The Real Market’s Silence is Deafening, & “There’s No Easy Way Out!”

Don’t look now, but the alternative media message seems to be disappearing, as stated in a prior installment. With each passing month with an accompanied “no collapse in the major equity markets”, the remaining alternative media wizards tout messages that are getting repetitive, if not nearly non-existent with respect to new insights. Leading the Wolf Gray to a slightly different interpretation of the ongoing collapse. Time to make a few very minor, but wise adjustment to some Wolf Gray predictions (more at the end of this installment). The interesting counter point to the alternative media’s message disappearing, is the events that qualify as earth shattering to the global economic landscape are actually greater than the prior month’s, or quarter’s, or to steal a economic acronym even the (year over year) YoY comparisons. If you have any doubts witness the recent article from Team Roguemoney associate Ken Schortgen Jr. regarding the latest new developments in the RMB (yuan) currency partnerships. So why are these more significant messages apparently falling on deaf ears?………..

The PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) have everyone's eyes transfixed on the Dow, and the other associated equity markets, and not the real economy. This even applies to the alternative media, and to some extent you can count yours truly in that category as well (though not at all anymore). Equating the real economy with the paper equity market averages (such as the DOW) is a complete mistake, and don’t be fooled as there will be ……

No easy way out of this one…..!No way out for the PPPTB, though they don’t really care, no way out for the elite wanna-be, no way out for the business entrepreneur, no way out for the middle class worker, no way out for the college graduate needing a job, and no way out for the US military power players on the world stage. This is what the western world resident faces, and it is now apparent to the Wolf Gray none of it matters to the PPPTB as they will escape unscathed. The only way out is for those with a degree of common sense is to ignore the noise, and be steadfast in your preparations, as multiple life changing moments of truth are headed our way with an easterly wind. Nothing can stop them!

The idea that the western PPPTB is wringing their hands over the fact they can’t resolve this problem is a complete farce. A farce that the alternative media can’t properly analyze, or apparently mentally deal with. They think these satanic pieces of crap CARE about the markets.Wrong!In this installment I want to lay out my theory that based on past, and future events visible in the Wolf Gray’s crystal ball, these guys (western PPPTB) don’t give a pile of mastodon dung about success, as would be defined by a greater economy that benefits “us all”.Global economic failure is an “achievement” that they can’t afford to let go of at this point.Otherwise they lose in their share of the game of “earth & human ownership rights”. First a review of what I feel continues to be amazing, amazing news, that leads to this new Wolf Gray theory, and prediction as regards the timing of events, and one's lack of ability to get entirely out of the way…..

News Tidbits:

First up, in the “I don’t give a rat’s arse about their emotional trauma” category, check this out……

How about a 6 pound maul followed by an 8 pound sledge and some wedges on some 30 inch diameter hard wood (gnarly hickory to boot).  Bunch of F&$#2$^&^%#@^(+_)*&^$#$%^%&*() panty-wastes. How the hell did we get like this?

Follow that up with this big time “Yahoo Finance” revelation…

What an easy formula.  Maybe “Yahoo Finance” will have a tutorial on how to make big bucks by playing on "FanDuel" gambling on NFL games.  Making money the easy way! And, why not everybody else is!  Forget hard assets folks, only a fool buys gold. This is the kind of crap that keeps us dumbed down.

And, the last of the more whimsical of news bites…..

I concur with Charles Hugh Smith in this next Zerohedge link, that the DOW & it’s associated brethren of “market averages” have become our lord and masters in the economic universe…..

Bingo.!  I have maintained for some time now, that the FED has always been a puppet for a larger concern.  A front operation of sorts!  Though it may not have started that way back in 1913, that is what it appears to be today, and to have been for the last several decades.  Anyone that thinks that those powerful, deep thinking, independent, doused in leadership oil, operators Ben Bernanke or Janet Yellen are in control is "brainwashed by the financial press".

I mean can you picture this announcement from a CNBC Bobblehead, after a dose of truth serum, "Janet Yellen, the current CEO of the Federal Reserve Board, and secretarial, half wit, mouthpiece of the "at large, evil, clandestine PPPTB" will be announcing the monetary policy for the next 2 months in about 10 minutes. We would waste time on the completely useless details, but who cares it is all bs anyway! Instead let’s break for a two hour prescription drug commercial marathon.”  Only with a dose of truth serum, might one hear those words from a CNBC bobblehead.

Now on to real life up to date “FED speak”, check this this amazing farce out…..

Regarding the above ZeroHedge link, how can the FED, with a straight face, begin to talk about rate hikes again?  I'll tell you how, they have a clueless, texting, selfie hungry audience.  Forget hunger for knowledge or the truth, that is secondary.  And, even worse this latest FED rate hike propaganda is drawing major business headlines, as if it merits discussion.  The last "FED meeting" was all she wrote, with respect to a legit chance at a FED rate hike. This was noted on the last Team RM radio gathering on “The Guerrilla Radio Show". But, with straight faces, once again the CNBC bobbleheads are banging the table on this false rate hike talk.  This would be laughable, if it weren't being presented as an intellectual business decision. Hell bring back Ricardo Montalban & “Fantasy Island”. I can just hear Tatto yelling “The Plane…The Plane…!"

BTW, it is 2 business days later as I insert this line (pre-posting to RM), and the headlines on the alternative media are beating the rate hike drums as a form of communicating the news. Pure normalcy of the absurd via media indoctrination. Again let me state this includes the alternative media. How dumb can we get?….Well how about this…….

For anyone who likes to say, “No way, we aren’t slaves. We are the greatest nation on the planet!” (note I still believe that if you throw in something called the constitution with a dose of moral character)…..check this out…..

Based on the above article, it is clear GDP is getting funding via taxation. Call it what you will, but it is modern day serfdom! This is a monster signal that Grandpa Wolf Gray, and his generation would never have stood for. This is now an actual part of the media's false version of a real economy, the one that they actually count in GDP. One that is not reported, in the way ZeroHedge did, with the same vigor as the propped up DOW JONES, NASDQ, & S&P averages.

Real Market Silence is Deafening:

The above link plays right into the first part of the headline of this installment “The Real Market’s Silence is Deafening”….!!! The paper worshiping sheeple stuck on the stock market indices and their upward trajectory are walking right into a trap filled with a wagon load of “No Purchasing Power”. And, that matters big time in an economic framework that has a minimal manufacturing base, with nothing else to rely on, but a silly consumer economy.

In grandpa Wolf Gray’s day, attorneys were blood sucking punks that best stay in their coffins, politicians were mostly, but not all, gutless yes men who best do as they were told because they could never make it in the REAL WORLD, and the stock market was a gambling casino for bozos that had no clue what was involved in creating a REAL business. The Real Market’s Silence is Deafening, my friends. The alternative media has spent too much time (me too) discussing comparisons between the precious metals complex, and the stock market indices, and their associated manipulations. This erroneous focus on those two for comparison's sake, precious metals vs. the paper stock market, has taken away from the real message. An important message that involves a Real Market with Real Goods, and business systems that should thrive on free market trade, which is disappearing, and when these items disappear so does"The Real Economy"!  I can't say it enough economic mother nature will throw a tantrum, but my lack of economic & business diligence (until this installment) didn't realize she already had!

Are there alternative media reporters that get the undeniable fact that the stock market is a phony paper market, and no one should focus on it exclusively? YES of course, but they are now becoming the "wolf crying" minority (mentioned in the last installment). With this fall season now half over, the standard predictions, of a “fall season collapse” in the stock market indices, is taking it on the proverbial chin. The health of the Real Market, the Real Economy, one without massive paper interference needs a louder voice with the clarity of vision of Grandpa Wolf Gray, and his generation. Those that deliver this message, and truly understand it are few and far between, and this lack of common sense recognition will be devastating to those wearing Real Market & Real Economy blinders.  All busy dreaming of giant 401-K balances.  Don't underestimate it's power, as I said it appears to me it has sucked in the majority of the alternative media, with comparisons between precious metals and the equity market indices.  How is that working out for them?  Not to good!

The Real Market, the Real Economy, and Real Money will prevail, as economic mother nature is about to dispense some remedies that can’t be hidden with paper. The PPPTB, I hate to brag on them, did a masterful job of redirecting our real priorities, but the reckoning, it is coming.  We just forgot how to identify it. This is why the alternative media is losing steam, they didn’t deliver a message that was as effective as the one from the PPPTB.  They wasted energy fighting with a message of promoting positive comparisons against a powerful foe on the foe's turf & against the foe's very own measuring sticks.  When instead time probably should have been spent delivering messages with a steady diet of Real Business...Real Trade in Tangible goods & services....with Real Money in those transactions

This revelation to the Wolf Gray requires a little future prognostication (predictions later in this installment). The focus for comparisons to real life should have been composed of 90% Real Markets at the very least, and at best 10% stock market paper indices. This message error has increased, and will likely continue to increase the ranks of the sheeple that fail to truly understand the nexus of the western business & economic problems (though the ranks of those that sense something is amiss will continue to grow). That same message error will also sadly send some of the alternative media messengers to the locker room while the game is still in play, and just now heating up.  Real business counts many fold when compared to paper markets, which in truth just don't stack up!

The comparisons to the equity markets need to stop, and soon!  At this rate it will not be long before there are only a few "Real Money" messengers left.

A little more news, and then a case for, “There’s No Easy Way Out!” Doing pretty good with my grammar so far, Mrs. WG an A+ english person, said I need to quit using ‘ain’t’ so much. Hey I caught her line, I ain’t no fool.

This next news link reveals, and just like the last installment said, these banksters are bankrupt.  Without stealth QE, overt QE, and the kind hand of massive layoffs the bankruptcy parade would be on fire.

Yep take away central banker, PPPTB collusion, and this paper game might very well have been recognized as officially over in 2008, in it’s entirety.  More in depth analysis on that in a second.

For prove the sheeple don’t get it, check this fund flow reversal out….

As a follow up to that illustration of mind numb stupidity, here is another head scratcher, that kills the alternative media messenger (for reasons mentioned above), but even more importantly will tie in shortly to the “No Easy Way Out” theme……

Note the top headline line item of this "front running" update from ZeroHedge on the morning of Friday the 30th of OCTOBER (best month in 4 years). Ironically, most of the alternative media's analysts considered this to be the most likely month to have witnessed one of the biggest market crashes ever, and low & behold it was the best month for Global markets in 4 years.  During an equity bull market, though phony, to boot as well! I know I know, as compared to Real Money (gold & silver) the stock indices are down!  Another great alternative media message that needs to be eliminated.  Forget the comparisons to the paper markets for now, it obviously will not bring truth to the light of day, the PPPTB have critical mass & momentum in that niche.  As I mentioned in a prior installment the ranks of the alternative media wizards will thin out if things don't change 'DRAMATICALLY' as measured by big declines in the paper indices by 12/31/2015.  A little carry over from last week.

Another victory for paper based on the above link.  FOR NOW, ANYWAY....!!!!

So following up on the above message, check out this next similar link to the one above, and from the same day!  Indications are everybody can now jump “all in” to the paper markets.

Yep not just the best month in the last 4 years, but also the fourth best October since the 1929 stock market crash!  What stock market crash?  If you don’t think the message is loud, and clear, then head straight to the next neighborhood “neat guy/neat gal” party (don’t have any of those in my neck of the woods), and try to deliver an effective message of “jump into metals while you can folks”. Not going to be a happening party message, and guess what, you will not be invited to the next "neat guy/neat gal" party either.

Finally the last news bite, which is at the merger of “Real Market’s Matter” blvd onto a busy super highway where there will be “No Easy Way Out”….

How can the market be rallying, if it is a true measure of the free capital markets, when one of the primary capital market drivers, the wage growth of the masses is "sick and getting ready to be put on life support”?  Now there you truly have a consumer based economy with one giant paper conundrum..! Leading the Wolf Gray’s mind in his smokey den to realize there will be no easy way out…..

There’s No Easy Way Out:

From the fourth paragraph in this installment:

No easy way out of this one…..!No way out for the PPPTB, though they don’t really care, no way out for the elite wanna-be, no way out for the business entrepreneur, no way out for the middle class worker, no way out for the college graduate needing a job, and no way out for the US military power players on the world stage. This is what the western world resident faces, and it is now apparent to the Wolf Gray none of it matters to the PPPTB as they will escape unscathed. The only way out is for those with a degree of common sense is to ignore the noise, and be steadfast in your preparations, as multiple life changing moments of truth are headed our way with an easterly wind. Nothing can stop them!

As detailed earlier the alternative media absolutely loves to harp on the fact, that the banksters are crapping their pants right now trying to put band-aids on the bleeding economy. Yea that’s right they are going to get their comeuppance. Don’t bank on it folks, as that will require two key elements. A mass group of people that have a clue to the wrong doings, and banksters that care or have an at least substandard issued conscious. These pieces of crap know there is no easy way out, and even if they don’t know it, they don’t care as it will not likely affect them personally. At least not right away. Though we can hope & dream for eventual bankster reckonings.

First a weather aside: (something I noted this morning as I type away), regarding the once in a 100 year storm, or cyclone hitting Yemen. Name Chapala. Curious as to it’s timing, as it is while Syria is heading east along with Iran & Iraq & who knows who else in the middle east. Could a failed Saudi/USA effort in Yemen that falls at an identical time to the middle east’s turn to the parts east, require a HAARP event? The Wolf Gray isn’t that well informed in the weather ‘supernatural/man-made’ events, but this is quite curious as to it’s timing. Back on point….

In this next interview with Greg Hunter, the always interesting Doug Casey gets into the timing aspect of a collapse in the economy. It is becoming clear there is an ingrained western hope, or thought process, of a quick giant economic collapse event we can fight against, and then follow up with hard work that eventually yields a new prosperous tomorrow. Sorry that is the easy way out, and there is no easy way out, throw quick out of the thought process.  Of this I am now convinced, enjoy the video if you so choose

Note at the 15 minute mark the discussion of "The Event", and it's timing.  Again my hypothetical futuristic 5th grader comes to mind, and he or she will look at this period of western failure, and say, "I don't understand all these questions on the predictions of "a dollar & total global economic collapse", when it all ready happened in 2008!"  Additional events keep happening post 2008, which was littered with the landmark Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. failure.  Might there be a big event that the alternative media hangs their hats on and crows, "This is what I had been talking about all along!"?  YES, but to a futuristic 5th grader with the advantage of hindsight, the MAIN event might have quite clearly been in 2008!  Need proof?  Note the following….

Britain, and Frankfurt Germany getting involved in RMB (yuan) paper business, as brilliantly pointed out by Ken Schortgen Jr..  Who could have imagined that prior to 2008, or for that matter after 2008?????  Russia with the help of Iran, and Iraq would be changing the power structure in the middle east while politely, note I said politely & with a dash of true flair, flippin' off the USA from their fighter jets.  Imagine that thought pre-2008, or just oh say 2 years ago in 2013.  I was wrong!  My predictions of an eventual collapse event that the majority of the SixPacks' would notice, "may" never really happen.  It is instead an economic elevator ride down that started in 2008, with 300+ million USAer's who will possibly be making their own timely decisions. And, stops during the descent will have numbers of people getting off at various "pain floors" on the way to the bottom.  These exits are where their pocket book pain, and ego pain thresholds are exceeding their limits so they are forced to exit the elevator. Wolf Gray

The Wolf Gray's new prediction:

"It is very possible that there will be some good sized future collapse event loaded with debt fireworks, but only after enough people have off loaded from the downward spiraling elevator of debt, to create the critical mass necessary to light the fireworks."  Are we there yet?  Obviously not, but we are getting very close, and I still maintain that some sort of calamitous event is just months not years away.  So I missed my prediction target, of a King Dollar collapse, which btw can only be defined as a one time event.  Ponder this; I don't believe the world’s reserve currency can collapse over & over & over, thus I missed on my major event collapse timing, IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED, I THINK IT WAS IN 2008.  I am on record with a collapse that began in 2008, but until now I wasn’t giving it the credit it was due for it’s monstrous magnitude.

I now agree with my future 5th grade friend, it all started in 2008, most of us ain't got it yet, as we are too busy making comparisons of Real money with phony equity markets, and hoping for a bankster take down in the process.

I am just as guilty of thinking there needs to be a light switch event that tells us all it's over. To me it is becoming clearer each day…..the light switch event has already happened.  It is a dimmer switch that is in the process of getting darker, as people are silently exiting the elevator each and every day.

And, why am I seeming so confident in that statement?  Like the paragraphs above stated, could you have envisioned the moves Russia is making right now in the middle east, prior to 2008, and it not resulting in a massive world war?  I can't, and to top it off they were wise enough to make their aggressive move a little later.  Which as the Wolf Gray constantly preaches (should have listened to my own sermons), do it from a position of strength, and boy did they!

The collapse moment we are all waiting for,......well it was in 2008. That was it, no need to wait for the fireworks, after all they are being supplied on a regular basis.  Witness the current events in Syria, or the currency bond swap shops in major cities being prepared in non dollar currency/paper!  From the Wolf Gray's smokey den, fireworks appear to be on display everywhere.

Make no mistake there will be another fairly big event, it will be transforming in our western way of life. This event will happen once enough people get off the descending debt elevator to say "I give up".  Could it be triggered by the economic global reset, or will it happen from it's own self destruction?  Many will proudly boast of upcoming events, and say, "That was it, I told ya so!"  No bragging from me though, as I missed the mark as well, it already passed me by in 2008.  And, meanwhile that dad-gummed 5th grader in the not too distant future will be totally perplexed at our lack of vision.  Wolf Gray

Hey, maybe the teacher of the future will ask where he or she did their research work for their early 21st century economic history report, and the reply will possibly be, "Teacher my primary source was "",I love the writers there like Ken Schortgen Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr., Wolf Gray's great great grandsons, the future generational brilliance of The Russian Analyst's family,  occasional visits from the courageous "W's" family, and those really insightful updates from "The Economic Silver Back's family tree".  Their ancestors fought through the fog to find the truth, and it appears to have carried on.  Think about it folks, this ain't (my only ain't usage I hope, if Mrs. WG reads this) going to be "a one off everything is back to normal a couple days later event". No way folks, no way!

There is no easy way out!  The imagery in this video tied to The Rocky series is very timely, but it isn't the Russian Bear we need to be fighting (as portrayed in the vid.).  We spend far too much time believing we are the "good guys”, and thus trying to put an outsider’s face to our problems.  At the end of this video Rocky looks into the rear view mirror of his Lamborghini, and sees the eyes of his Russian adversarySorry....unless he is in the back seat (of a Lamborghini???) you can only see yourself in a mirror!

Many ask how could Germany have let a little punk like Hitler run down their grand society?  I got a possible answer, "The same thing that has taken ours down, ARROGANCE!!!!  "Why we can't be wrong!" Yea right!  Wolf Gray feels, it is not the Russians or any other foreigner that needs to be taken to the woodshed, it is ourselves.  And, that is where you will find me these days working on a 30 inch diameter hickory tree, no hydraulic machine just my hands, like grandpa Wolf Gray would have done.  Losing tons of body fluid, creating pain in the shoulder joints, and reaching a “zen like state of mind that comes from going to the woodshed”.

Hard Asset Tip: Build a woodshed!  Take your ego out to the proverbial woodshed, and prepare your mind for…..pain. In the face of what is coming, no matter how well prepared one is, it is clear there will be no easy way out.

God Bless & Be Well

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie & Grandpa Wolf Gray, Ken Schortgen Jr., Doug Casey, Charles Hugh Smith, ZeroHedge, and Rocky