Price Discovery in Needs vs. Wants & Perceived Control

The desire to do an installment of any merit last week took a turn onto “depression/beat down blvd.” I ain’t going to claim to be a watchman or some noteworthy spiritualist, but most of my installment theories hit me in an off-the-cuff, impromptu manner. No such enlightenment last week, only depression over the fact, the Wolf has very few people to talk to in a meaningful way anymore.  It is down to about 2 Wolf Pack members. And btw, be careful with your expectations of those that will awaken to the truth, or you will find yourself in the same boat as I, lonely as hell. I am tired as hell of hearing, "WG you keep saying it will collapse, and I now don't think it will."  And, my recently repetitive reply, "Partner it has been being staged for the actual initial collapse event, an event that happened in 2008, wake the hell up!"  In this installment I am going to belabor the sheeple version of "getting IT", and the fact the elite control is by perception only now.  The aforementioned "IT".....being the recognition of the King Dollar Eulogy... Moving on...

First note the picture above, I am the guy in the middle yawning & growing tired of the unrecognized crap!  V couldn't make it for this photo-op, but James is to my right & Ken to the left getting frustrated with my sleepy nature!

Most of my local Wolf Pack friends are more aware than ever that something isn’t right, as are more & more Americans each day, but very few attempt to find “outside the box answers", to resolve problems that they actually don’t even understand. Folks that’s what has me in the dumps, they are aware there is a problem, but now even more of the supposed informed don’t understand it’s nexus. Worse yet, I don't think they care.  Give me a 3rd party, give me a blue guy, give me a red guy…..the arrogance in the belief that the home team’s systems are still superior, and will still have the answers to the problems, is blinding people more than ever to the "Truths"!

“If it is on our western brand of media, be it audio or video, it is darn near worthless as regards the truth.  I take pride in the fact the Team @ RM appear to maintain a message that rings true.  And, as I told "The Economic SilverBack", any deviation, and I am gone.  Stick with the 'Truth' folks it is the only thing that will keep you from going insane.  You may be left alone talking to yourself, since there might be no one else willing to listen, but you will still be fortified with the TRUTH.  It will eventually matter!"  Wolf Gray

As in this CCR video link that references rain, substitution of the media lies for the rain, as the masses look skyward is an interesting if not sad comparison (note the final video pictures).

They have played on this over bloated ego of ours, and supplemented growth in "debt wants”, to keep us chasing after the Jones, while down playing the more important “needs”, and hiding the true inflation therein. One may ask why?  In my view to quietly install full blown fascism.  A purposeful well thought out plan by the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) brought to the pages of RM in my very first installment. The game plan of distracting the masses with a core belief in wealth via bubble blowing in the “wants” items powered by debt (homes, multiple cars, college education entitlement, vacation homes etc.) vs. “needs” has been effective, and prolonged due to……..The constant crying “Wolf”.  It is my view that this business model, grounded in deception, will lead to some horrific final monetary events, more on that later...

The long blown sands of time to reach a penultimate dollar collapse event, "IT", supplemented with the agents of delirious disinformation in the alternative media have taken a toll on the more sane of western mindset (what very very few that are left). More people are aware something is amiss, but the ranks of those that truly get “IT” ("IT" will be referenced a lot...the coming King Dollar Fiat collapse eulogy event) are on a rapid decline, thanks to the symptoms in the previous sentence. The never ending sands of time to the final dollar collapse, in "IT" format, has bred contempt to the message of “Truth” from some of our favorite messengers W, V, Jim Willie etc. The comments sections tell an interesting story after each broadcast by these messengers of the truth.. More on that later as well, and then an unusual “Hard Asset Tip”. But, first some news briefs for those that are still in tune with the real world….

OK folks I am changing heroes, to the guy in this video.  Though probably staged, this guy is great……


In this next link I submit that “Stupidity, Arrogance, and Hubris" can’t begin to cover everything that needs to be said…

Really, I mean really, a US court is demanding that one of the biggest banks in China needs to turn over it's records! Look for some in your face counter offensives aimed at China (evidence the latest news from the movements to the south China Seas by the US). With the US seemingly afraid of Putin, might they be waiting for China to empty their ports of as many military ships as possible to the middle east, and then poke China in the face a bit. Moving on…

In the “You can’t keep a good ponzi down” category, check out the “market stats”, that ironically come right after The Fed announcement a couple weeks ago.

Based on the above link we have witnessed another near term bankster victory once again, very very depressing folks.  And, this is also the reason I maintain the numbers of those that get "IT" are on the decline (again IT for this installment is the King Dollar burial event).

Side note….Oh btw in the surprise of the month category “gun & ammo” sales soared after the community college shootings in Oregon. Gee what a surprise, but probably not a surprise to RM regulars though.  As I said long before I ever heard of any V/Guerrilla, the PPPTB appear to be trying to arm the most likely among us to shoot as hard & fast as possible.  This ain't 1776 when the military of the Brits had a much larger leg up on the numbers they were fighting.  The numbers don't work anymore, and they appear to be arming the very citizenry that would be most likely to "thin things out a bit".  All through the emotions of one single word, a word that an entire installment or even a novel could be written about, FREEDOM.  Fodder for another day, if I can get rid of the "Blues"....Back to the current story-line......

In another continuation of the new normal, bad is good & good is bad, world markets rally over some of the worst news ever…….Seems I am repeating story-lines here from installments gone by…..

After the above, "the fundamentals don’t matter anymore onslaught" this next one could be interesting since it involves energy, and the ongoing “big market bets”……

Wolf Gray’s sense of smell says if the above article is correct (I have no reason to doubt it’s accuracy), then a top in ‘crude” may have just been installed around 50 dollars. Watch out ”Frackers”, and any of those holding the hedges (the insurance against price drops) to protect themselves. Keep an eye on this western world energy dilemma folks, it is a BIG DEAL....!

Oh yea, oh hell yea, everything is fine in the retail world, when Walmart presents an earnings miss that surprises all the pundits, and projects a 12% drop in future earnings. Then in a propped up market "Wally-World" has it’s biggest weekly stock pummeling in it’s history.

Keep something in mind about the above scenario, it’s stock value cratered even with an upward trending market in the background. What in the world is going to happen when the HFT’s (high frequency trading) hit the “entire market” once the paper ponzi expires, and the King Dollar eulogy begins in earnest?

In this next article by the ever astute Steve St. Angelo his views coincide with, “The Economic SilverBack’s”, and Team RM’s view, that the metals markets are super tight. But, that is not what captured my attention, it was the 2nd paragraph above the first chart that caused me to look under the Wolf Gray’s “thinking hood”…

Not only did the Fed purchase worthless Mortgage Backed Securities from top Banks for $1.7 trillion, Titus believes the Fed has understated the amount of U.S. Treasuries on its balance sheet.  Titus plans on putting out another video showing how much more Treasuries the Fed may have on its balance sheet… but are not publicly stating.

Let's get real folks!  It occurs to me that they (PPPTB & by brokered extension the FED) may have never told the truth which is sadly a brilliant strategy, since there isn't a base line to judge their indiscretions.  I don't even know why we analyze this stuff anymore, since a baseline has to revolve around the truth. Hmm maybe not in PPPTB land! Still great article by Steve St. Angelo.

In the category that “The RM Gang’s view point is gathering steam, but losing listeners”, check out this next well written piece found on ZeroHedge…

The above is another source of the time for “crying wolf” is over and the wolf & his message is missing in action. No one is listening, and whether silent for a while or not, the message in my view is finished with respect to new converts to the real truths. Note the previous line applies to the western world only, I don’t have a strong enough foot hold in the eastern world to formulate a reasonable view point. Although I can say with confidence they aren’t as dumb as our team is!

Ah well this next link provides us with a "Big" surprise, the wealth gap is growing. I got a news flash thanks to stealth money-making via sources like the ESF (exchange stabilization fund, covered earlier on the pages of RM), as well as other illegal non-reportable sources of income, I suspect it could be the top .0000000000000001% own as much as the bottom 90%. Hell throw in the DTCC, and you could even change it to the bottom 99.9999999%.

In reference to the above link many of the “msm bobble heads” will point to it being signs of a healthy recovery (while conveniently excluding the illegal gains stuff), but we all know what it is, signs that fascism is on the rise.  Period end of story.

Need more verification, that even a sheeple should understand, but will not, check this out from this morning:

Unbelievable, but I doubt anyone will attest to the value of such a market indicator, because it will not be emphasized in the msm bobble head business media.  And, I will not watch to verify that or not, as I already know of the routine msm "downplaying" that will accompany this news. At this point it now matters not whether the DOW moves up or down, real on the ground business for honest profit is dead as hell in the west.  Espoused so so many times here on RM.  Moving on with a similar message....

Though I have had some prior critical moments on Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, he still provides great wisdom, and I still pay attention to him. Some of the view points he fired off, especially on the mighty Zero towards the end, really caught my attention in this interview with Alex Jones….

Interesting view, as the overall theme of this interview with Dr. Roberts revolved around, “There is no US economy, period.” Strong statement folks from an intelligent, and fairly well connected guy, even if I have complained in the past.

The Academic Side of Controlling Needs vs. Wants & Loss of Control:

Looking back at the first few paragraphs of this installment, let’s focus on the delusional ramblings of the western msm mind control machine that have taken a mighty toll on the masses ability to see thru blatant lies. But, as I told V in an email two weeks ago (btw he never agreed or disagreed with me), their belief in their control is just as delusional as the media’s delusional ramblings. I know a lot of smart people give these folks a nod in favor of the theory that, they are in control of a bigger ongoing control agenda. I say, “bullshit.” That gives them God like powers, which would be required to control so many people (hmm maybe the reason for depopulation agenda), and that they don’t have…. God like powers.

As I told V in that email it is no different, than me thinking I have control of my dogs if they break the leashes going head long towards a bunch of geese around the neighborhood pond. Forget about it! And, that is just two dogs with one person, try multiplying that by several million dogs vs. my perceived control. Those are the numbers the elite must deal with, and only God can control that mismatched mathematical equation. From where I sit the elite are losing control as I type each letter in this installment. Once the King Dollar leashes are broken, all anyone can do is get out of the away, as control will be a total illusion.  That is....Until the aftermath entry of some economic savior.  I dread that day.  Lots to play out between now & then though.  Thus the very symptoms of, "Even now, they have lost some of their control".

As detailed in my very first installment, the PPPTB was sharp enough to distract us with personal debt imbalances to pursue our selfie wants. As per the first installment, it is my opinion this was the primary driving engine of the western PPPTB business model, with an assist from the gullible minds of the ever increasing soft, self indulgent western citizenry.

The PPPTB Business model…Inflate bubbles in “wants” related items like houses, cars, or in many cases unneeded higher education degrees. This to keep the bubble blowing engine firing on all cylinders.  The next simple step was to rearrange the parameters as regards the inflation of “needs items" like food, medical care, and energy needs. For example, per the Fed, "that steak didn’t cost anymore on the newly adjusted inflation indices, because the Fed feels you can transplant that need, and still provide for your peon eating functions, by downgrading to hamburger, and if need be then downgrade to ‘purina dog chow’. Hey you are still eating what the hell do you have to complain about.

Blowing bubbles in “needs” items yields things that may threaten the western PPPTB like “arab spring” events (thus keep them far away).  So the plan by necessity, becomes lie on inflation to the western masses in the “needs” items, and inflate massive debt bubbles in the “wants” items.

OK WG, but to what final end?

All that needs to be done to complete this business model successfully, is to hold the ponzi as steady as possible and out of the western masses view until the framework is in place to confiscate the unjustified value of these absurd “wants”. Hello Dodd-Frank, hello NDAA, hello Patriot Act, and hello HFT (high frequency trading). What ever triggers the overt confiscation event will bring the entire business model full circle, and the loss of control will be naked for all to see. God help us all at that point, especially those that aren't prepared.

The above explanation is my view of the price discovery mechanisms that have been rolled out by the western PPPTB in their lucrative pricing battle of the importance of “wants” over “needs”. Blow bubbles on one end, and lie about inflation for cover on the other. Hey we sheeple are getting richer WG, give it a rest. As we all can see, it is unfortunately working, until the final curtain, the King Dollar eulogy event.

In fact “Stealth Austerity” (confiscation of our belongings) has already begun in many formats, and is currently being proposed by supposed fiscal conservatives. What a bogus line, describing any of these ‘pop tarts’ in Washington as fiscal conservatives. Here is a prime example, and they work it like a good street hooker all the time 24/7. Check this link out, and try to ignore the name pronunciations…


I tested out a theory on some of my Wolf Pack buddies for proof that we don't truly get “IT” from top to bottom. Even most of my vaunted Wolf Pack (except two elite Pack members) are now stuck within the system again, thanks to the length of time to get to the "King Dollar Collapse w/Eulogy" moment. They have reentered the system matrix for what would appear to be, near term survival.

The matrix of, “We are stuck within the system box so to speak, that political playbook, as defined by the western media."  To test the theory espoused in the prior paragraph I did an informal poll.  First the background on my poll respondents; everyone of the persons I questioned was employed, and made a good wage.  The poll question, "Should we cut back on social security benefits to help balance the budget?"  The general poll answer from everyone of them, "Hell yea we got to get rid of the free loaders!"  Hmm easy to say when you have a stream of money coming at ya, don't ya think folks.  The person in the above video brings up the valid point of, "you take the hit, but don't ask us to give up our crony fascist paychecks."  And oh btw, for the record, the Wolf Gray doesn't believe in freebies at all.

I can’t say this enough, “Swallow the damned egos, it will be served to you very soon as a humbling entree!”  The video is good, but doesn't take the message far enough as it is part n’ parcel of the fascist business model.  This is a prelude to, "Stealth Austerity”, and even the folks in my informal poll don’t understand they are being made “fools”, as their paychecks are being pilfered unnecessarily right now, or until they lose their jobs as well.!!!

Stealth Austerity, already here, has been for years, and about to be ramped-up EU-style! It is all part of the closing of the monetary business exits that are necessary prior to the in your face moment, that no one can deny, and then even the "sheeple will acknowledge a major death has happened!". At which point, the King Dollar eulogy would have been read many hours earlier, and the Wolf Gray maintains control by the western PPPTB will be thoroughly lost.  Take cover folks.

This next article posted by ZeroHedge is highly illustrative of the of the characteristics that lead to the final confiscation portion of the “Price Discovery Needs vs. Wants” business model. Especially where “wants” have the misguided greater emphasis, than the more basic primary “needs” items, which seems to be recognized as a major "no no" by countries striving to get ahead of the curve in the real money battles that are coming (mostly in the eastern hemisphere). As the following article so aptly points out the system has gone rogue….

The above article illustrates prime examples of the things that can happen when capital is not properly earned, and credited.

And, finally back to my view, that fewer people truly get “IT”, even though more people are aware something is wrong, but sadly are trying to look for answers in their now dismantled (on paper at least) system. Check this next video out, the title of the video alone is indicative of how out of touch the US sheeple are, and whether I am right or wrong, or these guys in the video are right or wrong, it doesn’t matter, because the rest of the world thinks "we, the USA, are wrong …..!"


The above video is proof positive that control is now becoming a complete illusion, easy to see if you are willing.  The western power brokers, PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) have lost control of the "cha-ching" war making money machine.  They ain't God to begin with, which is their personal in the mirror vision of themselves in Lucifer format!  They truly believe that they are all knowing, and all seeing.  Bullshit they are a bunch of 'half witted morons" on their best day, that unfortunately have control of the media outlets.

Like Wolf Gray Sr. used to tell me, “I know you think you are a bad ass son, but I grew up in south Chicago, and then in New Jersey, and there are people that spend all their waking hours figuring out how to hurt you, so get over yourself, you ain’t as bad as you think you are.” And, in the same vain the PPPTB ain’t God they were just born with a bunch of time, and money on their hands filling their personal study time with a version of, “how to control the peons”. Hmm seems to be a theme here, that when one has too much idle time on their hands, they then tend to strive to cause chaos.

Speaking of the truth....Wolf Gray Sr. used to lay it on me, it seems I remember some telling moments where the truth was concerned.  "Son you will tell me the truth, or I will belt your arse getting it out of you!"  The sheeple are going to awaken to a severe Wolf Gray Sr. "Time Out" moment.  That is a, truism!

There is no control by these "fruit loops", and the people ain't waking up to the truth, they are just waking up to something isn't right, but sitting on their duffs pontificating their arses away with their buddies.  The above video showed up on one of my favorite hang outs "", and from the 3:00+ mark, the hang out for conservatives everywhere, "The FOX ‘Yes our second biggest stockholder not named Murdoch is a Muslim extremist’ News Outlet”, proves they are losing control.  The conclusions at the end of the video are a little over simplified, without some greater emphasis on the fact that money via a year after year lucrative dividend from the middle east is the real reason for the "let's shoot them up agenda."

For the first time in recent memory, it would appear all the news networks are galvanized on the same messages, "Putin and that evil empire Russia have to be dealt with."  They are panicking as the moment they fear most has arrived, they have lost control of the messages from ”CNN/MSNBC/CNBC vs. FOX NEWS/FOX Business News…..all meeting in the center at, “Let us divert your attention with meaningless election crap, while we steal your frickin' bank accounts to fund drugs & war.” This message is now being threatened, but sadly not by responsible home teamers', but instead foreigners to boot.

I bet the major networks are all on the phones with the "Rush Limbaugh types" right now, "Hey we are losing control of the TV message, get Dick "that piece of shit” Cheney on your show for another round of, “We as responsible Americans have to buckle up, and save the world!"  Or hey hey "Rush radio types" see if you can get Sarah Palin on to do another round of "We are doing God's work!”  Because, "Rush types" we are losing control of the video narrative, and guess what that means you will likely start losing advertisement money as well my friend." I bet these western media putzes are in a panic.  Breaks my heart, probably yours too!

And, do we really need to get started on the crappy liberal massage?  NOOOOO!  After all I saw a recent cartoon that said, "Right wing, Left wing, still all attached to the same bird! (paraphrasing)

I said it before I will say it again, "We all need to take our egos and shove them down the toilet."  This is the perfect time to do it, while they are losing control.  It will open up the mind to the fact that, nine tenths of their control apparatus is a message that we all love to receive, “We as the most enlightened civilization on the planet have the responsibility to set the other less enlightened earthlings straight, in order to save them from themselves." Hey, maybe we are the outer-space aliens?  We need to get over ourselves, and quit pontificating & patting ourselves on the back about how great we are.  We were great once, but only because we were a nation of doers, now we are a nation of "non-doing, selfie taking pansies, that say, “Hey that is someone else's responsibility.”

I mentioned at the start of this installment that the comments sections of some of my favorite audio/video offerings are now almost as interesting as the interview itself. V did an interview with the Watchdog Greg Hunter a couple weeks ago, one of his best efforts, yet in the comments sections he was attacked with impunity. I know there are “internet trolls”, but this is a new trend that is on the rise, that I have been seeing on other sites like ‘’, where almost 75% of the comments are attacking the pro hard asset professional. Time is taking it’s toll, and this trend is another great example of the fact that the number of people that get “IT” are on the decline, even though the numbers of those who are aware something is amiss is on the rise.

Wolf Gray Truism....You really aren't aware of "it" or remotely get "It", if you are too frickin' lazy to do something about "it"!

As a final test that will prove to anyone that even the more informed in the US don’t get “IT” anymore, but are just aware something is amiss, try this hypothetical question out on your favorite friendly brainiacs. Do a little Mark Dice routine here with the following short simple question…..

“What’s going on in Greece now?”

I will bet you a shiny “karatbar” that all the answers will be stupid, and 90% of them will script along these lines, “Well I haven’t seen anything on the news lately, so I guess those folks in Greece got things ironed out over there.” Well shit, I hadn’t thought of that one, but hey maybe the “Job Fairy” came overnight and just cured that rascally 50% unemployment snag. Damn, I bet that is it!!!

Again, there may very well be more people that are aware something is wrong, but the numbers that get “IT” are on a steep decline. Time has taken it’s toll on the message, and the messenger. I am feeling beat to a pulp.  And, the coming silence when more messengers fall to the wayside, will be deafening.

Whether it be Gerald Celente or Michael Snyder (I respect and value both’s video opinions & writings), some big named alternative media analyst stuck their "prediction necks" out on a market collapse by the year's end, and I am now detecting a defensive attitude of their positions in the face of rising markets. For proof, note the defensive posture by the author in this next link.

For the record, I for one ain’t going to be quiet, the truth bears repeating, regardless of the timing of the official eulogy to be read over the King Dollar grave. And, on that note & tying in to “Getting IT”, I miserably failed the being prepared test, with respect to the following hard asset tip, but not for long my friends.

Hard Asset Tip:

I can't believe I didn't understand the message in it's totality in one of my own installments, this one dated 09/22/15 titled, “If’s & But’s were Candy…...…Christmas”.  In it there was a link detailing an absurd law regarding passport requirements for domestic travel in certain USSA states.

Thanks to a heads up tip from 2 Wolf Pack members (the only 2 that seem to get “IT” these days), and my own stupidity, I now know why! First a description that will lead to the hard asset tip…….I personally was not properly in tune with the conversion from magnetic strip credit cards to “chip cards”, and wasn’t aware of what chip cards truly entailed. Well I sure has hell know now!!!!!

I have 3 cards with 3 separate card numbers (or until now, I HAD) for each financial entity, with one for Mrs. WG & one for myself. 3 card numbers & 6 cards en total, right? Not so fast my friends. I had already recently activated 2 of the 3 sets of financial institution cards, and not paid any attention to the fact they were conversions to the new chip card format of “safer transactions”....Yea right!

But next up, the final financial institution set of cards that had yet to convert to CHIP status (1 for me 1 for Mrs. WG) arrived last Monday the 12th of October. Same as the prior cards except for one glaring exception, the account number not only changed on my card, but Mrs. WG’s new card had a different number than my new card. WTF! Now I finally get this new chip card ‘bs’. They are tracking my arse, and now Mrs. WG separately.

This chip card lingo that I have been ignoring is short for RFID chips. Radio Frequency FRICKIN’ Identification.

Angry as hell I called the card company & asked why, one card number for Mrs. WG, and a different one for me. I was politely explained (very scripted due to obvious complaints by other callers, but I bet they don't get it anymore than I used to) that all transactions would be credited to the same account, and now with the benefit of being able to track each persons transactions. Another big, YEA RIGHT!

Hold on, I will be getting to the hard asset tip.

That is when, I also called 2 of the only 2 Wolf Packers that truly “get IT”, and also now know my ID on RM. The voices on the other end of the line said, “Dude how did you not get this, it was the basis of one of your news updates in “If’s & But’s were Candy…....Christmas” installment?” Me dumb as a sack of hammers, “What the hell are you talking about?” Them, “That update where you said, residents in certain states will have to have passports starting in 2016 to travel domestically, remember?” Me now appearing much dumber than a sack of hammers, “So?” Them, “Those states you detailed didn’t sign on to the mandatory RFID license requirements soon enough, thus the passport law. They are tracking us, dude!” Me again feeling embarrassingly dumb, “Newly issued drivers licenses as well?!!!!!!!

Live & learn I suppose!

Finally the hard asset tip, get some aluminum foil and wrap those intrusive damned chip cards so they can’t keep up with ya. Driver’s ID’s as well!. This is one of the most intrusive, mark of the beast violation, pieces of shit business nuances I have ever seen. I fully expect those first two card companies that renewed mine & the misses “chip cards” earlier with the same account number for both of us to do like this recent one did, and issue two new cards, but with separate numbers on them.

And, when they do I will do the same damn thing I am doing with this most recent card revision, either not renew it at all or only renew one of the two. Safer my ass, these things could be scanned by almost anyone with a criminal background (unless al. foil or something similar is used).   Keep in mind the secret information contained therein' ain’t just your card number it is your social security, and your address. Welcome to the new fascist bullshit world of commerce. And, btw once the drivers ID’s are fully converted, you guessed it, your health info will be on it as well. PANAMA anyone, Canada maybe, this is amazing, no wonder people are exiting in record numbers..

Wonder why they just call them “chip cards”, not RFID? So they can fool guys who are half awake like Wolf Gray!

It is getting to the point where they might as well have a press conference, and or “state of the disunion” speech requesting each citizen to put in their personal orders for the level of fascism desired. “Well”, “Medium Well”, “Medium Rare”, or the personal favorite of all PPPTB believers, “Dracula Style…..Rare”.

And, btw if you don’t think this isn’t a push for all business to be transacted via your “Stupid (sure ain’t smart) Phone”, then connect the dots, watch the plethora of various commercials during the most popular of sporting telecasts, depicting the advantages for small businesses when using these new pocket & carry scan & or swipe devices to transact business.

Ya know I can see it now with Zero at the teleprompter, “Thanks to these new business devices the only thing left to be transacted by cash is illegal drug activity, which will make it much easier to identify & fight the war on drugs, and everybody wants that, right USSA’ers?” Like they are really going to prosecute anybody with any clout to begin with, since the banks need those profits.

I can see it now, with the new vagrant policy enforced by deputy Barney Fife!  “Hey partner this low life’s wallet ain’t empty he has cash on him!” His partner, “Barney we got him dead to rights, throw him in jail, he must be a drug pusher or user.” You can fully see where this bs is going to.

This folks, is one of the biggest intrusions I have ever seen. And, sadly I am ashamed to say I was not watching out for it.

For reference while we are on transaction cards, I do practice what I preach. When the bill comes in on any purchases via my credit cards, they are paid off immediately, otherwise I don’t buy anything on them. I don’t pay interest on those cards, they are just once a month, settlement, debit card.

Additional "Hard Asset Tip", get a 6 pound "maul", 8 pound sledge hammer, & two wedges.  They may help assist in your heating needs, and they sure as heck will provide you a superb form of exercise (I can attest to that fact over the past few days).

The Reset Pondering for RM Review:

Now that it appears China only has 1.7% of the world’s reserve holdings in total (per several alt. media sources), the idea of a reset happening super quick at the hands of the Chinese may be a bit premature. Don’t know any reason to disbelieve those figures, after all the Chinese supposedly have no outside debts. But, I sadly failed to connect the dots that a self contained debt advantage, would leave them with a minor total in the grand scheme of the world’s currency reserves.  Boy the world is upside down when a world of more debt gives you greater leverage.  It violates all the laws of "Economic Mother Nature", but keep in mind it isn't nice to fool Mother Nature!  Invitations to a King Dollar Eulogy are being printed right now!

So ponder this, for additional clarity. Using the small neighborhood business model to keep things simple: Let’s say I have the primary reserve currency for use in transactions for the neighborhood (like a mobster making a little ‘vig’ on the transaction fees & the protection rackets), and have been devaluing my currency by excessive printing, thus causing the neighbors to start trading or bartering in private among themselves due to the devaluations to their own stashes as well. Economic mother nature then forces them to unload my currency, return to sender style, which can easily cause a collapse independent of the complete development of their new developing trade system. Especially if my household has a lot of outstanding debt. Sound familiar. The slightest amount of “return to sender” can cause my paper to become useless. I can hear the kids in the car, “Are we there yet?” In this case the greater the debt the quicker the time table to collapse. Only the protection racket muscle keeps me from falling off a debt cliff with some of the neighbors.

But but but, what if the neighbors had their own upstart yet effective muscle to make the others in the ‘hood’ feel safe….see where this is headed or already there????? This play on stage is almost too easy to see coming, for those with their eyes truly open, it is just the timing that is getting people in a state of a tizzy. Be vigilant!

God bless, and be well……Stay alert as anything, and I do mean anything, could trigger an immediate King Dollar eulogy, the real "IT" for the sheeple. Kind of reminds me of these two songs by James Gang & Eagles star Joe Walsh……the first one by “subject” necessity has to precede the second one.


Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, V & the rest of Team RM & it's side kick "W", ZeroHedge as always, Jim Willie, Steve St. Angelo, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, & my new hero in video numero dos!