Report from 🗻Iron Mountain:  

Some of you may have heard about this one as it’s popular in alternative circles.  It’s a book published in 1967 whose publisher and supposed writer claimed it was a hoax and a joke.  My input is you can tell a lot of truth through Fiction.  Here’s a small excerpt as it was written like a Rand Corporation study.  “According to the report, a 15-member panel, called the Special Study Group, was set up in 1963 to examine what problems would occur if the United States entered a state of lasting peace. They met at an underground nuclear bunker called Iron Mountain (as well as other, worldwide locations) and worked over the next two years. A member of the panel, one "John Doe", a professor at a college in the Midwest, decided to release the report to the public.  The heavily footnoted report concluded that peace was not in the interest of a stable society, that even if lasting peace "could be achieved, it would almost certainly not be in the best interests of society to achieve it." War was a part of the economy. Therefore, it was necessary to conceive a state of war for a stable economy. The government, the group theorized, would not exist without war, and nation states existed to wage war. War served the vital function of diverting collective aggression. (By the way that diverting collective aggression thing…that’s straight out of the 1970’s version of the movie Roller Ball).  They recommended "credible substitutes" and paying a "blood price" to emulate the economic functions of war. Prospective government-devised alternatives to war included reports of alien life-forms, the reintroduction of a "euphemized form" of slavery "consistent with modern technology and political processes", and - one deemed particularly promising in gaining the attention of the malleable masses - the threat of "gross pollution of the environment".  Again, that was 1967!  For reference is a Wikipedia write up: