Paper Entrapment from Cradle to Grave Part 2

Part 1 of "paper entrapment" was posted on September 12, 2014. Though the motives haven’t changed the level of disinformation, and indoctrination via almost all forms of media is now truly staggering. All the while the King Dollar is under even higher levels of stress that have reached the point of laughable if your honesty hasn’t been highjacked. The biggest difference between part 1 & part 2 is the cradle portion of the entrapment is nearly non existent in this installment, with the grave portion about to snare all who are ignoring the obvious signs of the near total failure of paper. Even the stresses on the western paper maestros is now visible to anyone willing to pay attention to the “paper is burning” road signs. Illustrations of the obvious stress cracks forming in the planning rooms of the global paper maestros is apparent via the clear desperation on display in the latest moves of these wizards. This will be touched on at the end of this installment, but first some factoids via the news to lead us there.

The primary theme for this entire installment is the message via the media to ignore the paper pricing mechanisms for all hard asset products ……. especially precious metals! Per the media, THEY ARE MEANINGLESS, keep that in the back of your mind as you read further, because all media, alternative as well, can’t get off the paper pricing schemes even though they are not a part of any true price discovery mechanism. Literally you could pay a daily visit to almost any precious metals friendly news website, and find an article on the front page with a headline like, “Pet Rocks predicted to go below 850 an Ounce!”

The level of the paper entrapment message even astounds me, and I study it constantly. It needs to be properly tied together with some reality, but I ain’t going to reference too many paper articles that illustrate this point (there are way way too many of them). Instead I want to submit some evidence of the mind manipulation, and the fact that even the wise may be getting mentally and possibly even physically neutered or spayed. Why? An attempt to steal the "real goods" from weaker hands, would be my first guess.  Second, maybe to seem more “God-Like” when as paper saviors, they appear to miraculously “ease our pain”.  All I have to say is, "Come on Man, this is an obvious set up!"

Let’s review the leading evidence.

Supporting News Releases:

Your kid comes to you and says, "How should I price my lemonade at my lemonade stand?  I can't keep enough glasses on the counter, because everybody is buying them off the shelf too quickly?"  Gee whiz junior that is an easy one! You lower your prices, don't they teach you anything in school these days!  Yep, it's economics Keynsian style folks, and that is what the wizards in the control tower are doing, and have been for many decades.  Note the '' link below:

Next try the link below for more evidence from "", which puts in full view the "in your face" truths that are usually followed by sheeple denial:

I will concede that there is commodity deflation, but do we see any inflation in the above article at the consumer level, and how about that "American Dream" statistic?  Homes anyone?

This next audio clip by Mike Maloney is a great summary about the banksters war against cash. There were brilliant points in all segments, except I had to laugh at the 1:00 mark as he said the banksters were listing one of the big selling points of going cashless, as being the opportunity to limit individual crime on the hapless, cashless citizen.  Really, is that what going cashless will do, prevent crime?  Yea I feel safer already with the banksters owning my arse by yet some additional pounds of flesh.

It appears the federal government decided to use the math technique on the back of a Cheerios box instead of the 'Cracker Jacks box standard' to come up with the GDP.  Ain't 3rd world math just grand!  Check out another ZeroHedge gem below:

Does anybody doubt this stuff is rigged, with the larger players knowing the outcome before it announced?  If not, check this next one out. This is simply amazing since this massive auction success was prior to the Fed announcements on Wed. the 29th.  Zero Hedge has it right, but might I had a Celente saying, "You can't make this shit up!"

In reference to the above link note the "ZeroHedge" take on it.

And the biggest surprise: this is happening precisely one hour ahead of a potentially pre-hiking FOMC statement, usually a time when there is no violent expression of interest in the one instrument that would be whacked the most should the Fed indeed hike.

Naw, the markets ain't rigged, hell naw.

This next one is sad, because it is very very believable:

I think Tyler Durden misses he point here the real headliner is........

"It's official the average American IQ is 70"

Oops, that is 70 percent can't live without debt, sorry.  Upon further review, yep it's 70 intelligence quotient points.

Below is another simply brilliant article from Steve St. Angelo @ "" regarding the mismatching of the rules of proper pricing as respects supply and demand, in this case in the silver market.

This paragraph from his article cuts right to the chase:

 It is plain to see, investors continue to buy record amounts of physical silver even at much lower prices.  The bankers assumed at some point that investors would grow weary of holding onto a supposed DEAD-BEAT asset as its price decline.  However, the opposite has occurred as investors realize… nothinghas been fixed.  So why stop buying, especially at lower bargain prices??

This next one is a portion of an email I sent to the SilverBack, Ken Schortgen Jr., & the Russian Analyst regarding an article detailing GM's plans in India. The headline of my email read(start of the email) "Do you think they saw a trend coming, and started heading east?"

GM is confident of building a profitable business in India, Barra said, but did not give a timeline.  (from the above article)

How about the timeline, this seems to be happening right as the dollar collapses and the BRICS get rolling real good.  These guys knew, well in advance what was coming down the tracks, and are heading east as well.

GM India's investment is part of its plan to invest $5 billion over several years to develop a global family of Chevrolet vehicles with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp (SAIC), the state-owned Chinese automaker.  (from the article)

Interesting, and finally the last attention grabbing line:

GM will also launch 10 new domestically manufactured vehicles in India over the next five years in a push to double its market share by 2020, Jacoby said. (from the article)

And, why does this interest me?  I had lunch today with a Wolf Pack member, an engineer for a college campus, and he introduced me to a new PhD candidate from India, who mentioned that in India, unlike in the USSA, they only had about two "runt like" cars to pick from across the entire country.  But, he had heard that was about to change in a big way.  Head east young man, is the new business cry, even if you are from the west. The hand writing is on the restroom wall, but no one is reading it, they are too busy texting even at the urinal.  (end of the email)

Could this next one be the beginning of an economic contagion?

I think we all need to stay tuned on the Puerto Rico situation.

I know what you are saying, "where's the specifics on the paper pricing being referred to far too often in every form of media, alternative or otherwise?"  Most of the above is proof that many don't believe the paper 'bs' as well, but the next few audio clips will clear up any confusion as to this installment's titled subject matter.  Next up a Dr. Jim willie interview:


For more proof of these paper entrapment's, listen to the 24+ minute mark of this recent interview with Jim Willie, and note the description of his view that the the paper that is backed by the US King Dollar will be just be rejected in trade, and will not crash to zero on the paper 'forex'.  Disappearing or crashing may not be in the cards for King Dollar, it will be rejection by the new rising economies.  Paper will be eliminated to some degree in the west, and for an over indebted western pampered USSA sheeple, it will still feel like a crash.  So I respectfully agree and disagree with Jim's theory of the King Dollar not crashing.  To "the unprepared" it will be a crash, period.  For the 'forex', or whatever remains of it, it may not be a crash, but instead a reflection of a new split dollar system, one dollar for the 'homelanders', and one for the international users to make use of their remaining King Dollar reserves.

If you don't think we are stuck in a paper system, why does Dr. Willie get so riled up over his paper predictions that didn't materialize on schedule, or even more interesting, why at the timed commercial breaks of this excellent interview did I see 2 ads (to obviously cover some costs) by "Hennion" & Walsh" on 'Tax Free Municipal Bond" investments?????  Absolutely amazing!  I see this type stuff all the time.  Even a video that bases the subject matter on non-paper investments, can't get by without a paper ads.  Can anyone tell me of a supporting ad during a financial interview that was based on an entity that was exclusively promoting tangible hard assets?  Let me know as I would watch it just for the damned ads!

So as usual the brilliant Dr. Willie is spot on in my view of paper not disappearing entirely, because who would be making the ads to support the visual and audio entertainment industry?  More drug companies?  More car ads, maybe from India?  More ads on the benefits of transgender progression?  More ads on Cialis, Viagra, or Levitra?  Nope, these companies have bored the ad market to death, so paper will still have a foothold on some of the ad market.  I am big time ready for some ad 'indoctrination' promoting the benefits of real money, as opposed to the inherent weaknesses of paper.  I best not hold my breath, at least not over the expectations for a sheeple wake up call, at least not anytime soon.

Paper indoctrination is far too normal.  Stay awake, and take the time to not just notice the moral indoctrinations, but recognize the paper indoctrinations as well.  It can be very subversive even to those of us that are awake to the lies.  It is amazing to see the indoctrination in real time, and in the face of economic lies that are beyond the pale.  Yes, Josef Goebbels would even be impressed with the western propaganda machine.

In the interest of being complete here is part 2:


By the way part 2 started off with the same "municipal bond" commercial.  In the west, it would appear, the level of excess monies available for advertising that would promote the advantages of insuring yourself with precious metals is either very minimal, or the message is being suppressed.  The last time I saw ads promoting precious metals on a consistent basis, was when Glenn Beck had his show on Fox News several years ago.  Let me know if there is a show that consistently promotes the values of precious metals, and I will tune in just for the ads.  Keep me posted on this one.

Here is some brilliant analysis in this next interview with Rob Kirby on the desperation that is the hallmark of the end in a trend.  The trend in this case the end of the paper metals market, and the end of physical metal being available.


There is an interesting view from Rob Kirby at the end of this interview, "When the SixPack's "SHTF" moment arrives, the banksters will attempt to twist it as the fault of the gold bugs."  I would agree except the SixPack's will not understand the term gold bug, therefore this could get very dicey and violent.

Supporting Evidence, and Additional Conclusions:

The first 4 minutes of the following interview, from Jim Willie indicates the time is nigh for the recognizable King Dollar collapse or disappearing act moment (a WG belief as well).  Though I am not saying he walks on water with regards to each of his opinions, but just like Mr. Willie revealed in the prior interview that he values the opinions of Rob Kirby, I value Dr. Willie's opinions in his interviews, and in his "Hattrick letter".  This is the value of using your common sense, with an ability to review the historical facts as regards these experts, and their predictions as well to determine 'economic/geopolitical' outcomes.  Right around the 15 minute mark he emphasizes "the break down is all around us".  INDEED!


Also note, the unusual steps he suggests the banksters may take starting at the 28:45 mark (& the following 2 minutes).  Very unique, but it is a very plausible way to force a "save the nation bail in" exercise.As always, it matters not though as the only choice is to insure yourself with a personalized DHAP (Diversified Hard Asset Portfolio).  The best part of the entire interview for myself, and you will laugh at this one, was the 10 seconds following 32:20 mark, which is philosophically brilliant, suggesting to "follow the bread crumb trails".  Trails that are many now, and require you to tune in, via good ole' common sense.  Like the 33:50 thru 37:15 segment with a superb expression of the linkages in the recent Chinese vs. US market collapses.  Nothing new, just a great sequential representation, that says the time is closing in for a world wide reckoning of the King Dollar's inappropriate behavior.  Stay vigilant, as these things don't happen by accident or during a thriving period of economic activity

As we have discussed, and yes I said "We have discussed", via the comments sections on '', by now we understand the value of common sense in reading the tea leaves of survival in a post King Dollar denominated world.  Just use your head, and lead by example.

Most brilliant theories matter not as to your preparations, but in this interview around the 1:10:00 Jim Willie mentions the Chinese establishing manufacturing and real estate purchases.  Recall in the introduction of this installment, the mentioning of, the US bankster leaders reappearing to save the day for all the US post dollar sufferings.  What if, as detailed in this segment of this interview, the Chinese have too large a foothold, will the banksters position as saviors be well received?  I suspect not, so can the banksters let the Chinese roll through the manufacturing countryside with impunity?  As I have theorized many times before, NO!  Thus they will pull the plug sooner rather than later, to permit their apparent legitimate entry as the economic saviors.  Thus, collapse moments, via logic, are moving closing ever closer.  Just a Wolf Gray theory.  One that is even indirectly supported by Dr. Willie in this very interview going right back to the 28:45 mark mentioned two paragraphs above.

The Wolf Gray New Metals Market Pricing Bill:

I would like to implement a bill to the western market authorities to completely cancel the western gold & silver fictitious paper price until 30 days after the “kick off of the Chinese gold fix”.  I am growing weary of the alternative media headlines like “Gold is ready to go Parabolic” or “Silver set to go to the Moon!”, or “We are forming a major price bottom here.” By the way I heard that line when silver was at 30/oz. in early 2013.  Even guys with a lot more market savvy than I, like David Morgan said, “Silver ain’t going to go below 30 for long, it is just not possible.”  Yea right!  But, readers of "The SilverBack", knew better regarding the metal's price direction!

Here’s what i have to say, “What difference does it make?” This deserves a massive “Come on Man!”.  The current laughable metals pricing would be comparable to selling a high end Mercedes at half the sicker price, without the car attached.  That’s right Mr. Dupe, our “half off” price sale means you can buy a $120,000 ‘benz’ at 60-K.  Dupe, “I’ll take it, but do you have anything more than the “sticker”?  Salesman, “Nope, with this great half off price we are set for future delivery, but we don’t know when!

Who cares what the paper price is, when you can’t get the product.  And, the ridiculous auto example above ain’t so ridiculous.  In fact it is reality in the precious metals world, and people do it all the time, and in bigger numbers than 120,000 dollars.  Think outside the box, damn-it.  Based on what I am reading from very reliable sources, the precious metals mining industry is on it’s final “bucket list”, with their products suffering from massive downward paper price manipulation.

OK, Mercedes comparison again; the manufacturer is shuttering assembly lines left & right, and production is going to be a third of what it used to be. Top that off with a car buying public that is still the same if not larger than in the past as regards the number of units that are receiving public demand.  Think the price would go up?  Only an above sheeple IQ need answer that.  Answer is of course a resounding, “Yes!”   By comparison, literally the mines have been suffering, in silver’s case, since the $30 per once price drop in early 2013.  Folks, the conversion price to your local legal tender is going to easily surpass it’s first triple digit legal tender sign post (especially with legal tender devaluation), and wave ‘bye bye’ to it forever (or at least for our lifetimes).  If legal tender still exists!

The western alternative media outlets have no choice but to discuss things in boundaries that we recognize, as in paper ‘comex’ pricing structures.  But the current chart, and price discussion articles native to the west, should be banned until well after the China gold price fix.  And, then and only then should the paper price be reconsidered from a western perspective.   Or to sum up this tirade in a few words, “until some honesty and true price discovery take the stage.”   Otherwise the articles in the news discussing pricing of gold and silver should be ignored, and you should be buying at these depressed price, no other high IQ charts, and wizard like, mathematical angles are necessary, just buy the darn stuff.

And, final proof via James Turk a long time student of the Gold market with a long precious metals history to back his views.  The gist of this interview; "Backwardation has never ever happened for this long a period of time!"  The short explanation, physical ownership trumps paper ownership, even with higher physical prices.  As much as I respect these guys, they are still stuck doing explanations based on a paper pricing scheme. Not that they want to be though. "THAT IS THE REASON THE PEOPLE IN THE KNOW OWN PHYSICAL!"  And, if you don't think they are stuck in the "paper pricing box", listen to the 2:30 mark & the next 30 seconds. Most explanations revolve around one base, "Paper pricing", even when it explains the importance of physical metals! .........All scenarios are based on the paper price, even physical ownership.   Forget the media's (alternative as well) paper noise and buy physical, period!  Turk does get it right (5:08 & the next 20 seconds), but he still has to tie his explanations to a paper theme to relate to the listener.....SPOT ON, Mr. Turk. 

Think outside the box!  What if all economic explanations were based on the prices of goods in fractional precious metals, and there was no conversion to "paper local legal tender"?  It ain't foreign to prior economic history.  This is the primary reason to own physical.  How would this interview be oriented if there was no legal tender?  It could happen! Wolf Gray

Heck, after proof reading this installment, even I am "paper bound" in my explanations.  Which begs the question......Got physical?


I still maintain that some form of a King Dollar collapse is in the near term cards, be it complete on the paper forex, or complete via the destruction of western USSA sheeple purchasing power.  The entrapment in paper is truly mental, and only the enlightened will survive the coming King Dollar demise or collapse.  Don’t let the false media noise confuse your focus on the demise or collapse, or whatever it is that attacks western paper, as I suspect it will mean many things to each person, depending on their level of preparedness.  I see a paper event that will be recognizable to all, very very soon, with a very “Bad Moon Rising” for those that aren’t prepared accordingly in physical ownership!


In closing, as pointed out in an early installment discussing the question of, will you lead or will you follow, rugged individualism is the only thing that will lead each and every family unit out of the fog of burning paper.  I suspect as mentioned over and over by the Wolf Gray's sense of intuition, and or smell, many leaders will come from the readership right here at 'RM'.  Stand fast, and strong, as people will need you!

Since I like musical examples here is another cool song with leadership by example to pick up a sluggish start to a live show, in a super cool west Denver outdoor venue (unbelievably cool venue).  "The lead" in this song recognizes the first half is way to "studio like" for a live performance, and then pulls the band up by himself in the solo (note the 3:03 glance "Where the hell are you guys?".....then the brilliant solo 3:22 - 5:05 ... studio like at first, and genius leadership at the end).  The end of the solo would have had Peter Frampton crying copyright infringement. In the second half the whole band follows his superb improvised lead (the smile from the bassist & 5:09 says it all). This is the same type improvised leadership I suspect will be needed from the crowd at ''.  And, don't be confused your views in a post collapse scenario will appear improvised, if not genius, as compared to the sheeple norm. Stay the course no matter what, you are the lead guitarist in this case.

Be owners of the physical form of metal, otherwise your knowledge alone without action, will be "Bittersweet"!

Listen to the song if you so choose, but the venue is super cool.  God and man combined can turn it up a notch when they want to.....



Hard Asset Tip:

Start forming a supply of real salt, not white washed crap. If it ain't light gray in color and moist, it ain't real.  The following site is an excellent source for a valued addition of a truly important nutritional item:

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Jim Willie, Rob Kirby, James Turk, my engineering friend & the Indian PhD candidate, Creedence & Big Head Todd (cool leadership)