Signs Signs Everywhere Signs & the Western AIIB

The “Guerrlla’s” radio show this past Friday featured John B. Wells (in the interest of full disclosure I am a Caravaner), and if I recall correctly he mentioned that the populous is ready for a leader to give them the truth. It ain’t likely to happen folks, a quality leader will come from within each soul, and first be demanded by the populous, via rugged individualism (repetitive from last week), by creating fear amongst the elected officials. Fear that requires them to do their jobs with truth and integrity. Don’t hold your breath. Rudyard Kipling’s quote in the headline picture is spot on. Onward to the subject matter…… Many times there is a highlight from one of the astute “RM Gang”, that details everything perfectly in a few brilliant words. Here is a “cut & paste” from a portion of a recent comment by “Thorny”……

Thanks for articulating so well what many here at RM have sensed for a long time. Like MikeF my info sources continue to narrow as actual preparation becomes more and more critical. Outside RM I basically just catch CTM and the odd thing that pops up on Twitter or YT. For example, I think Andy Hoffman is great, but it’s the same message over and over and again now, so there’s no need to tune in each time. Same goes for faves like Bill Holter and others. The message hasn’t changed and there’s nothing new to report. The calm before the storm? Thorny

He is right, especially when the message has basically been the same since 2008, with just some minor adjustments. In light of his accurate assessment of the message being a bit redundant, I want to change things up a bit, and start off with a few hard asset tips. Then hit on some “get out of the way” road signs, that are now showing up with greater frequency, and then incorporate the SilverBack’s prediction of China not being allowed into the IMF, with what I perceive to be the biggest "sign" of them all. And finally, on to an odd Wolf Gray theory about gold confiscation.

Hard Asset Tip:

It is near the end of the vegetable season, so if you have the means to do so, do some canning or freezing. Tomatoes, green beans, and pickles. For example Mrs. WG purchased several boxes of canning tomatoes at the local “Farmers Market” for a “song & a dance” compared to the standard earlier harvested vegetables. The advantage of canning over buying ‘off the shelf’ is you control the additives, like salt for example. Our preferred canning method involves “fire roasting then a hot water bath” (fire roasting allows you to forgo the ice stage for skin removal), it gives you an excellent fire roasted flavor. Several boxes of canning tomatoes yielded almost 20 quarts for future consumption, and for the two of us that equates to a month’s worth of power packed vitamin C meals for two. The vitamin part will be highlighted later in this installment.

Why do I consider this to be so important? Because the collapse time line seems to be accelerating.  If a food supply line collapse hits this fall, it will be a long long wait for another chance to harvest foods. Canning is easy, and the only downside as I see it, is it heats up the house.

An additional hard asset tip, start buying a bag or two of charcoal each visit to the grocery store, or from your local “Wally World” outlet. Having some extra bags of charcoal post collapse might just bridge a valuable food preparations gap, until the return of normalcy. There is another hard asset tip I would like to divulge here, but I am going to introduce it in the “Signs/Western AIIB” subject matter (vitamins again in this case).

Signs & the Western AIIB:

The signs are now coming at us head on in ‘rapid fire’ sequence. The on the ground versions are now available for all to see, and are slapping the Wolf Gray in the face with surprising regularity. The signs I am now seeing are the result of the Western AIIB, which was initiated covertly many decades ago. All right I give……”American Industrialized Insolvency Bank”. The absolute antitheses of the “Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank”.  Is it a paper corporate entity?  Not hardly, but it is an acronym with deep meaning, and one with a PPPTB (Paper pushing Powers that be) purpose. It is a practiced philosophy, with an agenda, to change and subjugate societies against their nature, while still maintaining some unshared profits!  This is the covert Western AIIB! 

Friday I took a trip on the highway, and on the computer with Mrs. WG, and recognized some major sign posts in the “get ready or else” western world. The morning started with a significant news release at the local level that had a familiar theme to it, China is on a buying spree.  We all remember the following news headlines quite well:

With that in mind, Mrs. WG said, “Have you ever heard of HAECO?” My quick reply, “Nope”, but what she said next grabbed my attention. “I thought you said the economy was in a downward tailspin? These guys are getting ready to do some major job expansions, and it appears they may have recently bought the company I interviewed with several years ago, TIMCO.” TIMCO is, or I guess was is more appropriate, a major employer in the aircraft industry formerly headquartered in the Greensboro, NC area. I immediately stopped eating breakfast, and headed to the computer, because HAECO started to ring a bell, and now I know why. Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company, Ltd.

As reported by the Economic SilverBack on numerous occasions, the east lead by China and the BRICS are buying up vast swaths of industrial properties both vacated, and operational on the US mainland. That was ‘wake up call’ numero uno for the day, that served as more confirmation that the King Dollar is about to be slam dunked, and soon! What captured my attention the most?  This item slipped my attention! Not bragging, but I am more in tune with these sort of business chess moves, than anybody I regularly communicate with.  Was I asleep, this happened over a year ago, and I didn’t notice it near my own back yard!  Moral, the BRICS partners are smoothly, and quietly buying up good manufacturing opportunities while they can. Not in your face, but very business like without any bravado or fanfare.

In light of these "signs", keep in mind the back drop of China’s rejection from the IMF, as predicted in advance by the Economic SilverBack.  A prediction made even more amazing, by the fact that most alternative media wizards went through all kinds of other inaccurate China/IMF scenarios. ***From the Wolf Gray’s perspective this is not necessarily a positive for westerners as regards to the fight against fascism (aside from one Wolf Packer I may be alone in this view). More on that in a second***, first on to more in your face evidence from just one day's travels.

Next up, the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics),  even when submitting lies of a positive nature, they couldn’t hide the fact he total numbers of those not in the workforce has tied an all time high from 1977. Note again, that these statistics are based on lies to begin with, so how bad could it really be?  I have pontificated on this before, but it is truly amazing. It is 11:00 am Friday, and the traffic borders on Christmas or “rush-hourish”.  What the heck?  Maybe the BLS is right, it is just the increasing number of folks who ain’t working at all, or due to a reduction in their work hours, they can now clog up the roadways with unemployed nervous energy.

I know, I know this can easily be explained by the superb BLS's U.3 or U.6 adjustments, or maybe that is U.1 or U.101.  Hey I got an adjustment idea, how about the number of damn people not working anymore as a percentage of those working, whether that is for six months or six years.  No adjustment necessary, I call it WG.1.  Damn BLS bozos.

And finally, the third personalized in your face sign of a collapse that is hovering overhead, with the vitamin hard asset tip that I referenced earlier. This one is extremely obvious. First note, most vitamin supplements have a very long shelf life so having extras that are useful to your body's needs, sooner than later, is a wise choice especially when noting the next sentence. We weren't going to make another large vitamin order until this fall, but the recent frequency of collapse news had me feeling very anxious...but not as anxious as the frickin’ vitamin price explosion!

The computer screen said that prices had nearly doubled since last March, and the popular ones like vitamin C were on back order at two of our favorite vendors. That has never happened on a common vitamin in over 20 years of purchasing, but “C” wasn’t the lone ranger in the higher price, low availability crowd. It would appear someone besides the Wolf Gray family got the “collapse memo”, and said let’s fortify our supplies. These supplements are going to be no different than gold or silver, THEY AIN'T GOING TO BE AVAILABLE AT REASONABLE PRICESFOR LONG.  Availability will be compounded in a western post dollar collapse world, that will evolve into true supply and demand in order for vendors to survive, especially when it comes to nutritional items.  These sorts of items will be in very very high demand.  If I may, I recommend you buy now, and in large quantities.

This next sign isn’t so personal, but it is when considering my near term King Dollar collapse prediction. How about the recent Gerald Celente announcement on King World News. Ken Schortgen Jr. headlined this recently, and as usual he beat me to the punch.  Based on the 15 minute interview, linked below with Eric King, Gerald seems to be very very confident in the following prediction. “A Worldwide Market Collapse by Year’s end!” Has he missed a few lately? Yes, but the significance of how he phrased this prediction was telling. I don’t think he would have stuck his neck out like this without a high degree of certainty. Note the audio below:

This next sign isn’t from Friday, or even personal, but I think it is significant. Note the ZeroHedge link below, which I feel displays some heavy duty “cya action” (cover your arse) by some potential insiders the BIS & IMF (Bank of International Settlements & International Monetary fund). It is clear they know what is coming, and an announcement like this, just begs you to read between the lines. My between the lines take…”Time is short”, and these fraudsters are using classic "cya", to repel any future attacks from the commoners.

In the following interview with Dr. Jim Willie there were several points that caught my attention. Around the 48 minute mark, Dr. Willie discusses the disaster of the treasury markets, via an "IBM" stock trade comparison, but the underlying example is not an exaggeration in my view.  The key in his IBM example is the ability of a relatively small sized trade making such a huge difference in the underlying stock price.  This is a true sign of weakness, and more truth of the King Dollar collapse. Why? There is no “REAL trade volume with price discovery” (like in the US treasury bond market), instead it is ponzi scheme trade volumes, created from dollar based sources, with no true desire to own the underlying bond instrument to begin with.

Collapsing trading volume to the tune of around 60% in the US’s ultimate form of market liquidity, DAMN! This is a huge indicator that the end game, for everyone is very very close. Especially when it is now supplemented by a US Repo market touching on negative rates, meaning the Fed doesn’t want to give out money anymore with an attached "+" rate on the collateral, or accumulate anymore treasury instruments, if at all possible. My initial take would be, they are already bankrupt, and they don’t want to step up the level of bankruptcy. But why does it matter now, it is just a matter of a little more ponzi effort, right? Maybe they feel it is pointless to continue the charade much longer, as the western market games are about to be kaput, another near term sign, once again!

The above two paragraphs are a repeat of sorts, just like Thorny says, but in all fairness this is not a glamour stock with poor volume (low volume meaning little interest), this is the US’s own vaunted cash markets! And, they are supposed to be “Good as Gold!” Yea there is a reason for that saying….”Good as Gold!”  It denotes inflation protection and SUPER LIQUIDITY!  But, not anymore folks!


China, and my secret big indicator from right here at home, yield the following thoughts. Things seldom happen overnight, in a defined finished form in the business arena, and or cash markets, anywhere in the world. The Economic SilverBack was on it when he said months ago, China would not be allowed into the IMF, and he even hinted at the idea they didn’t expect to be included the club of fraudsters. Thus it was a business move to set up a, “Hey we tried to join ya, sorry about stealing all your business ya bankrupt morons, ha ha ha!”  This is preemptive business, with the goal of getting into a position of strength, hopefully without slapping any faces, eventually yielding a variety of “win win” situations. This maneuvering is a superb example of a leading indicator in the world’s business directions. On the other side of the coin, the labor market statistics are a lagging resulting indicator of the world’s business directions.

The point is, just like China has now landed, whether by hook or by crook, in a position of “win win” strength, ...... SO HAS TEXAS!  In my view they are the local super sized indicator of a King Dollar demise that is knocking on our doors right now! They didn’t wake up one recent morning and say, “Hey, let’s start a gold backed bank, and demand the rest of our gold back from, our big brother, the Federali’s!”  No, this was a business move, planned well in advance, to obtain a win-win scenario that would enable them to safely say, “Hey we tried to be nice, but you didn’t want to do business on an honest, level playing field….Oh well, ya snooze, ya lose you fascist pigs!”

And, finally sticking with a Jim Willie theme of intelligence, he posted a recent public article on the 10th of August that smelled completely like someone screaming, the time has come to finalize your preparations. I don’t mean to put words in his mouth, but this article had some venom in it. Note this excerpt from this excellent article:


A sideline pastime has been to study the many psychological factors that the people are subjected to, even actively deployed or subconsciously applied. Mentioned have been a) building frameworks of false assumption beliefs, b) building secure and safe systems to derive comfort, c) refusing to accept broad conspiracy evidence despite their overpowering volume, d) adopting a complacent attitude since business and family roots exist in the homeland, e) choosing not to fight the mainstream and to stick out as a rebel or even a revolutionary, f) identifying with the captors in their exploitation in a cooperative manner, and g) believing that the US nation is under external attack. The effects are as profound as they are troublesome. Many clients and followers have written to share of similar experiences with family and friends. They are difficult to convince, even with formidable evidence presented. The Jackass has coined the term Macro Stockholm Syndrome as factor #F in identifying with the captors in control who hold the weapons. The attacks on the US nation are primarily executed by Langley and the USGovt security agencies, who wish to install a fascist police state. Their efforts are 80% complete.The Jackass advises not to spend too much time or energy convincing people who touch our lives. To be sure, spend some time, but after a certain threshold the time and effort is wasted. It can even be counter-productive. The people will defend their false positions more vociferously. The people will ostracize the rebel who sees it all too clearly. The effort itself wears down the person dedicated to intellectual pursuit and dedication toward good. My advice is not to worry about the ignorant and those in denial. These are very complex psychological factors at work. By presenting your case, you are disturbing their comfort zones. Let them have their faces ripped off. Let them lose their life savings. Let them face the slaughter house despite their compliance. Let them take up residence in a FEMA Camp. Let them take the infected virus vaccines. Let them have the RFID chip placed in their arms. Let them be subjected to strip searches at airports, and be exposed to radiation. Let them breathe the chemtrail toxic air. Let them drink the fracked ground water. Let them live in the California drought zone. Let them have their large savings accounts and CDs located in the big banks depleted by bail-in confiscations. Let them be tracked like farm animals with chips in passports, credit cards, and drivers licenses. The most fascinating aspect to the psychological factors in my view is not just for denial of the collapse in progress before their eyes, but the acceptance of the technological aids to make our life more cozy and convenient like a big family. Refer to the credit card chips, the convenience cards, the ID registries, the social networks like FaceBook and Google Plus, and the shared networks of personal data to aid in shopping pleasure. These are willing subjects to the fascist state.

The psychological factors will continue to be the subject of Jackass sideline observation. My personal disconnect with family and friends began in 2010 after several intense arguments. Let them go, that is the motto lived by. My personal peace of mind and freedom of thought is more important to maintain than to try to convince 5 others after failing with 95. That is roughly the estimated perceived rate of convincing the sheeple, a mere 5% success rate. Not worth my time anymore, as it is too late in the game.

Another key phenomenon to keep in mind is that the ignorance for the tragic fall into fascism and the creeping Big Brother state and the denial of conspiracy cut across all groups. The denial cuts across all age groups, all work sectors, and all education segments. Young, middle aged, and elderly all share the disease of denial laced with ignorance and laziness. Blue collar, white collar, and those in training all share the disease of denial laced with ignorance and laziness. Uneducated, secondary educated, college educated, and professionally educated all share the disease of denial laced with ignorance and laziness. The ignorance of Americans on matters of capital, money, fascism, and economics is astonishing. Witness the dumbing down of America, which as certain definable roots in the badly educated economics programs in universities. My brother has a Phi Beta Kappa Economics degree from a major university, yet knows nothing of gold, nor harbors any interest in gold, and has no curiosity of banker corruption or narco money effects. It is sad, but they must be let go, so as not to endanger the loyal Gold Sound Money advocate. The key wake-up call might be the bail-in bank account losses, or the installation of RFID chips on the upper left arms of the people. Not only do they enable fascist state monitors, but they cause cancer to the human body. Jim Willie

His anger in the above lines are quite clear, and there appears to be a very, very strong desire to let his readers know not to waste any more time. Unless I missed something, this level of frustration seems more intense than normal from Mr. Willie, at least on the text side of things. I think he suffers from the same thing I do, "getting frustrated over people not understanding something that must first be experienced" syndrome.  A new popular diagnosis, that would be comparable to trying to persuade people to understand the "slapstick" comic value in scenes like the one below, with your own 'in person' antics.  In short it ain't possible, they are going to have to experience it on their own time table, which is a Mrs. WG maxim!  Unfortunately the time for "getting it" is pretty much over!


As noted in the past, I am a happy “Hattrick Letter” subscriber (Jim Willie's news letter).  But I can’t remember him being this demonstrative, with this level of a “To hell with the morons” mantra at any time in the past. He, like “The SilverBack”, Ken, & James, is one very informed dude, so this level of ‘forget em’, (the moron sheeple) is another sign in the multitude of signs that scream, “Time is short”!

In the same article this line regarding smaller municipal government, and insurance company debt (something I am well familiar with) clearly point to a final act scenario:

Pensions cannot meet their obligations any longer, and have resorted to selling their core holding assets, often called their nut. Not a single corporate or state pension fund has avoided serious problems. Insurance firms are more sprawling in their structure. They cannot meet their obligations any longer, and have resorted to selling their core holding assets, their nut. These are the strong detrimental micro effects on financial structures. The hundreds of thousands of private savers (like my father) have $billions stuck in bank certificates which earn paltry sums, unless they are old from the last decade or earlier. Worse, many banks forced older CD holders to convert to newer versions at much lower rates, using the contract fine print (font 4). Jim Willie

Here is the link to the rest of this great piece of work by Jim Willie in it’s entirety:

I could go on & on about other signs, from technical indicators, like the beacon of hope to the markets, AAPL falling precipitously, or my favorite trade number the shipping indices getting smashed with some even more dire news. What dire news?  How about this article from ZeroHedge:

The last segment of the above article is extraordinary. Now there are apparently 108 of these floating shipping behemoths, not 82 sitting stagnant with no paying contracts to worry over. Well it is probably no big deal, WG. After all, I bet the owners of ships that size are super rich, and no debt is anywhere to be found on their balance sheets (I really don’t know btw). It is just another business cycle like all the others, per the CNBC bobble heads. No worries, folks!

Wonder which one of the following pictures is preferred by the shipping magnets?



"Duh", says the CNBC wizard.........

And, even more proof that the Gloves have come off, via ZeroHedge this morning:

Based on the above link, China appears to be getting anxious as well, if not completely pissed off at us.

Signs conclusions:

Near the beginning of this installment, I mentioned the following: ***From the Wolf Gray’s perspective this is not necessarily a positive for westerners as regards the fight against fascism (aside from one Wolf Packer I may be alone in this view). More on that in a second***...The second is up

I am referring to China & the BRICS, and their fight for a more reasonable version of world capitalism.  A version that is thought by many in the alternative media to be the ultimate saving grace for those prepared with hard assets residing in the west.  I tend to disagree.  I would rather have my arse kicked now before they own everything on our soil, and then hopefully rebuild from within via my own ingenuity, and a capitalism that is based on the principles of freedom. The long, long history of the Chinese is not one of tolerance of the west, and their lack of patience in business seldom goes without punishment.  My hope is to get this collapse started soon, and rebuild our way, not someone else's.  Maybe I am a dreamer, but I don't think the belief that the BRICS are going to save our arses is reasonable at all.  The IMF slap, and centuries of western domination have not gone without the eastern power structure's notice, and it may be laced with a measure of vengeance to come.  Personally I want to do it myself, and not depend on some other guys, who may not see things in the same light of freedom.  If that dream is not possible, then owning real metal is a "must", as they may still allow you to conduct your business in a peaceful manner.  But, if that dream is possible ,then owning real metal is a "plus". Wolf Gray

When a large family run business stagnates, you will sometimes lose some of the top key producers in the family. That is when the outsiders start gossiping. “Was there a disagreement in the board room, or is the business model coming apart, and wiser parties are jumping ship?” Or worse yet had the business become corrupt, and the wiser parties said, “See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!” Texas anyone??????? For me, this is one of the biggest home turf indicators I have ever seen. China, and the IMF is one thing, but this is the home game version, “Texas & the USSA”.

All of the above signs are preliminary to the dead harvest that is coming, and coming in months not years. A dried up, drought ridden manufacturing war zone courtesy of the “Western AIIB”. Though this AIIB may have never had any formal written agreements, or corporate by laws, the seed money was very real. Unfortunately what goes around comes around, and in this case, it will be for the unwitting in the middles class of the western world. The fascist welfare whores, that comprise the "Western AIIB" took the middle class tax funds as seed money, and now they are going to do it again to cover their ill gotten gains & arses. GOTS (stolen from Jim Sinclair), “Get out of the system” now, is all I have to say! The signs are screaming it to those that are watching, watching for the SIGNS of TRUTH.

Is Gold Confiscation a Possibility?….

I think the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) will announce a confiscation scheme pretty soon, or ultimately not at all. This confiscation announcement could serve as a cover, to hide the fact they don’t have any physical product available for delivery to the paper contract holders. Yep, they will say, “In order to save the country from the “Shit Dollar” devaluation we will have to confiscate the gold in the name of King & country!” What else are they going to do, announce to their citizenry, “Hey we lied we don’t have any?!” Not likely! Sure RMer’s may get it, and realize it is a cover up, but the remaining 99%, the sheeple, wont give a big pile of cow flop about some gold paper ponzi schemes.

So why waste time trying to confiscate, when you ain’t likely to confiscate much of anything to begin with? If this is attempted, and done in a timely manner, ('timing' is something I haven’t figured out yet), the “western precious metals vault facilities” can then be relieved of the fact, that they now don’t have to make good on those 124 to 1, paper ponzi to physical contracts. Turn in your paper contracts folks, and we will call it even as regards your gold being returned to save your government. And the kicker is they can still claim that the vaults were full of plenty of physical metal for delivery! I know, I know it is an obvious lie, but the 99%er’s with the only volume of numbers to make a difference will not likely be concerned at all. The rest of the world, especially those in the east,  will get it, but who in SixPack land will be willing to listen to a bunch of foreigners?  Don't think they could lie that much, and get away with it, check this out:

How can a news organization, claiming to be honest, say they hadn't noticed the Chinese bond dumping of late, and keep a straight face?  Especially after two weeks of every other news outlet detailing the fact?  No problem for these crooks! I doubt extending the "our vaults have got plenty of gold" lie a wee bit longer, accompanied with demands for all patriotic Americans to give up their metal, will intimidate this bunch of elite criminals in the least.

If timed right, the 99%’er’s ain’t going to care, period. They will be too busy trying to survive, and by that time they would thoroughly hate these perceived rich guys, which is how they will label holders of pm’s (INITIALLY, but not forever). I know you may be saying, "That just will not fly WG?"  Why not, these special vaulting facilities have been giving out cash instead of real metal for several years now, and I ain’t seen one protest anywhere. Based on the Wolf Gray’s sense of smell, I predict, there will not be any substantive protests, even after any formally announced requests for the citizen's precious metals.

The problem with my theory, from the bankster perspective, is it will have to be timed fairly well to avoid raising too many unwanted eyebrows, which may cause a run on the purchase of “pitch forks & torches” to head to the fascists doorsteps.

This would be a quick 124 to 1 balance sheet correction, to a "1 for 1" in the western pm world, paper to physical, virtually overnight!  Many will say, "No way!" What unbiased party can say they inspected any precious metals vaults recently in the USSA? They have lied about their holdings so far, why stop now with a coincidental gold confiscation announcement, designed to save the country to boot? From the bankster perspective, so what if they don’t get any real metal.  They are off the hook for a 124 times a deficit in inventory. Slate wiped clean.  Must be great to be a bankster.  The vaunted PPPTB may just try something to wipe the slate clean, with no enforceable penalties in sight.  And I am sorry , Putin, China, or Peter Pan can come out and say the USSA has been cheating. I don't think local's, a.k.a the sheeple, are going to buy the stories of those "foreign commie bastards' any time soon.  Again, unless the PPPTB time this improperly.  And, that is of course, if a confiscation gambit is even attempted, but if it were me, I would attempt to wipe the 124 to 1 paper ponzi to physical metal slate clean, in the name of king & country!

Unfortunately after this magic act of turning 124-1 into 1-1 overnight, the honest western citizen may feel the brunt of, an upcoming "eastern shot across the import bow".  If this numbers trick, turns out to be remotely accurate, the BRICS will do a media blitz and cry foul, unless of course they now have all the spoils of the precious metals wars.  If not, the likely anger from the BRICS may create the demand for a greater devaluation of our own paper than anyone expected, especially if we want to successfully import their products.

A devaluation of the King Dollar (probably a domestic version vs. a foreign held version), that is far more devastating than predicted by the alternative media's community, could surprise everyone. Those formerly theorized 50% to 60% King Dollar devaluations could look like "western monetary gravy" compared to what the BRICS, who now hold all the cards, may throw at us. How about a potential 90% domestic dollar devaluation to properly implement foreign imports? Ya know what, it seems the Economic SilverBack may have said something along those percentage lines, a long time ago (like in a Hagmann & Hagmann interview).  Don’t know if he still feels that way, but with this kind of uncertainty there is only one choice, diversify into physical metal, with some off shore holdings, in-lap holdings, and again exercise your right to “GOTS”!

God Bless & Be Well!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Team Roguemoney, Thorny, & a highlight towards Jim Willie's latest