Leave it to a Nazi to Tell the Truth about Ukraine

Nolan W. Peterson, a journalist, U.S. Air Force Academy graduate and former special ops pilot, has written some loving portraits of Biletsky's Azov Battalion. We don't know whose idea it was to have the mainline conservative (read: corporatist Republican Party/Military Industrial Complex funded) Heritage Foundation in Washington send Peterson to the 'front lines' outside Mariupol on the Sea of Azov for its Daily Signal magazine. The name of which, for some reason reminds us of the Nazi WWII armed forces magazine that was also called...wait for it...Signal. Maybe some occultists inside Heritage Foundation or among the elites backing it consider that coincidence to be a great joke played on the dumb Reagan-loving suckers across America who send Heritage money every year...



What we do know is that both Peterson and fellow veteran A.H. Bonenberger suddenly felt a great urgency to write about Azov and act as stenographers for the unit's denials of being Nazi shortly after Detroit-area Congressman John Conyers led the U.S. House of Representatives to officially ban American taxpayer funding for Azov. But seeing as Azov is now integrated into the Ukrainian 'National Guard', even the neocon rag Daily Beast conceded it would be difficult for the Pentagon not to wind up training at least some Azov members. Officially though a Defense Dept. spokesman denied that Azov had been invited to the Yavoriv training center the U.S. Army's 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat team operates outside Lvov.


Nolan W. Peterson talking with neocon Center for Security Policy hustler Frank Gaffney. He admits the Ukrainian Army would not be able to withstand a full fledged Russian operation involving air strikes, while promoting claims that Russia has plans to attack NATO members in the Baltics or Poland. Frank Gaffney also calls for 'liberating' Donetsk and Lugansk from...the Donetsk and Lugansk residents who revolted against the Kiev regime

We know that Peterson and Bonenberger at least pretended to take the 'war stories' presented by Azov members seriously. Especially the tall tales of former Swedish Army sniper neo-Nazi Mikael Skillt. Including Skillt's claims to have killed many members of the Russian Army including VDV paratroopers rather than Donbass local truck drivers, coal miners or teenage boys who joined the Russian proxy Army of Novorossiya. Skillt's favorite 'sexy' war story involved himself killing three separatists at point blank range, first with a knife and then a pistol.

Furious defenders of the Azov Battalion's reputation after the Congressional ban on support for them included one ex-Bush Administration official who insisted they not only retook Mariupol from the (in reality tiny number of) separatists in May 2014, but also fought well at the battle for the Donetsk Airport. Of course the fact that hundreds if not thousands of Ukrainian defenders of the ruined Donetsk Airport died under the old and new terminal's rubble while Azov enjoyed a relatively quiet frontline near Mariupol did not stop Kiev-based Forbes columnist Paul Gregory from insisting that the SS rune wearers were there.


Azov it seems, must go from glory to glory in the annals of Ukrainian and U.S./Kiev propaganda and as the vanguard of the coming great white reconquista...lest the truth about their tendency to let the Ukrainian Army regulars as opposed to Azov Aryan brothers die under the NAF's guns and GRADs become all too obvious. Azov is after all only 'light infantry' in Mikael Skillt's tweeted words to me in response to my question as to why he bravely sat out in Kiev and Mariupol the Donetsk Airport and Debaltsevo battles 'patriots of a united Ukraine' lost.


Ft. Russ has a good summation of how Kiev's U.S-taxpayer funded propaganda machine has attempted to cope with the nightly drone-cam fireworks on Russian TV of what the real modernized forces of the Вооруженные силы Российской Федерации look like in action:


Since the beginning of the punitive operation against Donbass all Ukrainian propaganda was based on two key points.

  1. Russia has invaded Ukraine, and the valiant Ukrainian troops are successfully holding the onslaught of the badly armed Russian army.
  1. It is good, because soon Putin will be left without soldiers and weapons, and then Ukraine will avenge collapsing Russia for all grievances, ending victoriously the war with damned Moskals in Belgorod, Moscow, the Urals, etc.

The rhetoric changed dramatically after the launching of the Russian air operations against the terrorists in Syria. Some Ukrainians became wary because it was not in keeping with propaganda clichés of the weak, disintegrating Russia which had not fallen apart yet only because it seemed undecided which way to collapse. The first reports of the successful, extremely accurate, hitting of the terrorists infrastructure caused total dejection in Ukrainian political circles: this can not be true simply because this can not be possibly true. Especially against the backdrop of thousands of sorties by the US aircraft during the whole year.

But finally Ukrainian politicians and propagandists plunged into stupor after the hitting of terrorists with high-precision cruise missiles launched from the Russian ship in the Caspian Sea. Flying 1,500 kilometers, these missiles hit their targets with a deviation of only three meters. A political demonstration of Russia's combat capabilities (nobody doubts that this strike was just a demonstration pursuing foreign policy objectives) led to the breaking of pattern for the Ukrainian information war instigators. At the same time, it seemed to affect the consciousness of those the Ukrainian propaganda was directed at. This was confirmed by the Ukrainian branch of the "Echo of Moscow" program, during which the moderator had to block incoming calls of viewers after two of them in a row had soberly assessed the situation.


And what about the politicians? After the initial success of the Russian air force they demanded that Russia gives them assurances that it is not going to fight with Ukraine.  In this case who was then fighting the Ukrainian troops according to the Ukrainian media? Probably, indeed, the miners, drivers and steelworkers of Donbass? After that the most idiotic Ukrainian freaks gladly offered to sell Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles to ISIS, which could be used to shoot down Russian attack aircraft. According to the military expert Vladimir Shurygin, ISIS is seeking contacts with the Ukrainian regime wishing to acquire these systems.



In a real war with Russia, this is what happens to Andre Biletsky's Aryan superman Azov Battalion outside the protection of civilians in Mariupol...

Yale Professor Timothy Snyder, a State Department promoted Maidan and Kiev regime propagandist par excellence, writes in TIME magazine:

...for the first time since Russia invaded Ukraine, a ceasefire is holding. This has allowed Moscow to send special forces from Ukraine to Syria. The naval base in Crimea is now used to project Russian power southwards.

The deeper connection is Russian doctrine. Authoritarian leaders are legitimate, while popular resistance is not [Note Snyder does not consider thousands of people marching against a coup in Kiev from Odessa to Donetsk to Kharkov to be 'popular resistance' - because by definition popular support for Russia or regimes allied to her is impossible in his worldview - JWS]. President Putin’s claim to oppose Islamic terrorism is true enough. But he also opposes, with equal fervor and greater determination, secular democrats in his own country and in Europe. Russia invaded Ukraine not to halt a “military coup,” as President Putin rather oddly claimed on Monday [there is no evidence to support this mistranslation, Putin has never applied the term military to the phrase 'coup' in Kiev, Snyder is simply knocking down a straw man here - JWS], but to hinder a democratic movement by military action. In Syria, Russia has helped and presumably will continue to help Assad repress all resistance, not just the Islamicist variety...

But the more important factor is domestic public opinion. Russia is a television culture, and Russian television news is devoted almost entirely to the world beyond Russia. In the last few days, Russian television has completely changed the subject: from Ukraine to Syria. What must not be mentioned is that Russia has not achieved its goals in Ukraine. The Ukrainian war shows that Russia can fail even when the European Union pays only a very small amount of attention to the conflict. What Russian leaders seem to want in Syria is a war without EU sanctions, which they can win for the viewers at home.

Got it? Putin started bombing Syria because he 'failed' in Ukraine. But what does Snyder mean by 'failure'? Did the Russians ever truly want to take over all of Ukraine or the entire Tsarist era region of Novorossiya stretching from Odessa to Kharkov? We don't think so. But if you want the Kiev regime's 'liberal' propaganda as opposed to its more hardcore Nazi-collaborator Banderite version, you can always rely on Prof. Snyder for some laughable lines. Which is why we found it ironic that none other than a neo-Nazi Banderite, Andre Biletsky, scoffs at the notion that Syria is a sign of Putin's weakness in Ukraine.

Apparently Biletsky, in between his votes in the Ukrainian Rada and posing with his SS rune clad white power warriors, didn't get the memo from U.S. President Barack Obama's remarks to CBS the other night. That is, Biletsky probably doesn't know or doesn't care about Obama's testy reply to the question of whether Vladimir Vladimirovich was challenging the President of the United States' leadership, after 'losing' in Ukraine:

Strikes in Syria hardly prove Putin's weakness. They rather prove his belief that everything is allowed for him.

Whether the conflict in Ukraine will continue or not, currently depends on a sole decision of one man. If he makes such a decision, neither the West, nor our weak defeatist politics won't be able to oppose him, at this moment. We reconciled with him by means of simple capitulation and surrendering the huge territories and millions of our fellow citizens.

At present it's common to believe that Russia refused from its goals in the East under the pressure of the Western sanctions or the strength of Ukrainian armed forces and that its actions in Minsk are a kind of gesture of despair. I consider this claim utterly absurd and illogical. At this moment, at the current stage of war with Ukraine, Russia reached all its goals: the Crimea is annexed, the Donbas is currently lost and kept by the separatists, the West forces us into recognizing them, at least partially, as an autonomy, the legitimate authorities in this territory. Russia fulfilled all its goals. Now it fulfills its goals in Syria.

Europe itself allowed the absolute chaos in Syria by conducting a sluggish policy, on the one hand, having failed to grant the opposition any forces to finish off Assad, having raised ISIL and now also having let Russia in, which, undoubtedly, will only increase the intensity of the conflict. Thus Europe largely reaps the fruits of its own impotence in foreign policy. In many ways this situation resembles Europe's stance on Ukraine.

To Atlanticist think tank and State Department plugged ivory tower professors like Timothy Snyder, Putin allegedly invaded Ukraine because he feared the Maidan becoming a wonderful success story for the Ukrainians bright shining European Union future. The facts that the EU is in reality falling apart over the issue of refugees from Syria and the greater Middle East, plus 'Europe' is unwilling to accept post-Maidan Ukraine as an equal member rather than 'associate' colony and source of cheap labor, must go unnoticed by the likes of Snyder. The Yale professor and author of Bloodlands also has to ignore growing Polish resentment of the Ukrainian government glorifying mass murderers of Poles from WWII, as well as EU-loving Ukrainian yuppies wondering why Germany will give a visa to any Syrian village Muslim but not cultured Europeans like themselves.




How ironic, that a real live Nazi like Biletsky to see the situation more clearly, just as the Wall Street-City of London bankers' savior of Germany saw the situation more clearly in the early 1930s. Small wonder too, that the globalists acting through the usual Soros and Heritage Foundation NGO cutouts have been building up Biletsky's Azov Battalion as Ukraine's warrior elite once they're done with Porky and Yats. For the globalists behind Washington's policy in the Ukraine, Azov is too precious a human resource to be sacrificed in combat with Donbass miners or bus drivers armed by Russia.



The New World Order has a special purpose for them instead, after their done showing their tough guy credentials by collecting bribes from truckers blockading Crimea or beating up supporters of the Russia-friendly mayor in Kharkov -- a date in Kiev.