USSA Incorporated is on the LBO Chopping Block..!

I think Gordon Gekko has just stopped by for a visit. The eastern powerhouse business entity in the form of the BRICS seems to be executing a “Leveraged Buyout”, well sort of a reverse version (using our MONEY), of the western competition in the form of the USSA Inc. Comments from “SloopyJoe” a regular to the RM pages, helped me crystallize my thoughts from laying awake last night. The only problem that remains is to complete the final close in this LBO.  The sticking point is the union labor is in the way, the USSA sheeple, in the form of Joe & Jane SixPack. I haven’t had time to formulate this idea properly with my favorite “Wolf Pack Think Tankers”, but hopefully the deep thinking RM Gang will put this theory through the “Business 101” laboratory tests. Though this is getting well past Business 101…!

The recent events in China that were fired across the bow of the USSA Inc. business team seems to be with a purpose. Let’s look at some events, and then I want to explain my “union labor force” theory.

-For quite some time now China has been buying large portions of the stressed USSA Inc. tangible resources. In many cases with debt it holds on USSA Inc., which leads to the follow telltale sign…..

-Over the last 15 months China has dumped over 500 billion in US paper, but this time it wasn’t hidden by the ‘msm’….??????

-The IMF has slammed China with an insult of, “you don’t meet our elite club’s requirements”

-Shortly thereafter (if I remember correctly 1 business day), China devalues the yuan nearly 2%, but says it will not happen again. It was an accident someone’s finger hit the wrong key on the keyboard. Sure

-The Economic SilverBack has a Twitter alert that the above action denotes, China is cutting ties to the dollar

-Yuan devalued a second time during the same week, keyboard problems again (I am making the keyboard ‘bs’ up).

-Another promise of it will not happen again.

-Massive explosion in China with 50 dead to date, and 100’s injured! When was the last time that happened? Not implying anything definitive, just saying….

** Side note it appears that anyone who attacks the US King Dollar supremacy suffers. Remember Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussein, and Muammar Gaddafi ** Back to the bullet points

-Yuan devalued a 3rd time in the same week for a new weekly total of 4.65% on the yuan fix, and now equal to July 2011 lows (end of the bullet points)

Help me out here by keeping Dodd Frank in the back of your mind folks. I will now try to explain my theory of the union employment wars beginning. A true final stage to any buyout.

Why did the Dodd Frank Bill keep me awake from 3:00 am to sunrise last night? Here is my guess.  In some LBO's one of the more difficult points to reach is an agreement on the benefits packages, especially the pension, and retirement benefits. Basically tossing the people aside (in most cases an expendable asset, but with a price tag), and in this case it is the USSA Inc. people, “we the people”!

This moves us well out of “Business 101” to the more advanced concepts, so I may be out of my depth, but here goes. This is what kept me awake.

The bankster are going to ‘bail in’ the citizenry’s bank accounts, savings accounts, and retirement programs. I feel very confident in that prediction, as it affords them some leverage. Thanks to legal language in Dodd Frank they will take possession of these funds to gain a littlecontrol of the negotiating process with the competitors from the East, the BRICS. China (chief property buyer in the USSA) has & is buying up many of the hard assets in this country with “our paper”, hence the LBO slant to the business transactions (though slightly reversed, with OUR DEBT). Why would any of this matter to we the sheeple?

The east will not want us (their new workforce) to lose all our buying power (I imagine it will still be important to them), and they sure as hell ain’t likely to pay us the wages we have been used to. So how is their new work force, in the USSA, going to be able to afford to buy diddly squat from these Chinese (BRICS) corporate manufacturing pay scale tight wads? Especially with a huge portion of our money trapped inside the bankster's Dodd Frank exit doors? I think this may be the bankster’s ace up their sleeves. It is their limp-wristed way of keeping some control of the game, and the negotiations. And, if all else fails they just keep the bail in money and run. They will lose, as the team pursuing and holding real assets eventually wins over the paper charlatans.

One thing is for sure, this is an LBO (in reverse using our debt), but with a higher level of corruption than the standard corporate takeovers. That being said, Gordon Gekko would be proud of the BRICS thus far (well with a debt reversal). The problem is the BRICS may be taking an upside down page from Gekko, but the banksters invented Gordon G., and are going to use us as the sacrificial lambs if necessary. Dodd Frank was their paper set up for this eventual turn of events. Unfortunately it would appear this gambit could soon be in play, and for those in the west that are not prepared with real hard assets, all I can say is, “You are in deep weeds partner with no way out!”

Muhammad Ali vs. Joe uses speed & the other uses brute force. Like any combatants they revert to their natural gifts & tendencies. The same is true of the BRICS primarily “China & Russia”, vs. the “Western Banksters”. The scouting report:

The BRICS…..Approaching things with a new business like attitude (at least for the time being) to build partnerships with the backing of real money.  Wasn't always that way.

The Western Banksters…. Used to use the above techniques, but they (at least from 1910 on) are now using bullying strategies, as well as goading the opponent relentlessly hoping to fluster them into a mistake. Like trying to start unnecessary "Hot" conflicts.

Do any of those earlier bullet points carry the tendencies just described? You be the judge. From my view the gloves appear to have been thrown in the garbage, or in the fire, or in the water tied to an anvil, or wherever they can be permanently disposed of. I may be wrong, but it looks like they could be getting ready to argue over the benefits packages of the USSA Inc.  Take control of your personal benefits package...!

We may need to go "Down Under", and get "Midnight Oil" to sing of the coming plight of the USSA middle class, it may mirror the story in this song.......


GET OUT of the SYSTEM…! GOTS…..! Whether my theory is right or wrong, you still need to get out! It will not cost you a thing, and it may save your life.

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, and SloopyJoe