If’s & But’s were Candy & Nuts We’d All have a Merry Christmas

I am getting to the point that I feel I am like a wind up toy that repeats itself all the time, but I realize it is a form of cheer-leading for the more informed “Hard Asset” crowd. Maybe I am just making myself feel better. Is it necessary? I respond with a resounding, “Yes!” Why is it necessary, because just like the decades long indoctrinated brainwashing from our msm friends, it needs to be repeated as many times as necessary to repel the msm toxic messages, while hoping someone else becomes all the wiser. If you are tiring of reading things you think you already know, then skip to the last segment titled “The Bargain”, then come back here to continue, should you feel so inclined.

Each and every week, additional cow flop is thrown on the western middle class frame of mind, which means the message of truth always bears repeating for affirmation of the best pathway. Looking back to last week for the moment……

In last week’s installment “Soldier of Fortune” sent a link in the comments section that I thought was very interesting. It is the inspiration for a WG rant, note the link is below from “SoF” regarding Russia & Mr. Putin:


The chance to hear guys like W give details to the world stage is always interesting, and somewhat humbling to me.  That being said, for me it is by default, viewed via a painting of today's media propagandized world, which for my money is becoming less and less relevant, albeit still useful in a historical perspective to see how we arrived at this point.  The media needs to be shut down to one hour per day only with real reporting of the facts only.  Don't hold your breath for that day. The media is so state controlled it has become a leach on society, and thus should be limited to an hour a day, so people could allow their common sense's to be re-tuned to the world.

How does that effect the above article/link posted in the comments section by "SoF"?  From my view this guy, Putin, is doing what we used to do, and whether it is true or not is somewhat irrelevant, because the rest of the world's media is going along with it…!!!  Operation “Salvation”, that should be our line, amazing!  Note the cagey way he put it in a non US personal way in the headline, but directed right at Zero.  Brilliant.

I suspect there is a measure of truth in it’s message for the near term, but with a long term objective that is more economically grounded to Russia's needs.  BTW that is what he is supposed to do for his country!  Put simply, we are on the wrong side of nearly every "world stage dispute", and whether it is truly right or wrong has become irrelevant due to an irresponsible media.

The truth was left behind in mass quantities after Ross Perot started telling the truth about the times ahead, over two decades ago.  Prior to that the truth was off beat in many areas (just like the quirky looking but wise Perot), but not on the entire body of America's work (slight exaggeration, but not far off).  We were still perceived as the "good guys" in those days, not anymore folks.

So it matters not whether this amazing link is right or wrong as regards the truth, the rest of the world possibly approaching 90+% are probably "down with the story", to put it in US lingo.  If you don't think I am right, and the brainwashing is probably not so thorough, then try this argument with your local church going Christian.  I suspect it will go just like the script below…..

"Hey did you see where Putin is defending Christians in Syria, and fighting "ISIS", hoping to lend stability to the region.  And, how about Benjamin "Nutz&Yahoo" reportedly going to Russia for detailed secret meetings?  And, even more unusual how about the world wide reports, except in the US media, that we are helping the refugee exoduses to southern Europe with our unconventional war support in the middle east?  How do you feel about that one my brother?"  The standard reply, “JUST WHERE THE HECK DID YOU HEAR THAT 'BS' ON THE LIBERAL NEWS MEDIA OUTLETS WG???” (with anger in his or her eye).  Been there done that, on many a subject, and failed to make any impact on the mind's ability to question what we are being told.  As I have ranted many times, a "beat down" seems to be on the horizon to resolve this condition. A condition redefined by "The Economic SilverBack" on Friday night's show, "An Idiot wrapped up in a Moron"...!  At least that is what I think he said. And, if he didn’t let me say from my own view, “Yep you got us!”

We need to turn off the news, or if you must watch, at least turn on your common sense, or better yet stay tuned to the comments sections of RM.

Now getting back to news on the home front, and the international maneuvers that are affecting us right now…..

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but the following interview with Dave Kranzler goes along with the thesis espoused on RM, in recent installments.  That being, “The Fed is a front operation, and someone else is calling the shots”. 


Note the theories starting at 4:17, and through the next minute & a half.  The 5:30 mark seems to indicate the belief that Buffett may pull the strings.  I disagree, he is a welfare whore, there are much bigger fish than him making the rules.  Just my own theory, that the real big fish will never be known, just suspects with a generic "ID".  Like Rothschild's or Rockefeller's.

Great interview, and note the theories on silver pricing, especially the comparisons of the iPhone to gold & silver. To summarize: If the iPhone was not available for purchase it would be all over the news, but conversely nearly nothing has hit the air waves regarding the lack of available physical gold & silver at the retail level, unless you are a RM subscriber.

In the off the “constitutional mental reservation” category, check out this new law slated for 2016. I can’t verify the truth of it’s coming implementation, but the fact it can make the presses is news unto itself…..


And speaking of iPhones & tech companies, check out the latest on Meg Whitman, and her human relations brainstorm at HP…..http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-09-15/why-hewlett-packard-just-fired-another-30000

Who cares it is just 30,000 jobs, their friends at the FED will leave them uncounted after 6 months. Besides the stock holders come first anyway!

Hey think the markets aren’t manipulated! Well how about this, the indicators like the VIX that help define up and down moves are even manipulated. Note the following from ZeroHedge…


The above link is proof positive that the PPPTB (Paper Pushing Powers that Be) will manipulate every statistic, and or trend that could define the market to suit their own needs. Why would anybody with a room temperature IQ lay money on the line in these markets? Especially when it is the indicators that help define the risk levels of the market that are being manipulated, which are supposed to be used to govern your investment decisions. Everything is manipulated, everything! The proper decision making process with proper suitability for any investment portfolio is totally pointless.

Dependency that is the Utopian Goal:

As stated by “The Guerrilla” many moons ago, the US Fed, and the US government are attempting to collapse the US Dollar (something like that anyway). As noted in the interview with Dave Kranzler, the US exported a record amount of silver to India, yet they can’t, or refuse to deliver to the US citizenry's demands for "real money" (gold & silver bars & coins).

Wolf Gray’s theory; it would appear the US “PPPTB” want to destroy any opportunities to accumulate real money (gold & silver) from it’s own citizenry. That leads to a big, WHY? Maybe the PPPTB intend to make the SixPack’s more dependent, for the future NWO version of the USA, and not have to face it’s former fighting spirit, which could be inspired by their constitutional values being trampled on!

What better way to do it than assisting them to be totally broke, starving, and dependent as opposed to participating in a new financial system that is being ushered in by the competitor, “The BRICS & Associates”. Hence, export out of reach, as much of the real money, that will be highly valued in the new monetary system into the accounts of the BRICS & Associates. The western PPPTB may be beaten, but it looks like they intend on making sure they have control of a good portion of the western world via poverty & dependency.

A game plan that is impossible for the PPPTB to implement if a good portion of the western citizenry are wisely informed “stackers”, making ready for the coming changes to a worn out useless fiat monetary system. Contrast the real images of the SixPack’s watching “The Kardashians” with the very real recent images of Chinese citizens waiting hours to buy gold & silver. A concept the PPPTB can ill afford to happen in a well armed US countryside. Just an idea for the “RM Think Tankers”, and it kind of fits in with the FED wanting to “take the dollar OUT!”

Back Home @ the Bankster Ranches:

I suspect the “in-the-know” crowd a.k.a. the banksters have been readying themselves for the final Fiat Dollar act. Leave it to Ken Schortgen Jr. to beat me to the punch, note the following line from his article posted 9/21/2105:

They say that insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result, and if that is the case, then those who run the global banking system are the most psychopathic and insane men and women the world has ever seen.  Yet for all they are doing to make things worse by increasing QE and lowering interest rates to the point where no one should keep any cash in a bank, behind the scenes they have accepted the fact that the jig is up, and are simply keeping up the facade of monetary policy to the public knowing that this is the end game, and most people aren’t going to survive it.

This leads me to believe the FED & their bosses the PPPTB already knew, they already didn’t care, and they were already prepared for the engineered destruction of the middles class, to subjugate them, well armed or not, with economic chaos. Thus via the Wolf Gray’s sense of business logic, “The Economic SilverBack” is spot on when he says they are planning, with a purpose, on destroying the US Dollar.

The catch is they had to do it like an unintended act, so it had to go through planned time frames, and in stages, or else risk exposing themselves to the heat & sharp points of torches & pitch forks. Let’s look at some news with evidence that supports this theory.

Hey if you look at some of these bogus statistics it is time to hike up those rates, if you believe any of them. Check out this job info released the morning of the FED’s rate announcement…


Or how about following it up with this in the “You can’t make this crap up” category starring, Jim Cramer, and the Fed’s favorite disinformation tool James Bullard following the Fed’s recent announcement ….just stretching out the process with confusion......


Uh oh just one day after the lack of super dovishness from the FED, at least at the levels necessary to satisfy bonafide money junkies, we are off to the QE races…


Here is a telling argument from one of the world’s largest hedge fund managers, Ray Dalio, as posted in this link from ZeroHedge.


The above article is more proof that the Fed is either ignorant or ignoring the facts, and has been for several decades now.  So what is the point in analyzing an organization that refuses to use logic as part of their overt thought processes?  There is no point, unless the goal, as pointed out earlier is to bring about the demise of the dollar.

In this next video Ron Paul feels the FED is purposely destroying the dollar, and they can’t seem to do it fast enough to suit themselves. As pointed out earlier I disagree slightly as I feel it has been done at a controlled pace to not raise any red flags to the PPPTB's collusion in the collapse of the "King of Fiat Currencies".


So it matters not what the FED or any other government agency does at this stage of the game, a recovery is a fantasy, and the upcoming election will not change this King Dollar demise, not even the timing of it. In fact it goes right back to this installment’s title when thinking of the PPPTB (that someone else calling the shots), and the msm’s fantasy of a recovery, “If’s & But’s were Candy & Nuts We’d All have a Merry Christmas”.

As a final note regarding the Federal Reserve Group of cartoonish buffoons, check out the following two links from Monday the 21st, & Tuesday morning the 22nd:


As discussed right here on RM many many times real business will eventually rule the day, and Caterpillar’s numbers highlighted in the above link, just add support to the fiat collapse fires with the “shipping trade indices” in decline, & the collapse in money velocity. Paper is getting ready to have a “matchlight charcoal moment”!


Based on the above link maybe they should have done what the Wolf Gray theorized as a strategy in last week’s installment...."Take the candy away, & then quickly give it back to see if it can inspire another money junkie run to new market highs!”… It wouldn’t matter though as it would be short lived, as it appears Mr. Market is so hungry for an intravenous infusion of cash, it has taken the Fed’s lack of immediate QE as a implied tightening or rate hike. To them it did happen!  Don’t worry though, I am sure there will be some phony media story that will allude to massive Overt QE (overt is the key this next time, btw) to save the "Stock holder buy back investor's day"!  Covert QE is already under way, and it ain't propping up the money junkies habits enough to move Mr. Stock Market upward!


You might want to do like I do now, and not get too wrapped up in what the Federal Reserve stooges say or do. The next time you hear, “Well the Fed is cornered, and they have no choice, but to do…..blah blah blah or blah blah blah”, just remember they didn’t do anything right for the prior 20+ bubble blowing years. So what difference does it make if they are cornered, they obviously don’t give a horse’s arse whether they do the job right or not.!!!  And, now it is too late!

I am now convinced “The Economic SilverBack” is right, they intend to destroy the dollar. So any logic used to determine their next brilliant monetary policy moves, is a total waste of time. In fact, for once, tuning in to “The Kardashian’s” may make more sense than trying to determine the next Fed policy move on CNBC.

It would appear, and this is based on my opinion only, that taking the time to analyze the Federal Reserve’s non free market policy decisions isn’t worthy of punching in on the ole’ “Think tank time clock”. Unfortunately I may have just violated that precept by composing this installment’s analysis. Heck, now I am confused, but bottom line, don’t waste time trying to figure out an organization that thrives on illogical decisions, instead try “The Kardashians”. Yea right!

Wolf Gray’s Mind Set:

To hope for success against an opponent that operates from within your own boundaries, one first has to admit to the opponent’s intentions to devour it’s own. Only then will you be able to achieve the “Zen like focus” necessary to think out side the box, a box which up until now had allowed you to live very comfortably all your life. Not an easy task but, but a necessary one. “Think Outside the Box, in Order to Survive!”

Hard Asset Tip:

This next one is more of a common sense tip than a hard asset tip, but a tip I have failed to deliver on, via my preparations. “Team Up” (a term James Wesley Rawles of "survivalblog.com" loves to use) with people you can trust. My measuring stick comes with the application of one question. Would I trust this person to cover my back while I cover theirs when under enemy fire in a fox hole sort of scenario? Very hard to determine, but in the times we are heading into, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I personally haven’t done anything about it yet, and it looks like a good time to start addressing the proper “Personal Pack criteria” to get the job done right!

The Bargain:

I love to refer to elementary school logic, logic on the 5th grade level, when questioning various strategies that seem clouded with, “The Complex”. Well here is another one for ya! Many “Precious Metals & Hard Asset Supporters” complain that it is taking too too long for a publicly recognized final demise of the King Dollar. Let me say from my 5th grader’s perch I don’t think so & here is why!

If you laid out a hypothetical series of events that was going to define, the “Paper King” is down for the “final count”, I would suspect it to start with a covert narrative, that only the wise would initially understand, and to be finished by overt events that signal the final brush strokes leading to a “Paper King’s final curtain call”. What would be an example of a major brush stroke? Per a 5th grader, “The massive buying of the items that will REPLACE the deposed Paper King. Items that will soon be scarce, and looked back upon as “The Bargain” of a lifetime! Not only that, I suspect early ownership of the Paper King’s replacement will be looked upon one day, as one of the greatest asset bargains in world history…….This is truly one of the final brush strokes, and it is completely overt to boot……

I'd pay any price just to win you Surrender my good life for bad To find you I'm gonna drown an unsung man I'd call that a bargain The best I ever had'The Who'


It certainly would appear each of us want things to turn out a certain way, and ASAP. Whether it is me, the sooner the better for my money, or the gold bugs, or the “Paper Kings”, we can all be filed under, “If’s & But’s were Candy & Nuts We’d All have a Merry Christmas”.….Are China, Russia & the BRICS happy?  Not yet I suspect!!!! Is the western PPPTB happy?  Not yet, and I hope they never are!  Are citizens throughout the world comfy & cozy?  Not Yet!  There is a massive tug-o-war taking place, the likes of which has never been seen, except by some damned 5th grader in the future who will say, "why didn't they all start accumulating real money.....gold & silver bars & coins???!!!" 

The brush strokes are now very overt...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless & Be Well.....

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Soldier of Fortune, W, The Economic SilverBack, Ken Schortgen Jr., Ron Paul, Dave Kranzler, Ray Dalio, ZeroHedge, The Who, & the ever incompetent Federal Reserve