Jawboning...The Federal Reserve & Bankster Weapon of Last Resort

Before the last major meeting on Federal Reserve monetary policy in mid-September Ken Schortgen Jr. & I both proclaimed on “The Guerrilla’s” radio show, that the September 2015 meeting was the last one where the Federal Reserve could be credible with proclamations of “interest rate hikes”. I probably should have couched that statement with, “unless you are a lying sack of crap talking to an uniformed group of morons”. My business experience has allowed me to see desperation in the deal making, or sales closing process, and typically it isn’t very pretty. In fact, once all the true “features & benefits” have been laid on the table with absolutely no subsequent positive reactions, rampant shameless jabbering is not far behind for the less honorable of business practitioners. Jawboning if you will, which is what appears to be the last weapon in the quiver of the shameless Federal Reserve a.k.a the front men/women for the major power structures in charge.

Recognition of the inflection point that requires this last weapon from the quiver is note worthy, as it is truly the weapon of last resort from a desperate entity. And, 99 times out of 100 it comes after reaching the intersection where all substantive measures have failed, whether covert or overt (only a bankster can make covert items substantive, think about that one), so it is now time to throw the “kitchen sink” at the problem. “Baffle them with bullshit as long as possible until the collapsing end is unavoidable!” More on that later, but first up on the bullshit note, let’s go down a rather nasty hard asset road.

Hard Asset Tip:

It may be advisable to have a shovel, a post hole digger, and kitty litter stowed away. People normally have the first one, but not the latter two. How might these be usable? Let’s set the stage.

First, if you think the power companies are going to keep things rolling just because they like humanity, once the fiat engines begin to sputter. Then you are mistaken. As I understand it, similar real time cases are occurring that define this situation in South America. And, if the power is cut off, then just like in South America, an additional less understood, and taken for granted item will be shut down as well, the pumps at the sewer, and water facilities. Based on my research, especially if you have water supplied from outside sources, things could get rather stinky in a very short time period.

The first time you make this major mistake, “FLUSHING THE TOILET ONE TIME TOO MANY THANKS TO YOUR INNOVATIVE TOILET TANK REFILL TECHNIQUES”, you may have a rude surprise from your neighbors coming right back at ya. Can’t happen you say, well how about the 5 week power outage in Auckland, New Zealand in 1998. How long did it take to have human feces coming back into your ‘flat’ or home? 3 measly days!  The remaining 4 weeks & 4 days, had to be something to avoid writing home about!

The shovel or the post hole digger can be used for proper outdoor waste removal, or sanitary cover up. For indoor situations get some extra kitty litter, as I understand it works for humans in the cover up department as well. The litter is for use in an indoor bucket that needs cover due to extreme measures having already been taken, due to the outside resources being used up. One caveat regarding the outdoor scenario, never go up stream or "up in elevation" of your natural water supply with respect to your burial routine. Again, especially if you have water via a well, and are supplied sewer services (obviously cut off in this scenario) instead of a septic tank.

And, if you are in the fortunate position of being serviced by a septic tank combined with a sanitary water well, then just fill the indoor toilet tanks, and ignore the above fancy stuff. Especially if you bought a “flojak” as recommended many installments ago to maintain your water well’s usefulness in an extended power outage.

These are all very cheap hard asset items, and depending on your 'urban/suburban/country' locale they could be something that keeps disease, and sickness away from your dwelling. And, it can happen, in fact it is happening right now to people who can’t pay their utility bills in South America. But, for the “down & dirty”, most notable of events, check out Auckland, N.Z. in 1998. Now back to some really crappy material “Fiat failure cover ups & lies, kitty litter is optional……. right back to where the first few paragraphs started”

In building a case against the now “Jawboning” phonies, some reference material is necessary for our evidentiary review process. Check out this link from the ever intrepid ZeroHedge…..


It is obvious real numbers don’t matter as “HOPE” is a component of the economic reporting for the ISM numbers. “HOPE” did I read that right ….. the “HOPE” numbers.  I am not a "econ guy", but instead a business guy, who therefore hasn't a flippin' clue as to how these 'econ' numbers are computed, but it doesn't look like anyone else does either.  HOPE????

Spoiled Brat housewife, “Honey are we going to be able to take that vacation we dreamed of? Has your company’s sales picked up lately?” Top Flight Paper Fiat Executive, “Well not exactly sugar lips, but I think the vacation is now a lock, as our “HOPE” department is really knocking it out of the park!”

Can I repeat myself, "Hope" is applied to the ISM manufacturing numbers?  Can I get a, "then nothing matters as far as the numbers are concerned" amen folks.  Zerohedge has it right, “WTF”??????? This adds to the case that the desperation, and lies are ramping up, while real features & benefits are now played out. Clearly anything is possible in those venues, especially with a dumbed down audience.  After all no one seems to be calling the FED's number on using "Hope" as a stalwart ISM manufacturing statistic!!!

Next up…Andy Hoffman. This is a guy with an apparent giant mental capacity for figures, and history, but he is missing the point of late. The guys he loves to berate in his reports, just don’t give a "steamy pile of cow flop" about the truth, as measured against historical economic norms! Check out the next video interview, and the title, which could have just as easily been used as a title, and probably was, 3 or more years ago. This title & subject matter time lapse, sort of adds to the “cry wolf” syndrome, even though everything Andy Hoffman says is largely, still true today.


How will there be a debt default when the guys who would default are forcing unnamed others to buy their debt, and the same said guys govern the money printing machine to produce “& or” cover it up?  Too many analysts think the FED is playing by normal banking & accounting rules, which is the only way to present analysis to their readers, with a proper laboratory baseline.  I cringe every time I hear the term, "The Fed's balance sheet".  These guys the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) aren’t playing by the rules!  I bet those FED officals are quaking in their booties over their broken balance sheet.  They tossed that "unbalanced" thing in the wood stove several decades ago.  Every time one of the FED officials hear "lawmakers" complaining about an opportunity to audit their balance sheet, they should reply, "Sure if you can dig it out of the ashes!"

After all, how long has the government left spending limits in place without paying for things for many many months. NEVER!  Not possible, unless they quit government spending, yeah right. The alternative, they had to be printing money for themselves covertly.  Covert money printing to finance themselves, sounds easy to analysis right? With no respect for the historical baselines, analysis is impossible.  It is impossible to review a balance sheet that isn't tied to any sort of laboratory norms.

What unbiased 3rd party source is going to receive permission to check them on these errors?  I got it, the same guys who found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq!  They are the “money changers & checkers” all wrapped up into one convenient bullshit unit . Audit the FED, yeah that’s going to happen!  Not legitimately that's for sure. No one, but "The BRICS & Assoc., Inc." can expose the King Dollar with it’s hidden accounting techniques. The BRICS & Assocs. are the very ones, and likely the only ones, who can & will properly dispatch the debtor along with a big hand from “Economic Mother Nature”.  And, as fate would have it, it is already happening in the form of US treasuries coming home to roost at paces unseen in prior years. As “The Guerrilla” predicted the dollar would be undermined this year, witness…..it has & is being right now.

This all flies in the face of any efforts by brilliant guys that continue to report the truth, guys like Andy Hoffman in an attempt to expose the lies of an entity that reports it’s own accounting as it sees fit, and is the arbiter of that same accounting. My eyes are crossing again. All this finger pointing is kind of pointless, unless some folks are influenced by it, to protect themselves with a well thought out DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio), sprinkled with a good dose of "Gold & Silver Bars & Coins"!.

I suspect that some sort of cash flow inflection point will be necessary to expose the lies. An inflection point that could be defined in several possible ‘critical mass’ ways. Like when more dollars & western paper come flooding back home, than are being freely printed, bought and sent out. Or when the number of people not working can now not afford to buy enough products & services, to cover the stock buy back/profit margin cover ups, that are fueled by the same layoffs. Eyes crossing again! Two potentially critical inflection points, as discussed many times on the pages of RM, points that could once and for all fuel, what I suspect is an angry, “Economic Mother Nature”.  Maybe fuel her with enough high octane to have her way with these liars & thieves.

Covert is the only “vert” available now, and is proof in my view of the final business stages of a failed business model.  A model, when in it's final stages can be defined by a lack of tangible features & benefits, which is followed by the "Jawboning" of liars that are on the losing end of the negotiating table. To Wolf Gray it appears in this final failed fiat stage we will be hearing, “Gentlemen & ladies start your “JAWBONING” engines!!! That’s truly all that is left, the tool shed appears to be empty.

Rate hike!!!  Are you kidding me!  In a real sense...NEVER, but in a covert way, MAYBE!  More on that in a second.  Next up in evidence review......

If you don’t believe we are at the stage of too too many lies to cover up, therefore it is time to make things up with expert “Jawboning”, then note the following from ZeroHedge. The items in this article would keep the likes of John Williams of Shadow Stats laughing.  Or possibly crying!


ISM surges in the face of the US services industry dying! BTW the only industry volume we actually have anymore, is service related. I am not even sure how “services” came to be included in the real industry category to begin with. This is the most convoluted 'bs' one could wish for, and it makes one ask, "Are they trying to make it look phony on purpose?" If so, why? Maybe it is to take the public’s “Is anyone truly paying attention” temperature…..? Jawboning that is all they have left to sell with.  Hey maybe in the above link, they forgot about the most important item in any economy, frickin' HOPE!

Next up the esteemed, and one of my favorites (mentioned before in an installment) John Hussman….


The above update from Hussman on 11/02/2015 ties in nicely with last week's installment, and this one as well.  Again for the record, I am not an economist, though I have a passing interest in the subject from a "higher or broader vantage point" (I leave most of the more technical stuff to the opinions of Ken Schortgen Jr.),  and a strong interest in the "boots on the ground real world”, as economics applies to the business community, and it's ability to survive.  That being said, I do check in on a weekly basis to the scholarly views regarding the economic back drop from John Hussman.

The above link has some brilliant analysis by Mr. Hussman.  As I have mentioned several times in the past his free weekly updates (one posted below) are worth checking into each Monday.  But, as superior as his market/economic intelligence is, as compared to say myself, I don't think he gets the idea that the level of distortion in the markets is possibly the canvass of a a group of master painters & manipulators, the PPPTB.  Their final brush strokes are to just keep the "econ. analyst community" guessing.

He so rightly points out, that you are typically reaching a frothy top in the equity markets, when the market's broader membership is falling while the headline grabbing DOW & NASDAQ are racing higher at record paces (witness October 2015 in the face of super negative news).  But, as mentioned in last week's installment, the laboratory baselines for proper measurements have been annihilated.  Unfortunately in the current "geopolitical/economic/business" environment, if you don't think way way way outside the box on an historical basis, your laboratory will be useless.  With that in mind.....

If an additional input was added to Mr. Hussman's analysis of the markets, say like, the idea that a perceived perception was more important than the reality. Then everything he portrays in his market summaries would make perfect sense, and could therefore carry on a tad bit longer than normal.  BTW that would be impossible to do on paper, even for John Hussman to do. At least as would be compared to past historical examples. With equity market broader member internals on the decline while the major headline averages climb, one PPPTB goal is met, keeping the sheeple masses giddy, while clambering for bi-weekly 401-K statements instead of the standard minimum regulated quarterly's, to keep those paper dreams on huge highs.

Again, this guy is worth a visit every week.  But, that being said, standard analysis in this manipulated market is nearly pointless, without a big step outside the box to view the total corruption in the current dollar system.  So until that magical critical mass moment in the form of, Mrs. Economic Mother Nature....comes Huffing & Puffing & Blowing the Markets Down, I will continue to suspect Michael Rosecliff's (r.i.p.) 28,000 DOW will start looking more, and more relevant each corrupt dollar day. But, what do I know, the baselines have been annihilated.

I, Wolf Gray, do my best to rely on business common sense, highlighted from an outside the box view point, assisted with a good dose of reliable on the ground data resources!  And, that now includes something I recognize all too well, "Jawboning"!

For some more “New Wave Capitalism” at it’s finest check out this link…..I like it the NWO & their NWC, New Wave Capitalism, now tested & approved, in the land of phony numbers.


Now if this were a one off “lay off” event with no other participants it would be one thing, but Mr. Buffett, the public tax recipient welfare whore, is hardly the lone ranger in this "layoffs to better profits" scam (note: works for the short term only though). The critical mass of those unable to continue buying needless products due to being laid off is soon to overcome, the dwindling company profit margin savings via same said layoffs that are supplemented by the phony FED print machines. Welcome to the coming winds of an increasingly angry Economic Mother Nature. This kind of business crap is only possible when all legit measures have been used up, and we enter “The Jawbone Zone”.  Oops I forgot to mention, you have to have a bunch of dupes who don't know economic crap from shinola in sheepleville.

Speaking of Jawboning. Do you still think the Team at RM was just jawboning about a potential of a scenario with future (current as well btw) cash withdrawal restrictions, then check this out……


Coming to a derivative rich theater near you folks.  Derivatives are referenced, because they are the gambling (insurance to some) debt, that cause these cash restrictions to be introduced. A cash infusion of insurance for the criminal elite!  And, again I suspect, if it hasn't already, some form of obvious restrictions (already has in most cases), will be coming to a banking branch near you.

In this next link, I vote to bring back the “Lions, Tigers, & Bears Oh My!” As the “Boats, Trains, & Trucks Oh My”, are taking it on our chins! All that is left is a bunch of half arsed, to those that understand what’s going on, JAWBONING! These are "the signs" of left over failures at the business table, which now “can’t get it’s real sales assets up!” Economic viagra for the business impaired!  That is all QE is.


As reported over & over on the pages of RM, and in this case ZeroHedge gets it right as well. Nothing can stop this collapse, unless the banksters can print "TRADE" to complement their paper printing machine!  And, as reported by the ever wise "Thorny" from RM there should have already been shipping activity from the ports of China long ago to get ready for Christmas, but NOOOOOOOO!  On the ground intel, I love it, especially when it is confirmed what the truth in a variety of reports over & over again.

Yep best bring back the Lions Tigers & Bears Oh My!  As we have said many times before the real economy with real trade will eventually take the paper world to task!

Now for a reality break in the next link, that permits the informed among us to recognize the full failure of the FED printing press, and that the tool shed is emptying, leaving nothing but the Jawboning at the negotiating table.


I am sorry to burst any FED board member's bubble, but you don't have an economy without output of tangible products a.k.a manufacturing & or industry.  The +'s listed in the above link are not the basis for a real economy.  Even construction doesn't exist without true manufacturing output.  And, btw healthcare is not an industry either.

Without manufacturing output utilizing your own or someone's natural resources you will eventually be in an economic death trap hole, waiting for the excrement to be thrown on your heads.

Hello Ross Perot, the first man I recognized as getting it!. Clearly ahead of "our time".   I didn't get it back then, but I get it now.  There should be only one number that matters at this point in the convoluted jobs report from the US government, "The Labor Force Participation Rate", which ironically isn't hidden from view.  It just isn't understood by the masses, unless you read the pages where the informed go, like here at RM....

Want more false employment “Jawboning” ammo, check out this analysis from Charles Hugh Smith via a ZeroHedge post….


For brevity you can pretty much skip to item number 5.

And, now back to our show, “Wheel of Employment Fortune”


What do you pick chairwoman Yellen?  I will take unemployment @ 5%...... Zero could you spin the wheel for us, and see where it lands?  Yes Janet you have done it again…..5%! OK now for all the marbles, note we will not tempt those pesky unimportant,  "out of the workforce labor participation rate numbers", so Janet how many jobs were created, will it top the consensus estimate of 184,000, and will you need to hike the rates madame?

Yes I think the numbers will smash through as we anticipated by 87,000 jobs & amazingly taking out nearly all the jobs lost since 2008.  Making this the greatest economic comeback in world history!  Indeed, & what about rates madame?  Uh well .... Uh well .... Uh well .... Uh well .... Uh well .... Uh well .... Uh well .... Uh well .... duh duh duh........!!!!!

Good work Janet, and now let's take a break for a brief half hour message from our sponsors "Prescription Drug Emporium!"  Folks this 'bs' is beyond a rational description.  Layoff notices everywhere, but the job market is the best in centuries. Reaching what is defined as “Full Employment”, which leaves only Jawboning. Yep that is all that is left on the negotiating tables!

Can you imagine what the rest of the eastern world onlookers think of this charade?

Next up & slightly off the Jawboning subject matter, and I don’t mean to toot the Team RM horn too loud, but note this next link’s message…..


This article points to an issue that has been a real table pounder for some time here at RM, the future reductions in government entitlements.  Note the above article by "The Sovereign Man", a rather pointed piece regarding the future of social security.

Facts are if they want to maintain some semblance of government command, control, & authority they will probably leave this program in tact for existing benefit recipients, but future recipients best plan accordingly, with the thought it will not be there at all, or with benefits greatly reduced at best.  Why do I say this?

The government has created a symbol of "we provide", if they take away the "daddy warbucks" image too quickly the pitch forks & torches will come out.  Thus a gradual reduction in freebies, and a very slow withdrawal of benefits from your working day’s paycheck.  A generation may need to die off for full fascist implementation of “serfdumb”.  Be it by the sword, supplemented with total at home chaos, or via a governmental & societal debt decline, “SERFDUMB” (spelled properly btw) is a-coming, and as pointed out last week it is already on our business cards.

Next up, is another major sign….One of the final signs in any trend, that the end is nigh, is massive in-fighting.  Witness this article by Bill Holter regarding the stupid ramblings of Martin Armstrong.  Obviously I side with Mr. Holter, the "stupid" comment tells on me a bit.  As I said before, if there is no economic catastrophe by 12/31/2015 (as in....with women & children heading for the hills), you will see the noise from the alternative media go to near nothing.  In fact no significant market collapse by 11/30/2015 will wipe out many of these people. Check this out…


Stay focused, it is not a light switch like one typically envisions, it is a dimmer switch (mentioned in the last installment).  The economic lights in the west are going out, and it started with the initial dimmer switch movement in 2008.   The set up, and preparations started much earlier (argue 1913, 1963, or 1971), but the lights are dimming now, and each person is jumping ship of their own accord, based on their level of pain threshold, and state by state "economic failure location". Sorry a bit repetitive from last week’s installment.

It is kind of like arguing when did we lose our footing in the coastal mudslide as a result of all the rains. That one ain’t hard, it started with the first rain drop, and that first economic rain drop came in 2008. Onward……

A Slight Rant:  Isn't it amazing that we have a big standoff in D.C. over the approval of the bailout of specific institutions in 2008 (Fannie, AIG, Freddie & who knows else), but since then what was worth battling when the number was at 800 billion, is now just glossed over with no named recipients & with massive TRILLIONS that are now overtly involved!  No permission needed, I suspect they were just putting on a show in 2008, and testing the waters for more to come.  Again note, that is overtly only, forget-about-it when covert money is thrown into he fiat pool (ESF anyone), if the real numbers were made public, the King Dollar, a true economic humbly dumpty, would be knocked off the wall on his fat arse.

I suspect the PPPTB knew future failures were in the cards, back in 2008, and therefore 2008 laid the ground work for more future overt & covert money laundering to their brethren in the bankster community. For the PPPTB the beauty of 2008 is they can now do QE without the need of any staged future battles for approval.  Why?  No one in sheepleville seemed to get that riled up about the easy money in 2008.  Without post 2008 QE, the penultimate collapse event everyone was looking for (me included until recently) would have happened overnight (as in 2009 or thereabouts).  I truly suspect under the cover of darkness, failures have happened multiple times, and QE saved the fiat system day.

Economic Mother Nature is coming with a bad attitude, and we will soon get that penultimate event, with or without media bobblehead support & fanfare.

As theorized before, if it were me, I would do it while the biggest stooge in U.S. history is in the top office.  I still maintain the event happened already, it was in 2008, but a penultimate event is still necessary, and they still have available the best scapegoat ever. Plus the timing is near anyway, as all the FED can do is "Jawbone”. That is now their only remaining weapon.

The numbers of foreign, paper dollar, recipients that will continue to swallow their dollar medicine at the end of a gun barrel, are disappearing behind an angry bear. Jawboning is the only option left on the table! Be steadfast, and don't give up on your preparations for a second.  If at all possible stay with your current level of real money, I wouldn't dare give away what has been achieved in your inventory so far. That is the Wolf Gray’s advice.

As properly described in this next ZeroHedge link…. Phony economies with propped up easy money stock purchases, don’t equal growth in the underlying company.


Just like laying people off to increase the profit margins eventually hits back at some point (described earlier), with a big, “who is going to be able to buy our products, and services to meet the growing stock P/E ratio?”  So has the easy money hit a road block in the corporate world's increasing profit reports, and in a meaningful way that may finally come back to bite the central banksters in the arse?  I am sensing it may have reached a critical cross roads, and now JAWBONING is all that the FED seems to be able to do to help protect corporate colleagues !

The dollar failure handwriting is on the wall, and we are now waiting for the signatures at the bottom, but we will have to endure a bit of phony salesmanship, and a line of excuses a.k.a Jawboning!

And, finally if you don’t think choreographed media Jawboning is at “full throttle", check out the latest from the Vampire Squid in the link below. In fact note the escape line slyly inserted in the title of the link, “Unless growth slows from the current pace”.  This stuff is great, it is kind of like, "We would have won, if we hadn't scored the least points."


The above headline alone opens the door for escape routes, forget the body of the article.  I expect what they, the PPPTB, already know a real weak Christmas retail season is about to take the stage, or the possibility of the biggest media lie in history, "Christmas was a blockbuster".  Anyway, the follow up headlines of the seasonal shopping numbers, will most likely be the exclamation point, to the type of rate move that will be implemented by the FED.

The stage is being set for true choreographed "Jawboning", and it will lead to a statement like this from the FED, "The economy was hot in early November, but it has now apparently slowed based on the retail shopping numbers, so we are 'standing pat' on our current rate structure.”

Add to that the the totally hidden truths, “We are funneling money covertly to the other banksters, while you dupes don't have a clue what we are up to!" Don’t expect to see that in the FED’s 2:15 pm. December announcement.

On the obverse side of the liars coin, could the FED create a "false positive" of a public announced FED rate hike? I know that is absurd, but mentally process this for the moment. In other words there is no actual rate hike, even though one was announced. Where would the truth come from?  It would leave those who could "let the cat out of the bag" on this trickery, in the position to likely be strong armed into going along with a massive lie, or else!  How hard would that be, after all they are already doing it to some degree, with a probable version of stealth, or covert QE?

Oh that couldn't happen Wolf????  Well how about this painted landscape:  An "advertised" booming economy in the face of, a "baltic dry index" that has been in the dumps for months, a "China Containerized Freight Index" that has been in the dumps for months, & stack on top of that an earnings back drop that has been declining for 3 straight quarters that need to be propped up by employee firings, and banking & retailer layoffs!"  So I ask, "Why couldn't they do, a fake rate hike that only the msm news readers participate in?"  After all, who do they have to convince to go along with it?  That's right, THE MEDIA & BANKSTERS!!!!!!!  How hard could that be, to hide from a low level group of texting sheeple thinkers!  Again to some degree I suspect with covert QE they have already been doing it!

I am not promoting this theory as being accurate, it’s more of a mind twister of sorts. But, note again, in 2008 they had to have the big stage of congressional posturing, over a measly 800 billion of TARP money (not measly back then though), and then they followed it up with trillions to their 'banking buds' via QE over & over, with zero public approval.  To add insult to injury they did it overtly, forget the covert amounts.  It was all a "show" the first time around in 2008, so now who is going to call them on the follow up lies?  The Six Packs?????  Yeah right!

Could a false rate hike be attempted? Not likely, after all the east is involved monetarily in this sort of rate lie as well. Folks a rate hike, that follows trial balloon announcements of going rate negative, are truly part of the information ’Twilight Zone”. Wait a second, don’t we call the FED a bunch of chronic liars?  With that in mind, maybe they are giving NIRP out at the FED window, while claiming ZIRP to the public. Who would know or call them on it, guys who 'cry wolf' all the time? Oh well moving on as….

This is mostly food for the RM think tankers.  I don't think the desperation temperature is ready for that level of lie, but ponder this, "Have they kept QE active on a covert basis, while continuing to promote a "full employment, growing economy???"  Somehow, & amazingly, that is a resounding, “Yes”  Then one has the right to ask, how did they do it, and more importantly why? Just some deflationary/inflationary “Food for thought”.

Regardless of the flavor of the FED's interest rate announcements to the public, at this stage of the financial game, their employers the PPPTB, will never allow anything behind the the FED's closed doors, but "easy money", and business as usual for their buddies who come to the FED's teller windows!

For the record the Wolf Gray continues to laugh himself silly at economic analysis that relies exclusively on "government provided" figures to divine conclusions as to the actual health of the western fiat driven economy! The FED's balance sheet, PULEASE GIVE ME A BREAK!  If they will lie via a microphone, or via a released text statement, they sure as hell ain't going to start telling the truth on a balance sheet that has never seen the light of day of a proper audit.  

Every now & then as if they get their jollies from it, the PPPTB, throw little clues at us, like they are poking fun at the ever declining, uninformed middle class.  Thus, it is my view you must choose your information resources carefully, as it appears only a few have the wisdom to take these, standard government market metrics, and then put them into a proper context. Like the trash can! I prefer to stick with the analysis of Ken Schortgen Jr. in this category, & "The Economic SilverBack" along with his economic friends (found on his radio shows now and then).

After which, as far as I am concerned, you have to almost become a bit slow like the Wolf Gray, and step back a bit, permitting yourself to, "Think Outside the Box", and view 90% of the "economic nerds" with a skeptical eye.  Step back "Big Picture it" with analytic views, such as, who has laid the major claims to the global natural resources, and then leveraged recent strengths in manufacturing, and in addition, are the recent majority owners of those items?  And, on the obverse side of the coin, who are the ones struggling mightily to regain control of those out of reach critical GLOBAL ITEMS? 

Kind of obvious ain't it! No econ. or business degree required, baby!

Then to be able to watch the nearly telegraphed (to those who have divorced themselves from the msm noise & some of the alt. media noise as well) chess moves being made.  Folks it couldn't be made more obvious than the question, "What's for dinner to a two year old?" With the bulk of it on his or her shirt!  "Business 101" common sense, that is all it takes.  The bankster show has now devolved into total salesmanship, or pure "Economic Jawboning".

Wolf Gray Prediction:

"Look for the economic strength mantra to take a turn down “negative street” due to a weak Christmas retail season announcement (true or not, most likely true), to take the heat off the FED at the last minute to comfortably deliver a “we are keeping rates the same" message.  If they truly hike rates the economy will crater due to an overwhelming call on gambling debts by the banksters, also referred to as ”derivatives" (some like to say insurance, but I call it gambling).  If it doesn't crater then, as absurd as the idea sounds, might we be witness to an actual supposed rate hike that will NEVER HAPPEN at the FED's actual teller window for their favorite business pals!!!!!!!”

I know I am redundant, but you can’t discuss with intelligence the Russain energy strategies, and Chinese economics of scale that are booting the west to the curb, and then not get out of your western household, and do something about it? Thus I will continue to be redundant to reach new eyes & ears about an obvious business transition towards the east, and the very few methods of protection westerners still have at their disposal. And, if you have read this far, you guessed it, your only logical option, is to continue to hold, and protect yourself with a quality DHAP (Diversified Hard Asset Portfolio) which is heavily sprinkled with ”Gold & Silver Bars & Coins"!

On the Ground Update of The Installment's Title & Subject "Verification":

This update is more proof from a Wolf Pack associate that the majority of those in the higher education system are still completely clueless. Why is this pertinent to the subject matter? The higher education system serves as a good proving ground, and a reflection of our society. If the higher education system is clueless, and you follow that concept up with the idea, that they are sadly a statistical proving ground of the sheeple masses, then may I say, “we are screwed!” For proof check this out……

I had lunch this past week with one of the two remaining WolfPackers that truly “get it”. This guy is a well positioned to provide a taste of what the sheeple populous is up to. For background he is a hands on kind of guy, but for the past several years he has been in charge of the operational end of the engineering necessary to keep a major college campus running. If you think these college aged kids have a clue, think again. He gets a prime view of how well these kids can think for themselves, and guess what? Based on his unbelievable stories, “they don’t!”

As a brief aside this guy sees it all, blue collar workers under his charge, as well as subcontracted blue collar workers, a good selection of elite wanna-be’s in the educational profession, & students with the majority having nearly no ambition or a clue, and finally middle aged parents that want “the college spa experience” (his words & also the take of prevailing thought from the paying college public) to be catered properly to their babies.

For an example, how about simple things that should be handled in house or within the dorm room by the resident student! Not so fast my friends, prepare yourself for the absurd.

Campus residents call him regularly, requesting that he straighten out the fact (actually "demand" is a better term), that their I-Pad’s or cell phones don’t maintain reception with full bars when they move about in their dorm rooms. He says all you can say to something that dumb is, “Don’t worry we will get a tower up on your dorm that will correct that situation (obviously in jest)!” But, if you think that is bad, it gets worse? The parents which are typically “Gen-X’ers” prove the apple didn’t fall far from the “moron entitlement tree”, as they actually expect the situation to be corrected as well. Many times this requires personal one-on-one meetings with him regarding “their pride & joy’s” communications dilemmas, especially their CELL PHONES. Truth be known, it is probably, because the parents actually pay for them!

Oh & btw each & every time I come to pick him up on campus for lunch, I pay special attention to the students, to see if I pick up on any tendencies, same as I always have for the past several years. One thing stands out to the Wolf Gray sense of smell, “Cluelessness, rampant cluelessness”…..

One more story from the Wolf Gray’s educational contact. One of the students called him to say her room was 45 degrees, and she was freezing. We are in central N.C. folks, we haven’t been below 45 degrees, more than 3 nights so far this fall. But, unfortunately she called mommy & daddy as well. In short order an angry dad met with my associate, and threatened him physically, to which dad was rebuked with, “do you want to meet the police?” By the time they were done daddy was shaking the WolfPacker’s hand, and was led to his daughter’s room, where the wall temperature was read at 67 degrees. As would have likely been all the other rooms in this residence hall.

Our problem is we have a bunch of pampered individuals in “the spas of higher education”, apparently not benefiting from any of the latter, “education”.

Things like this lead me to believe “Jawboning”, and the lies that it represents will probably never be detected. It will continue until the jawboners & the sheeple can’t breathe from the flood of smothering paper that can’t be swept away.


It is not unusual to attempt to bullshit your way into a favorable position in a business deal, especially when traditional methods have failed, hoping for the best, knowing it will probably never happen. I have been there, and am ashamed to say, "I have done that." Done that when it was one of those deals, that by itself would make good on an entire year of sales, all by itself. Proud of it? No! Recognize it in public, when I see it? Hell yeah! And, I see it in full frontal view, representing the face of a nation’s economic future, in full failure mode!

Keep your eyes on the upcoming Christmas season retail numbers, and I bet they will give the FED, led by that economic business genius Janet “yes I have a great beatles hair-do” Yellen, plenty of cover for another bullshit announcement leading to the next phase of Jawboning. Folks her useless days are numbered, with announcements sugar coated by media knot heads like those at CNBC.  Eventually the majority of her economically informed audience is going to be comprised of representatives from the east, with one bad arsed woman in the back of the room, “Economic Mother Nature”. Yes Economic Mother Nature with “Non Printable Real Money in one hand & Real Trade in the other”…….!

Meanwhile a torrent of fiat rain has been attacking our western homes for years, and the moment of a potential mudslide breakaway can not be properly timed or defined by any living person encased in a “skin suit”. It is incumbent on everyone with a reasonable IQ, to have a back up plan that is already in place, because the breakaway point "from life as we know know it", could be triggered at a moments notice. All the while, the pitter patter of rain has put many of us to sleep.

Only those with a proper pre-planned exit strategy from the ongoing fiat deluge, will see the sunshine depicted in this video………


Stragglers who make it out of the fiat rain storm, but with no DHAP plans in hand, will be left with few options. One of which will be; in an attempt to keep the clock from running out on staying warm, fed, & dry, they will have to resort to burning their precious piles of, “useless declining paper wealth”…. Likely to be, “all in vain”.


After that, it’s every man & woman for themselves! God Bless & Be Well…..!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Bill Holter, Team RM, ZeroHedge.com, Thorny, John Hussman, Bill Holter, Andy Hoffman, and The Wolf Pack