Kerry Says King Dollar Could Fall if Congress Rejects Iran Deal, While Kiev Fires the GRADs of August

As China sends shivers through global markets and Secretary of State John F. Kerry makes a stunning admission that a failure of the U.S.-Iran peace deal could lead to the collapse of the dollar's world reserve currency status, Kiev's confrontation with the Russian-backed Donbass republic forces is escalating.

After meeting with his war cabinet last weekend, U.S. State Department puppet President Petro Poroshenko issued 'fire at will' orders to his commanders all along the front line that runs from Mariupol on the Sea of Azov north to the fortified Ukrainian trenches facing Donetsk and Lugansk. After months of systematic lying about the scale of Ukrainian casualties the Kiev regime has been uncharacteristically honest in admitting heavier losses of late, with dozens killed and scores of soldiers wounded in the last six weeks.

GRAD (hailstone) MLRS of the type both sides use in the Ukrainian civil war in action.

Escalating Fighting and Artillery Duels Along the Frontlines in Donbass

Over a dozen civilians have been killed by Ukrainian shelling of besieged Gorlovka and residential districts of Donetsk in the last few weeks, while the number of Novorossiya Armed Forces (NAF) wounded has also been rising. Today reports from both sides confirm artillery and tanks that had been pulled off the line temporarily or just back from the front to 'officially' comply with the Minsk 2 ceasefire agreement are being brought up to battle. The October residential district on the outskirts of Donetsk towards the airport, which Ukrainian forces lost in January, is being pummeled with heavy shelling by Kiev's forces. There are also reports of outbound fire not necessarily from that district but involving the NAF using Donetsk-city based GRADs to hit more of the Ukrainian artillery men and infantry in Peski (usually translated as 'Sands') with counter battery fire.

The fragile Franco-German negotiated 'truce' which has been observed more in the breach than in reality since February is gone. As my White Russian Floridian friend The Saker writes:

Russia[n] media is reporting that today Donetsk was hit by a record 800 artillery shells.  The Telmanovo suburb was hit particularly hard, but the shelling was also very violent in the airport region.  Furthermore,  DNR intellligence services have reported a steady movement of Ukronazi forces towards the line of contact.  These forces include tanks and artillery systems, even multiple rocket launchers.  Yesterday, a group of 8 tanks backed by armoured personnel carriers attempted to attack Novorussian positions, but there were beat back.  Two Ukronazi tanks were destroyed.  Does that mean that a junta attack is imminent?


The logical conclusion would be that yes, indeed, an attack is imminent and that the current Ukronazi attacked are probing attack, reconnaissance by fire, to test the Novorussian defenses.  It makes no sense at all the bring in more and more forces and then keep the[m] in the field doing nothing.  But then, the junta has done so many illogical and plain stupid things during this war that I would not put it past them to just move forces and order shelling to, say, “impress” the British Defense Secretary.  This is a time tested Ukronazi policy: every time some high ranking western official shows up on Kiev, they beg for money and show their “magnificent” resolve to “defend Europe against the Russian hordes”.  Shelling civilians is usually how this resolve is demonstrated by the Ukronazis.

Still, even though it may sound like we are crying wolf, we should keep on reporting that the junta forces are poised for an attack regardless of whether this attack actually materializes or not, if only because that is yet another direct violation of even the very first provisions of M2A which, as I have been saying for weeks now, is dead, dead, dead, dead and dead.  The only reason why so many pretend that it is not is because the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.  Still, M2A was stillborn and never had a chance.  As long as a Nazi junta is in power in Kiev there is no hope for peace.  None.


August 12 SITREP updated at Ft. Russ from Colonel Cassad (Crimea based blogger Boris Rozhin) and other pro-DNR/LNR sources

Looking at the map in the YouTube video reproduced above, it isn't hard to guess what the Ukrainians hope to achieve: a tactical 'breakthrough' towards Telmanovo. Perhaps the UAF can achieve some temporary gains in the suburbs around the Donetsk Airport and inflict casualties on counterattacking NAF before they get beaten back. The hope on the part of the Poroshenko regime may be to get the Right Sector and other forces attacking the chocolate oligarch for being too weak towards the Donbass off his least for some time. With Monsanto and other U.S. government-sponsored corporate vultures looking to sink their teeth into Ukrainian soil, there may in fact be some urgent need to distract these groups in parliament with more combat in the East...while Poroshenko pushes through austerity and selloff of state assets to foreigners legislation the nationalists oppose.

Once a fanatical EuroMaidanPR supporter, it appears European 'carpetbagger' in Kiev Thomas C. Theiner has soured on the Poroshenko government and the army draft which is failing to reach even 50% of mobilization quotas despite Ukrainian draft sergeants snatching young men off the streets

A Ukrainian woman looks at a wall of photographs depicting soldiers and Interior Ministry troops who have died in Ukraine's 'Anti-Terrorist Operation' (ATO) aka its failed war on the Donbass.

Why is Kiev Attempting Another Offensive or Stepped Up War of Attrition Now?

Kiev propaganda site, trying to make lemons out of lemonade when it came to Ukrainian soldiers fleeing for their lives into Russia during last summer's crushing defeat for the Ukrainian Army at Saur Mogila.

The Kiev regime likes to set arbitrary battlefield goals to coincide with Ukrainian independence day -- August 24 -- and this year seems to be no exception. Last year around this time the Right Sector volunteer battalions were suffering a humiliating defeat at Ilovaisk in the suburbs of Donetsk. The town had been chosen by the Ukrainians as a bypass route because they hoped to cut off supply lines to Donetsk while avoiding the meatgrinder of house to house fighting.

Nonetheless the suburban terrain of low rises and houses in Ilovaisk became a graveyard for hundreds of Ukrainian troops. Rather than a parade marking a glorious Ukrainian victory that Petro Poroshenko had promised, the Novorossiya Armed Forces paraded Ukrainian prisoners of war through the streets of Donetsk, using trucks to symbolically wash the streets after the captives just like Stalin did with a huge number of Wehrmacht POWs marched through Moscow in 1944. Such a 'walk of shame' public humiliation of POWs by the NAF almost certainly violated the post-WWII Geneva Conventions. But the parade and related YouTube videos also exposed as cynical lies most of the Kiev regime's proclamations of imminent victory and encirclement of the NAF that had been uncritically repeated by WesternMSM propaganda outlets. Reuters in particular egregiously repeated blatant Kiev lies about Ukrainian troops entering downtown areas of Donetsk and Lugansk.


NAF fighters use a drone purchased with donated Russian funds to observe the buildup of Ukrainian forces for an offensive (video in Russian)

Ukrainian soldiers bury scores of their unknown comrades at a funeral in Zaporozhye region, 2015.

There's plenty of room for more, if Kiev continues its fratricidal war against the Donbass and recruiting ill-trained and poorly motivated conscripts for a conflict Washington insists on continuing to the bitter end.

There is little evidence that Kiev can achieve a 'victory' at this point which would prove any thing more than Pyrrhic. The NAF practice defense in depth, using as thin a observation force as possible to reduce casualties, and falling back to well-prepared or dug in positions equipped with artillery spotting radios, Soviet built  and anti-tank guns. The Novorossiyans also have the advantage of knowing fairly well from their sympathizers behind Ukrainian lines where and when any attack is coming, and can bombard the Ukrainian units moving into the open countryside with artillery fire. If there isn't sufficient concentration of NAF artillery batteries along the front to hit the Ukrainians, a glance at the Youtube video map above reveals that long range fire support could come from Russia itself if the Ukrainians actually do succeed in advancing a few kilometers before getting blasted, then retreating with heavy losses. Any attempt to use Ukrainian Su-25s brought in to service (or purchased from the Georgians, Poles and Romanians) over the last few months will likely result in more losses to MANPADs or the unstated Russian SAM envelope emanating from the border.


A Ukrainian ammo dump is hit by NAF artillery fire and explodes

Given these facts the Russia Analyst has a hard time understanding what Kiev's sponsors in Washington and Brussels (where both the EU and NATO are headquartered) hope to accomplish by egging on this latest Ukrainian offensive. Luring the NAF into overextending themselves and their lines may be one possibility, in order to inflict heavy casualties on the Donbass fighters and their Russian advisers. Capturing more Russian nationals or even active duty personnel so that Kiev can parade them in front of the cameras and insist it's fighting the real Russian army rather than Russia's foreign legion may be another objective. The risk of course, of such 'look, here are the Russian invader' tactics is that two can play at that game. Meaning Washington's own denied direct, frontline support for the Ukrainian Army can be brought to light.

Donbass native Novorossiya fighter: Kiev uses ultra-nationalist and Nazi battalions as blocking units, Polish mercs also are just behind the Ukrainian front line to force reluctant conscripts to fight


'Out of my face' guy, caught on camera by a Ukrainian journalist asking Azov Battalion members about a rocket strike in Mariupol, back in January 2015. Mainstream media and U.S./NATO directed media continue to deny that there are any American mercenaries or advisers embedded within Ukrainian units in Donbass.


#NATOForeignLegion: An American citizen or green card holder of indeterminate ethnic origin tells a Ukrainian film crew he was with the Marines in Iraq on the Syrian border and is now training Kiev's Aidar battalion in Severodonetsk. Note the Ukrainian officers in U.S.-style desert fatigues as well


Pathetic neocon propaganda: A Daily Caller  writer loves Heritage Foundation paid Daily Signal correspondent Nolan Peterson's puff piece about a Swedish Nazi in the Azov Battalion. Meanwhile a former Bush Administration Department of Defense appointee Kristofer Harrison calls U.S. Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) 'Putin's man in Congress' for passing a law that officially cut off training and aid from U.S. taxpayers to Kiev's SS rune flag waving 'elite' unit.

While some may consider this a brazen show of strength, the Russia Analyst sees it as a sign of desperation. You know it's going to eventually backfire when Washington spends serious money to promote a gang that flies the flag of a Nazi division (2nd SS Das Reich) that killed Americans in Normandy during WWII and that Congress voted UNANIMOUSLY to defund (though the usual suspects will probably find a way to keep funding Azov off the books, Iran-Contra style). Azov's SS symbolism already caused the Kiev regime plenty of bad publicity in Germany.


The Nazi symbol loving Azov Battalion occupying Mariupol that PR agency and Heritage Foundation linked spin doctors and 'journalists' are working so hard to rehabilitate.

If they aren't too careful, Western European NATO or EU army veterans or U.S. mercenaries who 'aren't' embedded with the Ukrainian military could find themselves looking dazed and confused as they deny the Pentagon sent them to fight on Russian TV. One of the U.S. military veterans who has been sent to Ukraine to propagandize in support of Kiev's war effort, Nolan W. Peterson, recently disclosed in article about a Swedish neo-Nazi sniper 'finding redemption' that an American citizen is fighting with Kiev's Das Reich division SS lightning bolt/Nazi black sun flag waving Azov battalion. One wonders if that American is the same man who told a Ukrainian reporter filming in Mariupol 'outta of my face' in an upstate New York (Rochester/Buffalo area?) accent back in January. The anti-Kiev CyberBerkut, almost certainly a cover for Russian intelligence (GRU/SVR) sponsored hackers, will be on the prowl for security vulnerabilities. While the group has shown impressive hacking acumen, they are most likely acting as a smokescreen for documents obtained the old fashioned way through espionage and leaked by SVR/GRU/FSB moles inside the Kiev regime. Such documents not only reveal huge casualties and desertion rates Kiev is hiding from its people, but could shine the spotlight on American and NATO advisers embedded in the Donbass close to the line of fire.

Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges and other NATO spokesmen insist that there are no U.S. or Atlantic alliance military members in harm's way in Ukraine. Nonetheless, we believe our worst fear of 2015: that Americans will be coming home in body bags from the Donbass war while being labeled as casualties of Afghanistan or 'the war on ISIS' are getting more likely by the day. Particularly now that the Dept. of Defense (and make no mistake, Nolan Peterson's article was fully vetted by the spooks if not the brass) is admitting that there is an American 'volunteer' fighting for one of Kiev's most notorious units. Sooner or later the NAF will try to lure as many Azov fighters outside Mariupol city limits as possible in order to drop the heavy artillery fire or thermobaric rockets on them. Russia's inferno-spreading TOS-1 rocket launcher system was already allegedly used at Donetsk Airport in order to burn out the snipers and anti-tank gunners guarding the approaches to the terminal where the 'cyborgs' had established their redoubt. This allowed NAF sappers to move in closer and blow out obstacles, until Kiev's 'elite' paratroopers were killed from point blank tank and rocket propelled grenade fire.

Photo of an alleged US mercenary wearing some American Army gear in eastern Ukraine

Ukraine Fighting as a Feint or Distraction from Washington's Primary Prize: Using ISIS as a Pretext to Finally Attack Syria Directly in Concert with Turkey

The real answer as to why the Kiev regime is attacking Donbass with more heavy firepower now is simple: because Washington ordered Poroshenko to do it. Behind this order, is Washington's motive to distract Russia from its planned moves in the Middle East, where Russian, Iranian and (behind the scenes) Chinese diplomats have run circles around their American counterparts and foiled the Empire's objectives.

As Elvis Presley once sang, it's now or never for the Washington agenda. Either they get the pretext to bomb the hell out of Assad the botched Saudi-Turkish false flag chemical attack at East Ghouta failed to provide, or the Eurasian axis and their local hegemon partners the Iranians start sweeping the chess board. The U.S. campaign to remove Bashir al-Assad in Syria and thereby pave the way for a Qatari gas pipeline across the war-torn country to the Mediterranean and thereby undermine Russia's energy position has come to the end of the road. The ISIS Frankenstein monster the former chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency admitted was spawned as the result of Washington's obsession with toppling Assad has become too frightening for the sheikhs in Riyadh to tolerate.

The Saudis together with their neighbors in the United Arab Emirates and Oman already know that there's nothing to be gained from further fighting in Yemen, and are hoping to quickly establish some sort of face-saving Gulf States-supported regime in Sana'a before they get out. Even as the Houthis fall back we expect them to adopt the tactics Hezbollah and Iraqi insurgents used against the Israelis and Americans to bleed the Saudi/UAE invaders until they pull out and negotiate.

As we reported in our previous important article, "Grandmaster Disaster: The Only Way the Turk Wins the Chessmatch is Not to Play the Empire's Strange Game" Washington's ally Turkey is caught between a rock and a hard place. Knowing that they cannot really trust the Americans not to throw them under the bus or blame Erdogan personally for the spectacular rise of ISIS, they nonetheless persist out of fear that unchallenged the Kurds not under Washington's thumb will carve out a state for themselves spanning from oil-rich northern Iraq almost to the Mediterranean. Pressed on all sides over 'the secret that everybody knows' of ISIS supply lines to their territory, knowing that they are the pivot between the 'West' and the rising East, the Turks finally appear to be allowing the U.S. bomb ISIS from Incirlik AFB. The same air base Dr. Jim Willie says is a major hub for narcotics trafficking out of Afghanistan and into Europe.


Without 'boots on the ground' Washington's campaign against ISIS will prove inconclusive or even worse, give the super-terrorist group more prestige as it 'survives' weak or half-hearted American attempts to fight it. Standing by with Moscow's solution to this predicament America faces is Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Moscow and Tehran are jointly offering the Americans a true anti-ISIS alliance made up of: you guessed it -- Assad's Syrian forces, Iran, and the Kurds. The same groups that Washington and Ankara both for their own reasons have been trying (in vain) to topple or 'contain'. For Washington this is a real nightmare, as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and possibly even America and Britain's most reliable Arab ally Jordan are being pulled along by the sheer weight of the grand Middle Eastern coalition.

As with the Obama Administration's humiliating stand down from an attack on Syria in September 2013, an opportunity has arisen through American miscalculation for Moscow to play the peacemaker. Instead of offering Obama the face saving 'out' of collecting and destroying Assad's chemical weapons, the Russians are now offering him the chance to 'clean up' the ISIS mess Washington and its Gulf Arab state allies made. Either the scam to use the Islamic State as a 'skeleton key' to finally get into Syria will either be exposed to the whole world through America's persistence in attacking Assad and ISIS simultaneously, or Washington backs off.

The Admission Heard Around the World: The Dollar is Weak and Teetering on the Brink not According to Ron Paul, Gerald Celente or Some Alternative Media "Conspiracy Theorist/Goldbug" Figure, but the United States Secretary of State!


Naturally mainstream media is playing up the Iran deal and downplaying the dollar weakness implications of John Kerry's surprising remarks

Given this cratering of American prestige due to rank incompetence and unsustainable imperial contradictions such as trying to exploit ISIS while maintaining a phony war against them, it's no surprise that Secretary of State John F. Kerry admitted in an amazing moment of candor, Washington's European allies are getting weary of the sanctions against Russia. Kerry basically said if Washington tries to maintain the sanctions against Iran together with Israel the U.S. could quickly find itself standing with Netanyahu alone, while Europe rushes to cash in on the Persian bazaar bonanza. Kerry's remarks (posted above) strongly suggest that the Secretary of State and old Skull and Bonesman believes this would be catastrophic for the dollar, revealing to the whole world but especially American allies that the Emperor has no clothes. To all who would doubt Team RogueMoney's predictions of incredible U.S. diplomatic and subsequent economic isolation, this has to be a serious rejoinder. Don't call us conspiracy theorists or fear porn peddlers, if we aren't more gloomy than Obama's Secretary of State regarding the ability of the dollar to withstand U.S. allies dumping the greenback!

What does all of this then have to do with Ukraine, bringing this post back full circle? Washington appears to be doubling down on the Ukraine war, at the very moment its Secretary of State is being vulnerably candid about the true rather than fraudulent state of the King Dollar. Putin is very likely to see through the latest Ukrainian offensive as a feint, an attempt to draw the Kremlin's attention away from bigger chess moves planned elsewhere by the Empire of Chaos, primarily in the Eurasian 'pivot point' the Mideast. Putin has not forgotten that August marked the Bush Administration green-lighted Georgian 08/08/08 attack on Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia, the chemical false flag attack outside Damascus of 2013, and the spectacular spread of ISIS in 2014. Putin is not going to let the Ukraine war heating up and his proxies getting hit hard as they inflict still greater casualties on the Ukrainians take his eyes of the prize: the fate of the Middle East energy markets (what 'W' calls 'who controls the oil and gas flow for the next 50 years'), and the closely related Eurasian trade zone. Especially not now when the Kremlin's proxies and Persian allies appear to have won victories in the struggle dating back to the so-called Arab Spring.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Secretary of State John F. Kerry

Kerry was also most certainly informed by his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov of the four way talks between Russia, Syria and Iran one one side and Saudi Arabia on the other to negotiate an end to the war for Damascus. Although the Saudis have beaten down the U.S. shale oil 'miracle', Russia is still pumping at a high level amidst falling oil prices and other non-OPEC sources of crude have proven resilient in the face of declining energy prices. The yuan and market devaluations are hurting Putin's chief ally China, but the Chinese 'going nuclear' in the global currency wars combined with weak commodity prices also means that American allies' heavily trading with China led by Canada and Australia are about to get absolutely hammered. An email the Russia Analyst shared with the Guerrilla, Ken Shortgen Jr. and Wolf Gray sent Wednesday morning from an unnamed Aussie business journalist we used to know in Moscow confirms it: the same layoffs that hit America's coal mining and oil and gas drilling sectors are about to wash ashore Down Under. The Australian, Kiwi and Canadian real estate markets, driven to ridiculous heights in part by Chinese buyers, are about to tip over as well, signaling a fresh buying opportunity for the Asians once the bubble has fully burst.

Ukrainian soldiers carrying off a comrade

As for the hopes the Russia-loathing neocons and neoliberals place on escalation in Ukraine -- it doesn't seem as if the presence of a few more Russians in Donbass either fabricated or confirmed by Kiev is going to sway opinions in Berlin or Paris with respect to the sanctions regime against Moscow. Nor is Russia likely to let itself be goaded into full on overt intervention now after it has patiently avoided any significant, direct intervention in force since last August's cross border incursion to smash a much larger and stronger Ukrainian push towards the border than whatever Kiev can muster today. Putin convened Russia's security cabinet on Wednesday August 12, according to ITAR-TASS news agency, to discuss the increased shelling by the Kiev regime of Donbass civilian areas, but there is no indication of any imminent action. Knowing Putin, if he did decide to intervene, over the next few days this would take the form of quasi-deniable acts like hitting Ukrainian forces closest to the Russian border with long range Smerch rocket fire or the stepped up supply of Kornet anti-tank missiles and artillery cannons to the NAF.

Thanks to Russian intelligence, weaponry and financing the Syrians together with their Iranian allies have forced a bloody stalemate on Syria's battlefields, and now Iran is winning big in its long negotiation with the Americans. Kerry's plea, pilloried by neocons and opportunistic GOP presidential candidates alike (who ignore the significance of the SecState's stunning admission regarding the petrodollar and Washington's inability to keep its European allies from opening the floodgates for Iranian trade), is the true bombshell 'story of the week'.

Conclusion: The Dollar Collapse is Accelerating and So is America's Foreign Policy

The fighting outside NAF held Donetsk and Ukrainian-controlled Mariupol, as horrific as it is for the people living in those places, is a Washington-orchestrated sideshow. A distraction. The dollar is the main thing: if you can kill it, Washington's sinews of war, the money that keeps the Empire's proxies going from Aleppo to Avdeevka go limp, and become dead limbs.