Mass Formation:  Mass formation is also known as mass formation psychosis.  

The Amazing Polly has noted there are media sources upset by discussions on the topic.  From several folks on this topic mass formation manipulation deals with making a person (the subject) abandon their conscious mind.  The conscious mind is built for knowledge.  They want people on autopilot in how the public responds to stimulus to prevent the public’s awareness of the degree of manipulation.  OR for that matter they are being manipulated at all.  What helps break that control…rather ironically…are things like art…and humor.  

Dead serious folks…why are Memes important…they help break the conscious mind.  Note several comedians who recently have caught the hate of the advocates of control like the comedian’s Bill Burr or Dave Chappelle.  Due to his very funny skit about Covid Jim Breuer caught flak as well.  Humor and art create paradoxes forcing you to realize you are on autopilot…it forces the mind to essentially ‘wake up’.  A

s an example, there is an excellent parallel with a psyops run by the US government during the cold war.  As part of cultural exchanges with the Soviet Union, we sent the most outrageous art we could find.  After a few months the Soviet Union shut down the program as they realized what we were doing.  Soviet society was frequently told unlike the decadent and corrupt West real creativity was reserved for societies like theirs.  When Soviet citizens saw Western art, they were immediately struck by the contradiction.

If Soviet society was superior how could Western artists, regardless of the medium used, create such wild and creative expressions of traditional and neo-traditional art.  This was also the secret behind why rock and roll music was snuck behind the iron curtain.  There is a documentary called “Rock the Wall” who profiles how rock music from the West was so desired by young Soviet citizens for its creative expression and use of sound.  The documentary explains how in Eastern European thinking and culture that kind of intellectual approach by Western intelligence was very corrosive to Soviet government control.  

Another example from the early 1980s was when US Intelligence made sure the Soviet media received copies of union protests in New York city by AT&T workers.  Nothing like the suffering proletariat in the USA to make Soviet Politburo members happy.  “See how much things suck in America…now get back in line for an hour for toilet paper.”  However, here’s the trick.  You see, the protests by American union members were taking place around January and February.  Yet it showed workers wives bringing them lunch including fresh fruit like strawberries and watermelon.  

These average American workers were eating fresh fruit from two different seasons at the same time when in Russia they had neither even if it was in season.  Soviet officials quickly realized their mistake and pulled the footage a day later, but the damage was done.  Across the Soviet Union for months people were talking about this.  If it was effective during the Cold War would it still be effective today?  

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By Veles [Desk]