Hungary and Visegrad Nations Act to Slow Down Immivasion of Europe



After years of shamefully knuckling under to whatever the globalists in Washington and the City of London dictated, especially the destruction of borders, and what's left of a Christianity-based culture, European patriots are finally pushing back.


Although the resistance is building through the rise of right wing parties from Greece (Golden Dawn) to France (National Front) to Britain (UK Independence Party), the epicenter of the pushback against German Chancellor Angela Merkel's policy of welcoming millions of Muslim migrants this weekend is the so-called Visegrad bloc: Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and the Czechs former countrymen in Slovakia. Other than the 'promised land' of multi-cult Germany under the rule of Mutti (mommy) Merkel, the nations most impacted by the opening of migration floodgates this summer and autumn have been in the Balkans and Central Europe -- Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and Austria.

This is the kind of stuff that seems designed to deliberately enrage a population sick and damn tired of being called Nazis if they protest: low-income Germans receive eviction notices so their landlords can become slumlords with payments from the government for each migrant

All of these governments have tried different responses to the migration crisis, and pleaded in vain for the Germans' 'compassion' to stop creating a magnet for humanity -- mostly young Muslim men with some genuine Syrian refugee families -- to pour through their borders. Unfortunately, Germany is -- as many German dissidents are well aware -- still an occupied nation 70 years after the close of WWII. Chancellor Angela Merkel can do some things Washington doesn't like, but ultimately like all of her predecessors since the establishment of the Federal Republic she is subject to the NATO alliance that was famously founded to "keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down". And shoving the Germans down would appear to be the common thread between the U.S. sanctions against Volkswagen over alleged cheating, allegations of German bribes to FIFA for hosting the 2006 World Cup, and above all the migration crisis which is costing Germany's taxpayers billions of euros to feed and house unemployable, non-German or English speaking able-bodied aliens.


Germans waking up on public television current affairs programs regarding whose destabilization program is behind the immivasion of Germany -- but can they make the Washington/NATO dominated government of Chancellor Angela Merkel listen and change course?

The question for Russians and Americans is: will the European resistance against the open borders multi-culti cult of national suicide also lead to a peaceful end to the second Cold War, the way we saw 'people power' tear down the Iron Curtain in 1989? And whereas 1989 was all about tearing down walls between American-led Western Europe and Soviet-controlled Eastern Europe, can people power as in the Biblical story of Nehemiah help to build the shattered walls back up?


Last night in the closing minutes of the first hour Guerrilla Radio program 'W the Intelligence Insider' spoke eloquently about the perception of Vladimir Putin, a former KGB officer, as a John Wayne or Ronald Reagan-esque figure. We responded by pointing out in the last three minutes of the first hour that one could tell how successful Putin had been by the number of imitators he was acquiring, led by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. A man who has gone from a protege of American think tanks and State Department academics during the 1990s and early 2000s to a something of a renegade to, if not an enemy of the Anglo-globalist Empire. We believe Orban's journey from typical 1980s dissident against the late Soviet Bloc regimes, to enthusiastic promoter of Washington's gospel during the 1990s, to disillusioned opponent of the U.S.-led Atlanticist (dis)order in the 2010s, is roughly parallel to that of many Russians who came to support Vladimir Putin. This is the same arc we see emerging among some politicians in the United Kingdom (former Thatcherite and UKIP leader Nigel Farage), Czech Republic (President Miloš Zeman), Slovakia (PM Robert Fico) and soon perhaps, among right wing circles of a country historically thought of as hostile to the Russians, Poland (MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke, who is admittedly an outlier in Polish politics). In almost every country of Europe, particularly those taking in unprecedented numbers of migrants like Germany (which is up to 1.2 million or 1.5% of the German population now, versus the promised 800,000 in September) the politics are shifting fast. In other nations like Poland or Hungary that aren't burdened with Germany's Nazi past or political correctness, the sentiments are likely to turn uglier much faster.


Take a good look at why Viktor Orban and his Fidesz party's hard line close the borders or ship the illegals to Germany stance is popular with a majority of Hungarians (even according to polls MSM tries to rig against Orban) -- despite years of Atlanticist bad press accusing him of being a budding dictator and wannabe Putin!

Even with the Russia Analyst's limited knowledge of Polish from the similarities to Russian and other Slavic languages, we can tell these guys are chanting, "Solidarity with Hungary (closing the borders)" and "Poland will never be Afghanistan!"


Swedish Right activist Daniel Friberg is a founder of Sweden's Arctos Press, which has translated Russian Eurasianist ideologue Alexandr Dugin's works into English and hosted his speech in Sweden before the U.S. put sanctions against Dugin

Theodore Beale, an Italy-based American video game designer and fantasy writer better known by his blogging handle Vox Day, has many fans in Central and Eastern Europe. One of them reported on Friday, October 16 that after weeks of squabbling between Serbian and Croat politicians over the migrant crisis, the Hungarians have built a coalition between the Serbs/Croats and the Visegrad nations to finally close the borders:

Funny thing is happening, probably this news really appeared first on your blog in English, there is almost no coverage of this. Now it is 19:44, the announcement was at about 15.00 hungarian time. I was checking news pages many times today, both Hungarian and English/American. Now it is on front page in the Hungarian ones, but it wasn't like this a few hours before, and for example on very popular liberal news page ORIGO, you can barely see it between the first 10 bullshit/less important news.

Just now it is on the front page of CNN, hidden between a lot of other news, it is not even on the front page of BBC, you can only find it if you search. Same with Reuters, only if you search. One of the "news line" short news on For some reason, they are not enthusiastic[ally] covering this.

With the Serbian closure, it was all over the place, because people were expecting riots and finger pointing poor treatment of migrants [plus the Serbs are Russian allies and MSM still blames them for all the 1990s Balkan wars - JWS]. They got a little of what they expected.

Croatian interior minister Ranko Ostojic just announced that they will take people to Slovenian border, and another Slovenian politician said that they are prepared for the influx, until countries further north keep their borders open (Germany). So they will basically continue the same organized transport of migrants to Germany, only through Slovenia.

I don't expect riots, neither does mainstream media. So they do not want to tell people, that Hungary just quietly but surely stuck to its plan, closed the borders, and is not doing it alone, but in cooperation with 4 other countries.

The other day I wrote that Czech soldiers already arrived, Slovak soldiers and policemen will arrive, and the Poles will probably help with something also. Well, Ewa Kopacz Polish PM announced today, that they are sending to Hungary 70 border police officials, many jeeps, including 5 that have night vision devices built in.

While Putin is successfully defying the entire Washington/EuroAtlanticist political class in Syria

, getting the job done of destroying ISIS while the U.S. played pattycake with them, the demonized Prime Minister of Hungary (who has declared

Hungary's Christian culture cannot withstand millions of Muslim migrants

settling in the country) 

is leading his own 'coalition of the willing'

 to do what Europe and America won't:

secure European borders.

Mr. Orban's coalition that curiously enough includes Poland and the Czech Republic, two countries the George W. Bush Administration had hoped would host anti-ballistic missile bases and radars directed against Russia's nuclear deterrent, and where the Obama Administration recently sent additional U.S. troops as part of a symbolic 'Dragoon Ride' to deter 'Russian aggression'. Now that the Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is continuing his master class on how to lose friends and piss off people, by threatening the EU with more migrants if Ankara doesn't get concessions from Brussels, even Atlanticist Polish lawmakers solidly in Washington's back pocket are going to be asked two questions from their constituents...

Where the hell are NATO and the Americans when it comes to defending Europe's borders from massive Islamic migration?

What good are the Schengen zone inside Europe and the European Union if allows millions of migrants and so-called 'refugees' to flood into our countries, changing their demographics and culture?

A special from the Russian Orthodox Christian-oriented YouTube channel Katehon, with English subtitles. Notice the host Prof. Leonid Savin discusses the U.S. Intelligence Community assessment "Global Trends in 2015" which predicted mass migration into Europe from the Mideast and Africa. A case of Langley predicting the future or the globalists behind them MAKING the borderless dystopic world real? Savin is the chief editor of the journal “Geopolitics” published at the Department of Sociology and International Relations, Faculty of Sociology, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University

Historically, all empires have come into existence because they could offer their constituent parts two things -- economic gain, and military protection. When an empire can no longer serve either purpose...when the vassals who previously consented to the empire's lordship realize they're on their own for defense of home and hearth, THAT is when empires fall. It happened in 4th century Rome with the eastern Byzantines breaking away and Britons and Gauls having to cope with the absence of the Roman legions, and it's happening today with the collapse of the American empire in Europe.

"IN 410 AD the Emperor Honorius withdrew the last remaining legions from Britain and told us we would have to look to our own resources for defence. With the deep cuts in the size of the US military announced at the Pentagon yesterday by Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel, it looks as though the United States is beginning the same process." - Crispin Black, The (UK) Week , February 25, 2014