👺 Mega Group 👺 ???WTF?

These folks are the Ohio based outfit who ties together a bunch of high-net-worth folks in the US with Les Wexner and Jeff Epstein.  We also have the mysterious death of a high-profile lawyer involved in all this.  The Mega group was co-founded by Les Wexner the founder of the Limited Group companies of which Victoria Secret is part.  The Mega Group is considered an informal pro-Israel philanthropist organization.  This group is not only pro-Israel but introduces a term in philanthropy many of you may not have heard previously.  What is known as “ethno-philanthropy” or philanthropy who only benefits a single ethnic or ethno-religious group.  

The Mega group has ties to Robert Maxwell, that’s Ghislaine’s Dad and the father of her sisters who make all that US intelligence software, and Marc Rich and Israeli intelligence.  You remember Marc Rich…Israeli connected commodities trader…Bill Clinton pardoned him after his Federal indictment.   Who was Les Wexner’s partner in founding the Mega Group?  Why, it was Charles Bronfman of the Bronfman family and the owners of the Seagram’s food empire.  It was Claire Bronfman who was caught up in the NXIVM scandal.  

We also have a new player in this story line being a man named Ronald Lauder.  He’s a Mega Group member and was also in the Reagan administration.  Lauder is a billionaire heir to the Estee Lauder cosmetic empire.  There are rumors he was the guy who helped President Reagan clean up Iran Contra for the price of favors to Israel.  Some of those favors may have included US government purchases of Israeli software with known backdoors in them.  You know…like those computer chips Intel will be rolling out shortly.  The new Intel’s production facility is literally down the road from Les Wexner’s house outside Columbus Ohio.  Lauder under Reagan was the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of defense for European and NATO Affairs.   A guy who is basically a lobbyist for Israel day 1.    Who is Ronald Lauder other friends and associates?  Donald Trump and the controversial figure from the McCarthy era; Roy Cohn.  It was Roy Cohn’s whose aggressive tactics in Washington DC became a hallmark of Donald’s many strategies in business.  Lauder says he’s known Trump since the 1970s when Trump was a student at Wharton business school.  Lauder may also be the person who secured one of Epstein’s many strange foreign passports including the one to Austria.  A funny data point about that.  To have an Austrian passport you must both reside mostly in the country and speak German fluently; neither of which Epstein did.  Epstein’s Austrian passport listed his citizenship as “Saudi” which is why Epstein also had the Saudi Arabian passport.    

The Mega Group was formed in 1991 by Bronfman and Wexner and today it is an informal group of 20 of the US most influential businesspeople of Jewish background.  Would like to point out several members consider themselves atheist or agnostic.  For them Jewish is a convenient identity and not religious in importance.  Though their stated focus is on philanthropy it was often philanthropic operations who were used to launder money for other purposes.  There are examples of accusations of how Wexner used major universities to launder money via “donations.” There are many open-source resources who have shown Edgar Bronfman, brother of Charles, was connected to Meyer Lansky the famous US mafia chieftain during the mafia’s heyday from the 1930s through the 1960s.  It was Edgar’s mafia connections that supposedly helped the family build their wealth not to mention use those connections to smuggle arms into Palestine when Israel was coming into existence.  The Bronfman’s have married into the Rothschild family…that’s no joke.  There are numerous examples cited by Whitney Webb of many other Mega Group members whose fathers were involved in US organized crime and developed their wealth there.  Other Mega Group connections include this mind-blowing item.  It was a man named Lew Wasserman a mob connected media magnate who backed Ronald Reagan’s film career and later political career in California and Washington DC.  Who also worked closely with Wasserman…Steven Spielberg.  Another Mega Group member is Laurence Tisch who owned CBS news for several years…that is…after serving for many years in the OSS the predecessor to the CIA.  It was Mega Group co-founder Wexner who bought several high-profile properties including some in Manhattan. Later news stories revealed those properties were loaded with surveillance equipment of various kinds.  Why does that matter??  Because Wexner rarely used them or ever saw them…but he later made them available exclusively to Jeff Epstein👎.  Why would you buy a bunch of personal properties and then load them with surveillance equipment even in the bathrooms?  

Extensive efforts have been made to keep Wexner from exposure.  Case in point in 1985 a Columbus Ohio lawyer, Arthur Shapiro, was killed in what was described a mob style hit.  It was none other than the Columbus police chief who during an investigation of the chief in the mid-1990s acknowledged he ordered the destruction of all investigation documentation around that murder.  His reasoning? He felt the report was filled with wild speculation about prominent national business leaders and could be considered libelous.   But wait…there’s more.  A copy of the report did survive!  That report indicated Shapiro was exclusively the lawyer representing The Limited via his law firm Schwartz, Shapiro, Kelm & Warren.  At the time Shapiro died there were rumors of Lex Wexner being involved with a wide variety of mafia figures.  Shapiro was supposed to testify to a grand jury related to ongoing IRS investigations but never made it.   A supporting article on this topic: