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Running a site has many, many expenses often times they are unforeseen. The most important thing about this Patreon campaign is that I want to thank my writing team of RogueMoney.Net these guys really help make the site into something special and unique.60% Of all funds will go to help support the writing team at RogueMoney.Net, the other 40% will go to the miscellaneous expenses that almost always comes up. It has been in my heart to reward my team and though our site is membership only capped at $2.99 per month it's not going to help with covering all the expenses. So if your a fan of "The Guerrilla" and love Ken Schortgen Jr., James The Russian Analyst and Wolf Gray please support us. We have no big backers and no corporate support. We are here because of people like you supporting endeavors like this with your time, talent or treasure.

Do what you can pledge a $1 or whatever is in your heart. There are some rewards though.

For $500 you get a free one year membership to RM and a one hour "talk time" session with The Guerrilla.

For $1500 you get a lifetime membership to RM, "talk time" with me and the latest iPad mini 3(or newest current model)

Thank you all for you love, prayers and support.

God Bless,

"V" The Guerrilla Economist & Team Rogue Money

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