that aim to destroy faith, family, and nation."

Symbol of the Слу́жба вне́шней разве́дки, tr. Sluzhba vneshney razvedki (SVR), Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service.


Vladimir Putin tells a joke about an armed American spy who wants to surrender to the old KGB...


Sympathy for the 'Putinist/Chekist' Devil, from an Unlikely Source

While some RogueMoney readers may have detected some personal animosity or felt we'd written a hit piece about Schindler in our November 11, 2015 article "Low Down Dirty Psyops, Part 2", in truth we slightly pity him as a man who ultimately was exploited as an NSA mouthpiece and then was discarded by his ex-employers when neuroses overwhelmed his Internet advocacy. Dr. Phil McGraw used to say that if you listened to anyone long enough, they diasgnose themselves and their own problems. Having read Schindler's stuff for the better part of two years, we diagnosed him a long time ago as a shill for the system who no longer believes in it, like a late Brezhnev or early perestroika era propagandist for Pravda or Izvestia trying to find another line of work -- or an escape to 'internal exile'.

While Schindler describes himself as a former counterintelligence officer, rumor had it according to longtime critic Wayne Madsen that Schindler finished his near-decade with Ft. Meade as an in house historian, read a glorified archivist shunted out of the way. 'Does not play well with others' is a difficult label to shake in any large corporation much less the highly bureaucratic, compartmentalized mazes that are the NSA or CIA. It must have been an especially difficult tag for Schindler to shed as he wrote a series of articles and one book, Unholy Terror, upon leaving NSA that alleged the U.S. turned a blind eye to Al-Qaeda infiltrating the Balkans during the 1990s wars against the Serbs.

Although the 'tragedy' in Schindler's life is mixed with farce as it is for most people, as a fellow Orthodox Christian believer who fell on his face in humiliating fashion and who is still buying into the Kiev/Banderism-lite lies to some extent, we are obligated to pray for him. Schindler appears to be yet another disillusioned minion of the 'Western' (in reality post-modern) system who is waking up to the fact that Washington and its leading allied governments are broken beyond repair, because the societies they lead are rotting (as the Russian expression goes like the fish) from the head down.


Cossack boys discuss their military education in 2013. Many of these kids will become VDV paratroopers or Russian naval officers in a few years

Reading between the lines of the piece excerpted above and below, we sense that Schindler is trying very hard not to go beyond empathy to actually sympathizing with his 'enemies', the Orthodox Christian neo-Tsarist Russians, whom he fears are far more powerful and determined than he once thought:

Rod Dreher: Well, it hardly requires one to endorse Russia and Putin to say that the ROC agitprop is onto something. Schindler says that Putin is a devotee of the Russian philosopher Ivan Ilyin (1883-1954). More:

John Schindler: "A devout Orthodox, Ilyin espoused a unique vision, a Slavophile take on modernity and Russia’s predicament under the militant atheists. He espoused ethnic-religious neo-traditionalism, amidst much talk about a unique “Russian soul.” Of greatest relevance today, he believed that Russia would recover from the Bolshevik nightmare and rediscover itself, first spiritually then politically, thereby saving the world. Ilyin’s take on responsibility for Bolshevism — and its cure — merits examination, as he explained:

"The West exported this anti-Christian virus to Russia … Having lost our bond with God and the Christian Tradition, mankind has been morally blinded, gripped by materialism, irrationalism and nihilism … In order to overcome the global moral crisis, we have to return to eternal moral values, that is faith, love, freedom, conscience, family, motherland and nation, but above all faith and love.

Although Ilyin died sixty years ago, he remains to his admirers [who according to Mark Hackard of the Soul of the East blog, is Vladimir Putin's favorite philosopher - JWS] “the prophet of the new Orthodox Russia which is being born and which alone can give the contemporary world a viable future, providing that it is given time to grow to fruition in contemporary Russia.” As Ilyin wrote to a friend near the end of his life, when the fall of Communism was still decades off [and many of the alleged 'Fatima prophecies' about the 'conversion of Russia' being a boon for the End Times preaching of the Gospel had not become widely circulated among Roman Catholics - JWS]:

What are we to do, squeezed between Catholics, Freemasons and Bolsheviks? I answer: Stand firm, standing up with your left hand, which goes from the heart, for Christ the Lord, for His undivided tunic, and, with your right hand, fight to the end for Orthodoxy and Orthodox Russia. And, above all, vigilantly watch those groups which are preparing for Antichrist. All of this – even if we are threatened by apparent complete powerlessness and total solitude. [emphasis added by JWS]

Reshetnikov, Ilyin's Unholy Troika of 'Catholics, Freemasons and Bolsheviks', and the New World Order

If Ivan Ilyin the exiled White Russian ideologue is Putin's favorite philosopher, then it isn't difficult to see Ilyin's influence on the repeated statements VVP's Grey Cardinal Leonid Reshetnikov has made regarding the 'New World Order'. In his spring interview as we reported here at RogueMoney the retired SVR Lieutenant General referred to "the forces that hide behind the U.S. government".

Reshetnikov declared in the context of an interview about the situation in Ukraine and the threats to Russian national security and sovereignty that these shadowy forces gave direct orders to their Kiev puppets, at times bypassing the formal White House, Pentagon or State Department chains of command. Thus while there are U.S. officials who view themselves as the proconsuls of Ukraine or at least good shepherds of the failing state's transition to democracy, there are others who simply execute orders that would actually seem to contradict nominal U.S. objectives to stabilize the country. For example, in the form of the covert support extended to the so-called 'volunteer battalions' led by Right Sector and Azov that have at times threatened President Petro Poroshenko and the official power vertical with violence. As Reshetnikov says in his more recent interview with Novorosinform news agency:

They [the Americans acting through their networks of NGOs and the State Dept. - JWS] work with all political forces that might be useful to them. And we relied only on the Party of Regions, although there were a lot of pro-Russian organizations there – from the Socialist Party of Vetrenko to the Orthodox Church organizations. This is our tradition since the Soviet time – we prefer not to work with the opposition. Therefore they beat us [on the Maidan and seized power in Kiev - JWS].

As for the idea that Ukraine will soon be admitted to the European Union, or that the Right Sector/Azov radical forces attempting a putsch in Kiev would serve Russia's long term interests, Reshetnikov scoffs at those notions. However, Reshetnikov was not an advocate of immediate and forceful Russia intervention in the Donbass to push Kiev's forces back much less impose 'regime' change in the Ukrainian capital by force -- the measures that the more emotional Dugin had advocated and which may have contributed to the Eurasianist ideologue's ouster from his teaching position at MGU. Instead, if CIA analysts had read Reshetnikov's interview from the spring of this year, they would've noted two important beliefs -- that time could be on Russia's side in Europe, and that the most dangerous direction of attack on Moscow would come from the south, from the Islamic State. Given those statements, an analyst could reasonably deduce that Russian intervention in Syria or perhaps closer to home in the so-called 'Stans bordering Afghanistan would be more likely than any sudden incursion into Ukraine. Recall that Reshetnikov said, in response to this question:

- Where is our most dangerous strategic direction?

- Southern direction is very dangerous. But so far there are buffer states – former Soviet Central Asian republics. And to the west, the war is already at the border. On our territory, in fact.

Russia clearly went to war at the end of September to support one vital 'buffer state', Syria, and prevent it from being overthrown by a Turkish or directly U.S.-imposed 'no fly zone' providing cover for Assad's enemies to finish his regime off.

In Reshetnikov's mind, as expressed in the spring interview, the globalists are constantly shifting tactics and even allies to try to 'win' over Russia, but their strategies keep failing in many critical areas (emphasis added by JWS):

- There are some societies of people virtually unknown to the public who do not just install the American presidents, but define the rules for the whole of the “Great Game”. These, in particular, are the multinational financial corporations. But not only them.

Now there is a redesigning of the financial and economic system of the world under way. There is an attempt to rethink the whole structure of capitalism, without abandoning it. Foreign policy is changing dramatically. Suddenly, the US actually ditched Israel, its main ally in the Middle East, for the sake of improving relations with Iran. Why is Iran more necessary and important than Tel Aviv? Because it is part of a belt encircling Russia. These clandestine forces are determined to liquidate our country as a serious player on the world stage. After all, Russia bears a civilizational alternative to the whole united West.

Especially so now, when there is an explosive growth of anti-American sentiment in the world. Hungary, where conservative right-wing forces are at the helm, and the Greek leftists – initially diametrically opposite forces – in fact united and “bucked” against the dictation of the United States on the Old Continent. There is someone ready to “buck” in Italy, Austria, France and so on. If Russia this time stands out, processes in Europe will start that will be disadvantageous to the forces aspiring to world domination. And they understand that perfectly.


Reshetnikov Russian-language interview subtitled in modern Greek

Reshetnikov's 'Processes in Europe' -- The Immi-Destabilization Collapse of the EU

Fast forward nearly eight months to the present political situation in Europe. After all the haggling over Greece and anger over austerity, the issue that has vaulted ahead of every others in the minds of millions is the massive 'refugee' influx from the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa into the U.S.-dominated Continent. We don't know what Reshetnikov meant by Russia standing out 'this time', but we and many others can see quite well what the old KGB/SVR analyst meant when he mentioned 'processes in Europe will start that will be disadvantageous to the forces aspiring to world domination'. There is clearly a major backlash building up across Europe, a right wing and nationalistic wave as well as a leftist anti-austerity and anti-banker rage. All one has to do is watch videos like this, slickly produced and well-documented propaganda that contains more than enough truth to 'work', to dread the imminent possibility of multiple low-level 'civil wars' across Europe:


With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations -- a video that has gone viral with over 1.2 million views this weekend

Both of these forces are threats to the NATO/EU(SSR) status quo of Europe dominated as an American (actually Washington globalist) colony. Though it would seem too soon for someone of Reshetnikov's stature to re-state our theory that the comic opera Azov/Right Sector Nazis in Ukraine are being preserved for clashes far to the west of Mariupol or even Kiev.

For our part, we expect the globalists to exploit the same dialectic they used in the 1930s -- support the fascistic 'right' against the Communist 'left', but if Reshetnikov suspects this he isn't saying. In the 1930s, as the late Hoover Institution scholar Anthony C. Sutton wrote, Wall Street funded the re-arming of Hitler's Third Reich as well as the vast truck plants of Stalin's Soviet Union that would soon be dismantled and shipped beyond the Urals in the summer of 1941 to crank out tanks.


The late Hoover Institution at Stanford University scholar Prof. Anthony C. Sutton on his book The Best Enemies Money Can Buy

As Reshetnikov clearly falls on the 'right' traditionalist side of the spectrum, while respecting as Nikolay Starikov does Stalin's 'achievement' of outsmarting the Western bankers and using American Lend Lease resources to win WWII, he is not going to go into detail about how Washington's minions operate at multiple levels outside of the Ukrainian context. Including overt Soros funding for the 'left' open borders thugs while simultaneously and illicitly funding the 'White Reconquista' Azov propaganda directed against the actual or wannabe Nazis.

Take for example, the question of who funded the 'With Open Gates' video above? Was it covertly Reshetnikov's former colleagues, as the Kiev regime and NATO apologists who insist all the real Nazis and white supremacists are secretly on Moscow's payroll rather than Kiev and the CIA's would like to believe? Or was it some spin off G-NGO of the CIA, acting through multiple cutouts? Who knows and at this point who really cares?

Unless the immi-destabilization is halted with decisive border controls of the type the Hungarians and Slovenians have taken, and which millions of Germans and Frenchmen are rapidly adjusting their opinions to demand, the European Union's pinnacle of open borders globalism the Schengen zone will be divided one unspooled border fence at a time. The EU will lose all credibility as an institution, and Reshetnikov's mocking dismissal of Ukraine joining the club by saying in a few years it might not even exist will have come to pass. Much like his prediction that certain 'processes' were at work in Europe that eventually would work in Moscow's favor -- as the speech by German parliamentarian Sahra Wagenknecht below says, ultimately the migration crisis is Washington's fault for destabilizing so many Islamic nations.


Bundestag deputy Sahra Wagenknecht: Massive migration into Europe and especially Germany is the fault of American policies

As During Cold War 1.0, Germany is the Key Pivot State to Cold War 2.0...and the Immi-Destabilization of the Country from Millions Fleeing Failed States the U.S. Helped 'Break' Like Syria or Directly Destroyed Like Libya and Iraq is Going to Push the Germans into the Eurasian Camp

A German government preoccupied with feeding, clothing and housing what 'refugees' from Syria it cannot send back at a conservatively estimated cost of 21 billion euros per annum is hardly going to be eager to impose a fresh round of sanctions for dear old Uncle Sam. Nor can German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government state with confidence how many more millions are yet to appear on the streets of Germany, undeterred by the approaching winter in the Mediterranean or the Balkans, if those already present aren't sent back or dispatched to the 'refugee processing centers' some conservative politicians have hinted at building along Germany's borders.


PEGIDA protesters make a 'human wall' at the German-Czech border alongside Czechs opposed to the immi-destabilization of their country

As we'll explore in an upcoming post, fellow RogueMoney brain trust member Ken Shortgen Jr's estimate that Merkel will not last another year in office may have to be dialed back to not holding out in the Chancellery through spring time. The anger among Germans not totally bullied into silence by allegations of being Nazis or the nutty national suicide Left and Atlanticist lugenpresse (lying press) is growing at an unprecedented rate.


Large German protests against the "Obama free trade" deal for Europe this autumn

Not since the U.S. deployed Pershing II nuclear missiles and ultimately prevailed over the Soviet infiltrated nuclear freeze movement has there been any issue that enflames this many Germans against Washington, not even George W. Bush's Iraq invasion. There are too many 'refugees' being settled in obscure German towns, sometimes at the expense of the locals who are being evicted by their landlords, for the issue not to hit home for millions.

A German carnival float depicting Merkel as stuck up Uncle Sam's rear end.

Leave it to an Israeli Jewish military historian of Dutch origins, Martin van Crevald, to increasingly state what for many Europeans remains unspeakable due to political correctness: if this continues, there will be war. Not between European nation states, many of which barely maintain armies capable of satisfying NATO's minimal requirements much less repulsing mythical 'Russian aggression', but among Europeans who opposed the influx and those who opened the gates. And with plenty of violence left over for the new arrivals too. If such a conflict breaks out, will Russians still be seen as distant, aloof, or still the enemy even by Polish patriots?

Or could the Russians be looked upon with hope by some Euro-nationalists particularly those in Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece whose views are currently not in power, as arms suppliers, if not liberators? And knowing full well that Russian flags are a common sight at PEGIDA rallies in Germany, as a way of saying 'screw you' to the U.S.-dominated German authorities, can Washington really think that the deliberate destabilization of its one time competitor turned colony in the EU won't backfire in a huge way? Or does the left hand really not know what the right hand is up to -- do most Americans in the globalist-led political and business classes really just have no clue how unprepared small European nations are to absorb such an influx of humanity, particularly Muslims, in such a short period of time?


The new hot selling item in Germany: pepper spray. Pay no attention to the reasons for this trend

For our part, the only American politician we've seen thus far who even appears to have a clue as to how great the numbers Europe is dealing with are, is Donald Trump. And that may be due in no small part to his Slovenian model wife, Melania Knauss, telling him 'refugee' horror stories from back home.

Retired KGB/SVR Lt. Gen. Leonid Reshetnikov believes in the 'New World Order' -- do you?

We leave RogueMoney readers with Reshetnikov's thoughts on the New World Order -- and how America itself may be tossed aside by the real global power brokers whether or not their plans to radically alter and break Europe down to prop up the dollar for a little while yet succeed:

- Leonid Petrovich, you are a former intelligence agent and, therefore, an informed person. How true are the conspiracy theories about the world government? For example, there is a theory that the competing clans of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds are behind everything that happens in Russia. One clan brought about the revolution of 1917, the other one was responsible for Perestroika ...

- When someone speaks ironically about conspiracy theories I always say: "Look, the whole world history consists of conspiracies!".  But you should not be carried away with only these two names. There are influential people who are trying to make the world more manageable. National states are destroyed. Now they are tackling Europe. I consider this flow of refugees very suspicious – it is organized artificially. These flows consist primarily of young 30 year old men. Strong men! This is no coincidence. Europe is in for a fun ride.

- Who are these influential people?

- Financiers, industrialists, heads of multinational corporations. People without nationality, cosmopolitans. They are very ideological as our Bolsheviks or the French revolutionaries. You need to keep this in mind to understand their motives. Even profit is not the main thing for them. They are the Antichrist.

Do they serve "black mass" ?!

- Perhaps, but not necessarily. What is important is that they are trying to destroy the traditional world, attitudes and values. They are consciously fighting with God.

In our country, many people call themselves atheists, but, in fact, they are not. They do not go to the church, but they have, as they say, the fear of God, they believe they are not allowed to do as they please. But those people we are talking about – they really think so. They deem themselves to be above everyone else, they are the rulers of the world and of the universe. They are the chosen ones. And God is no authority for them. All evil and negative characters on the world stage over the past three or four hundred years are of their making.

- Some people believe that England is behind all the troubles of the world. There is even an expression "the Englishwoman shits".

- There is certain truth to this. A lot of bad stuff originated there. They were the first to renounce the Church creating their own Anglican church for the sake of another king, Henry VIII, to make it possible for him to marry his mistress. All sorts of secret societies and so on. Their former colony - the United States - adopted many such things. But it is not a matter of countries anymore. I am sure that Democrat Obama and Republican Bush are patriots of their country. They are even believers. But the people whose interests they represent do not care about the interests of the United States. If it seems to them that the world system is no longer effective, they will break it easily. They will sacrifice America for their interests.

- Who are the members of this anti-Christian Politburo?

- They are always in the shadows. You know, I have met people whose names you never see in the Forbes lists. But their fortunes are in the hundreds of billions. Bill Gates is a child compared to them. It is extremely difficult to fight those who are in the shadows. But we have to be honest, to bravely and consistently defend our principles and our country. And we will win!