Grandmaster Disaster: The Only Way the Turk Wins the Chessmatch is Not to Play the Empire's Strange Game

By now it should be obvious to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that he and Turkey are being set up as Washington's 'fall guys' for the spectacular rise of and failure to root out ISIS. So why are the Turks playing along? Why is Ankara waging wars it can't simultaneously win against Kurdistan and the Russian-backed Assad regime?

This was the question troubling the Russia Analyst this week. Although we are not Turkish or Mideast specialists -- frankly trying to understand labyrinthine Greek or Turkish politics gives us a headache, even "the riddle, wrapped in a mystery,inside an enigma" as Churchill called Kremlinology seems predictable in comparison. There seems to be a high probability for example, that Vladimir Putin will not seek a fourth term in office beyond 2018. And that Vladimir Vladimirovich's successor has already been chosen with the signs being the successor's recent prominence on Russian TV, including an episode of crossing himself on Victory Day -- Defense Minister Sergey Kuzhugetovich Shoigu. Who better to continue Russia's march into the Eurasian 21st century than a Siberian, the son of an ethnic Tuvan Buddhist father and a Slavic Russian Orthodox mother? Yet if we had to tell you whether Alexis Tsipras in Athens or Erdoğan will be in power a year from now, we would place the odds as extremely low for Tsipras and falling fast for the neo-Ottoman in Ankara.


English subtitled excerpt from an apparently pro-Erdoğan Turkish documentary film on the country's infamous 'Deep State' and its Masonic roots. Ergenekon is the Turkish branch of NATO's Cold War Operation Gladio 'stay behind' forces that morphed into deep states within European states

Something is deeply rotten in Turkey, which is being used as NATO and the globalist Empire's battering ram and dupe with a leadership under Erdoğan and the narco-trafficking, ISIS aiding military and intelligence services beneath him who are definitely not stupid, but persist in policies that risk making Ankara a pariah nation with no one left to betray. The only predictable outcome of a battlefield quagmire, diplomatic and isolation for a slumping Turkish economy is the latest iteration of a long Anatolian political tradition -- the military coup.


The occult basis of a Deep State: creepy video of Turkish Iluminati/high degree Masonic rituals on YouTube with English subtitles

As Zerohedge reports, courtesy of Naji Dahl's Anti-Media website:

...If the violence between the PKK and YPG and the Turkish state spirals out of control, it is highly likely that a military coup d’etat will take place against the AKP (the Islamic-based Justice and Development party of Erdogan). The military will jail leading government politicians, end democratic rule, wage war against the PKK/YPG, restore order, and then return power to civilian hands. This has happened three times in modern Turkish history—in 1960, 1971, and 1980. If conditions continue to deteriorate inside and outside Turkey, a coup is likely to happen again.

And yet Erdoğan persists along the road to political and possibly personal ruin. Why?


Erdoğan as the Real Father of ISIS (Even BBC Interviews Kurds Who Say So) and the Islamic State's Oil 'Fence' in Chief

That the Turks are not bombing ISIS, and the U.S.-Canadian-coalition air campaign against ISIS/ISIL has been largely an ineffective joke, is obvious to anyone who is paying attention. If Jon Stewart of the liberal hipster Daily Show on Comedy Central 'gets' this fact and made fun of it months ago, then one can bet numerous members of the U.S. military from E-6s on up can also recognize a phony war when they see it.

This is why official Washington has deployed two strategies to explain the bizarre or maddening inaction of the U.S. military in the face of what numerous politicians have dubbed an 'existential threat':

1) Continue to prosecute leakers under the Espionage Act and seek to intimidate anyone who lets slip the truth about the Obama White House refusing to wage war on ISIS but instead using them for sinister geopolitical purposes, just as the Administration exploited the so-called 'Arab Spring' and played footsie with the Muslim Brotherhood from 2009 to 2012, setting up the Benghazi debacle and perhaps doing permanent damage to U.S. relations with Cairo and turning Egypt from an American ally into a potential partner for the Eurasian axis of Russia and China

2) Trot out a host of 'conservative' national security hawks on Fox News, the Glenn Beck show, National 'fake conservative cruises' Review, WSJ/Weekly War Standard etc. who will insist that the only problem is the liberal pantywaist Obama's fear of American casualties and determination to cut a deal with Iran above all else (of course these critics never explain why if Obama has made an agreement over Iran's nuclear program his highest priority, how fighting ISIS which is also an enemy of Iran interferes with this objective)


Jay Dyer from Jay's Analysis blog and his own upcoming radio show 'Esoteric Hollywood' speaking with Patrick Henningsen, August 2015

The question remains though: how much longer can the globalist minions the Guerrilla calls Washington's sub-zoological experiments maintain this non-Kevin Spacey, Mideast House of Cards? And is this problem the globalists face with a military increasingly grousing about a half-assed or no-assed Obama Administration war against the Islamic State and hyper-restrictive rules of engagement being 'solved' as we type this by assembling the same 'Arab allies coalition' which took out Gaddafi in Libya to finally break into Syria, using Turkey's border war with the Assad-allied or neutral towards Damascus Kurds and ISIS as the 'skeleton keys'? How then are the same geopolitical adversaries that exposed the joint Saudi-Turkish false flag chemical attack at East Ghouta outside Damascus as a pretext for war in August 2013, the Russians, Chinese and Iranians, going to react to Washington and Ankara's latest Turkish gambit? The answer already looks to be, as in Ukraine, meeting proxy war with all out proxy war in kind. Or in the Iranians' case, direct boots on the ground combat alongside Hezbollah against Turkish-armed and supplied jihadists.

The Kurdish Stand and Ankara's Anger Over Kurdistan Rising

The immediate motivator for Turkish military action against the Kurds while pretending to bomb ISIS is no mystery. The Kurds were making rapid advances on the ground, successfully grinding down the Islamic State's 'invincible' fighters at the town of Kobane and threatening to not only cut off ISIS/ISIL's supply lines from Turkey, but also to consolidate a Kurdish-controlled zone from the Iraqi border almost to the Mediterranean.


Turkey is acting cynically: the view from Russian TV channel 'Tsargrad' owned by pro-Kremlin Orthodox billionaire Konstantin Malofeyev

If a Kurdish state in the making could achieve an outlet to the sea, in addition to consolidating the oil-rich parts of Iraqi Kurdistan with northern Syria, then a greater Kurdistan would pose an unacceptable long term threat to the territorial integrity of Turkey itself, where millions of Kurds reside in the country's eastern regions. Dahl writes in the article re-published by Zerohedge:

For Turkey, however, the real aim is to prevent the YPG Kurdish fighters from linking up their three zones of control (Efrin, Kobani, and Cizir pictured below; Tal Abyad is already under YPG control) in northern Syria with each other. These Kurdish fighters also happen to be the sole force that has shown the ability to effectively defeat ISIS in battle. However, the real aim of Turkey was voiced by the leader of the Kurdish opposition party—HDP— in the Turkish parliament, Selahattin Demirtas:

Turkey doesn’t intend to target IS with this safe zone. The Turkish government was seriously disturbed by Kurds trying to create an autonomous state in Syria,' he said, adding that ‘the safe zone is intended to stop the Kurds, not IS.

David P. Goldman, the Asia Times writer and former Lyndon LaRouche movement activist turned Bank of America bond analyst desk chief, wrote in late 2013:

For the past ten years we have heard ad nauseum about the “Turkish model” of “Muslim democracy.” The George W. Bush administration courted Erdogan even before he became prime minister, and Obama went out of his way to make Erdogan his principal pal in foreign policy. I have been ridiculing this notion for years, for example in this 2010 essay for Tablet.

The whole notion was flawed from top to bottom. Turkey was not in line to become an economic power of any kind: it lacked the people and skills to do anything better than medium-tech manufacturing. Its Islamists never were democrats. Worst of all, its demographics are as bad as Europe’s. Ethnic Turks have a fertility rate close to 1.5 children per family, while the Kurdish minority is having 4 children per family. Within a generation half of Turkey’s young men will come from families where Kurdish is the first language.

This demographic projection of ethnic Turkish versus Kurdish fertility may be deterministic, similar to the 'Eurabia' and 'Russian will become majority Muslim by 2050' pronouncements we have heard before, which incorrectly projected current trends (in the case of the early 2000s, the dismal Russian economy and social malaise of the 1990s) too far into the future.

The End of Turkish Easy Money and the Low Hanging Fruit Economy -- and Ankara Straining Relations with Russia for Washington Won't Help

Nonetheless, 'Spengler' had a point even in December 2013 that the various secular and Islamist factions in Turkey could easily tear the country apart now that the 'easy money' credit expansion and housing boom Erdoğan's Justice and Development Party (AKP) presided over is finished. Istanbul in particular is a city with millions of relatively secular or pro-European Turks, while the ruling AKP has often reflected the priorities of the countryside in its emphasis on cheap housing and easy money. Like most of the other emerging market currencies, the Turkish lira supply ballooned over the past half decade thanks to the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank's post-2009 quantitative easing policies, but now faces deflationary retrenchment and loss of value which pushes up import costs (and hence the cost of living). Unlike Russia, for which import substitution can somewhat cushion the blows of a falling ruble and oil price, Turkey is heavily indebted to foreigners in terms of sovereign bond issuance as well as private credit problems.

The leading investors in Turkey, besides Saudi Arabia, are the country's top European trade partners and destinations for Turkish migrants: Germany, Austria, Italy and France. Meanwhile, Turkish-Russian trade which was expanding at a rapid clip during the past decade complete with visa-free travel facilitating a Russian tourist boom (at peak in 2012 there were 4 MILLION visits by Russians to Turkey!) is now slowing or in decline.

Last year's Russian ban on EU ag imports boosted sales of Turkish fruits, vegetables and coffee in the Russian-Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) market. Turkey's produce particularly flowed through Auchan stores in Moscow that had been previously owned by Turkish chain Ramstore. That's where the Russia Analyst shopped in the winter of 2009-2010 and saw no shortage of Turkish, Spanish, Italian, greenhouse grown Dutch and Israeli produce. Today with the food reverse sanctions against the EU South American, Turkish and Israeli stuff would likely be more prominent in winter time, along with vegetables from southern Russia's Krasnodar region and heated greenhouses.


SovietBearRus: Turkish domestic gas company is a 'negotiator from hell' and 'Turkey is messing up relations with Russia and China for U.S. gains'

Erdoğan's Support for ISIS Terrorists Makes Vlad Mad -- According to Al-Manar and Numerous Pro-Iranian and Pro-Assad Sources

Unfortunately for the Turkish people, Erdoğan's games of first signing the Turkstream pipeline deal last autumn, then haggling with Moscow over a knockdown Gazprom price, while allowing Washington's minions embedded into the Turkish State to delay construction, are exhausting Russia's patience. As is Erdoğan's not so covert support of the Islamic State as well as previous overt aid to jihadists fighting the Russian and Iranian-allied Assad regime in Syria. Russian hopes that Ankara would finally ditch the jihadists and make peace with Assad while enjoying the fruits of burgeoning trade with Iran are being sorely abused. Standing behind an allegedly fed-up Putin are the Chinese, and their 'Kings of the East', who saw Erdoğan's move to purchase Chinese surface to air missiles (SAMs), and participation in the AIIB or the New Silk Road project as tests of Turkey's willingness to buck the NATO member/Atlanticist party line.

Unfortunately for the Eurasian axis, there was no way in hell Washington or its allies in the Turkish 'Deep State' were going to allow Putin to pull the Turks into the Eurasian/New Silk Road camp without a nasty fight.

If the pro-Iranian, Hezbollah linked Lebanese newspaper Al-Manar is to be believed, at the very moment that the Saudis are pursuing secret peace talks with Assad after reaching out to Putin, relations between Ankara and Moscow are hitting rock bottom and could be headed for all-out proxy war. Turkish diplomatic statements of support for the supposedly victimized Crimean Tatars after the peninsula's reunification with Russia to please the State Department were one thing, screwing with Russia's gas export routes and sponsoring ISIS jihadists who have boasted that they'll soon attack Mother Russia is another matter entirely. According to Al-Manar:

Russian President Vladimir Putin broke the accepted diplomatic protocols and personally summoned Turkish Ambassador to Moscow Ümit Yardim, and warned him that the Russian Federation shall sever the diplomatic relations immediately unless Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stops supporting ISIL terrorists in Syria, where Russia holds its last navy base in the Mediterranean sea, FNA reported.

The AWD news website quoted Moscow Times as reporting that the Russian president purportedly went into a long diatribe criticizing the Turkish foreign policy and its malevolent role in Syria, Iraq and Yemen by supporting Saudi-backed al-Qaeda terrorists, which escalated the conversation with the Turkish ambassador to a fierce polemic.

Also the Republican news website said that according to the leaked information obtained by the Moscow Times, the meeting between Putin and Turkish ambassador was imbued with intense mutual resentment where Yardim repudiated all Russian accusations, laying blame on Russia for Syria's bitter and protracted civil war.

"Tell your dictator president he can go to hell along with his ISIL terrorist and I shall make Syria to nothing but a 'Big Stalingrad', for Erdoğan and his Saudi allies are not [sic tougher?] vicious than Adolf Hitler," replied Vladimir Putin in the 2-hour closed door meeting with Turkish emissary.

"How hypocrite is your president as he advocates democracy and lambasts the military coup d'état in Egypt," added Putin, "And he simultaneously condones all terrorist activities aimed to overthrow Syrian president."

Although the Russia Analyst can find no trace of the alleged Moscow Times article that Al-Manar and AWD are citing, the story and variations of it have widely circulated in the alternative media this week thanks to Veterans Today and Webster Griffin Tarpley. Dr. Tarpley is an American historian, a political analyst and frequent guest on the Iranian state-funded channel Press TV.


According to Tarpley, Erdoğan is PERSONALLY directing the Islamic State and profiting off kickbacks from the trade in contraband ISIS oil, while his daughter is running an Islamic hospital where wounded terrorists are treated. Tarpley also says that Putin was angered by the Turkish ambassador to Ukraine endorsing the idea of a Crimean Tatar insurgency, something Kiev and its hawkish supporters in Washington would desperately like to get started on the strategic peninsula.

Lurking behind such provocations are of course, are the Central Intelligence Agency's pan-Turanian or Turkic networks and investments in the Chechen terrorist insurgency of the 1990s, which Putin recently accused the CIA of not-so-covertly supporting. These networks in turn, were linked to pan-Turkic nationalist or fascist groups like the Grey Wolves, who were banned by Baku for advocating an anschluss between Azerbaijan and big brother Turkey.

The Wolves are the neo-fascist and fiercely anti-Kurdish youth wing the Ergenekon 'Deep State' organization whose roots, as acknowledged by Erdoğan's supporters and detractors alike, lie in the Masonic lodges of Asia Minor which birthed the Young Turks movement of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (father of the Turks), and the subsequent genocides against the Armenians and democidal expulsion of the Greeks from their ancestral lands (dating back 3,000 years to Homeric times) which marked the bloody birth of modern Turkey. The truth is, while the Masons undoubtedly had a huge influence on the American Revolution and plastered their symbols all over Washington and the dollar, the Young Turks revolution of Ataturk, like the French revolution, was Masonic to its core.

Turning the Tables: What the Stinger Missile Was to the Soviet Army in Afghanistan, Russian Kornets Will Be for Washington's Mideast Proxies

It would be easy for someone to come along and scoff that Tarpley is merely telling his Iranian TV hosts what they want to hear, and echoing Tehran's propaganda expressed by the Hezbollah controlled outlet Al-Manar. The Russia Analyst doubts some aspects of the story: for example, we've never heard of Putin in all his years of diplomatic meetings ever shouting at anyone, though Vladimir Vladimirovich also doesn't shy away from using the known weaknesses of a politician perhaps outlined in their old KGB or newer SVR files against them (Putin once brought in his big black dog to perturb German Chancellor Angela Merkel).

Putin has played an extremely patient waiting game in his Cold War 2.0 standoff with Washington over Ukraine, refusing to step into the trap of a potential Ukrainian occupation that was carefully set for him by Washington and Langley. If Washington is ready and eager to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian soldier or nationalist battalion volunteer, than there can be no doubt in Putin's mind that the Empire is ready to fight Russia to the last Turk too.

The chess master moves Putin has made so far suggest he will continue to reinforce success, turn the tables on the Soviet Afghan situation of the 1980s, and defeat Washington's proxies by his own proxies: the troika of the Syrian Arab Army, Hezbollah and the Iranians, and in Ukraine the Novorossiya Armed Forces (NAF) of the Donbass as well as other allies waiting in the wings of Transnistria and the pro-Russian Rusyns and (Budapest backed) Hungarians of Transcarpathia. Thus we doubt that Putin threatened Ankara's Ambassador to Moscow with breaking off diplomatic relations, which is usually a prelude to war. Invoking Stalingrad and comparing Erdoğan in an emotional outburst to Adolf Hitler is simply not Putin's style, even if he can get emotional in public speeches -- like the one following his re-election or the night Crimea voted to reunite with Russia.

On the other hand, we haven't seen Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov who denied that Russia would send combat troops to fight ISIS in Syria deny any meeting took place between the Russian President and Turkish Ambassador either (much less that things got heated). Selecting the usually anti-Kremlin, knee jerk pro-Washington Moscow Times as the outlet that allegedly first broke this story smacks of Russian disinformatsiya, or rather the Iranians learning from the Russians how to give a propaganda story 'legs'. Hell, even the likely rebuttals by the likes of Washington Ukrainian propaganda outlets such as the Interpreter Mag based in New York or RFE/RL that point out the Moscow Times never published this item will end up drawing more attention to the story in the name of 'debunking' it! (The genius of reverse psychology, or as P.T. Barnum allegedly said there's no such thing as bad publicity and in Cold War even 'the enemy's' propaganda organs can be used against him)


Lately the main method for Moscow conveying its wishes in the Middle East has been as much through actions as words: for example, someone managed to get Russian-made anti-tank missiles into the hands of Yemeni Houthi and allied tribesmen who have started killing Saudi soldiers in revenge for Riyadh bombing their country. Thanks to the joint Saudi/United Arab Emirates armored incursion into Yemen, we expect Saudi/UAE casualties to mount in what Dr. Jim Willie predicted would be 'the Saudis' Vietnam'.

Someone has made U.S. and British commanders extremely skittish about committing more special forces to ground operations inside Syria, as a report surfaced this week that only a handful of Special Air Service teams are operating in ISIS controlled areas of the Syrian desert. We rather suspect that the SAS are under strict orders not to engage Syrian Arab Army forces lest somebody call in the calvary and the Syrian air force bomb their positions or even worse, mysterious fighters with beards and uniforms like Hezbollah but who turn out to be spetsnaz show up.

Somebody is probably going to notice very soon that those S-300 systems Moscow sold to Iran and is expediting delivery of will be deployed along the Iranian-Turkish border, while the Kurds start shooting down F-16s with SAMs the Turks presumed could not touch their jets above 10,000 feet.

Some groups of YPG fighters could start killing a lot of Turkish troops or taking out their armor even from inside Syrian territory with GRAD MLRS rocket fire or Soviet-built howitzers that 'fell off the Syrian Army truck' but actually came from Russia with love

As in Ukraine, Putin and his Allies Still Hold the (non-Donald) Trump Cards

As for Turkish efforts to interdict these Russian arms supplies, Ankara controls the Bosporus and could stop and inspect Russian merchantmen passing through the narrow waterway between Europe and Asia, thereby harassing anyone trading with Crimea and Russian Black Sea ports. But stopping Russian warships, and interfering with Turkey's treaty obligations under the Montreux Convention to other Black Sea naval fleets, is a different matter. As for halting all work on Turkstream or renouncing the project, the Turks can complain to Tehran after the gas pipe from Iran gets blown up by Kurdish guerrillas and Ankara is forced to come back to Gazprom hat in hand!

In other words, Putin understands quite well that despite Washington's hopes of using the Turks as muscle to accomplish their objectives, Ankara is sensitive to economic shocks. The increasingly unpopular Erdoğan government cannot tolerate casualties anywhere near as much as the battle-hardened Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah. If the Turks can only tolerate a few score of hundred body bags, the U.S. and UK's tolerance for dead special operators killed by crack Hezbollah commandos equipped with Russian-made Kornet missiles of the type they used to defeat the Israeli Merkavas in 2006 is even less. As in close to zero.

Once again, there was a REASON the Joint Chiefs nearly revolted against Obama's plans to attack Syria in August 2013. Regardless of what interventionist idiots like U.S. Naval War College Professor Tom Nichols said at the time that "Russia won't do a damn thing", the Pentagon's top planners of a Syrian operation knew that Moscow had the capacity to introduce weapons to the battlefield that would kill American pilots and special operators and turn Damascus into a Mideast Stalingrad. V's sources like 'W the Intelligence Insider' can confirm these historic facts about why Obama climbed down from his threat to attack Damascus two years ago.

Both battlefield attrition courtesy of Russia and financial attack from China or scuttling of renmibi trade settlement hub plans spooked Western defense planners and City of London banksters into backing down. What is happening now is either a sign that the banksters have become totally desperate together with the politically imperiled Erdoğan, and/or that they're blackmailing the Turkish President into doing their bidding, exploiting his dirty narco-trafficking and fornicating with ISIS deeds.


The Godfather theme performed by Turkish guitarist Ahmet Koç

The Turk is Too Clever by Half: What's the Deep Double Cross Game in Turkey?

Erdoğan's turn against Israel in the late 2000s in particular has made him no friends among Washington's neocons, including non-neocon 'realist' Zionists like Spengler. The Saudis and Qataris who invested so much into the Turkish economy hoping for a payoff in the form of Qatari gas and Saudi oil pipelines running through a post-Assad Syria to Turkey and thence to Europe have failed to achieve a good return on their investment.

Putin's Chinese-supported effort to turn Erdoğan to the East and get him to dump NATO for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and a New Silk Road future has been rebuffed, and in high-handed, arrogant fashion. The Saudis or at least the younger princes are negotiating with Putin and Assad on how to make peace in Syria, having more accurately sized up the Saudi Kingdom's growing financial and security vulnerabilities (the only question now is how to make face saving, 'peace with honor' Nixonian exits from two disastrous wars, one fought by proxies and the other directly by Saudi troops in Yemen). The Kurds are confident, having thoroughly thrashed the 'invincible' ISIS in the battle of Kobane that Washington refuses to engage and trashed the Islamic State's reputation for easy (secretly Turkish and globalist facilitated) victories. They know that they don't have to rout the Turkish military anymore than the North Vietnamese or Afghan mujaheddin had to win every battle, only to bleed the Turks until there is regime change and Ankara gets desperate for peace.

As is evident from the BBC video we embedded above, Turkey's sponsorship and at least toleration of ISIS on its soil is an open secret even Western media don't bother hiding anymore. Perhaps because Washington needs a 'fall guy' to take the blame for the Islamic State's spectacular made for TV rise and the Obama Administration's thus far pathetic efforts to 'root out ISIS'.

Regardless of whether former Gen. John R. Allen is being used by the neocons and globalists against Obama, as Tarpley says, none of these initiatives to carve out a Turkish and Gulf Cooperation Council secured chunk of territory and airspace in northern Syria ahead of a final push on Damascus will work. Both for the military reasons outlined above and due to the likely further exposure of the bureaucratic scheming of Washington's hawks by patriots disgusted with the whole thing in the chain of command.


Erdoğan can check out any time he likes, but he "can't never leave" - Ahmet Koç "Hotel California"

An Ottoman Emperor Without Viziers is Soon to Be Deposed

Erdoğan has managed to alienate just about all of his former Atlanticist or prospective Eurasian allies, and he cannot be stupid enough not to realize that Washington plans to use him and then dispose of him. Setting aside a psychotic obsession with destroying the Kurds we don't think Erdoğan suffers from, the only rational explanation for the Turkish President's latest moves is blackmail. Whether Erdoğan and his relatives are directly tied to the Islamic State as Tarpley says, there is more than enough kompromat waiting to be unleashed by the Russians and other interested parties to make him a dead man walking politically. And yes, among Erdoğan's spectacular number of enemies on all sides, we include Soviet born, Russian speaking officers of Israel's Mossad who would happily team up with their SVR and GRU counterparts to serve revenge as a cold dish to Erdoğan for the Mavi Marmara Gaza flotilla episode. As we have often told the Guerrilla, the Russia-hating, pro-Israel American neocons' heads would explode if they knew how much between the sheets business is transacted between Moscow Center and Tel Aviv!


The seed of a Colored Revolution to flush Erdoğan? Turkish students and secularist youth protest against air strikes on the Kurds in Syria

In conclusion, what we think is REALLY GOING ON is this: Turkey and its current leader are being set up or used as dupes by the globalists for their own purposes. Putin sees this from a mile away, and is going to give the Turks just enough rope to hang themselves while demonstrating to Erdoğan's successors that yes, the door will remain open to the renewal of Turkstream once Ankara comes to its senses. In a rare example during this Cold War 2.0 of a 'convergence' of interests between Washington, Moscow, AND Tel Aviv, Erdoğan will be blamed for everything: sponsoring ISIS, setting off a bloody insurgency by the Kurds, and yes even scuttling Turkstream. The Masonic Ergenekon and CIA-manipulated Fetullah Gulen movement will team up to have their revenge on Erdoğan.

Behind the curtain, the globalists will be re-arranging the pieces on the Mideast chess board once more. The Turkish security services and army may seize the reigns, or better yet organize some sort of Al-Sisi type coup where the police mysteriously melt away Maidan-style as Istanbul's secularist and pro-European youth conduct an (American sponsored but Russian abetted) Color Revolution demanding the army's intervention to stop the mad neo-Ottoman. A new Turkish junta will turn Erdoğan's ISIS network lists over to the Syrians and Iranians, so the Islamic State-rs get massacred by a coalition of Syrian, Iranian and even Jordanian troops. The Turkish colonels will make nice noises towards China if not Russia, while still dragging out the Turkstream game instead of cancelling it outright.

Such is the outcome of the strange neo-Ottoman game that Erdoğan foolishly led himself and his country into, such that as 'Joshua' said in WarGames, the only way for The Turk to win is not to play.