Living Within A Black Cloud, Slow Moving, False Flag!

This installment will delve into what I believe to be a very very drawn out, long term “False Flag” event, that is taking advantage of smaller, short term false flags to divert our attentions from the big picture. Therefore in this installment there will be a review of the overt concrete evidence, and an in depth analysis of a potential “big big picture false flag”. At the end in the "Theory & Predictions" segment, and in sticking with “The Economic SilverBack’s” belief in offering solutions, maybe an offering of a useful harbinger of the last moments of retail freedom, can be illustrated. The subject of this installment was inspired by a RM Patriot, a feathered friend, and the esteemed wisdom of “W”, who likes to say “Think Bigger”, with great emphasis on “Bigger”. Lately the comments section of RM is supplying the impetus for my installments, and this is one is no exception. Particularly as tied to a brief conversation with Mr. Opposite in which I said the following:

“Mr.O I think, we are living in one big long slow False Flag Event, with distracting events in-between. Need to see if I can get this thought on paper properly, only discussed the theory with my dogs so far while taking them on walks, and their English is only slightly better than mine.”

I didn’t mention this next fact, but during the above referenced ‘early morning dog walk’, a hawk took to flight off the path (no kill in sight either) just 25 yards in front of me from ground level to a tree, and “eyeballed my arse big time”. Having a reasonable amount of Cherokee blood makes things like this stand out in my mind, especially when I am having a confused “deep thought” moment, without the ability to connect the dots properly yet.

I am usually somewhat hesitant to mention these sorts of events as it is a right turn from real logical thought, after all it is just a bird (though a really cool looking one). Except for one thing, my feathered friend’s unusual “Hello” came precisely while I am in the midst of this “Big Big False Flag” theory. While heavily on my mind I later threw my theory at Mr.O on the pages of RM, who concurred with this idea. But, the real dot connecting moment came two days later on Saturday morning while enjoying a cup of coffee, and listening to John B Wells (Caravan to Midnight) interview one of my favorite deep thinkers “W”. What followed was an inspired proverbial “light bulb” moment!

It was the weekend, but I didn’t care I called a Wolf Pack business associate to test my theory, and he felt I was definitely on the right path. Now I need the help of the RM Think Tank. I don’t think this "big picture" theory changes anything regarding the near term timing of a King Dollar collapse, but it helps me at least understand the opposition on a possible bigger picture level. Which adds more potential color to the “King Dollar Collapse Painting”, and therefore the type of final brush strokes that will help define the moment where, “it's now time to finalize your preparations, and get ready to hunker down!”……….

Last week’s installment alluded to the possibility, we are in a controlled demolition, and the covert stage has entered the overt & final stages. I didn't realize it then, but that implies a long term thought out plan. Sometimes we can be (well at least I can) so busy in the moment we ignore the ongoing big picture!  An excerpt from last week:

If you laid out a hypothetical series of events that was going to define, the “Paper King” is down for the “final count”, I would suspect it to start with a covert narrative, that only the wise would initially understand, and to be finished by overt events that signal the final brush strokes leading to a “Paper King’s final curtain call”. What would be an example of a major brush stroke? Per a 5th grader, “The massive buying of the items that will REPLACE the deposed Paper King. Items that will soon be scarce, and looked back upon as “The Bargain” of a lifetime!

I believe the above statement to be accurate, based on pure business logic, and I am not disputing the wisdom of “W” who says, the entire “collapsing act” is by design (paraphrasing). I suspect the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) knew the unraveling phase would reach a point that wasn’t entirely manageable. Hence a perceived loss of "short term" control. That being said, since they knew it would eventually become overt, and unmanageable, by logic it also follows the PPPTB would have various plans "a,b,c,d,e etc." for a variety of outcomes once the overt stages become noticeable to the public at large. “They” to this point is primarily the current mob rulers the western elite or banksters or whatever, again PPPTB.

The primary two unknowns that will assist in which “a,b,c,d,e etc” plan is finally chosen, will likely be: 1) the sheeple & their level of cognitive dissonance & the amount of remaining fighting spirit, (& or) ... 2) the measure of success in the ongoing attempts to break ranks from the current rules, as set forth by the current ruling western leadership, by one of the opposing elite crime families (kind of like the 5 families of the “Godfather” movie) The BRICS & Associates. Wolf Gray’s take on the above, #1 is truly unknown, and it would appear #2 is well down the path of a successful ending for the eastern BRICS & Assoc. due to poor current & past leadership in the USA. Which means, (I know this gets redundant) the US middle class will still be getting “hammered” financially, and one has to protect themselves regardless of all this attempt to understand the PPPTB, and their motives.

Now that the stage has been set from my recent mental attempt at enlightenment (yea right), here are some news items that lead to the: Slow Moving Monster of a False Flag with intermittent distracting dinky false flags used as a diversion”…….

News Briefs:

After all the rate hike theories from the prior weeks, check out this reality check….

The above is a good analytical article posted by ZeroHedge, and written by “’s” Alasdair Macleod.  Nothing like the whispering from a FED governor of going from ZIRP (zero int. rate policy) to NIRP “negative IRP”…., to inspire a wave bye bye to the “Rate Hike Train”. A truly believable "rate hike scenario" will not likely be seen again for a long long long time.

In the “Whether True or False the rest of the World Believes it & thus We are Screwed” category, check out this next link from ZeroHedge….

For the most part I suspect the article above to be true, but as mentioned above it doesn’t matter as regards, “Did we or didn’t we?”, the rest of the world says we did! Our credibility on the “Morally Right Soap Box” is waning, or truthfully it now appears to be gone!

In the breaking from the ranks of the District of Criminals category, check this out:

First Boehner leaves then a day later this article, from a Repugnican.  Coincidence?  Whether it is for the defense of lies or the truth, when one team member breaks from the standard mantra, the empire will fall.  Always has.  The motive for this article is irrelevant, these guys suck Repugnican & Dumbocrat alike.  They all need to resign under the charge of "Dereliction of Duty", to their constituents & the constitution.....!  Or basically because they are pieces of shit.  Where were articles like this months, or even years ago?  Even more amazing it is through "RT News", which has to raise some eyebrows to those that are remotely aware....!

Like could it be a false flag to misdirect the informed or even the more peripheral Alternative Media viewer????????

And, if you really are under the delusion the sheeple will soon get it!  Check this unbelievable headline out from ZeroHedge, "man the controls msm & logic be damned!":

This next one from “The Economic Collapse Blog” is sad, and brutal at the same time. Brutal I say because there is a measure of truth in Michael Snyder’s writing in the following link.

So what do the above articles/links have to do with the “Big Slow Moving False Flag Theory”?  Primarily they are signs of the covert becoming very overt. For example they are the very signs that history has shown to have preceded the “Fall of the Roman Empire”. The covert becoming overt, which are highlighted with the political rats abandoning the ship, and breaking with the ranks of the power broker’s existing systems in cowardly cover their arses (CYA...cover your arse)

The prior installment’s quote (listed several paragraphs above) got me to thinking, if the covert became overt, there was likely a potential long term plan to keep the overt at bay. Why? In order to create the perfect & complete pilfering of the tax paying portion of society, the PPPTB, had to keep things hush hush as long as possible, knowing that eventually the ponzi fiat money scheme would fall apart. As in become more overt, first to those that are awake, and finally to everyone by default via, PAIN! I think that is where we are at now, or at the very least PAIN is knocking on the door.

I decided to visit the RM archives the day before my impromptu visit from my feathered friend, in a search for my 2015 predictions. The Wolf Gray’s Predictions at the beginning of the year for 2015 (link below) were for “PAIN”.

Well that “Pain” prediction didn’t take much clairvoyant skill, it was already happening, but my big prediction was we would get a “False Flag” event before the year's end. Folks I don’t think that was an enlightened prediction either, as I think we are already living in one, and I was thus half right & half wrong, as it has already begun……..

Slow Moving Giant False Flag:

Definition of False Flag per Wikipedia: False flag (or black flag) describes covert operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

OK that definition is great, but it doesn’t address the individual “why’s” associated with the fact an end result is always desired by the perpetrators of the said false flag. Of even greater interest, as regards an end result, is the immediate need after the false flag for an “emotional reaction from the public at large” to protect themselves, and set things right! Ironically these very very western false flags are normally of super short time duration. Ebola, we came we saw we forgot…….Bundy Ranch, we came we saw we forgot……Ferguson Missouri, we came we saw we forgot……Boston bomber, we came we saw we forgot….uncounted numbers of shooting events to inspire “gun hatred”, we came we saw we forgot…..On a similar recent note, a news reporter was shot on camera, which is interesting in and of itself (what are the odds of that happening), we came we saw we forgot…..Syria, we came we saw we forgot several times too, btw. And, finally Jade Helm, we came we saw, and we tried to forget, but the “Alt. Media” will still not let us forget.

Wolf Gray’s sense of smell says, drum roll please, "these are all diversionary false flags designed to distract us from one giant slow moving more devastating false flag, one that due to it’s very nature requires a huge amount of time to be safely implemented, and carried to an unavoidable conclusion." I kind of stumbled onto the preceding theory, whether right or wrong, with kudos in this case to W’s harping on big picture thinking, and “The Economic SilverBack’s” statement the FED is trying to destroy the US Dollar! Remember the Wikipedia definition from above with the distinctive language that decisively uses the word “COVERT”!

Again, it is my belief this long slow moving giant false flag can be ID'd as the "Ongoing King Dollar Collapse", that is being Orchestrated by western bankster elites, or more accurately defined by the PPPTB. For the PPPTB to extract maximum wealth from the masses, they need to keep confidence in the monetary system “up”, and therefore move slowly, as any immediate collapse would tend to lead to “pitch fork sharpening & torch lighting”. Not only that, it takes time to extract maximum wealth through debt expansion, without drawing attention to yourself, and creating a revolution.

This hiding of the King Dollar Collapse in broad daylight, required a complicit media, tons of distracting smaller false flag events, a dumbed down audience driven by self satisfaction (the most easy to distract people have this characteristic), and a podium voice saying we need your help…….TARP in 2008. Too Big To Fail..! Let the ponzi money laundering begin.

But, the genius of this is actually more diabolical than that. How about increasing the money pool by getting every single financial entity in the western world involved. This would require an extensive change to the economic legal structure, to properly lay the ground work to the 2008 “Kick off”..! But, how? Hmmm, I bet you know where I am headed with this already, the repeal of “The 1933 Glass Steagall Act” in 1999, mentioned many times here on RM. Now insurance entities, brokerage entities, as well as the commercial banking entities were soon to participate in this bountiful harvest, because they are now all the same!  One cohesive unit!  Wolf Gray

Now for the really cool part. I got this from my feathered friend's intervention. By definition the false flag is to divert attention away from the real perpetrators, and to a foreign entity.  Well “possibly” not, in this case folks! Instead of Russia or China, they have a lot of options here, and the best one, is to blame “US”. Not the United States, “us” the tax paying citizenry for our gluttonous self serving appetites for “ more me”. But, don’t worry they will save the day someway or another shortly thereafter, when we have reached our pain threshold. If we are chosen as the underlying ’blame’ to this large slow moving monetary false flag, then the definition of false flag will have to take on a Freudian change. So much for theory on to the conclusions, and some real substance we can look for to protect ourselves……

Conclusions & the Overt Signs of the Last Days of King Dollar:

First some covert basics…..from the Wolf Pack & Wolf Gray

-Any successful ponzi scheme involving paper fiat legal tender has to have unwitting participants to keep the paper ponzi scheme going. They covered that base nicely. Just keep in mind, it has to remain covert as well to continue successfully..!

-In order for it to extend itself covertly for a “final debt laden money junkie binge” (like the last decade & a half), it will need a large pool of ponzi scheme perpetrators. In this case we are not meaning the obvious players, like the PPPTB.   I maintain not only are some of the perpetrators willing, and operating with full knowledge, but it is more likely that the majority are dumb as a sack of hammers, and don't have a flipping clue what they have done to the masses. Hence they are drawn from a variety of leaders in a now enlarged pool of money courtesy of the "1999 repeal of The Glass Seagall Act". Again it has to remain covert, so therefore many of the actual perpetrators don’t & can’t “get it!” Or they will be sent “bankster nail guns” with very macabre instructions.

-The covert lies will eventually be uncovered, but will the perpetrators be identified, and held accountable? Not likely, if the the a,b,c,d,e’s of the overt operation are handled with discretion, and under the cover of many many previous shorter duration false flags. Only folks like the readers, and soon to be potential leaders reading RM, will understand the on-going events.

The above are covert basics, but the overt world is tough to get a hold of…….Sound counterintuitive doesn’t it? Overt signs….

-Not so obvious overt signs, that only the awake would catch, “language put into banking law to make a sheeple's account liquidation, and termination more difficult”. This would include retirement accounts as well. Dodd Frank Act of 2010 anyone?

-For the truly awakened, they may recognize that the covert will blend into the overt. But, for the sheeple masses, the PPPTB start drawing up cya (cover your arse) laws to protect themselves from the prior covert acts, and at the same time enrich themselves.  If this isn't a overt sign I don't know what is?  This theory is Wolf Pack approved, btw. as some of my writings are just my pontificated, via a throwing something at the wall until it sticks routines.

-Fast forward to some serious overt signs that the time is nigh for the Dollar Demise. How about off the beaten media trail ramblings, like verbage from FED officials of the possibility of NIRP (Negative Interest Rate Policy).

-Another overt sign comes from, social tendencies or trends, like ads during America’s favorite viewing sport, the NFL, of betting money to make money! Now that is capitalism at it's finest, ain't it! That never ever happens during the good times. Hell it ain't ever happened, period that I can remember. Or during the same sporting venue even more "mind control" commercials with the constant visual images of payment via the chips in phones, and the new chips being put in credit cards. One literally depicting dollars being flown from a phone to another port of entry for payment.  Getting us ready to be tracked.

-Another overt sign is not even wasting time to hide some of the most important signals that the economy is dead, like all time lows in the Baltic Dry Index & the China Containerized Freight Index (confirmed via on the ground intel from Thorny @ RM), and in addition the collapse of the circulatory system of any economy, the velocity of money. They (PPPTB) don’t waste time trying to hide this, because the sheeple don’t dig deep enough to understand any of these stats.  It is an example of, see I told ya so you just weren't listening, but RM Patriots were!

-The most obvious overt sign that the ponzi fiat dollar scheme is nearing a pathetic end, is the undeniable fact that real money as defined by “gold & silver bars & coins” is racing out the doors, soon to be gone for good! A clear obvious OVERT sign (mentioned in the last installment) that the informed in the world have just about bought up all the physical metal. And, for even more overt signage that the end is just around the corner, how about the fact physical possession or off shore vaulting is the widely preferred method of real money storage. Gee let’s see, all the smart people are heavily buying this stuff when they weren’t before…..Duh "Hey Ralph I think something is cooking here!"

No fiat currency or ‘legal tender’ has ever beaten the time clock forever, they all fail eventually.  With that in mind, ya think the previous point might be a clear overt signal?

We in the western world, and I learned this from my brother James the Russian Analyst, are programmed for immediate results, and gratification. The east thinks differently. Thus the definition of a false flag, Wikipedia or otherwise, would never appear to a “western dollar lover” to be a month long, a year long, or certainly not a decade + long event.............

Wolf Gray Theory & Prediction:

We in the west are “all” unwitting, yet necessary participants in the ongoing long term false flag soon to be ended with a short term version of a “REAL FLAG”. This long term false flag had to be covert & very very long term, because it had a big agenda. It had to strip us of our rights, rob us of our real money via our own greed satisfied by debt, put into force laws that made all the above legal, and finally fill the pockets of a bunch of PPPTB money junkies. Sorry for this next line folks, but we got “Hoodwinked & Hoodooed!”

And, the slow motion style was necessary to be effective, and to safely extract the most wealth....!!!!!

A Wolf Gray on the ground prediction that will signal that the time is NOW:

I would surmise, there may be a head turner of a “REAL FLAG” (not false flag) within our ongoing big false flag. This is what I think could bring us to the end of this sorry state of affairs. For example, and this is my bet as well: A major financial institution will fail, and thanks (hate to be redundant) to the repeal of “The 1933 Glass Steagall Act” in 1999, and the multiple derivative gotcha’s out there, other banks & financial entities will throw up the white flag, and plead for help, or die. Our reactions, and their attempts at reasonable excuses will guide the PPPTB, to the next phase of the “We are up shit creek without a paddle” portion of the end of this giant false flag to enslave & break us financially.

If you haven’t yet understood your window of opportunity to protect yourself with a quality DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) is closing, then let me say, "If a major financial institution here or in Europe hits the chopping block, it is my view your window of opportunity to add to your “important needs items” will be measured in days or weeks not months.” These overt stages are the newer out of control phases for the western PPPTB, and thus it will be time for their aforementioned new game plans a,b,c,d,e etc.! Regardless of the alphabet method of PPPTB cya reactions, the only choice for us “home gamers” is to finalize our DHAP preparations.  Wolf Gray

Tarry long on your preparations, after an event like the one mentioned above, and you will feel like the scene in this song by “Buffalo Springfield”….

There's something happening here But what it is ain't exactly clear There's a man with a gun over there Telling me I got to beware... Buffalo Springfield


After which point you will wish you were……..Superman

Woke up this morning, what did I see A big black cloud hanging over me I switched on the radio and nearly dropped dead The news was so bad that I fell out of bed There was a gas strike, oil strike, lorry strike, bread strike Got to be a Superman to survive Gas bills, rent bills, tax bills, phone bills I'm such a wreck but I'm staying alive...The Kinks


Wolf Gray


Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Team RM & W, Mr. Opposite, The Wolf Pack, The Hawk, The Kinks, Buffalo Springfield, & thanks to ZeroHedge the financial Drudge Report