Roguemoney Patriots Incorporated

Friday nights radio show spurred some thought in the Wolf Gray’s feeble gray matter, that got me to thinking about something “The Guerrilla” advised over a year ago, get incorporated (Internationally to boot). I thought, “Waste of Time!”, well not so fast my friends. I think belaboring the coming collapse time & time again is unnecessary as RM Patriots get it, but in a post collapse scenario if you are well prepared, you best start thinking like a well organized incorporated body, as it may very well be a necessity if survival is the goal. More on that later, but first a comment on Friday night’s Guerrilla Radio show, "the level of intel & insight was awesome, I should have reserved all my talking for later, and just kept taking notes." Before getting into the subject matter…….

Hard Asset Tips:

If you are aging a bit, it might pay you many many times over to have tools to ease your aching back, should a more spartan world arrive. Rope, carts, wheelbarrows, cross cut saws (very difficult to find), wood splitting gear, fire safety equipment, additional eye wear (mentioned in the original list of 32 items for a DHAP), and additional gun cleaning equipment. Credit for this reminder goes to an article from one of ”The Guerrilla’s" former guest James Wesley Rawles & his “Survival Blog”. And, not mentioned on Mr. Rawles site, consider the purchase of a 55 gallon metal drum (machine shops etc. may have old, yet still useful ones they will give you for free). It could come in handy for trash burning, and or helping to eliminate things that would prohibit the easy maintenance of a clean healthy environment. My recommendation buy 2 metal drums, and keep the second one for the burning, and creation of quality charcoal for cooking, among many other things.

Note Mr. Rawles’s site is a regular haunt for the ole’ Wolf Gray, but if you want something on file or in text for reference, especially if the web isn’t available for reference, may I recommend you join the “Mother Earth News” site. This was recommended to me by a client who knows more old school tricks than anybody I know. Look for specials at “Mother Earth News”, which may allow you to purchase a dvd of former issues (I have the entire history back through the early 1970’s, I don’t believe that deal is still available). Now you just need a way to power the computer 24/7 to access the dvd.

Prior to the more lighter hearted news briefs, that lead to the subject, some RM readers may want to go to the SGTreport’s pages, and check out the 9/11 report from Rebekah Roth. Very depressing (thus I am not posting the link), but interesting. Mrs. WG asked why didn’t I watch the entire hour long interview? Quick answer, “It’s too too damned depressing, and even though it probably has a measure of truth in it, it doesn’t change the focus of what we the little people need be doing anyway. I shouldn’t say that, we ain’t the little people they are, the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be).

A Few News Briefs:

This is beyond belief, and good for a few laughs…..

Speaking of comedy has anyone noticed the adds for “Fan Zone”, an on line football casino of sorts. There were actually several other similar vendors advertising as well Sunday, but the other names escape my memory. What the heck, they all made it sound like it is a career or something. “Hey start now, and we will match your first $200 dollars!” Not exactly the same programming I saw when I was watching Vince Lombardi, and the Green Bay Packers vs. Johnny Unitas and the Baltimore Colts in my elementary school days with Wolf Gray Sr..


Moving quickly away from that ‘bs’ here is a link from ZeroHedge that underlines an important point mentioned on “The Guerrilla Radio Show”, “Record Outflows from equity funds, while there was a big increase in bond fund inflows”…..

The importance of this is, that the retail mutual fund market gets a huge percentage of it’s money from the retirement or “qualified” markets. Qualified means; “Qualified for preferential tax treatment”, like the treatment afforded in a retirement account. These qualified markets are predominantly US based equity funds with a growth fund, and growth & income fund investment style portfolio. These funds are typically like huge tanker ships, they can’t move very quickly to change their fund's stock portfolio balances due to the massive amount of money in each & every sector, like energy or technology stocks. If an event like a FED rate hike happens these massive funds are screwed, period. HFT’s will bury them, even if they have some back door access to them (HFT’s, for all I know they do).

Even more difficult for these retirement fund behemoths is their prospectuses, which as mentioned on Friday night’s radio show, restrict the movements they can make to certain investment sectors. This will place the individual retirement fund account holder, a.k.a. the SixPacks, at the mercy of bankster lunacy that has transpired over the past several decades.

Some form of, “We are here to save the day,” announcement will be required to placate the masses. If you are not already out of these programs to a level that you are comfortable with, then you will likely be kissing your relaxed zen-like investment mental attitude good-bye once the decline begins. And, you can kiss your semi-easy access to your monies, even with attached penalties, good-bye as well, and welcome some form of withdrawal restrictions that will make it totally impossible to obtain your money in any great volume. Hello stealth, “save the nation, and your portfolio……BAIL INS!” And, maybe even not so stealth.

The Wolf Gray has harped on this a lot, and why not, it has appeared in various forms of proposed legislation over the past two decades. They want their money, and your money is their money, especially the money in retirement accounts. I suspect they (PPPTB) probably don't think you deserve it.  After all which will be easier to explain to a hungry, lack of money in pocket society, restrictions in on demand checking accounts, or restrictions on retirement accounts that already have withdrawal restrictions, and a stigma of save them for a rainy day? Forget a rainy day, a prolonged monsoon is coming folks. If bonds start getting hit hard for whatever reason, retirement account restrictions, and or bail ins will be on the near term horizon.  Moving on…

Tying in with the theme of reaching one’s real money goals (gold & silver bars & coins), as was mentioned on “The Guerrilla’s Friday Night Show”, physical real money is getting more & more difficult to obtain. Check out this interview on King World News with Egon von Greyerz

The last two paragraphs of the written version say a mouthful. The physical product is running out! 200 ounces of paper contract gold issued for every physical ounce. BTW in a later link I will highlight the mention of it going to a potential 228 ounces of paper contracts to every physical ounce.

Maybe they (PPPTB) should just use the paper dislocated pricing structure for the new physical pricing….Hmmm keeping it simple say around, 1100 dollars “paper” price of gold for each real physical ounce times “200”. Why not it makes sense, that is what the 5th grader I always refer to for logic would say. So that yields using rounded off numbers $1,100/oz. X 200 = $220,000.00/oz. And silver…as Tony Soprano would say, “Forget-about-it!”

Now to some News headlines regarding the potential for a “Fed Rate Hike” leading directly into the reason for, at a minimum, the incorporation of your post collapse mind set in order to survive. First this article from ZeroHedge highlighting what we said, Friday night that this rate hike is a huge event…

Check this out, a hotter than expected PPI (Producer Price Index), also gives fuel to FED rate hike theories…

In this next ZeroHedge article note the subtitle that chimes right in tune again with the thoughts from Friday night’s Guerrilla Radio Show, that for the FED it is, “Now or Never!”

Brief Side-note:

Installment after installment here at RM have highlighted the premise that the price discovery mechanism in the markets, both equity & debt have been broken for some time now. That is not new, but what is new, will be when it is broken in an unstoppable down trend instead of the current phony uptrend. It will happen, and being on board when it hits, will be heart wrenching. GOTS is the answer…..”Get Out of the System” (again credits to Jim Sinclair).

Hey, don’t believe they will let it happen, well think again, because it will make us more subservient to those who control the markets then & now, and have already been making their own plans to be on the sidelines. In other words it will benefit them, the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) to collapse the market, at this or a very near term juncture. Back to the news tracks, and then the main title subject matter…

In this next interview posted on Monday from SGTreport with Rob Kirby, note the mention (from 1:30 to 1:55) of a newly calculated 228 paper contracts of gold for every real physical ounce available for delivery. Also the amazing msm clip referenced from the past for a minute after the 29:57 minute mark, that shows the msm bowing down to the obvious power of China’s export leverage. Hmm guess that leverage (greater now btw) doesn’t matter to the msm today, since we are the well ensconced world's slave masters....


Prepare to Incorporate Yourself:

I don’t mean literally, though that is fine as well. First forget this sort of language; “A business becomes incorporated when the company's organizers file incorporation paperwork with the state.”  To heck with the sate.  But, this is worth pondering; “When a business becomes incorporated, a separate and distinct legal entity is created. An incorporated business acts independently of its business owners. According to the Entrepreneur website, incorporating a business provides the company with most of the legal rights granted to an individual, with the exception of voting privileges.”

From the mental perspective of living in a “new monetary” world, that last description could be applicable. The rules of trade that formerly protected your rights as a seller, and or a buyer may very well be gone in a post King Dollar collapse or massive devaluation environment. And, even if those aforementioned rules are on paper, the likely hood of you having legal recourse for being “screwed over” are slim and none, and Slim left town.  Here's why....

Imagine going to court to defend your rights on a purchase where you were using real hard assets, and the US is using a paper world to run it’s court system. Think it can’t happen, then think again. Many esteemed alternative media commentators like Jim Willie are saying the King Dollar will not crash it will just disappear. Fine, when?  Prior to a disappearing act, if it devalues by 50% (via a new form of dollar), vendors with imported goods to sale, will most likely prefer that you conduct trade with them in physical gold or silver instead of paper (this will be good for the holders of gold & silver).  Which raises a question, how will you defend yourself in a paper backed court system when there is a business trade grievance? Especially since you just paid in real money.  An item you would certainly hope to keep from the court system's files.

The blood sucking attorneys, and the court systems will be working over time to take advantage of the money making bonanza that will hit a new mentally impaired monetary society via a new system.

In other words the markets, as mentioned in the last couple installments, will be in a very new & unusual transition. One where the rules will be constantly changing, and possibly even non existent in the early stages of the transition for the holders of precious metals. Does that mean you don’t want to hold & store physical metal?  Hardly, but it does mean you will need to operate like a well informed self contained banking business. Don’t laugh, you best come up with some rules from your personal corporation to handle your banked stash, as no one else will know the ropes any better than you do during the transition phase. My guess is the holder of precious metals can call the shots, but as in any business you will have to set your rules for safe operation.

What limits do you impose before you say, “Nope on this deal, I am not converting to legal tender, I am trading in real money with this vendor from the get-go.” Will different types of businesses, and differing volumes of actual traded goods cause you to operate differently, as concerns simple things? Like whether to convert to legal tender or not. True barter between two individuals has not existed without the governance of paper onlookers in over a century in this country. So some business rules may be necessary. The blood suckers will be running rampant over the courtrooms during this time frame. But, in the meantime you will be making rules for your corporation.  Like using physical or just convert to legal tender, which may vary when defined by; for who, with what goods to trade, how & when do I trade, what environment do I demand for my exchanges (locations may be a big deal), and the list could go on & on & on.

From the first paragraph of this subtitled section, “An incorporated business acts independently of its business owners.” Well you might be able to add to that for your corporation, that it acts independently of any other business owners & operators as well, and of the laws they want to abide by. What if a vendor has something you really need, but has a sign plastered on the wall “US legal paper tender only”. Do you convert or does your incorporated mental rule book say, no way to legal tender conversion without a discounted offer on my use of real money with this joker (vendor). If it is not a true survival need, do you become ultra aggressive in your negotiations?

It is my belief that this transition to a rule of paper that has a new color, a new lower value, and a new set of rules could be fraught with danger if you don’t know the territory, and the supplier you are trading with. Again in this new brave world, it will always be better to have gold & silver bars & coins, but “Don’t Jump in Until You are Sure it will Spend Safely & Quietly!”

That is why you have to be business like in this situation, and thus the need to literally or figuratively create your own Corporation. This corporation like all corporations should have “articles of incorporation”, but in this case it will be management rules for saving your life, not satisfying your profit motives within the rules of a tax collecting master.

As we always like to say here at RM, “Think Outside the Box”. The vendor you buy from will be trying like hell to do the same, survive as comfortably as possible. The one holding the real money will be the one most likely negotiating from a position of strength. But, without a well thought out plan (articles of incorporation), that has a measure of caution in it, you could lose your arse incorporated or not.  BTW, my articles of incorporation will be in my head, not on paper.  Don't need no pencil pushing PPPTB'er, having a written piece of evidence to wield against me

Here’s the kicker, in an off handed way, “YOU ALREADY ARE INCORPORATED….!!!”  If you took the time to layout pains taking efforts to leave US soil or not, to accumulate a certain amount of gold versus silver, to accumulate a certain amount of protection items, to accumulate food, and other hard asset survival needs, then you are already operating like a well oiled business machine. Because no one, and I mean no one, knows your needs better than you. You are the ultimate CEO for your post dollar collapse or dollar disappearance needs. You have most likely methodically reviewed your inventory, and went on a initial corporate inventory buying spree to protect your business for the coming western world train wreck.  Well Done!  Wolf Gray


The gist of this installment is to sound an alarm, that it will soon be time to prepare to amend your current articles of incorporation. All done with the same “Nose to the grindstone search for the most truthful answer for the next phase of survival.” It is getting close to the time for the wise group of “Roguemoney Patriots Incorporated” to keep their eyes wide open for the next phase of business operations. It may be boring, but when the time comes it needs to be done with business like, or even military like precision.

Comments again are always welcome…..

Final Head Fake Tip:

This interest rate meeting is the most anticipated one I can ever remember. The fact that it is on Thursday with only one full trading day left in the week could make this one very interesting!  It is now or never in my view, and if they hike rates (odds below), expect total chaos. If so, it is my take it is a head fake (pointed out last week), but with a business purpose. I can’t be sure on the final desired outcome, but if I had to bet a shiny silver eagle on it, I would expect it to be….”Oops maybe our economic models weren’t as strong as we thought they were, and we may need to be take back that rate hike, and then throw an additional “MASSIVE LOG OF Q.E. ON THE FIRE”. To throw QE at it now with no rate increase, as the articles/links above indicate, would be a total admission of Federal Reserve/Central Bankster failure (also mentioned by Ken Schortgen Jr. on Friday night’s radio show).  The PPPTB need a proper excuse.

FED betting odds via WG’s Big 3: 40% favor-Rate Hike….40% favor-Status Quo….20% favor-Some form of new fangled easing (only happens if between now & this week's announcement the markets crater)……….. There might be some other options, but to be really honest, all this FED hoopla is meaningless, except for the short term market reactions.

A rate hike will be designed to later relieve, a post rate hiked demolished market. It is just a possible excuse for setting up a new turbo charged version of QE that the SixPack’s & the fund managers of the world will welcome with open arms, after witnessing the demolition to their paper portfolios.. Thus it will be designed as a last market hurrah, which to the informed, will be the final sign to get the hell out of Paper Dodge.

Can’t openly do overt QE, well let’s get them begging for it, with a dose of tightening, then follow with some relief from the painful fires that will save the day for a brief one last time, then………well you know what’s next…! If they hike rates…..and you heard it from me, get the hell out of the way big time!

What they have to say is truly meaningless, and after watching these FED clowns for over 35 years, I am convinced they are front men/women for a much larger concern. Janet “Yes I have a great Beatles hair-do” Yellen ain’t making any decisions, someone else is. The PPPTB appoint people like her, who have the educational background to handle senate subcommittee economics questions, but these appointees I suspect have no authority to make any decisions. They only have the authority to announce them.  They are sideshow buffoons!

This song hits it for me, and even 47 years later, does it look any different than today?  "Where are you goin' to, What are you goin' do. Do you think that it will be easy...........?"


Again it matters not what I say or intimate with my quirky music messages, “IT” will happen & your only choice is to be prepared ahead of time, preparing in a “post event time frame will not cut it”! I have been wrong on the exact timing of the “Big Event”, but “Nobody’s right until somebody’s wrong”, and it’s totally up to “YOU”,…. better to let a true genus say it in the next vid.…btw…..Just what color, will your money be? (R.I.P. Paul Newman, "The Color of Money")


Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, W & Team RM, Steve Miller & Eric Clapton, Rob Kirby, Jim Willie, Egon Von Greyerz, James Wesley Rawles, the Econ. news standard ZeroHedge